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Today’s blacklisted American: Disney fires actress for noting the Nazis killed Jews

Gina Carano's tweet about the Nazi genocide

They’re coming for you next: The Disney corporation yesterday fired conservative actress Gina Carano, who was starring in a Star Wars series, simply because she wrote a tweet describing the entirely truthful fact that the Nazis were able to kill the Jews because they had taught the public to hate them and thus agree with that round-up.

Her tweet is to the right. Not surprisingly, a Twitter mob soon formed demanded her blacklisting. How dare she remind people of the evils of oppression, bigotry, and the genocide of a people merely because of their race, religion, or creed? Since she has been an outspoken conservative who supports Trump, her blacklisting by these storm-troopers seemed entirely reasonable to Disney, and so they finally fired here. The statement from the Lucasfilm division of the company indicates the company’s outright ignorance and close-mindedness.

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future,” a Lucasfilm spokesperson said in a statement. “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

In other words, it is now unacceptable to retell the history of the Holocaust in order to avoid repeating it. In fact, Disney’s action here suggests the left wants another Holocaust, is using Hitler’s tactics quite openly, and thus must do whatever it can — with the help of big corporations like this — to silence and dehumanize anyone who opposes them. And isn’t this exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews, as Carano so nicely illustrated in her tweet?

If Americans don’t fight back hard soon, worse is coming, and soon. Do you subscribe to Disney’s streaming service? Do you rent its movies? Do you watch Star Wars? If after this action you still do, you are then complicit in this blacklisting, and can count yourself as a willing accessory to the coming genocide.

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  • LocalFluff

    Oh no, AH was just ironic when he talked about the jews. He liked Himmler only because he thought he was in on the slapstick humor when he accounted for numbers killed and enslaved. It was one a the few laughs he had throughout the years of rule.

    At least, that was the defense strategy that his lawyer proposed for the expected Nuremberg trials. The hour before AH fired him and shot himself.

  • Cotour

    I would have to think that a method to get this insanity to end would be to file law suits based on illegal termination.

    If someone states the truth about a historical event and is then fired for doing so I would think that it would serve well as a basis for a massive law suit.

    Use the Lefts own strategies against them.

    Know the game, play the game, win the game.

  • Cotour

    A bit of an extension to that thinking:

    Instead of making statements, just ask questions.

    “Is it true that the Nazi’s turned peoples neighbors against each other, and those who were violently abused were Jews?”

    “How dare you ask that question! YOUR FIRED!”

    Find the edge and go there, it will make the corporate “Politically correct” Liberal/ Leftist / Democrat aligned corporate enforcers and lords of “Correct think” insane. And they will think twice about depriving someone so bold as to ask a question that goes against their dictates.

    Don’t just be truthful, be calculating, be smarter. That is how they play the game, so understand that and play the game to win.

  • “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

    I don’t think these people know what words mean. Where is the ‘denigration’ here? Unless the Disney execs are displeased at being implicitly called out, and their action proves Carano’s point. Which maybe she might note in a tweet.

  • Dean Hurt

    In these trying times we are being psychologically abused by the Leftists including the Disney Gestapo. Disney has been circling the political toilet for many years. Now their intolerance is becoming nauseating and distressing. Seems like a modern-day Goebbels is in charge.

  • eddie willers

    You will hear the “They are a private company” argument.

    Conservatives look to the Constitution for guidance.
    Liberals look to the Constitution for loopholes.

  • Cotour

    “In these trying times we are being psychologically abused by the Leftists including the Disney Gestapo”

    Yes, that is my point, you know what they are doing so you do that to them.

    And of course reasonable people who already love and like America do not think in such terms. But that can change, use their strategy against them and sue them and make it stick.

    Consciously be smarter, choose your words and use them as weapons, just like the Left does. Share your thoughts but restructure how you share them, ask questions instead of making statements.

    Up is down, left is right, and good is bad.

  • Cotour

    To my point about a law suit, a BIG law suit:

    Pedro Pascal, actor, Mandalorian makes Nazi comparison.

    Lukas films has created two standards, and one gets fired and one gets rewarded.

    That to me is a solid foundation for some kind of law suit based in the two standards by the company. Keep watching.

