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Pushback against blacklists: Employee resistance force hospitals nationwide to abandon COVID shot mandates

Patrick Henry
We should all emulate Patrick Henry, putting liberty and our freedom
above false security, even at the cost of our jobs or even our lives

Don’t comply: Numerous major hospital systems across the nation are abandoning the mandates that require employees to get the COVID shots or be fired because they have discovered that almost one third of their workforce are willing to walk away rather than get the shot.

The resulting staff shortages would then make operations in these hospitals impossible.

Facing serious staffing shortages, some of the largest and most prominent hospital systems in the United States, including HCA Healthcare Inc., Tenet Healthcare Corp., AdventHealth, and Cleveland Clinic have been forced to backpedal on their COVID-19 jab mandates in hopes of retaining crucial employees, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday

Townhall reported that University Hospitals in the Cleveland, Ohio area also recently announced the reversal of its jab mandate for hospital workers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the major hospital systems have been forced to reevaluate their coercive COVID-19 jab policies after needed healthcare industry employees, especially nurses, chose to quit rather than get the experimental injections.

The article also notes that about 30% of the medical workforce is refusing to get the jab. No wonder these hospital systems are backing down. They can’t operate if they lose almost one third of their workforce.

This percentage also tells us a great deal about the COVID shots themselves. If almost one third those in the medical field are willing to lose their jobs rather than get the shots we have to wonder at the safety and usefulness of those shots. Those in the medical profession are most likely to have the best information about these shots, and apparently a large percentage have found them wanting.

Putting aside the value of the shots, these mandates are absurd for many other reasons. For example, these same healthcare workers worked unvaccinated for almost two years during the height of this epidemic and no one saw any problem with this. Why should getting the shot suddenly so important that these same dedicated workers must be fired if they refuse it? This makes no sense.

Second, if we are in the middle of a terrible epidemic (something that, based on the data, can certainly be questioned), doesn’t it seem ridiculous to fire one third of all healthcare workers and thus cripple your hospital system? It would be like shutting off all water to one third of the population, merely because you think the water might possibly be contaminated. Better to have those people die of thirst than give them water that might be tainted and that they could easily sterilize by boiling it first.

That these hospitals systems are backing down from this idiotic mandate policy is a sign that stupidity can be defeated. All Americans need to do is to stop complying with these mandates and lockdowns and mask requirements. If enough people begin acting like free citizens then the control freaks in our midst will find their power evaporating.

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  • Power *Of* The People.

  • John

    Yes, it is now time to Resist at every opportunity.

    But now we’re back to OSHA thugs, did I say jack booted thugs? I meant inspectors, will be enforcing the administration’s mandate.

    So much for freedom of choice for the employer, much less any individual freedom over injections into one’s own body.

    I would say this un-American garbage would never stand in this country, but I’m no longer sure.

  • Cotour

    Joe Rogan asks Doctor should you get Vaccine after previous infection

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Second, if we are in the middle of a terrible epidemic (something that, based on the data, can certainly be questioned), doesn’t it seem ridiculous to fire one third of all healthcare workers and thus cripple your hospital system?

    It is hard to say why there are mandate for the faux vaccine in the first place. Those who are still of working age are young enough for the most dangerous Wuhan flu varietal to be mild. We already know that the jab does not prevent the medical worker from contracting Wuhan flu, so even if they have the shot, they are still contagious biohazards. For most people, there is no advantage to being vaxxed, only danger. The younger the needle victim is, the more the vexxation danger is — and the less the Wuhan flu danger is. This is what the science says.

    The people who are not biohazards are the ones who have the natural immunity from whatever varietal they contracted earlier. Now that we have the Omicron varietal, the one that is the cold rather than the flu, this is the one that we all should want to catch — and the way it is so severely contagious, it is the one we all will catch. It is only a matter of time. This is what the science also says.

  • John observed: “But now we’re back to OSHA thugs, did I say jack booted thugs? I meant inspectors, will be enforcing the administration’s mandate.”

    Have had experience with this.. Early 2020, and a letter mollified things. But now I would be a repeat offender. This is a ridiculous way to live,

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson?? / Akira The Don
    “Tell the Truth Or At Least Don’t Lie” (2018)

    “Don’t underestimate the power of truth….
    Nothing brings a better world into being, than the stated truth. Now you might have to pay a price for that. But that’s fine, you’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do, and everything you don’t do. You don’t get to choose to not pay a price, you get to choose which poison you’re going to take.
    That’s it.”

