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Leftist backed by socialist Ocasio-Cortez wins in Queens

They’re coming for you next: A leftist candidate, Tiffany Cabán, backed by socialists Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont), has won an election for Queens District Attorney in New York.

Cabán, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s preferred pick for the office, garnered 39.5% of the vote compared to Democratic rival Melinda Katz’s 38.3% with 98% of precincts reporting.

…Cabán is a 31-year-old public defender who wants to decriminalize sex work, close Rikers Island and end cash bail. The young lawyer was joined on stage with city Comptroller Scott Stringer and state Sen. Jessica Ramos.

The election was close enough that they will do a recount, but I don’t think that will change the result, which clearly shows that New Yorkers have not been put off in the slightest by Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme leftist positions, as many conservative pundits have assumed. If anything, her upfront willingness to push her beliefs, no matter our senseless or impractical or ignorant, have garnered her side more support.

I am reminded again of this quote from Walter Miller’s great end-of-the-world science fiction novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz:

Listen, are we helpless? Are we doomed to do it again and again and again? Have we no choice but to play the Phoenix in an unending sequence of rise and fall? Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Carthage, Rome, the Empires of Charlemagne and the Turk. Ground to dust and plowed with salt. Spain, France, Britain, America–burned into the oblivion of the centuries. And again and again and again.

Are we doomed to it, Lord, chained to the pendulum of our own mad clockwork, helpless to halt its swing?

It doesn’t seem to matter that communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, all top-down authoritarian systems no matter what their name or design, have consistently failed, and failed horribly, causing the deaths of millions and millions. Worse, these failures have not been in the distant past, but within the lifetimes of almost everyone living today. Several (Venezuela and North Korea) are occurring right this minute.

Yet, Americans want to try it for themselves. Sadly, they (and we) will reap the whirlwind, for it will fail again, as horribly as it has every other time.

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  • Cotour

    Apathy and low voter turnout are the best friends of the Progressive Left. See my post related to what is going on today in Seattle. This is the Progressive big city agenda in application, and it ain’t pretty.

    This is underway in Los Angles, San Francisco, Seattle and now will commence in earnest in Queens New York. The drug addled live freely without consequence on the streets of these cities and the police are unable to properly deal with them and arrest and prosecute them. A prosecution that many of these people need to free them from the world of crime, drugs and death they exist in and are unable to free themselves from.

    This ability of the Leftists to garner political power through the apathy and low turnout of the citizens is a fundamental problem that will result in the destruction of all and everything that is good. All in the name of “Compassion”. Pure strategy Over Morality in practice, right under the noses of those good people who will pay for this destruction with their own taxes.

    In Seattle the drug addicted with mental problems are arrested 50, 60, 70 plus times and are on the street before the arresting officer is back on the street. 18 out of 100 arrests result in a prosecution in Seattle. Good arrests basically thrown out the window by city policy and prosecutors which results in massive lawlessness.

    This is the sickness of the Progressive Liberal Leftist agenda. What is it really about? Its just about the acquisition of power, thats it. What happens after that is chaos and the destruction of communities of the good people of America.

    And that ain’t Progress as the Liberal Democrats who are selling this crap indicate.

  • Dave Walden

    The rise (and fall!!) of all welfare/warfare states, is predicated on the moral answer to the political question, “what is the proper role of government.”
    In response to Barry Goldwater’s defeat by Lyndon Johnson in 1964, Ayn Rand responded as follows – and I am paraphrasing:
    “The Progressives will come to defeat the Conservatives; the Liberals will defeat the Progressives; the Socialists will defeat the Liberals; and the Communists will defeat the Socialists.
    I have never forgotten her insight, as, over the span of my lifetime, the country (the world!!), remorselessly, seems to be following her forecast. Her answer as to why? “Unless the MORAL ideal of altruism is challenged and rejected, the POLITICAL results are entirely predictable.”
    Government’s SOLE reason for existence must be the protection of individual rights. It MUST NOT be seen as empowered to provide/administer “welfare” – in whatever incarnation, nor to initiate war on behalf of its alleged “interests.”1964 campaign.
    “I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution, or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents’ “interests,” I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

    As for its “interests,” I am reminded of a memorable quote from Goldwater’s

  • Phill O

    The rise of the liberals (progressives) in local politics is frightening. We see it all across North America. We (I) have been so focused on federal issues, we (I) have neglected the heart of the situation. We (I) mus refocus on local issues without neglecting the federal systems. IMHO

  • Peter Francis

    As politics is downstream from culture (Breibart), so may local politics be downstream from national politics. That said the pervasive social media/media complex infuses an osmosis between the 2 politics.

  • Gene Shipp

    As Christians our purpose is, God has given us a job see, to share the gospel with as many as possible so that all can be saved who will let themselves be saved. Capitalism has spread His plan of salvation farther and wider than any other way through its freedoms.

    Is it wearisome? Yes.
    But He is the one who decides when we quit. Because we are His servants.

  • Wodun

    Marxism is the confluence of the naive and well meaning with totalitarian psychopaths. It can not be any other way because the system is designed to allow the relationship to flourish.

    In an ideal world, the naive would learn from history, experience, and the outcomes of their preferred policies and engage in outcome based altruism. But most of them don’t care about the outcomes and instead focus on whethet or not they are “doing the right thing”. The emphasis isn’t on the outcome but the action. Also, Marxist organizations are really good at hiding outcomes because squelching dissent and dissemination of knowledge are activities that attract the pyschopaths.

    This is why the Democrat’s Technocrats are working so hard to implement a fascist system of governance that exists outside of our current one.

  • Cotour

    Precisely, the word is “Psychopaths”.

    If they do not start out that way they must soon conform to being one as their psychopath leaders execute their strategy to acquire or retain power.

    Yes, Psychopaths is the word. Very good.

  • “Yet, Americans want to try it for themselves. ”

    How many people who vote for these candidates do you think identify as Americans? I’d wager a month’s pay (because I have a job), that if you asked one of these constituents how they describe themselves, you’d go far down the list before they got to ‘American’, if at all. Generations of pervasive Progressive indoctrination has produced a populace given only to identity-politics self-interest.

  • Keith

    Cotour’s comment, “Apathy and low voter turnout are the best friends of the Progressive Left”, is actually embedded into the politics of NY and NJ. The state wide elections are always held in odd years, not corresponding to the national elections.

    And the electoral apathy in these off years around here is vast. That’s one of the main reasons these loony liberals run everything around here. The majority of people that get out to vote for these elections are their hard core base. Most of the rest of us have jobs and family lives.

  • Keith wrote, “The majority of people that get out to vote for these elections are their hard core base. Most of the rest of us have jobs and family lives.”

    Are you saying that having a job and a family is an excuse to be an irresponsible citizen? Because that’s what it seems you are saying.

    In truth having a job and a family is the reason you must vote. Otherwise, we get another Weimar Republic, and we all know where that led.