  • Col Beausabre

    Unfortunately , the picture she chose was taken immediately post-war of a German woman fleeing after being gang raped by liberated slave laborers. I don’t have a reference immediately to hand, but that is that way I have seen it captioned in publications, I trust

  • Ian C.

    Col Beausabre,


    ” you know what they are doing so you do that to them.”

    And prepare to do to them what they prepare to do to you?

  • Cotour

    In the instance of this firing bring a discrimination law suit for bias.

    Lukas films has clearly created a double standard and has fired a WOMAN, and has not fired a MAN for doing essentially the same thing.

    Sounds like$20 million dollars to me.

    Make them begin to pay for their perverted, broken and un American thinking. Set them up, it has to be relatively easy at this point in time. Set them up, and take them down. Use their bias and “politically correct” Leftist political weapon against them.

    Go find a renegade contingency lawyer who is not beholdin to the Left and sue the hell out of them. (Are their any renegade lawyers not beholdin to the Left?).

    And do it one case at a time.

  • Ian C.


    “discrimination law suit for bias.”

    It doesn’t matter who’s votin’ but who’s countin’.
    It doesn’t matter who’s suin’ but who’s judgin’.

    Now what?

  • Cotour

    Make it happen, sell it.

    Ian C, your being difficult.

    Figure out a direction that serves your purpose, and then go there, move towards it.

    If not, then just curl up and croak. I do not choose that path, your perspective is self defeating before you even start.

    Get out of the way. The woman needs to find a ruthless lawyer.

  • Ian C.


    “Fighting back tit for tat” isn’t solving the underlying problem. For some magic reason I totally cannot explain, Bob is acutely aware of the threat. Why aren’t you?

  • Mitch S.

    I’m not optimistic about your strategy these days.
    Five years ago it would have been a slam-dunk but Trump Derangement Syndrome has changed the landscape.
    Once categorized as a Trumper laws and principles do not apply.
    She’ll have a difficult time finding an unbiased judge willing to stick his/her neck out for her.
    I do see some hope in the young generation (Middle/H.S). We have to take a long view, be the wise adults in the room and quietly teach them (and others) the truth about history and the Constitution.

  • Steve Richter

    The French Revolution may be more applicable to what is currently going on in the US. Not that I know much about it. But I do know that the events of and lessons learned from the French Revolution have been neglected or ignored by the American education system. Almost like more than a few history teachers sympathized with the murderous French radicals of that period.

  • All,

    As much as I am entirely pessimistic about any court suit succeeding, I think Cotour is 100% right. Don’t give up without fighting. Carano should sue. So should everyone else being blacklisted. The left have to begin to see the right as moles that keep popping up endlessly, with no end. The cost of fighting whack-a-mole will begin to wear them down, especially since I still would expect there to be some victories along the way.

  • Max

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    Sheila Jackson Lee has a new “Gun Bill” that Biden is itching to sign.
    “most fines are a minimum of $75,000 and a maximum of $150,000. All but one violation carries jail time. The shortest minimum jail time is 10 years and the maximums are 25 years”.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson
    “You don’t possess ideas, ideas possess you…..”
    (excerpted from EdSci 204, University of Wisconsin 2017)

  • pzatchok

    We need a class action law suit.

    We NEED it to be taken all the way to the SC.

    And it needs to equate political views and speech into the civil rights act.

    This law makes it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. The law also makes it illegal to retaliate against a person because the person complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit. The law also requires that employers reasonably accommodate applicants’ and employees’ sincerely held religious practices, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the employer’s business.

    And ANY individual lawsuit against any employer should be in the billions not the millions. Hit Disney with a billion dollar fine and they will never do it again. A few million is the what they make from a few minutes of any program. A billion hits that yearly profit margin.

  • pzatchok noted: “We need a class action law suit.”

    OK. Look into it.

  • From; which I usually like, but the last year has become increasingly ignorant:

    Note the Orwellian language and understanding. People really believe this. As I’ve noted, it’s an alternate reality that isn’t real, but is treated as real by a significant number of people, It is literally not rational.

  • Luke

    Kathleen Kennedy is an Atm Rand villain made flesh.

  • Cotour

    Mitch S, Ian C:

    Trump derangement syndrome or not there is something that exists that can not be argued against, legal precedence. Your points about how there will be no support in the courts would be so if this were JUST a gray area political issue that existed in the Political Realm, but this is black and white Pedestrian Realm law.