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson?? / Akira The Don
    “Tell the Truth Or At Least Don’t Lie” (2018)

    “Don’t underestimate the power of truth….
    Nothing brings a better world into being, than the stated truth. Now you might have to pay a price for that. But that’s fine, you’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do, and everything you don’t do. You don’t get to choose to not pay a price, you get to choose which poison you’re going to take.
    That’s it.”

  • wayne

    –sorry for that double post. I’m hoping Santa Claus is bringing me a new mouse for Christmas.

  • Col Beausabre

    Would take a rat? (actually existed, it was a mouse operated by the leg)

  • Questioner


    I have requested my PCR test report. After that, my CT value was only 21, which means a high viral load. So I certainly had a Covid infection, which also fits my clinical picture. Unfortunately, the laboratory did not determine the virus variant, which should have been specially commissioned by the government. I assume I haven’t had an Omicron yet.

    By the way, these state criminals here limit our convalescence status to 6 months, although we are immune for much longer, certainly for many years.

  • Anne Kane

    The vaccine mandate for hospital workers has been stayed nationally, so there is no compliance necessary. Matters should remain as such unless and until the Supreme Court decides to weigh in, likely not earlier than January 7, when oral argument will be had on several petitions for relief from the mandates.

    It is worth bearing in mind that between now and then an emergency, or the creation of the perception of an emergency, requiring, of course, emergency measures, is not beyond contemplation, particularly in light of the onslaught of governmental interventions, often on less than supportable and/or credible grounds, throughout the past two years.

    If there is no emergency, there is no need for emergency federal regulation. If there is no need for federal regulation, the vaccine mandates are not supportable and ought to dissolve with dispatch.

    Until, of course, another emergency appears.

  • Cotour


    “Molnupiravir works by triggering mutations in the virus of an infected individual, and those mutations go on to eventually kill the infection, Dr. Peter Weina told the Daily Caller.”

    “The drug works by mutating the organism, and this is an organism in which we have a lot of mutations creating problems for us already,” Weina said. “Just like influenza and just like a lot of viruses, there’s a baseline relatively high mutation rate in these viruses. The fact is that most mutations are probably lethal to the organism, but a couple of them are going to end up being beneficial for the organism, and we’ve seen that with the successive different variants that have come out.”

    So it’s absolutely *NO* to Hydroxychloroquine, and it’s absolutely *NO* to Ivermectin and several other known effective therapies in fighting Covid in all it’s forms, and they cost pennies on the dollar. And it’s a big *YES* to this *NEW* “Miracle” big pharma pill form medication that is 30% effective. Which of course costs north of $700.00 per treatment. *AND* there is credible potential that this new miracle drug which uses mutation as its weapon against the virus may in the course of time create an even stronger Covid mutation. Health professionals, experts in their field being overruled by clearly compromised and conflicted government agency players, like Fauci and Collins.

    (Do these people understand that no one is paying attention to Fauci or the president any longer? He (and the president) long ago has become irrelevant on this subject and is no longer credible. Fauci has never made a solid statement of fact, its always a “well maybe”, “its possible”, “I really don’t know”. He is one hollow soldier.

    As a for instance: In the beginning my own sister stated: I am doing what Dr. Fauci says, he knows this and is a trusted government employee. And now? Re: Fauci: “Yeah…..time to say “bye, bye” to him.” She broke up with him because she sees through him, he is just a BS / PR man. Long ago surrendered his white scientist coat for the suit of a conflicted politician)

    (Are you getting all this?)

    And it’s big *NO* for the several government agencies that are concerned with drugs and health informing and instructing the American people as to the proper supplements to be taking to strengthen and help their own immune systems to fight Covid should they contract it. That’s a very big *NO*. Keep them ignorant and in fear.

    Again, remember, Fauci himself through an email revealed through a FOIA request that he himself takes 6000 of vitamin D every day. But he has not told you to do the same nor does he tell you why. Enough is enough, live in fear no more lest you be owned by those who seek to own you. This will all be revealed, and this will no longer stand.

    And a merry, Brandon Christmas to you all.

  • David Kocher

    Heather Mac Donald is a brilliant journalist. In her December 21 New York Post opinion piece, she very effectively distills the strategy of the “sky is falling” crowd whose goal is to keep us indoors, in masks, in fear – in perpetuity.

    As you read her analysis, you will easily recognize each strategy. Our common experience of the last two years is thoroughly reflected therein.

  • Jeff Wright

    The vax vex…I wish Larry Elder could have ended Gavin’s Gulag…freeing Cal of Newsom’s nuisance…

  • Cotour


    This is my Christmas gift to you, rational thought and analysis. (Feel free to copy and share with a friend)

    These are the kinds of dedicated front-line very competent, honest, genuine doctors that need to be paid attention to regarding Covid. The CDC? NIH? FDA? Fauci? You tell me. They all have demonstrated to me to be incompetent at best and at worst all have massive political and financial conflicts of interests to be taken seriously.