  • m d mill

    Well (and poetically) said.
    It seems historically that those generations who work mightily to create great and prosperous societies are inevitably replaced by lazier softer generations who then think prosperity and success are simply an easy entitlement to be bequeathed by the state bureaucracy. I think the collapse of most great societies follows this cycle…and the cycle continues.

  • Ian C.

    I recently dug out the books with anti-communist jokes I’ve inherited from grandpa (post-war anti-commie resistance in Europe). It’s both amusing and terrifying how many of those jokes already describe what’s going or what they’ve planned for us when one puts today’s names and (consequences of proposed) policies in. Hidden agendas and centralization of power, removal of civil liberties, double-speak and double standards, tanking economies and mismanagement in the small and the large, scapegoating to explain away failing policies, abuse of the legal system and physical violence, and above all a caste of infallible functionaries and their tools in academia and the media. It’s all there or coming, it’s just not equally distributed yet, but the commies will make sure it is, equality of misery is their profession.

  • Wodun wrote:

    “The emphasis isn’t on the outcome but the action.”

    Nail, meet hammer. Process-oriented v. goal-oriented. It explains some things.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Yet, Americans want to try it for themselves.

    Sadly, Americans did try it for themselves, four centuries ago, with tragic results. Half of the Plymouth Colony’s population died.

    Unfortunately, today the wrong lessons are being taught about that fiasco. Rather than our schools explain how the American socialist experiment failed and the capitalist system that they tried the following year succeeded wildly, the schools explain how European farmers are not smart enough to grow food, so the Pilgrims had to be shown how to farm by their American Indian — oops — Native American neighbors.

    The schools teach how free market capitalism is bad, because in that economic system some people are poor but aspire to more, and socialism is good, because in that economic system everyone is poor and aspire to nothing more.

  • Keith

    No, Bob. I’m saying most people would rather work and provide for their families and not look to the government for most things in their lives.

  • Kyle

    The only thing I agree with is to close Riker Island. Look up documentaries on it! It’s inhumane! Now look at prisons in Norway and yes they have secured facilities for violent offenders and if you are a violent person you can still go to jail for life. How it works is every 10 years you are ‘evaluated’ and if your evaluation shows your still tendency to be violent then you get another 10 years and another 10 years. :)
    Essentially life and they do have solitary confinement like here in the USA but rarely ever needed and strict conditions follow that.

    So therefore criminals there really have no excuse to be monsters as they will keep getting their sentences extended by their own behavior not by the staff or courts. It’s truly a good way to see if a violent maniac can truly be changed within or not and if not the results show.

  • Kyle

    That’s how democrats work is by playing dirty. They will throw in one good bill that is needed (like closing Riker Island) followed by a bunch of time wasting bills that don’t accomplish anything except drain the economy and push us closer to the UN.

    Biden is a known drunk (at least among older people) it saddens today’s young commies can’t see thru it.

  • Kyle

    Do you really want a President that has been kicked out of bars for starting fights? If anything he will start WW3 with his mouth yelling to the wrong person.

  • Kyle

    The reason most conservatives don’t get their voice in is they are working their butts off. They have families to feed and lives to live. Only liberals and mentally ill watch the news 24/7.

    Conservatives are actual people with hobby interests that are not naughty with naked sex.etc. They have no time to vote at the polls and see it’s worthless as their votes will be thrown out.

  • Cotour

    Kyle, to your points:

    1. Rikers Island is some very valuable real restate, it is located adjacent to the center of the financial universe, NYC. And the fact that the mayor has defanged the police who work there it has become a very dangerous place for the POLICE, not the inmates. And I suspect that in the long run this “Progressive” action by our Communist / Marxist / presidential candidate mayor is related. Just like in Seattle the police are not allowed to do their proper job that all involved badly need. The inmates do to the flipped rational on the part of the politicos are free to attack, injure and maim as they please. Its a question of choosing the proper management system and philosophy and without it you have chaos I.E. our future if it is not stopped.

    2. Yes, politics, especially the politics of the day in America because so much is at stake is as dirty, filthy and desperate as is comes. Joe Biden is in no way a choice of the young Communists, he is an old white cracker that represents everything that they despise. Biden is going nowhere, is just there because the Democrat leadership believe that he is the one that can pander best to the meaty middle class Americans who consider themselves traditional Democrats. The Democrats are in the process of fracturing into three segments right in front of everyones eyes.

    3. Joe Biden is a natural Jackass and I am not certain that he will last to the primary. You keep a close watch on him tonight in the debates, he will attempt to step out and demonstrate that he is a “Leader”. He is neither a leader nor much of anything else other than a Jackass and a gaff machine. Sounds like the perfect puppet for the Democrat leadership and the Chinese. Bidens answers to the following questions will leave him on the floor sweating.

    1. What is your connection between your sons Hedge Fund and the Chinese leadership that “Invested” $1.5 BILLION dollars into it? And

    2. Exactly how long did it take for the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor that you wanted fired in exchange for their $1 BILLION dollars in loan guarantees?

    And I will throw in this third question: 3. At what point in time did you become aware of the illegal spying against a private citizen that president Obama ordered against Hillarys political rival, D.J. Trump? Now thats a good because of the Barr investigations that will come up with the real answer in time.

    4. The acquisition of and the retention of political power is where everything in your, my and everyone elses world emanates from and the only way to influence that power is to vote. Period. That is real power that has real consequences on real lives, so ANYONE who is too busy working to vote is ignorant about how our system operates and becomes a danger to all that he or she values and cherishes. And the Leftists are mastering getting their people to the poles, so make a choice.

    This is real and true political warfare, do not look away and hide your head like an Ostrich.

    The French have a saying: You don’t do politics? Then politics will be done to you.

  • wayne

    Correct me if I’m mistaken– Rikers Island holds local offenders who can’t meet or weren’t given bail, people sentenced to less than 12 months, and people being transferred to other facilities.
    (In Michigan, we call that a jail, ‘prison’ is for people sentenced more than 12 months.)

    You folks that want this detention center closed– how about we ship all of them to YOUR local Jail?
    Or– a much easier solution to drastically reduce the (temporary) population at Riker’s—QUIT arresting people for drug, gambling, or prostitution activities in NYC.

  • wayne

    Forget to applaud you on point #4.
    If people are too busy to vote, they deserve everything they get.

    Q: Is that Spofford Juvenile Center, still in operation?

  • Cotour

    “QUIT arresting people for drug, gambling, or prostitution activities in NYC.”

    This is the flipped script Seattle model of politically correct / Leftist city destruction.

    Its funny, Bernie Kerick ran Rikers and things under his administration ran pretty well. Its all a matter of management and political will.