    If an employer creates two standards between employees, especially a double standard between a man and a woman, then there is legal precedence that controls that corporate created condition.

    And I am certain there are labor law violations and civil Rights violations.

    Get the correct lawyer that specializes in labor law and civil Rights and hammer away, and make them pay. THAT is what they will understand. There must be consequences for unreasonable actions taken by these corporate “Politically Correct” now Leftist, Communist Chinese controlled international “Citizens”.

    I am happy to see that there is some agreement here. Steal their own most effective weapons and use them against them.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Cotour


    Do you agree with any of these listed items?

    1. If you agree the word, “Mother” and “Breast Milk” be officially replaced with the terms, “Birthing Parent”, “Chest Milk” or “Human Milk”.

    2. If you agree that a person who is born a biological male, with all of the associated physical advantages of size and power, but identifies as a female, should be able to freely compete in sports with females and that be called equality.

    3. If you agree that during a world wide pandemic that the borders of America should be open without concern and flooded with people who may well be infected.

    4. If you agree that the government and the corporations they are aligned with have the Right to censor media and what the people of America are able to see, read, say and think based on their standards.

    5. If you agree that violent criminals should not be apprehended or jailed.

    6. If you agree that anti American radicals should be allowed to threaten and reign violence and burn buildings as they please without consequences or arrest.

    7. If you think that people should be placed on a list and lose their jobs because of their “Wrong Think” political beliefs.

    8. If you agree that Communist China should be empowered over the interests of America.

    9. If you agree that there must not or should never be any examination of any ballots or the systems that tabulate and control them in Americas election system.

    10. If you agree that the National Anthem is offensive.

    If you agree with any one or more of the above listed items, you are a DEMOCRAT as per the agenda which I have listed above that the Democrats in America are now all about and what they promote. What do you really think about where you are in your politics? What exactly do you support?

  • Cotour

    Given the subject trajectory, I think this must be one of the next moves made against all of these “Politically Correct”, Leftist term and word re definer political players in America and the sports teams that are leveraging “Political Correctness” and “Equality” in their everyday corporate operations.

    I think a demand be made of ALL professional sports teams, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Football, that there be at least 51% of their teams roster / players on the field be female.

    Use their own strategy against them, the slippery slope works for anyone who dares get too close to it. And these corporations are tied by their own logic, their rhetoric and the law to publicly do what they themselves say they support.

    Demand EQUALITY!!

  • We Are Borg

    I think there’s more going on here than just your typical Leftist blacklisting, just follow the money, it’s ALWAYS about the money. Look at the primary market for many of these films: China! A major feature film, made-for-TV, or on-line streaming project can run into the hundreds of millions these days, studios are always scrambling for financial backing. And guess who shows up with the cheese: China. Chinese-backed media companies (often under govt. control) and China-based investor groups pump tons of money into the American media / entertainment markets; what China wants, China gets! You don’t conform with “right thinking”, you lose your funding.

    Comparing the treatment of Christians & political conservatives in modern day America to German Jews during the Holocaust hits just a little too close to home for the Chinese govt. as this is EXACTLY what they’re currently doing to Christians, Uyghurs and other “undesirable” ethnic groups. I’m thinking someone behind the red curtain gave Disney a tap on the shoulder reminding them that Ms. Carano was clearly not thinking “right thoughts”, an example must be made.

    In 2017, ABC suddenly cancelled Tim Allen’s #2-rate show “Last Man Standing”. Allen got the last laugh when Fox decided to pick up the show for another three seasons. Fox is ending the show in what appears to be normal course (it ran for nine years), at least they gave the cast & writers plenty of time to prep for the final season (showing this year) rather than unceremoniously dumping them.

    Another form of entertainment that’s about to disappear: stand-up comedy. Can you imagine Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, George Carlin, or even Robin Williams doing their stuff in todays PC environment? Carlin said it best (paraphrasing here): “It’s a big club, and guess what? YOU AIN’T IN IT!” You can still find some of Carlin’s best prescient stuff on YouTube, better watch it before it gets deleted. Check out his “Life is Worth Losing” and other performances from around 2005.

