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Today’s blacklisted American: Christian preschool shuttered by California for not keeping masks on two-year-olds at all times

What the California government wants
What California’s petty dictators really want to do with those teachers
and children who don’t do what they order.

Now they’re coming for the children: California health officials, outraged that teachers at Foothills Christian Church Preschool could not keep masks on two- and three-year-olds continuously for nine hours a day, have shut the school down and banned its director, Tiffany McHugh, from ever working with children again.

This bears repeating: These insane health officials demanded that school officials keep the masks on little toddlers at all times, a demand that any normal human knows is impossible. Furthermore, even the slightest amount of research will tell you that there is no reason for the kids to wear masks in the first place, as young kids generally don’t get COVID — just like they don’t get the flu — and if they do it has been shown to be harmless in healthy children.

A closer look at the actions of the health officials reveals what was really going on:

Kevin Miller, Administrative Pastor of Foothills Christian Church, whose daughter is McHugh, told the nonprofit Family Research Council that he believes the shutdown was a calculated attack by the state on an institution of faith. “They came out for nine and a half hours at a time on seven different visits — 11 overall — when so many of the preschools in our area — East County of San Diego — hadn’t had more than one visit in five years,” he noted. “So they targeted us. They came after us and [were] very, very hostile. They interviewed three-year-olds [and] four-year-olds without their parents’ knowledge or permission. They were antagonistic towards our teachers. These are preschool teachers — I think we know what preschool teachers are like.”

…David Hoffman, the senior pastor at Foothills Christian Church, told KUSI News: “…They targeted us,” he declared. “Just in the last few months, they visited this pre-school eleven times. Nine times from nine o-clock in the morning to 6:30 at night looking at two file drawers over and over and over again trying desperately to find some violation that they can shut us down with.”

Hoffman said that preschool enrollment was booming just before the state first showed up in September. “We were in the process of expanding to have another 50 or so preschoolers here,” he said, adding that he believes their success was the impetus for the crackdown. [emphasis mine]

The last paragraph provides one reason for the government harassment. The school apparently was booming at the start of the school year, probably because parents were shifting their business away from public schools because their refusal to have in-person classes and their insane mask policies. The government can’t allow such a thing as free competition. All opposition must be suppressed!

The school is not taking this oppression lying down. They have obtained legal council from the Pacific Justice Institute. A lawsuit will likely be filed, but in the meantime almost two dozen teachers are out of work, the school’s director is blackballed from working anywhere, and dozens of parents have no place to send their kids to preschool.

All this story really does is confirm that California is a fascist state, a place no sane person who values his or her freedom would ever want to live. And as people continue to flee this American version of communist East Germany, we should not be surprised if eventually its tyrannical Democratic Party rulers — who cannot be voted out because they have very effectively rigged the system to their advantage — decide that leaving the state should no longer be an option and attempt to build a wall of barbed wire at the border, keeping its citizens prisoners.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But then, if you had told me in 2019 that California health officials would be going around demanding preschool teachers keep masks on the faces of all toddlers at all times, I would have said you were crazy. But here we are, with such craziness accepted by too many as entirely reasonable.

Genocide is coming to America, if Americans who love freedom and human rights do not begin to fight back hard.

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  • Phill O

    Seems like Canada eh?

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    No disrespect intended to Mr. Z.’s excellent ‘blacklisted’ series, but I stopped reading halfway through this article to respond to texts from my siblings wanting to know my perspective on the meltdown in the markets and the heating up of the Ukraine crisis. Besides concern about their retirement savings, they were very worried for their children who are currently serving in the U.S. Military.

    Honestly I’m starting to fear for their welfare, & I think we all deserve to be angry right now.

    Hunter Biden got millions from Ukraine. The Big Man demanded his ten per cent.

    It’s been reported today that Biden is considering deploying thousands of U.S. troops to Baltic and Eastern European countries.s

    If the Biden Regime gets its way in Ukraine – My sibling’s sons and perhaps yours may get a tombstone.

