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Today’s blacklisted American: The Spectator magazine, by Google’s YouTube and Vimeo

The Bill of Rights cancelled at Facebook and Instagram
Doesn’t exist at Google, YouTube, or Vimeo.

They’re coming for you next: Simply because an interview by The Spectator with Trump lawyer John Eastman discussed the many indications of election fraud and vote tampering in the November election, both Vimeo and Google’s YouTube decided that the video needed to be banned, forever.

YouTube said that the video violated its policy on misinformation. When the Steamboat Institute attempted to post the video under a different title, YouTube removed it again and revoked Steamboat’s ability to post videos for a full week. Vimeo also removed the video, saying that they ‘do not permit content that seeks to spread false or misleading information about voting.’

Steamboat was finally able to upload the interview to the Canadian video platform Rumble. You can watch it here and decide for yourself if this video is as dangerous as Big Tech claims.

As usual for these big tech censors, they cite no specific examples of “false or misleading information” expressed during the interview. They just claimed it existed, and banned everything.

It is important to also understand that the interviewer, Amber Athey, repeatedly pressed Eastman about his statements and position. The goal was not to allow him to simply sell his position, but to provide the viewer a legitimate discussion of the facts, pro and con, and thus allow that viewer the ability to decide for themselves whether Eastman’s concerns about the election have some merit.

This however is not good enough for YouTube or Vimeo. And they banned this Spectator interview at the same time they allowed with no complaints far more egregious lying and misinformation being spread by Democrats and leftists on their platforms:

This all occurred at the same time that Democrats and the mainstream media spread actual misinformation about Georgia’s new voting law. They claimed that the Georgia law provides serious restrictions on voting, leading numerous corporations to boycott doing business with the state. Major League Baseball, for example, pulled its annual All-Star Game from Atlanta over pressure from its corporate sponsors. Never mind the fact that the Georgia law actually expands in-person voting. The left claims the law has a provision that prohibits people from handing out water or snacks to people waiting in line to vote — but poll workers and election officials are still allowed to do so.

Nor have these video outlets limited their blackballing to The Spectator. For the crime of discussing the possibility of election fraud in November, they have permanently banned numerous other very respectable conservatives, such as former Trump official and radio host, Sebastian Gorka. (More on Gorka’s blacklisting in a future column.)

You can read YouTube’s blanket policy of banning any discussion of election fraud here. It is clearly not interested in allowing an open discussion of the issues, but to censor any positions it disagrees with. So much for the first amendment and freedom of speech at YouTube and Google! For these fascists it doesn’t exist, unless you agree with them.

I must also add that claiming they are banning these videos because they “spread misinformation” is bogus on its face. Not only do these outlets not provide any specific evidence of false information during The Spectator interview, freedom of speech means you must allow everything, and allow the citizens the right to weed through this free-for-all to find the truth.

Furthermore, YouTube isn’t a publisher which has the right to make such decisions for itself. Instead, it is designated by law as a platform for all expressions, similar to a telephone utility. For that designation it has been given a significant tax benefit. To put it bluntly, it is breaking the law by picking and choosing what videos it will allow on its platform, and should lose that tax benefit for doing so.

It won’t however. It serves the Democrats’ purposes to have these big tech outlets doing its dirty work of censorship, and the Republicans have been too weak or cooperative to do anything about it. The censorship and blacklisting will only increase until the idea of freedom of speech in America is lost forever.

If it hasn’t been lost already.

Genesis cover

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  • Col Beausabre

    The NFL’s Death Wish as it manages to shoot itself in the foot again and now has both the the Left and Right angry at it…

    “Black Men Have Lower Cognitive Skills Than White Men, NFL Asserts In Brain Injury Lawsuits”

    I have known brilliant black men and white morons – which apparently describes the NFL management and Legal Department. I look forward with bated breath for their “scientific” data to “prove” this claim

    Note: Don’t anger the people who produce your product, whether they be coal miners or running backs

    PS: How many of these people are happy to lecture we deplorables on our sins and those of our ancestors (ask Bob Z about the “blood libel”)

  • Cotour


    “Federal Judge Signals He May END Twitter’s Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case”

    “A federal judge in Massachusetts is going to make Twitter explain whether or not it is a “state actor” or a truly private company, and the effects could be significant in reigning in Big Tech’s oppression of conservative views.”