  • pzatchok

    We should encourage ALL male high school and collage athletes to try out for and play on the female teams. Crowd out all the girls.

    They can not be stopped. unless logic gets a chance to win.

    Heck why not encourage all male prisoners to claim they are transitioning and should be housed in the female prisons?

  • Cotour

    The list grows, I really like the prisoner suggestion. (Thats a good lookin real woman)

    “EQUALITY” !

    Give them what they say they want.

    In a fairly short time the mass of the American people would put an end to it all.

  • Mitch S

    Cotour, Bob Z,

    I agree Carano and others should pursue legal remedies but I’m not that optimistic they will be victorious, rather the effort needs to be made to show it was tried and underline the depth of society’s corruption.

    “this is black and white Pedestrian Realm law.”
    Yeah, and so was the notion that the Constitution places election law in the hands of state legislatures or impeachment is for a sitting president not a former president.

    Everything is open to interpretation depending on the “correctness” or “incorrectness” of those involved.
    Look at what is going on at the NYT:

    The problem runs deep, it’s not just a matter of pushing aside some corrupt leaders at the top – the rank and file have been brainwashed.
    Note the NYT management didn’t want to fire McNeil, they were forced to after the staff protested. (And so they dare not publish Stephens’ piece). And Parler’s (former) CEO said the same about Amazon – that Amazon’s staff pushed management to kick Parler off the platform.
    It’s going to be a long time effort.

    Cotour, for 4 years you’ve been sure Trump has a plan, the Dem’s comeuppance is just around the corner, Sidney Powell, Giuliani and Lin Wood had a closet full of Krakens ready to roar… I wish it were that simple.

  • Mitch S: You might want to reread my comment. Though I agreed with Cotour that all avenues must be pursued, aggressively, I also expressed skepticism that it will work, for exactly the reasons you outline in your comment above.

    As you say, the problem runs deep. I point this out repeatedly in my blacklist posts, underlining the eager willingness of ordinary people to join in on this blacklisting. It isn’t any longer coming from above. It is a terrible wave of hate coming from below. I have feared this for more than two decades, and now I fear it is about to overwhelm us all.

  • Cotour

    Mitch S:

    ““this is black and white Pedestrian Realm law.” Yeah, and so was the notion that the Constitution places election law in the hands of state legislatures or impeachment is for a sitting president not a former president.”

    Election law administered by the states and their legislators (Politicians) and Constitutional law (Interpreted and argued by lawyers and Politicians) are both of the Political realm. Black and white law is of the Pedestrian realm, and shades of gray are of the Political realm, you are mixing the two. Keep them well separated and keep your sanity. Mix and confuse them and you can not make heads or tails of anything.

    And nothing, especially in politics, is that simple, and I stand by pretty much everything that I have ever written here in regards to politics and what is underway.

    Just like what is underway in the Senate right now, and that is purely a political action and it has NOTHING to do with anything other than politics. If you were to call that a trial as defined by the Pedestrian Realm legal system that would be one big and confusing mistake.

    Politics, the dirtiest, filthiest most corrupt business the human beings participate in.

    And the only hope? The people, the audience, is watching it all and they have an opportunity to comment when the time presents itself. And that of course assumes some assemblance of a fair election, and there in Democracy either lives or dies.

  • Cotour

    Mitch S:

    Here is a clear example between the Political Realm and the Pedestrian Realm.

    In the real world where the Pedestrian Realm law is based in evidence and law the Senate and what they were up to in the impeachment of a former president and private citizen would be thrown out of court in about two minutes.

  • Mike

    I’d like to hear your nuanced opinion on Colin Kaepernick Bob, in light of recent black listing events.

    You may not have agreed with the message, but I hope everyone understands how much he lost, simply for voicing his opinions.

  • Cotour

    Here is a little bit more:

    Banks Doxing their customers violates their Rights.

    “No financial institution, or officer, employees, or agent of a financial institution, may provide to any Government authority access to or copies of, or the information contained in, the financial records of any customer except in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. ”


  • Mike: I had little sympathy for Kaepernick. He wasn’t expressing his political opinions on his own free time, he was doing it while on his job, a job that had nothing to do with politics.