    (You watch that video, “Seattle Is Dying”. Towards the end the reason is revealed as to why conditions there has been allowed to deteriorate to the point of disgust, “100 percent of all of the people living on the street are on drugs”. And they all need to be rounded up, incarcerated, dried out and given a chance to recover. Or they are going to die. And this failure to allow the police to do their job is directly anchored in politically correct Liberal / Leftist agenda. An agenda that by design or by accident(?) flips the script and favors law breakers over the law abiding and the tax payer. Insanity, the anti and un American foundation of the Leftist agenda.)

  • Cotour

    The police arrest statistic as per Seattle Is Dying. And this is without doubt what will becoming to Queens NY if Caban is successful.

    Only 18 out of every 100 of all arrests result in any incarceration. Most all arrests, for every kind of offence including rape and violence and illegal drug distribution are thrown out and this has fostered the attitude on the street that there is no need to behave because the police have been left impotent.

    Respect, not Love, the foundation of civilization has been thrown out the window and replaced with political correctness and we have established that that one faulty thought process is what will kill everyone.

    Many of the people, living on the streets and threatening all who encounter them, mostly all are on drugs and or are mentally ill have multiple arrest interactions with the police, 50, 60 70 to 100 plus. And the police are not allowed by the city management, the Liberals / Leftist policy to do their job.

    The police live in fear of losing their jobs and their pensions and so they do as they are directed and their direction is the result of very bad management and political correctness.

  • wayne

    If one really, really, (really) wants to disrupt and bankrupt “organized” crime— legalize all drugs, yesterday.
    (Caveat– this presupposes the welfare-state is drastically reduced in scope. I don’t want to pay people to use drugs, nor do I want to house them while they are buzzed. Nor am I going to pay taxes to give them free drugs.)
    >Just leave them alone. Not going to “round them up,” or impose my will upon them.
    One either believes in Federalism, or one doesn’t.
    (Just sayin’)
    (and what exactly do we mean by “on drugs?”)
    If I recall correctly– were on the 6th iteration of the War on Drugs.
    This time around— nobody gets any pain-killers anymore. Obama drugged up the “poor” for 8 years, and now we’re cutting them all off (what could possibly go wrong?!)– Medicaid paid for 400 million dosage units of hydrocodone over the course of the previous administration.

  • Cotour

    All of that aside, there must be a reasonable line drawn that at some level respects the rights of the many, the tax payers who demand to live their lives unmolested by the government or the drug addled, and the mentally ill and the welfare culture of dependency. This line is where the Left gets it all wrong and they flip the logic of the situation to only the rights of the “Oppressed”. Their line has been perverted by them and their disease.

    A line, not one or the other, but a reasonable line.

    Many who live on the street in this condition actually need to be arrested and dried out, at least that gives them some chance at redemption. Other than that line and where it is drawn live your life as you see fit, whether it be on the street, in jail or behind a pretty fence with a hasp, and a locked door if it pleases you.

    Its all about reasonable choices being made and being willing to pay the price for those decisions and people respecting those decisions. But the one should never be able to overtake the other and create a slave nation to serve those who choose poorly. That is just unreasonable and unacceptable.

  • Gene Shipp: I just tried to reply to your email to me, and got a rejection as follows:

    “Client host rejected: The sender’s mail server is blocked by this recipient.”

    Do you not wish to receive emails from me?

  • Cotour


    If you were to listen to most all of the Democrat candidates and you were from another planet you might come to a reasonable conclusion that they were all running for the president of South America and Mexico.

    And then you have the likes of someone like Bill DiBlasio, the worst mayor in New York City history, who in the excitement of campaigning naturally goes to his foundation, true and clear Marxism. At a rally he quotes Che Guevara. DeBlasio says he misspoke and apologizes for YOU misinterpreting or him not understanding where the quote came from. But lets remember that he and his wife as good Marxists ILLEGALLY spent their honeymoon in Havana, Cuba. (He knew exactly what he was saying the problem was that he said it to people from Cuba who also knew the truth of his deceit and true philosophy). ; Don’t know who Che is? Look him up, educate yourself on the subject. A true believer, just like DeBlasio.

    All of these Democrat candidates are pandering to the extreme Left and through their philosophy intend to turn America into a place where they get to say how much wealth they will determine be confiscated from you the true American citizen and who it will be redistributed to in order to establish a perpetual Democrat political power model. And that really is what this is all now about. And what do they propose in their anti American drive for perpetual power?

    16 year olds to vote, eliminate the electoral college, open borders, no borders, decriminalizing illegally entering the United States, “Free” healthcare for illegal’s, guaranteed basic monthly income for all Americans, post birth abortions, reparations for slaves, reparations for gays, erasing college debt, and the list goes on. And you get to pay for it all as you lose more and more of your freedoms and your wealth and your private property. They apparently know much better than you what should be done with all of it.

    And if you consider yourself a Democrat and an American that believes in our unique Constitution and freedom, and the individual, and private property, how can you rationally support any of them? Because they are not Trump? Really?

    Democrats, wake up and smell the coffee, the Marxists are knocking on your door, do you dare open it and let them in? I think not. Their clear desperate Anti American insanity is your wake up call America.

  • Cotour: Nicely put. This is something you should distribute to all your leftist friends in New York. They won’t listen, but at least you will have done the right thing.

  • Andi

    I just couldn’t help shaking my head when they all said they would decriminalize illegal entry to the country.

  • Cotour

    This is my email today and it was sent to my friends who in my opinion are confused and need some rational and informed guidance. Some get it, and some don’t.

    I have a funny example: The other day a friend came in and of course we get into it. He is half my age, is a bit of a metro sexual, intelligent, “educated” (Traditionally educate and only to a degree), a very nice young man. Always wants my take on things. I confront him with his own “facts” and insist that he think.

    His comment to me was: “Why didn’t Trump take out the Iranians the other day for shooting down that drone?” (Remember, he considers himself a Millennial / Liberal Democrat)

    My reply; “Oh, your a big war monger now? You wanted him to order a strike at the cost of potentially 150 people?

    His reply: “Yes!”.

    Then I reminded him of a very inconvenient fact: “Have you forgotten that you work for the UNITED NATIONS !?”

    His reply: Damn! I thought you would have forgotten about that”.

    Many of them are so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are unable to clearly see or understand much of anything related to politics.

  • wayne

    Dr. Jordan Peterson:
    ” Embrace your shadow because its strength can guarantee peace”

    “Si vis pacem, para bellum.”
    If you want peace, prepare for war.

  • Cotour


    The illegals apparently are drinking out of the “toilet” in the detention centers on the border.

    I guess technically the detainees are at least drinking very near to the toilet.

    Obviously no one is really drinking FROM the toilet.

    Just another fraud perpetrated by the Leftist / Marxist Democrat party in their desperation to become relevant as they continue their death spiral. The American people are absorbing all of this and will mete out their judgement soon.

    It ain’t going to be pretty.

  • wayne

    These alleged people, had never seen a toilet, before they broke into the United States.

  • Cotour

    An interesting development:

    Katz takes lead over Caban in the Queens District Attorney race……………………….by 20 votes. Maybe Seattle will not visit NYC? For now anyway?

