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Today’s blacklisted American: Conservative teacher fired for being conservative and colorblind

Beth Reams horrible post

They’re coming for you next: Beth Reams, a math teacher at a Missouri prep school was fired when first some school alumni complained about her conservative politics that she posted on her private Facebook page and then the school administration discovered that she treated all her students equally and made no effort to find out their religion or race so as to promote the bigoted concepts of modern critical race theory.

The article at the link above tells her sad story in great detail, how the most progressive teachers and alumni from Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, Missouri, started a campaign against her, with some accusing her of being anti-Semitic because in one Facebook post in August 2020 she published a meme — posted to the right — that made the entirely rational analogy between the Nazi death camps and the increasingly harsh COVID mandates being imposed by the state and federal governments.

It is absurd to accuse Reams of anti-Semitism for this meme. I am Jewish and lost relatives in the Nazi concentration camps, and I applaud Reams for posting it, because it expresses the very same ideas I myself have repeatedly expressed throughout 2020, that the harsh lockdowns and restrictions being imposed by governments were morally wrong, and could only lead to exactly the same kind of genocide as committed by the Nazis.

Reams’ firing however appears to have finally been prompted from something even more absurd and horrifying, revealed by the transcript of a Zoom meeting between Reams and Pembroke’s principal, Mike Hill, and its Director of Human Resources Vanessa Alpert. It appears the principal was upset because Reams made no effort to identify her students’ ethnicity or religion and make it their number one defining attribute. Instead, she focused entirely on teaching them all equally so they could learn math from her. The key portion of the transcript:

Reams: I don’t know which ones of them are Jewish, but I have no qualms with you talking to any of my students. I’m very confident in that. …

Hill: I wanted to go back to something you said earlier … If I asked you today which of your students were Jewish, you probably couldn’t tell us … One of my concerns is that you don’t have that information … What I believe we’re trying to do … is create a division and be a part of a school where not only inclusivity is important, but also awareness …

Reams: I hear you. I just think that it’s very difficult, especially in math, to get to know a lot of things about the kids, and I think religion should not come up in our math class … I think where it becomes important for me to understand [who is Jewish] is when I do see an absence for a Jewish holiday … Then, of course, it would come on my radar. I think especially, this year in particular, every teacher would agree it’s been a lot harder to get to know our students … I think it’s important that when my kids walk in the room, I’m judging them on their math.

Hill: Do you know which [students] are Latino?

Reams: I couldn’t sit here and label my kids.

Hill: Do you know which ones are East Asian? … The whole colorblind thing … is driving me crazy. Because I think it’s very dangerous. [emphasi mine]

The highlighted words tell us everything. Reams wanted only to judge her students on their school work. The school’s principal however thought it “dangerous” to treat people as equal humans. He wanted Reams to put their race and religion first, and favor some because of those attributes.

Moreover, while Reams apparently made a strong effort to keep her politics out of her classroom, many leftist teachers at the school did not.

Reams described the environment at Pembroke Hill as “hostile” toward conservatives at the faculty and staff level, as well as for students.

She said that following the 2016 election, her conservative club students began complaining that teachers were injecting their liberal worldview into everyday conversations. One student claimed that a teacher began the school year by stating that President Donald Trump is a “coward.” Another alleged that the teacher congratulated 18-year-olds for voting Trump out of office after the 2020 election.

The school had no problem with this leftist political advocacy in the classroom. What was forbidden was for a conservative to have a contrary opinion outside the classroom. And thus ended her twenty-five year career as a teacher.

This tale has only just begun. The intolerant leftists who now control our culture will soon no longer be satisfied with firings and blacklists. Soon they will demand prison sentences, and if that doesn’t work to silence their opponents they will then look to that meme at the top of this post and consider it a good option.

You have been warned. You can either take this warning seriously, or you can continue to put your head in the sand and continue to make believe oppression is not taking control of America. Your choice.

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  • Robert Pratt

    “The whole colorblind thing … is driving me crazy. Because I think it’s very dangerous.” That is exactly the attitude of those who are making a living by keeping active and open racism common.