    If he had devoted his free time to his anti-American hate campaign and kept it off the playing field, I would have more sympathy for him. He did not and not only did he destroy his own career by doing so, he helped destroy the careers of almost every other football player. Their golden goose is now dead, and will never be back. Those millions of ex-fans offended by Kaepernick’s hate for them will not be back. They have found other things to do with their Sundays.

  • Mike

    So your distinction lies with where the free speech took place?

  • Mike

    Why are you getting his message mixed up with his right to express said message?

    I didn’t think you’d have sympathy for him, but I’d at least expect you to acknowledge his very right to express whatever he feels like.

    Just like miss Carano.

  • Mike: Review all my blacklist posts. No one was doing this on someone else’s dime, as Kaepernik. I think was very clear about the distinction.

    If I worked as a bank clerk and insulted each customer as they entered, which is essentially what Kaepernik did during football games, then the bank would be totally within its rights to fire me.

    Carano was not expressing her opinions while on film, for Disney. It was on her own free time. As I said, had Kaepernick did the same and was then fired, I would have been very sympathetic to him, even though I consider his opinion ignorant, bigoted against whites, and hateful.

    If you can’t see this distinction we have nothing more to talk about. And you did ask for my nuanced opinion.

  • Mitch S.

    Unfortunately the “Black and white law is of the Pedestrian realm” is not the real world.
    In the real world courts and judges are influenced by political and other considerations.
    People have suffered unfair, politically motivated consequences in courts many times (ask Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone).
    If a judge wants to turn black and white into grey they can do it if they have political backing.
    Brace yourself!

    “And the only hope? The people, the audience, is watching it all and they have an opportunity to comment when the time presents itself. And that of course assumes some assemblance of a fair election, and there in Democracy either lives or dies.”

    I agree. (well, I’d say “semblance” rather than “assemblance” but I bend the language too).
    Thing is, most watching C-Span are partisan or sleeping. Don’t expect this testimony to appear on mainstream news outlets.
    We are going to have to retain the knowledge (don’t put it past the tech masters and media outlets to “edit” the past) and quietly disseminate it.
    Elections? Huge problem, again, get the word out and if you can get involved.
    They are going to present mail-in ballots as the new norm, and anyone who questions them is a dangerous, crackpot, conspiracy theorist (racist too of course).
    Try to get on Board of Elections, work as a poll worker or observer. ( Masking of one’s political views to get into a position to observe is ethical in my humble opinion).
    Keep buying pillows, donating to outfits like Veritas, BtB…
    Off to the next thread of the banned and blacklisted!

  • wayne

    We Are All Gina Carano
    Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 1193

  • Mike

    Thank you Bob, that was the distinction I was asking about, yes.
    I absolutely agree with your analogy about a bank clerk. I disagree with your basic assessment that he was insulting his customers, but we are both allowed our differing opinions.
    Some of us can still be adults and not descend to personal snipes when faced with a differing opinion. The majority of society used to be like that.

  • Cotour

    Mitch S:

    Your being a bit too cynical. While any judge can skew a case one way or the other based in an unspoken bias or a wink and a nod, as a general rule black and white justice is generally done in court. Generally, and there are no absolutes or ideals here its a messy business any way you look at it. You are going to have to make a distinction and an accommodation.

    And Flynn, Manafort and Stone were certainly in the Political Realm and were all unjustly politically persecuted by the FBI leadership, prosecutors and the courts because they were in fact Political realm players. Without a doubt. And it was OUTRAGEOUS!

    (And funny, I was going to use the word “Semblance” but chose “Assemblance”)

  • Mitch S.

    Mike, glad you brought up Kaepernik because it allowed Bob to clarify the difference between Kaepernik and the cases discussed here.
    I’ll add that I don’t hate Kaepernik. From what I understand he was talked into doing the kneel by his girlfriend. Ultimately he came across as someone ignorant and naïve who was manipulated into doing something he didn’t understand the consequences of.
    His career was on the decline, maybe the girlfriend thought taking a racial stand would shield him from losing his job.
    (Had he demonstrated top level talent I believe a team would have found a place for him)

    Anyway, the people I hold more responsible are Roger Goodell and the NFL owners. They could have simply taken the stand that employees are not allowed to express political beliefs during NFL events. What players could wear etc was already closely controlled so it would be following precedent. If they liked they could have supported Kaepernik as private citizens outside NFL events.
    Instead, they not only left fans angry and insulted (If Kaepernik had an honest concern about black lives, kneeling for the anthem was a terrible way to get support) but they put the other players, especially black players in a very difficult position.
    IMO just awful management, “epic fail”. SOB’s are lucky to have Brady and Mahomes to draw fans.