  • Cotour: This story will be posted on the main page. Thank you.

    This story is in itself most amusing. I am reminded of Minnesota and the recount of paper ballots that the Democrat conveniently found in the trunk of a car that gave Al Franken his victory over Norm Coleman.

  • Cotour

    Follow up: Capitalism / The Minimum Wage / A “Progressive” Billionaire / Seattle

    I happened to come upon this TED Talk from 2014 by self proclaimed “Plutocrat” Billionaire, Nick Hanaur. 20 min.

    He enthusiastically proposes Progressive policies like increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour. In other words he proposes that government interfere with the market and set a higher than called for minimum wage. He proposes a “New” kind of rethunk capitalism. I guess the rules of operation in the old model in his opinion is no longer in effect in our modern economy. One problem.

    Mr. Hanaur uses Seattle as a shining example of how a local government inserts itself into the market and creates their own metric for what a minimum wage should be. And of course from this issues forth wealth and prosperity for the middle class and the homeless. The problem? Mr. Hanaur, a self proclaimed and well meaning “Plutocrat” / Billionaire who in 2014 used in his example for this “New” capitalism model Seattle and its “progressive” $15 minimum wage has cost many people on the fringe their jobs. Exactly the opposite as intended.

    And as you will remember I happened to use the documentary “Seattle is dying” (2019, just five short years from 2014) as a model for what NOT to do in a local economy. If you remember Seattle and its progressive government and its socialist “Compassion” has flipped the script on the entire population of Seattle and have made primary the concerns of the drug addled and homeless and have forgotten about the tax payers that pay FOR EVERYTHING. They have created a “Progressive” lawless city that solely exist to serve these street urchins, homeless and Illegal immigrants. In other words they have crafted a system that needs them to administer this insanity, they have created the reason for themselves and their well paid jobs to exist.

    Mr. Hanaur, BILLIONAIRE, seems have guilt related to his wealth. In the right place at the right time with the right idea and or capital and the stones to make a decision and he is a billionaire. What did he not learn? The best thing he and his fellow Plutocrats could do is to invest their wealth in order that it be able to be used by others to do exactly what he did. Not to further empower government and create a model that DEMANDS the further confiscation of that wealth and the growing of government. What does this guy not understand in his apparent guilt?

    Mr. Hanuar, what have you learned? What might the next TED Talk that you execute be called given som time and some real world feed back?

    TED Talk: “Nick Hanaur and the power of Capitalism and how the progressive political model destroys cities and people”?

    Mr. Hanaur I am certain truly means well burdened with his apparent massive guilt, but his well meaning and his misunderstanding of the economics model that has made him a Billionaire and his previous Ted Talk needs to be rectified.

  • Cotour

    Another wealthy genius “rethinking Capitalism”.

    His first mistake is that he equates a corporate structure, a corporate entity with a moralistic “Just” model. Their is no justice in a concept, a corporation or piece of paper unless you structure it in that manner.

    If you want to create a corporation that enriches their workers over and above what they are paid with profits, then just create a corporate model that does just that and see if anyone will risk their capital on that model. If you want to invest your billions in that model, then invest it and test your theory. If not, forget about it.

    If you want greater corporate “Justice” then create that corporate model, don’t monkey with the laws that dictate our American success and attempt to drastically replace them with some imagined conglomeration of “Progressive’ justice models that are sure losers.

    What is the matter with these grown and very, by their own testimony, highly experienced very wealthy as a result of capitalism people? They seem to not have learned much.

  • wayne

    Plenty of whacky people, who happen to have a lot of money. The thing with money–having a lot of it doesn’t make one any smarter, ya know?! And as you note–they get real dangerous, real fast, when they want to impose their personality disorders onto the rest of us, just because they can.

    Elmer J Fudd, Millionaire

  • Cotour

    This is a cut from Mr. Hanaurs website.

    “Among his most notable essays, Hanauer published “The Capitalist’s Case for a $15 Minimum Wage” in Bloomberg Business Week in 2013. Early in 2014, he and Oxford’s Eric Beinhocker published “Capitalism, Redefined” in Democracy Journal. In the summer of 2014, Hanauer published “The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats” in Politico, which became among the most-shared essays in the publication’s history. Last year he published “Democrats Must Reclaim the Center … by Moving Hard Left” in Politico Magazine.”

    Again, he has lots of money, and he don’t get it. He is busy “redefining” Capitalism.

    “Democrats Must Reclaim the Center … by Moving Hard Left” in Politico Magazine.”

    Mr. Hanaur is in fact a Marxist I suppose? He sounds more like a Globalist attempting to reshape the world with a fraudulent theory of economics. Really no different than any pandering knucklehead running in the Democrat party for president (And many in the Republican party)

    “At the same time, Hanauer, a self-described “proud and unapologetic capitalist,” has become a leading critic of modern economic policy. He is now one of the world’s most provocative thinkers about our society’s growing inequality, the dire consequences that increasing inequality creates for our democracies, and how to fix the system. ”

    Just invest your money Mr. Hanaur, the rest will take care of itself. Incentive, disincentive, cause and effect. Why not fight to lessen the size government and put a limit on the ability of government to spend the people’s confiscated tax money with abandon, Mr. Hanaur? No, your conclusion is to flip things around and come to the conclusion that more of what has created this inequity in our society, big government, that you identify rather than less government is the solution. Does not compute.

    Rich, well spoken and apparently ignorant of what actually causes the problems that he is so concerned about. Does no one in his orbit have the stones to tell Mr. Hanaur that he is incorrect? So I must assume that he is actually intending something other than what he proposes. If anyone here knows Mr. Hanaur please forward my comments to him. I would love to hash things out with him right here on BTB.

  • Cotour


    What are the consequences of the “Progressive” agenda? We are about to find out.

    I spoke to a corrections officer that works at Rikers in the special gangs unit the other night. This unit works with gang memeber’s and gets actionable intelligence from these inmates that result in arrests and controlling these bad gang operators.

    I asked him: What do you think about the new bail reforms that are about to happen? I hear they are going to release 900 inmates into the public soon.

    He said: They have already released many hundreds and will release 3000 more soon. They want Rikers island.

    Me: But what do you think about it, is it a good idea or a bad idea?

    (This officer is about 38 years old, is soft spoken and he is black. A serious, responsible dude that knows what he is talking about)

    He said: “Its a terrible idea!” (I pointed out that its not an idea, its a dangerous and un America Leftist political agenda.)

    Me: I also pointed out and he agreed: Now because of these mandated releases of dangerous prisoners into the community they can intimidate witnesses, continue their bad acts, and you lose the actionable intelligence that you had access to that resulted in stopping and solving crime.

    He said: Exactly correct.