  • nesalpers

    This is why I’ve been using a VPN when posting on “hostile forums”. Make the bastards work for it a little. Still, the over-the-top witch-hunting is disturbing. So many people are apparently sadist bullies: Never apologize for anything that doesn’t offend *your* conscience. They’ll go offscale anyway.

    More to say but no time right now.

  • James Street

    Big mistake messing with our kids. They wakened what is called “momma bears protecting their cubs” as parents pack school board meetings and demand things like Critical Race Theory and masks be eliminated.

    41 second video of an Ohio mayor who walked into his town’s school board meeting, introduced himself, told them “I’m going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign or you will be charged” for the pornographic material in their schools’ sex ed classes, thanked them, and left.
    Cheers from the parents.

    Comment I saw on another blog. I liked it so I stole it:
    “This is not just a temporary measure. This is how a system controlled by We, the People, works. Max participation and contribution to our communities and the ‘participants’ we let into our economies. We can no longer allow Walmart to sell us cheap Chinese s*tuff then use the profits to beat us over the head with propaganda that undercuts our Constitutional and moral values. The solution starts when we locally drive these parasites (Walmart/Burger King/Taco Bell/Target/ Shell/Texaco) out of our economies. We’re paying for our own enslavement. The founders gave us the map. The map unlocks. The most power as per the Constitution is in City / County Government. That is where our power is being surrendered, locally in a sphere of 3005 Counties. Drive them out of your Cities and your Counties. Drive the vampires out.”

  • Alex Andrite

    … and what is a box car ? …….
    Who cares anyway … today ?

    The ‘Rails’ point the way.

  • [deleted]

    I love the replies such as, oh, im not an easy person to offend but YOUR comment did it. Well then obviously you ARE [deleted] who IS easily offended and ARE part of the problem.

    My neighbor is racist, big deal, his words can’t hurt you
    My neighbor is gay, big deal, his dick can’t hurt you, in fact leaves MORE of what you want for you.
    My neighbor is Jewish, Muslim, etc, big deal, his religion can’t hurt you.
    YOU do YOU and leave ME do ME. Mind your own and Ill mind MY own. GFY TYVM.

  • wayne

    Nazi Concentration Camps
    –films made pursuant to an order by General Eisenhower
    August 28, 1945

  • wayne

    Pink Floyd –
    “Your Possible Pasts” (1983)
    [animation from : “Waltz With Bashir”}

    “A warning to anyone still in command,
    Of their possible future, to take care.
    In derelict sidings the poppies entwine,
    With cattle trucks lying in wait for the next time….”

  • goosstep: I edited your comment less because of its eager use of minor obscenities but more because it was insulting.

    I agree with you in principle. However, I also will not tolerate uncivil and childish behavior on my website. It accomplishes nothing but generate more anger and hate.

    Write like a mature adult please or don’t write anything here at all. If you do, the point you make will be driven home much better.

  • Dean Hurt

    What is truly chilling is not that this un-biased teacher promotes the virtues of colorblindness and inclusiveness (HORRORS!!), but that the leaders of this school are more disturbed by her lack of bigotry! WHAT?!?!? In a Biden world (or a Hitlerian world) I guess this is perfectly sensible. Also, the way they are so focused on knowing which kids are Jews and which kids aren’t is frightening, and harkens back to the 1930’s Germany when the society was encouraged by the Nazis to segregate Jews and separate themselves from their Jewish neighbors. Todays Leftists are so blinded by their “virtuous bigotry” that they are incapable of seeing that their rhetoric harkens back to Hitler’s anti-Jew diarrhea of the mouth!!

  • Cotour

    Its all connected, its all related:

    Trudeau is in a snap election that he himself called.

    Who do you think is going to win?

    I will give you a hint, his name will begin with a *T*, a member of team Globalist.

    There are no conspiracies, and there are no coincidences.

  • Andi

    wayne – what’s really scary are some of the comments on that concentration camp page. Gave me the shakes.

  • Edward

    From the article: “The whole colorblind thing … is driving me crazy. Because I think it’s very dangerous.

