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Today’s blacklisted American: Google blacklists Republican Party fund-raising emails

Google: a place that loves to censor

Blacklists are back and Democrats at Google have got ’em: According to evidence presented by the Republican National Committee last week, Google is tactically blocking all fund-raising emails from the committee at the end of the month, when such emails are routinely sent.

To quote the twitter thread from Ronna McDaniel, GOP chairwoman:

Every single month – for 7 months in a row – Google has systematically attacked the RNC’s email fundraising during important donation days at the end of the month. Our emails go from strong inbox delivery (90-100%) down to 0%.

These are emails that go to our most engaged, opt-in supporters without any increase in user complaints, changes to the content, email frequency or target audiences that could account for the suppression.

Yet month after month – like clockwork – right ahead of a CRITICAL period when voters are most engaged, Google blocks our emails. They even block GOTV emails.

Google has failed to explain why this is happening. It’s unacceptable. We have filed a complaint with the FEC over this practice of censoring Republican emails and it just keeps happening.

The graphic below, including in McDaniel’s tweets, shows how the GOP’s emails are suddenly considered spam by Google at the end of every month, conveniently at the very moment the party sends out its fund-raising pleas.

Google's pattern of censorship
Click for full image.

As the GOP explained,

Ordinarily, the committee said, Gmail flags up to 10% of its emails as spam. But it says during the final four days of every month since December 2021 — a crucial period for digital fundraising operations — that number has skyrocketed to 100% or close to it, even as the rate of emails marked as spam by recipients remains steady.

Google claims that its spam filter is “thoroughly apolitical,” but only an idiot who has had his or her head in the sand for the past five years would believe that. There is too much evidence that the management and employees at big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc like to sabotage the free speech of conservatives.

According to the Republican National Committee, it estimates it has lost about $1.5 billion in contributions in 2020 and more than $2 billion since 2019.

As I have written numerous times, why are my readers still using Gmail or Google’s search engines? There are plenty of good alternatives. Find them. Use them. It only takes 30 seconds to change the default search engine in your browser. Do it. Even if these alternative search engines are only slightly less oppressive, the loss of market share at Google will have an impact.

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  • MadRocketSci

    A while back, I wrote an email tutorial on how to run a mail-server. This likely won’t help with the Republicans immediate problem: reaching people who have concentrated onto using gmail for their email services (and whose received mail google can then censor).

    It would be nice to see the internet become more decentralized again: People having other options than concentrating onto these centralized services. To the extent that I have a web-presence, I try to put my stuff on my own servers and run my own services.

    Still not sure how to beat the network effect for the majority of people.

    My tutorial:

  • Gary H

    Are they saying they use Goggle for their EMail services? This can’t be. They couldn’t be that dumb.

  • Call Me Ishmael

    “They couldn’t be that dumb.”

    It’s not called the Stupid Party for nothing. But no, they’re not. The people they’re trying to send email to have addresses. Which means those people, and anyone trying to communicate with them, are at the mercy of Google.

  • The control elements of Big Tech do not think of the world as Left vs.. Right … but as the Righteous Normal vs. the Evil Other.

    That is how they justify their double standards and insertion of their opinions as”fact” over top of your social media posts.

  • Cotour



    This is the road that the clearly un and anti-American “Paper of Record”, the “Gray Lady”, the New York Times is on.

    The NYT’s has a history of antisemitism and the supporting of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi agenda, as well as the lionizing of Fidel Castro. This paper is now full of “Progressive”, “Woke” Liberals and Leftists as was revealed by history and inside editor, Bari Weiss who was forced to quit her job because of it.

    And now they overtly are transmitting what they have been all about for all of these years. They “Forgot” to print the Declaration Of Independence on the 4th of July which they have done for the last 100 years. They are telling you something.

    The New York Times is making a statement about your country, and they want the founding documents that establish it eliminated and recast and restructured………BY THEM and their fellow Leftists. This is essential for the World Economic Forums “Great Reset”. And they are ALL DEMOCRATS.

    The NYT’s and their social media tech allies are un and anti-American and are on board with the Globalist agenda, the “Great Reset” and the destruction of America as you know and love it. They are the enemy of your and your family’s freedoms and mean to do harm and cause your oppression and compliance to their Leftist Socialist agenda. Are you paying attention yet?

    One more NYT’s “Apology” about their support of Nazi’s:

    “The New York Times on Sunday defended its reporting on a co-founder of the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker Party. The profile, by Richard Fausset, was widely criticized as being sympathetic to its fascist subject.”×450.jpg&t=1657198233&ymreqid=dc7face7-d905-7706-2f2c-5a043d01c900&sig=xFJuyhQqPHzNYEGt_2uM0A–~D

  • GWB

    Jester Naybor
    July 6, 2022 at 3:43 pm
    The control elements of Big Tech do not think of the world as Left vs.. Right … but as the Righteous Normal vs. the Evil Other.

    Yes. Please understand that Progressivism is a religion. So many of the people we accuse of bias don’t think it’s bias because they’re not supporting the party, they’re just supporting truth and right and justice. They’re very wrong, but that’s the worldview with which you’re dealing. (And, then, yes, there’s some minority who actually are just in it for the political power. You might call them the cynics.)

    So, when Google censors Republicans, it’s because the Republicans are infidels and heathen. When CNN supports abortion it’s because of the doctrine of their church. When the people seem to clamor and cry out about guns, it’s because of the received wisdom from their prophets (the media) and their priests (‘experts’).

  • Jeff Wright

    For years, Republicans trashed the idea of net neutrality and gave succor to the big ISPs—-and this story proves it was all in vain.

    Next time someone fills your ear with “whatever the market will bear” nonsense…remember this

    THAT’S why I’m a populist.

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