    This is the result of the “Progressive” agenda, where up is down, good is bad and right is wrong, and where the everyday good hard working tax paying citizen, just like you and the memeber’s of your family, are disregarded and ignored and further victimized. America in the “Progressives” estimation is fundamentally wrong, bad and racist. A system where “Progressives” like Bill De Blasio, mayor of NYC, installs their form of “Social justice” which in their opinion is long in coming. They see the releasing of dangerous individuals that are a threat to everyone as justice. Who cares what color or race they are if they are a threat to everyone?

    My suggestion to this officer? I suggested he watch the documentary “Seattle Is Dying” so he could see the result of fully functioning Social Justice in the form of the “Progressive” agenda. He said he would and the next we met we will talk about it.

    This is what is coming to NYC in just a few days, so I remind all, be careful who you vote for, they may really not have yours and your familys best interests in mind when they ask you for your vote.

    And I heard Bill DeBlasio asked: How are you going to get the “alleged” criminals who have been arrested and have been released how will you get them to show up in court?

    De Balsio: ” Mayor de Blasio’s plan to entice freed suspects to return to court by offering New York Mets tickets and other goodies.”

    And NYS governor Cuomo, political animal of the first order, claims that he knew nothing about any of this. Although he signed the bill into law. How nice.

  • wayne

    “I’m smart”

  • Cotour

    The “Progressive” agenda, where up is down, good is bad and right is wrong. And you the good hard working citizens of America are the problem because your country is based in racism. AOC supports attacking the police.

    Very, very dangerous for eveyone.

  • Cotour

    I have to date spoken to 2 corrections officers, both black. One is a high level officer ready to retire, and the one I mentioned that does gang intelligence work, both work at Rikers and they see first hand who is being released onto the streets. Many of them are dangerous individuals.

    They both spoke very honestly to me and were very concerned about what is under way in the NYC prison system. One mentioned the he was seriously considering to now carry his fire arm because of it. Something that he did not feel the needed to do before.

    And thats the news from NYC, Im sure the Zman gets home sick hearing all this.

  • Cotour


    It has begun, the Liberal / Leftist / “Progressive” NYC courts have begun the release of dangerous criminals onto the streets of NYC.

    The drug dealing thug’s comment? “Cuomo for president!”, referring to the law that governor Cuomo recently signed which allowed him to not have to post bail and roam free on the streets to do as he pleases. He further was recorded saying that its good when his customers die, that tells everyone else that what he is selling is good stuff.

    This is not a good sign.

  • Cotour


    Our American culture and values have been so perverted, a result of mass media and technology and the need for content combined with what was a Liberal but is now a Leftist agenda. President Obama himself has correctly identified this current condition of the Democrat party and their attempt to jam it all down the throats of Americans all at once. He understands that the Leftist socialization of America must be accomplished incremntally and slowly so no one realizes it until its too late.

    Here we see a new show elevating the violent “Cocaine Cartel” by turning this murderous business into a “Classy” reality show. Just garbage, low brow street culture BS, IMO.

    And here former mayor Bloomberg who apparently beleives its a good idea for him to run for president begins his pandering to the Left and to a minority black audience related to the stop and frisk policy that was applied during his time as the mayor of New York. Just raw and blatant political pandering that IMO will do the former mayor no good because he becomes a phony by doing so.

    And here a long time NYC drug dealer yells out “Cuomo for president” after being released without bail and who is facing 96 years in prison for drug dealing. This of course is related to governor Cuomo signing into law a “Progressive” Leftist bill that basically eliminates bail for apparently most offences including attempted murder, violent acts, drug dealing and the like. Just makes you feel so safe, no? Especially if you are a witness to some violent gang related crime. And I can agree with the reasonable dialing back of certain bail requirements for a certain class of alleged criminal. But not a blanket, jail emptying kind of insane dialing back. The “Progressive” agenda, where up is down, black is white and good is bad and where the everyday hard working tax payer are in the way of “Social Justice” and becomes the problem.

    Mayor DeBlasio was recently asked: “How are you going to get these people who have been arrested for all kinds of bad acts to return to court?”. The mayor replied: “They will be given Mets tickets and other coupon incentives”. Really, that is what he said.

    This is the “Progressive” agenda that the Democrats and their leadership are on course, in line and in bed with and ready, willing and able to install all throughout our country. Does that make you feel confident and safe?

    Now do you understand why Trumps simple “America First” bumper sticker and actually fulfilling his stated agenda is so relevant and effective?

  • Cotour


    I had sent out an email several weeks ago after watching the Youtube documentary, “Seattle Is Dying”, and I was alarmed by what I saw. Why? Because I realized that exactly what was under way in Seattle, the Liberal / Leftist Democrat “Progressive” agenda was now under way in New York. You know, where common sense regarding how alleged criminals, many violent and a threat to the peace, were going to be just let loose back onto the streets to basically do as they please. Just like on the streets of Seattle where there is a growing population of drug addicted, mentally ill, street crapping and street urinating individuals who are allowed to run the streets to the extreme consternation of the police.

    And that is now what is about to take place in New York State and on the streets of New York City in earnest at the direction of governor Andrew Cuomo who recently signed into law the extreme bail reforms that will ensure the decline of our great state and cities in New York, just like in Seattle and the many other exclusively and for ever Democrat controlled states and cities. And the newly minted laws crafted by the now exclusively dominated “Progressive” Democrat NYS legislature and trumpeted of course by the tallest former presidential candidate who garnered ZERO (0) in support, the mayor of New York himself, “Progressive” Democrat, Bill DeBlasio. The political gift that just keeps on giving, a consequence of elections if you thought there were none. (Who voted for this SOB?)

    This story posted below is but the tip of a real nasty “Progressive” Democrat social justice / politically correct agenda that is being visited upon the good people of New York. We will all be at increased risk by these misplaced and destructive policies that pander to the more Leftist among us. All while the politicos tell us that our taxes must be raised to pay for it all. You know, the chaos, increased death and destruction.

    If you have been paying attention to the news lately there has been a dramatic increase in attacks on many in the Jewish community, mostly violent, and most all of the perpetrators have been released with other similar cases pending, just like in the story above. And I have no problem with bail reform, but it must make sense. These reforms are based in primarily the thinking that a high number of young black or minority, mostly men that are held for trial because they are generally dangerous and out of control or pose a real threat to the public, (Thats’ you). These just happen to be the people that are perpetrating violent crimes and their race has little to do with it. Racism? No. Reverse racism.

    These kinds of reforms are based in faulty and dangerous Leftist thinking, and I use the word “Leftist” a lot because it is accurate, if you were wondering, do not be fooled. All of you every day, hard working, tax paying real American Democrats you are being forced to accept and support these Leftist agendas and that is why they are now being thrust upon us all. Its all just opportune political strategy that will come at a high price.

    And so political correctness and social justice, two terms you need to learn exactly what they mean, because they destroy they do not build. Just like the “Progressive” agenda is neither progressive nor is it related to progress. Political correctness, social justice and the “Progressive” agenda are a threat to all who are forced to live under them. (Thats you).