    Must watch: Part 1. Dr. Chris Martenson (PhD) interviews Dr. Peter McCullough about when Covid began and what appears to be an organized effort to promote disinformation and fear about it and how it should be treated: 20 min. (Want to hear part 2? Go to Inexplicable: “Unable to be explained or accounted for”.

    Omicron analysis: Highly transmissive, deaths, a surprising low number: 38 min.

    This is how a virus normalizes itself, and that is what the data indicates regarding Covid and its latest version, Omicron.

    Most all cases of Omicron detected in South African hospitals were detected incidentally, people were in the hospital for other reasons and not for Covid. Omicron appears to express itself as a cold or a flu. Hachoo!

    The fear mongering (power ensuring) government / big media / big tech / big pharma machine is going full throttle. Was it just ignorance and incompetence that caused our government to ban certain existing proven drugs either alone or in combination that were demonstrated by front-line doctors who actually treat and save people’s lives regarding Covid in all of its iterations?

    Covid and the fear mongering in America is or should be over in 4 to 6 weeks from where I see it. Will some other *Convenient* version of Covid pop up? Stay tuned because that is exactly what the political powers that be in the world desperately need. How will government dial down the fear machine and give back that power that they love so much and have wrested from the public in this declared medical emergency?

    They are not likely to, your freedom must be taken back. Lawyers, Courts and Money.

    PS: The data indicates: Fully vaccinated people between 30 to 60 years of age are more likely to contract Omicron. Hachoo.

  • Cotour


    Why is there no confidence in most anything that those in government who are “In charge” of the Covid response either propose or state? 2 min.

    They are all by evidence demonstrated to be incompetent and they have *NO* credibility as established by their clearly demonstrated incompetence and “misstatements” and official double talk as it relates to healthcare and your health. Absolutely no credibility by evidence. Are these types who you trust with your and your family’s health and welfare? You trust them to secure your freedom, your Constitution and your country?

    Are you paying attention yet?

    Incompetence bordering on criminality IMO.

  • Cotour


    Again, if it looks like a duck.

    Australian Senator, Malcome Roberts: ; 2 min.

    Why was there not ANY proven safe off label drugs allowed to be spoken about or used for treatment during the Covid pandemic event?

    The powers that be, big pharma, big government, big tech, big medical, big Left would not allow it.

    And that is the only conclusion that you can reasonably come to regarding the subject. What they did as a group is criminal IMO.

    And this what can only be thought of as a collusion on the part of all of those listed, really looks like a duck to me.

  • Andrew M Winter

    I love Patric Henry.

    Unfortunately for America and Americans we have committed a nearly irreversible error. We walked away from our Liberty. Too many Americans failed to heed the signs. They bent their knee to the lock down Tyrants and the Mask Mandate Feebs. They gave up their Liberty to choose. As an historian with three college degrees in history I must say this, Liberty once surrendered to your government can never be retrieved, unless you are willing to use force.

    This is in keeping with Patric Henry’s quote from the Virginia Convention considering the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. He was vehemently opposed to the creation of The Federal Government.
    “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. ”

    I have gone through this,
    at great length re-reading Mr Henry’s concerns and fears. Unfortunately most of them have already come true.

    We surrendered our Liberty, either willingly or by way of not being active enough in their defense. We may not get that Liberty back unless we face the horrific fact that treason and insurrection may be our only course. Thus, was born The Declaration of Independence.

    “Mary Katherine Goddard, publisher of the Maryland Journal, made the first printed copy of the Declaration of Independence with the names of all the signers, and distributed the document across the colonies. Having declared their freedom, the American patriots had to win it in battle. By signing the Declaration of Independence, the delegates were putting their lives on the line. If they were to lose the war for independence, then the British government would execute them in a very painful and nasty way. Thus, although we do not know if Benjamin Franklin actually said, “we must all hang together, or … we shall all hang separately,” it is likely that that idea was in the minds of the delegates that day in July.”

    They knew they were committing treason.

    Dark Times are ahead friends. Dark Times.

  • Edward

    Andrew M Winter wrote: “Unfortunately most of [Patrick Henry’s concerns and fears] have already come true.

    We surrendered our Liberty, either willingly or by way of not being active enough in their defense. We may not get that Liberty back unless we face the horrific fact that treason and insurrection may be our only course.

    Is it treason if the fight is to regain our own government from one that poses as the U.S. government? If the government is not the government of the Constitution, then it is not our government that faces the battle but is something else. An act to restore our own government is not an act of treason but an act of allegiance.

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