  • Mitch S.

    Cotour: “You’re being a bit too cynical”
    I hope you are right!
    I just see cases like Caranos’ as falling into the political realm much as Flynn etc did.
    In situations like these too many judges (and justices) ignore the black and white and see the political aspect.
    Your choice of spelling may have been Freudian given the kind of characters we are discussing and the first 3 letters of your word!

  • Mike

    Mitch s-
    I’m not sure where you got any of your information about his personal reasons for standing up to bring awareness to police brutality, but he originally sat on the bench for the anthem.
    His trainer, who is ex military, informed him that that would be perceived as disrespectful to the flag, so he suggested kneeling. As in, a coach at the end of practice, “take a knee guys…”
    Not trying to argue with you, but what you said about his girlfriend is pure speculation and what I stated in this post are facts.
    And I am of the strong opinion that the NFL could give a crap about lost fans on any side of the political spectrum, they’re too busy counting their money.

  • Alex Andrite

    All consuming ovens = . . .

  • Mitch S. observed: “If a judge wants to turn black and white into grey they can do it if they have political backing.
    Brace yourself!”

    Roe v Wade 1973

  • Col Beausabre

    Ian C – Thank you for the correction. Shows what relying on memory and not references does.

  • Mitch S.

    I had heard about Kaepernick’s girlfriend at the time, not sure where.
    But here’s an article discussing it:

    And here is one about the Green Beret who recommended Kaepernick kneel instead of sit.

    Good intentions but I think it was poor strategy. Never should have brought it into the stadium (if he felt uncomfortable about the anthem then he should have remained in the locker room and come out after). It ended up antagonizing people who may have been sympathetic. And as I stated above the NFL and owners completely failed in their reaction.
    Suppose the NBA learned something – look how they reacted to Cuban wanting to ditch the anthem.

  • Mitch S.

    Since I put in two links, my above (or following)post should bein moderation.

    I attached the wrong links! (It is a good song though)

    Here’s the Kaepernick girlfriend article link:

    And the Green Beret link:

  • Andrew M Winter

    Man there is so much ignorance about antisemitism it makes my head swim.

    The German Govt, The Nazi’s, Adolph Hitler did NOT invent anti-semiticism, pogroms or Genocide! They were a product of their times!!!!!! They did not arise in a VACUUM!

    Jeese people. Do we not realize that Antisemitism was a GLOBAL gold Standard prior to World War II! Do we not realize that zoning laws in AMERICA were frequently more harsh and discriminatory against JEWS than they were against BLACKS?!?!?!?!?!?

    Blaming the German Govt, or The NAZIs, or Uncle Adolph IS A COMPLETE, UTTER, WHITE WASH!

    The Holocaust was a grass roots movement that spanned the world. Go watch this film,,

    Note the objection by the Jewish Elders to joining the resistance against the NAZIs. As far as they were concerned there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Stalin and the Communists and Hitler and the NAZIs. Heck even under the TZARS Cossack Cavalry used Jewish villages as live fire exercises so they could practice obliterating and sacking villages and towns! YES they used the live Jews as moving targets, all of them, men women and children.

    We really need to get a grip on this total myth that antisemitism was a product of NAZI Germany. That’s just a whitewash that the rest of Europe uses to paint over the fact that they supported what the NAZIS were doing for the most part.

  • Cotour

    “The German Govt, The Nazi’s, Adolph Hitler did NOT invent anti-semiticism, pogroms or Genocide! They were a product of their times!!!!!! They did not arise in a VACUUM!”

    What exactly is your point here?

    The Nazi’s may not have invented antisemitism, but the certainly took the concept and ran with it.

    Again, what exactly is your point?

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However, name-calling and obscenities will not be tolerated. First time offenders who are new to the site will be warned. Second time offenders or first time offenders who have been here awhile will be suspended for a week. After that, I will ban you. Period.


Note also that first time commenters as well as any comment with more than one link will be placed in moderation for my approval. Be patient, I will get to it.

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