  • Lee S

    There is a whole lot of Sabre waving regarding Ukraine, I personally don’t think it will come to any sort of hard conflict, it is in no one’s interest, especially Europe, who depends upon Russian gas. There are vested interests in the power distribution network that are stirring the pot, but neither Putin or Biden are stupid. I’ll be very surprised if any shots are fired.
    Back to the subject of the post, absolutely ridiculous… Of course pre-schoolers are not going to wear masks, and as you rightly point out… Small kids ( and indeed big kids ) are in very little danger from the covid. There will eventually be a kickback to this kind of idiocy. It is in the post, the pendulum always swings back.
    Bob, I still find your use of the term “genocide” for anything that could possibly happen in the US inappropriate and indeed offensive. Genocides have happened, millions have died. This is never going to happen in the US. To use the term in such a flippant manner does a disrespect to those who had their lives taken in genuine attempts at ethnic cleansing.
    That said, I’m not gonna get all butt hurt… your forum, your rules, your right to free speech. I deeply disagree with your use of the term, but I totally respect your right to say what the heck you like here. ( And I very much respect that you accept dissenting views being posted here… This genuinely is a small island of free speech in a sea of censorship. But I repeat, the pendulum will swing back…. )

  • Lee S: Your never-ending naive trust of government officials always amuses me, while renewing my faith that there are decent people in the world, even if they are not in power, don’t want it, and unfortunately thus get taken badly over and over again by those who do.

  • Cotour

    How does it start?

    Never say never. It can happen here, it can happen there and there is very little that would stop if it the justification in the Political Realm can be fabricated to justify it. “Take my freedom, Make me Safe”.

    And please don’t “Go there” and be offended. There are some who just will not see what must be seen and recognized for what it is.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    Let’s all remember that an unplanned act by low level and/or poorly trained military units on either side of a conflict can spark a much wider conflagration. As a reminder, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling over conflict-riddled Ukraine on 17 July 2014 when it disappeared from radar.
    The world has been given “irrefutable evidence” that a missile caused an explosion just above the plane’s cockpit causing the plane to break up in mid-air.
    The 9M38 missile was launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system.
    If something similar happens during this current tense time, anything can happen.

  • Cotour


    To your point.

  • Edward

    Lee S wrote: “This is never going to happen in the US.

    A tremendous number of things have happened in the US in the 21st century that in 1999 Americans would have said could never happen here. Robert mentioned just one: forcing children to wear surgical masks all day long.

    We have been mandated to purchase a specific product. We have been locked down in our own homes for months on end. Many of us have lost our livelihoods because we were in non-essential jobs. Many of us have been blacklisted from public forums for disagreeing with government opinion. An incompetent, senile, buffoon took the presidency despite cowering in a basement throughout most of the campaign; the presidency is a position that once required exhaustive campaigning throughout the country. The FBI listed multiple felonies committed by a highly placed politician yet chose to not prosecute (a decision legally made only by the Attorney General’s office, not the FBI). People charged with trespass locked in solitary confinement for a year without trial. Politicians praising and defending rioters in cities throughout the country, election anomalies ignored by politicians and courts, defunding the police, and train robberies uninvestigated rather than punished (how 19th century — oops, even in the 19th century they punished train robbers). Supply chain disruptions, doctors and nurses fired during a declared medical emergency, and (as Robert pointed out) legally rigged elections in at least one state.

    No one can say what can never happen in the U.S., because there are no limits to the evils that can occur here. Our civilized constitutional society depends upon the leadership following the Constitution, but when the rules and laws are ignored or selectively enforced, all bets are off. When we really need it, where is that oath to uphold and defend the Constitution?

  • RogerUSA

    You all do know that Covid-19 was planned by Fauci, Schwab, Gates, Soros, et al. Just read Schwab’s book – “Covid 19- The Great Reset”, for proof. Masks and boosters will become permanent fixtures in America and the rest of the world, forever. Schwab, in his book, said “we will rid the world of 5 billion useless eaters”. Just look up what the WEF is planning for us. Switzerland expects to be the world power. Believe it or not.

  • wayne

    “Wisconsin Judge Refuses to let doctors quit”
    Uncivil Law (1-24-22)
    In brief: 7 different Doctors decided to end their at will employment at hospital A, and move to Hospital B. Hospital A then sued Hospital B. Fascist Judge POS then issued a temporary restraining order forbidding the doctors from leaving hospital A…….

    The Wisconsin judge overturned his own temporary restraining order over the weekend.

    (what The Brandon is going on in Wisconsin? That’s rhetorical–Wisconsin has been over-the-edge with their progressivism, for most of the 20th centry. If we’re taking a Vote, I want them kicked out of the “Midwest,” along with Minnesota.)

  • wayne

    An oldy but a goodie….

    “In Our Hands: How to Lose What We Have” (1950)
    Part 3

  • Cotour

    “Endless Boosters And Warnings About Vaccine-Induced AIDS”

    I think most people in America are done with having this “Vaccine” pumped into their body.

    Dr. Zelensko: “Regarding the vaccine boosters, let me tell you its the biggest joke in the history of medicine. These vaccines — whether its the first round or the thirty-second shot that you’re going to get — cause AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Before you think I’m nuts, I didn’t say it causes HIV. HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. But there are other things that can damage the immune system.”