    There was a time when the progressives advocated this whole colorblind thing. It was the essence of equality, which they favored at one time. Now we see that it was only pretense, as they really think it is dangerous and it drives them crazy. They have a dream, where a man is not judged by the content of his character but by the color of his skin. This seems to be Martin Luther King’s daughter’s dream — the reverse of her father’s. What an upside-down world we live in.

  • wayne

    yeah– noticed a few of those ‘comments.’
    The more complete the documentation, the more it drives the crazies out of the woodwork.

  • Alton Blevins

    Actually the preferred box cars were ‘cattle wagons’ designed by the Germans to transport live animals to slaughter when refrigeration was just beginning. ( They could be easily cleaned after use.) Thus they were ‘Perfect’ to carry the ‘filthy Juden’ to the same fate; as they served as the scapegoats for first National Rule then Continental Command of ALL Races…….

    As to the numbers; yes, scholars have worked at the National Archives, which now has an almost complete copy of the anal Germans ‘Red Cross Card File’ which records every name and prison history of the Concentration Camps ‘internees’ under NAZI rule across Europe, almost 2,000 sites. (It was stored in a Swiss Bank vault until 2007).
    You can find at the Holocaust Museum on the National Mall, Washington DC, (a part of the Smithsonian Complex) a list BY NAME of the more than 6,000,000 Jews Murdered. The National Archives at their Suitland Maryland Annex, has the list of over 18,400,000 People by name, who were murdered in the camps. The prisoners of war who died under NAZI imprisonment are not included in the total.

    In the mid 1990s, PBS ran a 90 minute reel, totally without sound of the gross cut of the first prison camp overrun by American forces — Ordurf, by the US 4th Armoured division under George Patton. It had been complied for showing in the States, but never finished because they could not come to a decision on the script for the narration. It showed the local population being forced to view the camp, and Eisenhower, Bradley, Patton and other high General Officers plus State Department officials also seeing for themselves the Glory of the Reich.
    Eisenhower would order that any camp freed across Europe, would have the Burgers ‘Good Germans’ who lived near be taken and shown first hand what their government had wroth. (I am half German ancestry).
    As I watched, I saw my father who was a tanker under Patton on the screen, more than once. After the war he would talk very Little about his service, but one year during the Christmas Holidays one member of the family said that the Jews bad not been ‘put upon’ during the War. Dad totally blew up and read that person a long Riot Act, including the phrase that he would personally swear to what happened to the Jews, and if you did not like it to get out of his house and never come back, a very rare outburst for a normally calm man.

  • Questioner

    Alton Blevins:

    “Ohrdruf” not “Ordurf”.

    Many horrific things and results of inhuman behavior that must be condemned are shown in the video. Nevertheless, the truth should also be supported here. One thing seems to me to be incorrect and that concerns the deaths of thousands of slave laborers in connection with the Nordhausen camp, who are shown and mentioned in the film. In reality, they died en masse in an air raid by the British Royal Air Force on Nordhausen on April 3 and 4, 1945, particularly on the Boelcke barracks. 2,386 tons of bomb load. Most of the city and also a significant part of the civilian population were wiped out. The Americans occupied the remains of the city and the camp on April 11th.

  • wayne

    “Camps of the Dead” (silent version)
    Actualites Francais Films (1945)

    Created with footage shot by the U.S. Army Signal Corps, CAMPS OF THE DEAD is a graphic newsreel that shows concentration camps as they appeared to the liberating Allied armies in 1945. This silent version was one of two produced; the other sound version runs about 20 minutes.

  • wayne

    How Hitler was Even More Evil Than You Think –
    Prof. Jordan Peterson
    [excerpted from “2017 Maps of Meaning Lecture 11: The Flood and the Tower”]

  • Col Beausabre

    Alton Blevens, A fellow tanker salutes your dad – both for his service and for his response to your relative. “We shall nor see their like again”

  • Questioner


    Bombing millions of German children, women and old men and turning them to ashes as was done by allied bomber forces is also very evil.