  • Cotour

    Follow up: (I did not think it would only take two days, this is the same woman)

    The effects of the “New” bail reform in NYS and NYC.

    A woman who clearly needs to be held at least for a mental evaluation because she is violent and has a thing for attacking the Jewish among us is just let to go free by our court and justice system, and this is even before the law is fully implemented which will be tomorrow, Jan 1st, 2020.

    Many of my customers are Rikers island guards and they are not happy with what is going on, one of them told me that because of these court ordered releases of people that he knows are dangerous he has chosen to once again carry.

    And that is the reality of the situation, we will all be in greater danger in the name of “Fairness”, “Equality”, “Social justice” and “Political Correctness”. All Leftist terminology and word and term perversion.

    The “Progressive” agenda is neither progressive nor is it about progress. Just another fraud perpetrated by the Left associated with and facilitated by the Democrat party in an attempt to highjack the confused every day American Democrat voter who finds themselves unhappy with the politics of the day.

    “Progressive” sounds sooooo positive and good, and its all a load of manipulative political BS.

    Happy new year! Wooo hooo.

  • Cotour


    As New York State and New York City further embrace the Liberal now Leftist “Progressive” agenda, groups like ANTIFA threaten violence if the “subway fare in the NYC subway is not eliminated and the police are not removed entirely from the subway”. “Things are going to get EFD UP if our demands are not met”. (False flag / psyops, or is this ANTIFA’s strategy and they are serious?)

    We will see where this goes today, but if serious, where do these actors get their motivation to even make such a statement like that? From the voters in NYS and NYC who have put in power the “Progressives” and really Marxist based politicos like Bill DeBlasio and AOC. What were you thinking? And are you paying attention?

    You as a Democrat must feel obligated to voting for the Democrat “Progressive” agenda? You think you are a compassionate Liberal Democrat and you must support this kind of agenda?

    Well while I have no doubt that whom ever is reading this message, especially if you are a Democrat or a Liberal Democrat and live in New York, you are probably a good, hard working tax paying American that loves your country and the state in which you reside, but.

    If you continue to empower the Democrat party in this manner which has by evidence been taken over by the more Left leaning of YOUR party you will have accomplished through your tendency to be politically correct the destruction of what it is that you love, where you live and work.

    And then you are going to need someone like Rudy or Trump or “worse” to lead the State and City and straighten it all out, and you know you don’t want that kind of change.

    Politics is cyclical, but how much pain do you need to inflict in your and your family’s life before you are forced to make that change? Its going too far.

  • Cotour


    Why is it that someone who identifies as a “Progressive” is not allowed to accept anyone who may differ from them and their established “Progressive” belief system? Especially when it comes to race? Even if someone, who finds themselves white, but still respects all people, no matter their race, color or creed and their differentness? (Is differentness a word? It is now :)

    What the “Progressives” are saying is because any person who finds themselves white may not LOVE someone of a different color, race or creed unconditionally in every and all things that they are, say and do, all they can ever be is a racist and biased. Even if a person who happens to find themselves white respects any and all persons, as human beings and individuals, no matter their race, color or creed. That does not, can not matter to a “Progressive”.

    Here the “boy” friend of AOC educates all of the people of America how even though they may respect every person that they encounter in life, even though they may not “Love” them, that all they can ever be is racist and biased. Especially if they are white. And this is the “Progressive” agenda, since racism is always present in someone who is white and even though a white person may respect every other person who happens to not be the same color as they are they will always at some level be racist. And so every white person will always be suspect and they must be acted against.

    I have news for everyone, AOC and her “boy” friend, we are all at some level racist or biased, no matter our race, creed or color and we may not Love every and all things that are different from us. Like it or not, that is the human condition. But even though that is a truth in life we can and do, especially in America as formulated, learn to respect and get along with people who we find different then ourselves. And that is where “Progressivism” fails and is really a “Lord Of The Flies” childish modality. There is no progress in “Progressivism”. There is only suspicion and a demand for unconditional Love that can never be fulfilled. And we all understand that Love can never be demanded. But respect can be learned and built.

    (God, AOC gets cuter every time I see a new picture or video of her. Yes, that is sexist, I know, but I am a man and thankful to be one. Soon to be outlawed and replaced by the new and improved Beta male? AOC can become a very dangerous political operative should she become politically further empowered. Who by her own words and deeds is of course well meaning but her foundation is Socialism at the minimum and Marxism and the ultimate control of her fellow Americans at the max. She has a very narrow political perspective, can never see the actual progress that Americans specifically have made as we lead the world, will always see historical injustice and demand retribution. You can not mandate that one person Love another person, but they can respect them and their “differentness”. And these are the core philosophies of the “Progressive” movement, never forgive, never relent, never respect, always retribution, always guilty.)

    There is no progress in “Progressivism”, its a dark and scary road these political operatives seek to drive our country down. And I say a resounding, NO to that. And to be clear many in the “Progressive” movement are well meaning and in fact are more correctly Liberal Democrats who with good reason are rejecting today’s Democrat party and its leadership and looking for something more substantive, honest and America oriented. Today’s Democrat leadership have failed their members in a spectacular fashion, they are no longer America oriented. And those disappointed members of the Democrat party find the perceived positive buzz that the word “Progressive” brings with it very appealing. Where else could they go?

    But that is as you should by now understand by design, and again, there is no progress in “Progressivism”. Its just a psychological feel good word game. “A rose by any other name is still a rose”, in this case its Socialism or worse.

  • Cotour

    An interesting response.

    I sent the above mini article about AOC and the “Progressive” agenda to a mixed race, 1/2 Puerto Rican, “Latina”, 1/2 white lady, former girl friend, who is a psychoanalyst and who was more of a Liberal and feminist when I first met her but has evolved into a much more conservative oriented and traditional now mother and successful professional woman.
    (I will take a small victory lap here).

    Apparently what she sees is white psychoanalysts introducing their Liberal politics into their practices and morally demand activism of their fellows in their off time (?). Wow! But not surprising. This is apparently what goes on behind those closed doors. People are crazy enough, now we know why those in therapy are even crazier. Its their therapy. It happens in the class room and behind the scared closed doors of the therapists office. They have it all covered. “By any means necessary”.

    She sent me this video that perfectly illustrates what we are witnessing in America today and it goes nicely with my post this morning.

  • Cotour

    Sorry, forgot to ad an extreme adult language warning.

  • Cotour

    Seattle is dying, and now so is New York City, the “Progressive” invasion continues:

  • Cotour


    What woman in the media and politics has a more solid spectrum of natural looks than AOC?
    And don’t get me wrong, she is the best thing that has happened to the Republican party in, forever. But she really does have a unique solid range of looks, and the camera lens loves, loves, loves her.

    A unique beauty? A beautiful chameleon? A Political / Social Media star phenomenon. Only in America.

