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Today’s blacklisted American: Evangelist Franklin Graham

They’re coming for you next: A mob of more than 17,000 people have signed a petition to get evangelist Franklin Graham fired from his jobs at two different Christian organizations, merely because he has strongly supported President Trump during his term in office.

As is usual in these efforts to blacklist people, the charges are not based on substantive facts, but on the modern use of slander and bigotry, first made normal during the Obama administration. From the petition:

“Graham gets away with his hatred and conspiracy-theories by hiding behind the humanitarian work of Samaritan’s Purse and his late father’s name,” Faithful America said in the petition. “It’s time for Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) to realize that by propping up Franklin’s unchristian extremism, they are abandoning their Gospel missions, undermining democracy, and helping incite white-nationalist sedition.”

The petition encourages board members to fire Graham or resign in protest. [emphasis mine]

For these leftist thugs, “hatred” and “extremism” is simply disagreeing with them. For these storm-troopers, “conspiracy-theories” and “undermining democracy” is simply expressing concerns about the numerous serious allegations of voter fraud in the November 3rd election, none of which have been properly investigated by any civil authorities.

And “inciting white-nationalist sedition” is merely refusing to bow to the bigoted racist identity politics of the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, which only cares about leftist black lives, and hates all others, including conservative blacks, in turn.

Fortunately, the two religious organizations being petitioned have dismissed the petition for the slander that it is, expressing full support for Graham.

That 17,000 people were willing to sign such a petition however is truly horrifying, and shows their willingness to oppress their opponents, simply because they disagree on policy and politics. It also suggests these signatories are incredibly ignorant about politics, and are thus easily led by lies told to them.

Despite the support of his employers, this effort will do harm to Graham’s future work, as he now has to continually answer bogus questions about his beliefs, questions not unlike the old political-destroying question, “Do you still beat your wife?” No matter what you say, you will be quoted in a manner that will make you look evil.

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  • Gary

    Re RT….The Russians are besides themselves in uncontrollable laughter.

  • Phill O

    Sounds so much like the spirit behind the Nazi movement, which, IMHO, now permeates the democrat party to its core!

    I so much enjoyed our visit to the Deming cemetery to find my great Grandfather’s grave and was toured by Jesus. Nice fellow who was very helpful and a Trump supporter. He is not happy with some other Hispanics who only talk Trump trash and no substance about Biden. Folk like him need all the help they can get. Seems legal immigrants (or in this case, one’s son) sure support Trump.

    There still are great people in America, and, I believe, outnumber democrats.

  • Two words: “Prove It.”

    I cannot, by All That Is Holy, understand why people just take this abuse. My experience with bullies is that one or two good punches will take the piss out of them. But, I’ve noted that mine was perhaps the last generation to regularly, and with tacit adult approval, battle on the playground, and I’m pushing 60. That’s a lot of people who apparently don’t know how to stand up for themselves.

  • Gary M.

    “I accept no unearned guilt.”

    A variation of Ayn Rand would seem to apply here.

  • Sounds so much like the spirit behind the Nazi movement, which, IMHO, now permeates the democrat party to its core!

    Or acts like Iranian-style fundamentalist theocracy.

    The Left – which Faithful America embraces – has become EVERYTHING they decry.

  • Dean Hurt

    These un-American and un-Christian groups hide behind euphemistic and godly sounding names while they spew actual hatred and intolerance. Franklin Graham has done nothing but good for many, but just because he voiced support for the the satanic Trump, he is to be denounced and excoriated by those that are not worthy.
    We are living in godless days and we are seeing a whiplash reaction by the United Soviet Socialist Democrat Party. They have burned with vitriolic hatred for Trump and his supporters in particular and Conservative citizens in general since 2016 and are now engaged in an orgy of retribution. If our nation can survive them until the general election of 2022 we may see the Democrats destroyed forever…or at least rendered even more than they are now.

  • Edward

    Phill O wrote: “Sounds so much like the spirit behind the Nazi movement, which, IMHO, now permeates the democrat party to its core!

    Both groups share many philosophies and goals.

    It makes sense that the Democrats would learn from the NAZIs. They were very successful at taking over an entire country, and they themselves had learned from the Democrats’s Eugenics philosophies, at the time. It is too bad that we have not learned from history and are falling for the same tactics that the NAZIs used.

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