  • Questioner: No bombings of Germany would have been necessary had the Germans not allowed Hitler to take power and to then wage an aggressive genocidal war against all its neighbors. Your statement suggests you do not believe the parents of those children bore any responsibility for Hitler’s actions, when in fact their inaction to oppose Hitler, or their action to support him, places that responsibility directly on their heads.

    The citizens of Germany in the 1940s were all guilty of war crimes. The Allies were simply delivering justice.

  • I should add that your attempts to transfer the evil of Germany during World War II to others is especially disturbing, considering that you are apparently German. It seems that there are some in Germany who did not learn anything from the mistakes Germany made in the mid-twentieth century.

    You might want to read some Sherman prior to the American Civil War. He lived in the South at the time, and repeatedly warned the southerners around him to not crave war. It would destroy them. They did not listen, and the South was destroyed, with much of that destruction imposed by Sherman himself.

    This is a lesson the Germans brought on themselves as well in WWII. It appears you need to learn it also.

  • Alton

    A Historical ☝️ Point:

    The Jewish Activists trying to end the Holocaust -during- World War 2; not only documented the atrocity to the Allied Nations (Britain, USA and others) but went so far as to implant several Jews that were not gathered up in Hitler’s Death plan, into the Camps, then smuggle in cameras and film (35mm). After the pictures were developed, top Activists obtained face to face meetings at Number 10 Downing Street and in the Oval Office.

    The action requested was the Bombing of the major camps within range of the Combined Allied Air Forces and Destruction of the Gas Chambers, to force a halt to the massacres; thus the first attack by British forces. FDR, who was noted for refusing several ship loads of Jewish persons saved from NAZI plans to disembark on American Soil, ruled the day with Churchill and he said the only way to stop the slaughter was to defeat Germany, thus allowing an increased pace to the Final Solution to occur in 1944 – 45.

    This was easy for FDR, when the two Major newspapers at home, NY Times and Washington Post, who had been shown extensive documentation, (photos included) for years chose not to inform the Public in American through their Journalism.

  • Cotour

    “This was easy for FDR, when the two Major newspapers at home, NY Times and Washington Post, who had been shown extensive documentation, (photos included) for years chose not to inform the Public in American through their Journalism.”

    “Joe Biden’s decision to strategically by his / there judgement and pull the military out of Afghanistan abruptly on a date set by the Taliban costs 13 soldiers their lives and leaves hundreds, thousands of American citizens behind enemy lines”

    Its never a good idea to become the focal point of “strategic” political calculations and decisions. Too bad for you.

    In the end as far as the government and those empowered within it are concerned, We The People, are but numbers and potential collateral damage casualties.

    Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if you find yourself through no fault of your own in the wrong place at the wrong time, RUN LIKE HELL!

    This is the cost of the Political Realm and politics.

  • Questioner

    Mr Zimmermann, I suggest that you take the time again to read what has been written. At its core it is evil and full of hate.

    There is no collective guilt, as you think, the individual is responsible! This very principle was correctly applied in the conviction of National Socialist criminals who invoked the chain of command to exonerate themselves. It is also an irretrievable crime whether an innocent child is burned alive with an incendiary bomb by the American or British Air Force or starved to death in a National Socialist concentration camp.

  • Cotour

    I think this analogy between todays America and Nazi Germany correctly illustrates the how things get out of control.

    “The Ruling Elite” 3:40

    The ruling elite in any government can become what Nazi Germany became.

    Strategy Over Morality allows the elite to go there.

    The ONLY solution and possible counter balance as imperfect as it may be to evil?

    The American Constitution.

  • Questioner: Yes, there is no collective guilt. You did not read what I wrote. The German people buried their heads in the sand, ignoring the rise to power of evil people. Each did that individually, but though they did it individually, those individuals also formed a large enough block to make Nazism possible.

    In other words. good Germans (to coin a phrase) did nothing.

    The American people have been doing the same for the past five decades, to my immeasurable sorrow. Things can still be turned around in the U.S., but now only if a lot of people are willing to take enormous risks and suffer personal harm to fight it. Such risks and harm would not have been necessary had they taken action even ten years ago.