    AND, she is hands down the most honest Democrat in the media, tells you exactly what she thinks. And seriously, I commend her for that.

    Let her begin a trend for all empowered politicians in America, honesty. What a concept.

    Her looks:

    Goofy, bug eyed bean shooter. Possibly scary–~D

    Playful and spontaneous–~D

    Everyday girl next door–~D


    HOLLYWOOD / VOGUE elite–~D

  • Cotour

    What is going on in the real world?

    How, (what is the word I want to use here? I do not want to use the word dumb, or the word stupid, or the word ignorant, but the words needed are related to these words that I have listed) to properly describe Democrats and extremist Democrats?

    I have two examples that just happened in the last two days. Just now the woman that works for me, a Trump hatter to the bone, relates a story that happened recently in our neighborhood. She heard that a store not far away was held up by several men with a weapon. She asks me, and this is what her mind goes to in trying to understand reality. After she relates the story to me she asks:

    “How did all of those men fit through that little door?”. And, “What are they doing over there, don’t they have a gun or something?”. “What is going on, why is this happening more and more now?”.

    My response: You are working the wrong end of this problem. Both the Democrat governor and the Democrat mayor of NYS and NYC have caused this by passing laws and emptying the violent criminals from the prisons and they are out and they are what I call “Urban entrepreneurs”. They are just out hunting for their rightful resources, without much fear of being caught or being prosecuted should they be caught. And if one of these criminals were to be shot, the shooter protecting their life and property would be immediately arrested and not released from custody, and persecuted and prosecuted for years.

    All due directly to the unlawful and anti American actions that both of these empowered Liberal / Leftist Democrat politicians that threatens both you and me now. They have both put my and your safety in jeopardy and have made my job more dangerous. Just like all of the other cities like, Chicago, Seattle, Las Angeles, San Francisco etc. All crime havens and ALL cities and states run by Democrats and Leftists for decades.

    Her reaction? Kind of a blank look because she understands I am correct, but she just does not get it or refuses to recognize it. Willful ignorance in other words.

    Then just a couple of days ago a gay woman who I know very well, who is a righteous supporter of gay pride and BLM who I like very much and who I have been exceedingly nice and kind to and I know she likes me. She comes in all cranked up and begins a rant focused on me because someone, she assumes that is of my political orientation dared to criticize her signage on her property proclaiming her gay support for BLM on social media.

    She comes in ranting that she both “hates and loves me.”

    Not, “I hate your politics”.

    NO, no, she tells me, “I hate YOU!”.

    Two people who I have very good relationships with, and been very generous with both, both women, both Liberals, both extreme Trump hatters, one a bit more Left than the other that are operating in a mental environment, in their own reality, where they are just biased, not objective, not fully informed and or are not fully intellectually capable of understanding what is plain to me. To me they are half educated and are at the minimum incompetent. Good people, I love them both, but incompetent. And they vote.

    And that is what is going on in the real world, at least in NYC that is.

  • Cotour: I left New York in 1998. It was the same then. Twenty-plus years later it has simply gotten dumber and more hateful because of twenty-plus years of willful blindness.

  • Cotour

    At least the one loves me half of the time, or some of the time.

    The other one is just not able to have a lot of reality going on at one time between her ears. Both nice people and good people and good friends and they would do anything for me should I ask (Which I do not) in spite of their irrationality. Both will be invited and again sit at my dinner table when things are less Covid stressful.

    And because they (and their kind) are both such ardent Trump haters is why we might need Trump to be the King maker and the essential head of the Republican party rather than the next presidential candidate. That remains to be seen. A DeSantis or an Allen West may be a more palatable Conservative to at least some of the more rational Democrats that are just fed up with the insanity of their now Leftist and desperate party. But not these two.

    Are the Democrats / Leftists in Arizona any less extreme and mentally challenged? Or are there just less of them than in NYC and its less obvious and less disturbing to you personally?

  • Cotour: The mindset of your two friends fits the profile of such people everywhere, and sadly that mindset seems very prevalent nationwide. These are people that you cannot get through to under any conditions.

    I know. I have tried for decades, even with some my oldest and dearest friends and relatives. It is like talking to a wall. And you would think that close friends and relatives would be willing to read and consider, even slightly, what I write, but I have found that they won’t. They dismiss it, out of hand, as did your two friends.

    Picking someone other than Trump for any future campaign won’t help either. This mindset will force them to see any other such candidate in the same light and with the same hate. It is how their minds are now wired, in a way that can only lead to a genocide eventually. Be prepared.

  • Cotour

    My thinking is that for some of the every day Democrats, and they are not all to the extreme, a slightly less polarizing candidate will allow them to change their support without hesitation given the truly insane Leftist agendas being shoved down their throats by the Democrat leadership in their desperation to remain relevant and in power.

    The Democrat leadership is doomed if they are not able to remain in control, nationally anyway.

    But then again, this thinking turns on one issue, election integrity and actual honest elections. An offensive concept to all Democrat party operatives and their leadership. They must be dragged to honest elections. If not then these frauds and corrupt political criminals will remain relevant to much too substantive degrees.

    Its all a Social experiment, not guaranteed outcomes.

    (I have written a very carefully written letter to my extreme friend but have not sent it. If I do I may share it, it represents the only way to deal with the situation in a civilized manner. But that remains to be seen whether I will share it or at least a part of it)

  • Cotour

    I must make an admission: I actually found something that Bill *I am a Marxist* DeBlasio has accomplished as mayor that I fully support and agree with :(

    I did not think it could or would ever happen.

    The city has resolved to aggressively round up the many illegal mini bikes, illegal dirt bikes and illegal quads that would swarm through traffic, no licenses, no registrations, no lights, no insurance, no nothing. It was like the wild West on wheels. And seeing the report below I realized that I have not seen them lately so it must be true!

    One accomplishment that I agree with in almost eight years. One way or another that is a record any way you look at it.

  • Cotour


    (Feel free to copy and share with a friend)

    Today “president” (?) Biden (D) will visit New York City and newly minted NYC mayor Eric Adams (D). And the “president” (?) and mayor Adams will blame ghost guns which flood the streets of NYC with all of the murder and crime that has accompanied the “Progressive”, “Woke”, Liberal, Leftist Democrat pro criminal agenda. These political players have incentivized crime and not discouraged it.

    Don’t make a federal case out of gun possession; it harms Black and Latino New Yorkers – New York Daily News (

    “My colleagues and I at the Federal Defenders of New York, Inc. represent the vast majority of defendants charged with gun possession in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, which include all five boroughs. Between 2015 and 2021, 77% of our Triggerlock clients have been Black and 97% have been people of color.”

    Q: If all of the murders in NYC were committed with hammers would it be the correct, rational and logical thing to do to prosecute Home Depot or any hardware store who sold hammers for those murders? The hammer is responsible?