    Schwab and the World Economic Forum and the Sorosian utopia? They are both German, and that should tell you all you need to know about if they are serious or not. And that is why what is coming in 2022 in the coming American elections will be unprecedented in its desperation to control the future of America and the world.

    The Democrat party machine and the Leftists and the Globalists that are driving them are going to be very dangerous in the coming year. Very dangerous.

  • Cotour

    In case anyone who is of German ancestry was offended by what I wrote, listen to one of your own: 2 min.

    Nazi leader’s son: ‘Don’t trust us’ Germans”. I take him at his word, I do not trust them.

    No apology offered, and in reality, any number of people in the world who see themselves as being vastly superior and elite have the vision and potential to “Go there”.

  • wayne


    here we go….

    “Your Job In Germany”
    -embedded player or download

    “U.S. Army training film for U.S. soldiers embarking on occupation duty in Germany. Directed by Frank Capra, written by Dr. Seuss. It served as the basis for the Oscar-winning Warner Brothers film, “Hitler Lives.”

    [–This is posted at YT, but it recently became ‘age-restricted.’ There is a similar video covering Japan.]

  • Call Me Ishmael

    Lee S: ” … it is in no one’s interest …”

    Famous last words. See August 1914.

    “… neither Putin or Biden are stupid. ”

    Um … you have been watching Biden, haven’t you?

  • Questioner


    Off topic, here’s a chance find on YouTube that might interest you technically.

    Astronomy and Nature TV: “V2 Rocket – Photo Analysis”

    “We analyse five photos of a V2 rocket explosion in London’s East Ham on the 17th of September 1944. We reveal the hidden technical details of the A4 / V2 missile’s development and combat history and the darker secrets long buried – quite literally – in these five pictures from 1944. You can jump to sections from the index below. ”

  • Jeff Wright

    The very language is assaultive. It isn’t just gov’t to look out for. Last week, I went to AFC to get new prescriptions on the same meds I’ve been on…cause they won’t write ‘unlimited refills.” Now I’m sick as a dog with an earache from hell. The doc wore no mask. Today I go to a ‘Christian’ clinic and instead of seeing The Waltons it looked like a Krystals in CHAZ. No line, but they would not see me..thus the Publix pharmacy wouldn’t sell me anything. So I go to the liquor store…and a co worker gave me a real pain pill. I get why folks hate gov’t…but most of the misery I felt comes from businessmen…not even corporate. Any time your elderly father gets ripped off by home repair scams, plumbers or mechanics-those are small businessmen….and one of their bills can wipe out a security guard’s week’s wages.

  • Lesko Brandon

    Wow…lots of tinfoil hats up in here

  • Cotour


    Are you a white, very politically active and socially concerned Liberal Democrat now Leftist jr. Nazi, “Black Lives Matter” “protector” type of the black population in America? ;

    Note: You’re not helping anyone; all you are doing is massaging your social virtue organ in order to feel good about yourself, pure delusion. Mind your own GD business!

    The black American man or woman in America does not need you, you and the political operators and manipulators in OUR country are the problem.

    You are a danger to yourself and others and are the prime fodder for political manipulation and chaos.

    What is the new term that describes your condition? Mass psychosis? Mirror time, your NUTS!–~D

  • wayne

    There’s another Guy who also has done something similar with film concerning V2’s on England.

  • Questioner


    Are you talking about yourself? :-)

  • m d mill

    I usually do not respond to these examples of leftist lunacy(though i appreciate the continuing documentation), but i must say this example of Californian Leftist authoritarian subjugation angers me even unto the point of violence…and it may come to that?

  • Questioner


    I like this kind of presentation which goes into depth.

    “A4 / V2 Rocket in detail: A72 launch switch”

  • Max

    Speaking of leftist lunacy;
    More examples of clown world getting crazier.

  • Max

    Here’s a useful suggestion by a college professor.

    It’s right up there with M 95 mask referring to wearing 95 masks.

    It was revealed that Fauci has $10 million dollars, not bad for a public servant his entire life.

    If he wants to make some real money, he should market a “Fauci signature mask” with his own label claiming to have “Mr. Scientific” magic properties, scientifically proven against all pathogens and viruses and to be blessed with Fauci holy water.
    If placed over the top of a babies head, this will be acceptable to the California health department as effective protection allowing the daycare to stay open.
    Perhaps a Falchi pacifier with a UV light built-in…
    They can also use Fauci blessed tapwater in the baby bottle fortified with chlorine and fluoride scientifically proven to kill viruses from the inside out.
    There’s nothing sadder than watching masked children play together from 6 feet apart…

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