    Your eagerness to nitpick and excuse what happened in Germany is simply another symptom of that head-in-the-sand attitude.

  • wayne

    yep, War results in lots of deaths, and “Inter arma enim silent lēgēs.”
    But I’m not going to equate bombing-raids, (with period-technology) with the nazi death camps or Stalin’s gulag.
    The whole idea of war is to kill the enemy & break all their stuff, then we go home and resist the urge for empire.

  • Questioner

    Book advice: “Why Liberalism Failed” by Deneen, Patrick J.:

    His thesis: Liberalism has made people placeless and boundless. It left them lonely and vulnerable to illiberal autocrats like Donald Trump. It encouraged their greed and their departure from tradition and humanistic education. It created an irresponsible elite that caused the global financial and economic crisis, the climate and environmental crisis and the moral crisis of a society “in which personal ties such as family ties are easily disrupted and replaced by therapy or social programs will”.

    The author is well versed in the history of philosophy, he knows the writings of the American founding fathers. Sometimes his explanations are somewhat redundant and lengthy, but this only insignificantly delays the flow of reading. The liberal idea began with Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and John Stuart Mill. The promise of freedom went hand in hand with the use of reason and the breaking of social chains. Oppression and inequality should disappear, monarchy and aristocracy should be overcome, prosperity and technology should ensure progress and economic growth. Humans should be free from established authority, traditional cultural norms and restrictions on their claim to dominion over nature.

    In line with most political scientists, Deneen distinguishes a “conservative”, sometimes classically called liberalism, from a progressive, “left” liberalism. The supporters of the conservative direction celebrate the free market, deregulation, globalization and the preservation of “gigantic economic inequality”. You plead for an expansion of human control over nature and its resources. The left liberals want to increase personal and sexual freedoms, reduce income inequalities and combat all kinds of discrimination. According to Deneen, both directions are part of the force that wills good, but mostly creates evil.

    The logic and functioning of left liberalism led to the “loosening of social ties in almost all areas of life – family, neighborly, communal, religious, even national”. The conservative liberals, on the other hand, in the name of progress and rationalism, tend to “subject everything that is special to the logic of market dynamics and thus exploit local resources and actively attack local customs and traditions”.

    However, according to Deneen, the representatives of both variants of liberalism succumb to the same illusion and omnipotence fantasy: “Human desire is insatiable, and the world is limited. Therefore we cannot really be free in the modern sense. The fulfillment of our desires will never satisfy us, for we will be driven by our desires forever. And in our pursuit of the satisfaction of our limitless desires, we will exhaust the planet very quickly. ”

    The result of the diabolical-dialectical interplay of both conservative and left-wing liberalism are atomized individuals whose freedom consists in tossing all traditions, customs and religious beliefs overboard. As a result, they oscillate between “intoxicating joys and gnawing fears”, they become serfs of the very development that was supposed to guarantee their liberation.

    What to do? This question remains essentially unanswered. The author argues for the revival of the humanistic ideal of education, for the construction of a “culture in the midst of an anti-culture” in which values ​​such as care, patience, humility, piety, humility and respect are re-practiced. This also includes the skills of “building, repairing, cooking, planting, conserving and composting”. So more decency, community and warmth instead of consumption, insulation and cold. Who wanted to contradict that?

  • Questioner

    I forgot to add this link.

    “Patrick Deneen: The Rise of Populism Comes from the Failure and Success of Liberalism”

  • Questioner

    I agree with Dr. Deneen largely with the analysis of liberalism, but I draw different conclusions about what to do.

    It’s good that he also recognized so clearly what really is: In America only liberalism prevails, but in two variants: conservative liberalism (= libertarians + republicans) and left-wing liberalism (= democrats). There is no real conservatism in America that is politically significant.

  • Questioner

    I love this wise man. Every word is true and should be heard by Americans! The defeat in Afghanistan confirmed him again.

    John Mearsheimer: “Why Liberal Democracy is Over!”

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