    To my thinking an untraceable ghost gun or a hammer for that matter are inanimate objects and have no ability to self determine what is done with themselves. I will go out on a limb here and assume that you agree with me, no matter the color of your skin. (You don’t? Then you may need a checkup from the neck up)

    The argument being offered by the Liberal now Leftist Democrats in exclusive political power in NYC that is in the process of destroying a rational America is that there are too many young people of color in prisons charged with murder and violent crimes. And why is that? Have inanimate ghost guns and hammers in the past unjustly fingered these particular people with the violent crimes that threaten us all and our country? That is a rhetorical question.

    You cannot solve a problem if you constantly refuse to recognize where the actual problem comes from and who is doing in reality what it is that is your concern. There has to be a finger on the trigger. You want to protect people from being killed and injured by guns? Identify whose finger is on the trigger, no matter the color of their skin.

    NOW you are on the path to actually solving a problem.

    Skin color? That is no concern of mine, nor should it be a concern of yours because the people who are primarily being killed and injured by illegal guns are people of color. But politicians will not recognize this truth and reality, they in fact are the biggest threat to the lives of people of color. And that outrages me as it should outrage you.

    It’s the finger on the trigger, not the gun.

  • Cotour


    To my point yesterday about the guilty “Murderous” nature of the inanimate ghost guns and what I suspected would be the hollow words of our “president”:

    I wrote that piece yesterday long before the “president” met with mayor Adams and said anything, and I am no Nostradamus. (This is not rocket science, everyone knows what is wrong in America)

    And what is irrational no bail no jail Sorisian agenda owned District Attorney prison reform all about? “The white man has unjustly imposed his racist, colonial, slave era laws on the black population and that is unjust, and that model must be destroyed”. And what are you left with in its wake? Chaos, insanity, violence, murder and crime in the streets. Ironically mostly perpetrated against the black population in America.

    That is the gift of the Liberal now Leftist, now Sorosian / Globalist owned Democrat party machine in America. They intend on destroying America as founded and recasting it in their “More better” Socialist model of population control and obedience.

    Enough of this foolishness, it’s time for sane, strong, fair and rational fundamental American leadership and law enforcement focused on protecting every American no matter the color of their skin and neutralizing, isolating and jailing those who are violent and threaten all and embrace criminality in the streets. It’s just common sense, which as we all know is not so common, especially in politics.

    Mayor Adams, gird your loins and do what it is that you know must be done. And forget about what you see when you look in the mirror, you are the mayor of every New Yorker. Greatness awaits you, if you choose to claim it.–~D

  • Questioner


    I think discrimination is right in itself. That’s why I like to discriminate against all kinds of communists or ugly women. What do you think, is it fundamentally right to want to exclude leftists from the political process?

  • Cotour

    No, I do not believe that.

    (In America): The Constitution structures and grants everyone all the rope they need to hang themselves and the Leftists among us have that very same opportunity.

    And that is why they must always lie about what it is that they both think and intend. What do they dislike most? The structure of the Constitution is designed such that anyone who seeks political empowerment is forced to reveal themselves to the public over time.

    And you personally have the right to discriminate and be discriminating, but not as it relates to another’s freedoms and Rights. Simple. I do not love everyone whom I interact with every day, but I respect them.

    And it is respect and the teaching of mutual respect that is missing in the ongoing dialogue in America. Racism is taught and promoted mainly by the Left / Democrats because they would have no other reason to exist if it did not exist as they say it exists.

  • Cotour

    What kind of American leadership is this?

    “Pelosi: U.S. Athletes Risk Angering ‘Ruthless’ Chinese Government if They ‘Speak Out’ Against Genocide”

    What happened to this Nancy Pelosi?

    To me that is Kowtowing: “Kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.”

    My she has “Evolved” on the CCP question. I wonder why?

  • Questioner


    What if the entire political system is undermined and absurdly run by the left?
    I think respect has to be earned and can’t be given to everyone in advance.

  • Cotour

    MUTUAL respect is the starting point in any successful relationship. Exactly where that goes depends on how either party maintains that respect. It does not mean that either party is required to *LOVE* the other. Just respect.

    But that respect does not mean that that comes along with mandated self-destruction and political suicide.

    Has the Left in America become an insurgency and threatens all? I would agree with that. They are desperate, they can clearly see their Socialist goals in their sights, and they are desperately, existentially moving towards it.

    And so as long as the Constitution and what it structures, the political warfare, remains in place and is functional then there is hope for the future. If, however, the Left becomes so successful that they are able to usurp and render the Constitution moot, then that is the point where certain more extreme decisions by the mass of the people in the country must be made. (Or not?)

    America and its Constitution is an ongoing social experiment in governance, and there are no guarantees that it remains so.

    And that is what is what.

  • Cotour

    If they can manage it criminal charges will be brought from some place:

    Bank on it, Trump must not be allowed to once again gain political power as far as the Leftist Democrats are concerned. Trump and Trump alone is the existential threat to the democrat party and the Globalist agenda.

  • Cotour


    Do you want to fully understand the trans in sports issue plainly and clearly? Well, here it is.

    Lia Thomas is 6’1″ or so. And her competitors are 5’5″? 5’7″? Lia, I suspect could bench press any one of them. Notice the apparent division between the two groups as they clearly stand apart and separate.

    “Thomas was ranked as the number 462 in the male category of swimmers but is currently number one as a female swimmer.”

    Lia Thomas: “I see myself as the Jackie Robinson of the trans issue”. And I truly wish Lia Thomas well and all the best, but.

    Being born different is to be recognized and respected. But when due to so called political correctness and forcing a struggling to rationally emerge and be accepted woke “equal” society having biological men physically competing against biological women is like allowing the one to take performance enhancing drugs while denying them to the other based on that difference.

    Is Lia Thomas really a Jackie Robinson type icon in your opinion? This is the Lefts politically correct “Fundamental change in America”.

    What do you think about it?×516.jpg&t=1647800406&ymreqid=dc7face7-d905-7706-2f2c-5a0c4a012600&sig=yMgh8gA.aOexgoLfrcbstw–~D

  • Cotour

    ITS OFFICIAL IMO: HE’S A FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCT (Copy and share with anyone with common sense)

    Its official IMO, Eric Adams is a feminine hygiene product.

    Until Eric Adams throws the Black V White thing out the window and starts arresting and jailing and keeping in jail those individuals regardless of skin color who are holding the public hostage with their indiscriminate violence, criminal acts and use of guns in the streets of NYC then young mostly black individuals will continue to be wounded and killed and the public will remain terrorized, and the city will further decay.

    The “Progressive” Leftist agenda of “Fundamental change” threatens everyone!

    And his public protestations and his fashion representations will continue to be seen as hollow and impotent like an old man with an extreme case of ED.

    His obsession with fashion and symbolism is but a Hollywood facade and means nothing other than it being a vehicle to further inflate his ego. And no one needs that.

    And Eric Adams still has every opportunity to be a great mayor of NYC, but that opportunity appears to be slipping from his fingers.–~D

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