    “Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the man who invented email, ran for US Senate in Massachusetts as a Republican and made allegations of voter fraud on Twitter. These tweets were then deleted by the far-left tech giant. Later it was discovered that they were deleted at the direction of government employees of the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office.”

    The Social Media, Silicone Valley tech giants have been working in league with government entities in order to promote both their Left leaning “Woke” agendas and their now monopolistic business models.

    This clear abuse and acting in their own self interests is the nature of power once acquired. FIX IT!

  • Cotour


    French soldiers send Emmanuel Macron another warning about ‘concessions’ to Islamism | Daily Mail Online

    ​”A group of serving French soldiers have published a new open letter warning Emmanuel Macron that the ‘survival’ of France is at stake after the President made ‘concessions’ to Islamism.”

    More than 120 retired generals and admirals sign letter questioning 2020 election and Biden’s mental health (

    “More than 120 retired generals and admirals posted an open letter questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election results and President Joe Biden’s mental and physical health.”

    ​When the military, retired or otherwise, who have sworn their lives in a sacred oath to a Constitution and not a political party or person, in Democracies, begin to feel the need to give direct and unambiguous feedback to the empowered political leaders that direct their actions.

    And they voice their concerns about the validity of elections, leaderships competency and the survival of the Democracy itself, that is something to begin to pay attention to. JGL 5/15/21

  • Max

    It’s odd that Google for many years had the model “DON’T BE EVIL”.
    Now it has taken on the mantle of God, deciding for everyone what is evil or not without logic. The true power of the “omniscient dictator” is to make the decision that it’s easier to eliminate you, than it is to listen to your argument… whether it has merit or not.

    The love and obsession with money is the root of all evil… That root has grown into a enormous tree whose evil canopy has swallowed us all.

    Google has more money than most countries, so they seek something more precious… after all, money only has value to humans, so why chase money when you can control and subjugate the humans who value it? How much longer will money have value? What system will replace the current system which is quickly collapsing? What will be that metric that determines your social value in the community? I don’t know, let’s ask Google…

    Their actions show that they’re not afraid of violating economic or social contracts or even social niceties. The law and the courts/government is no longer an obstacle to avoid.

    This should scare you.

  • Max, their objective is the same as anyone else in history who has seen their god in their mirror … be they theocrat, monarch, commissar, or Karen.

    Their dominance, and the dominance of what they consider their One True Way … and our submission, subjugation, or destruction.

    Thanos could have written their mission statement for them … by just changing some words in his soliloquy at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

    I’m thankful, because now I know what I must do.

    I will discredit, then destroy, every reminder of the past … every picture, every statue, every flag, every book … every idea that does not align with my One and Only True Way.

    And then, with the institutions you have put so much blind trust in, create a new past. Teeming with knowledge, that knows not what it has lost, but what it has been given. A grateful society.

    You might consider that born out of tyranny … but your neighbors and your children will never know it. Because you will be deplatformed, discredited to irrelevance.

    Unable to challenge my New Past.

    But even with access to the Infinity Stones, Thanos was overtaken by the reality of determined adversaries.

    Reality will overtake our hubris-inflated wannabe rulers – in fact, that is already evident in several areas. Let us be ready to “snap” the idea that our neighbors need to stop trusting these wannabes, and start trusting themselves to chart their course through life, when reality overtakes them.

  • Cotour


    Lawyers, Courts and Money:

    The “Woke”, “Politically Correct”, Liberal / Leftists of the reimagined utopian world where they are dedicated to “Smash hetro normativity”.

    This mantra “Smash hetro Normality” is what allies the gay and the Marxist based BLM movement.

    In a nut shell: Christianity and the religion that emanates from it has been identified by them as their fundamental enemy. The Founders were Christian, the Bible has a bias against the gay “alternative” life style, the Founders owned slaves, there was abuse, so therefore anything and everything that emanates from the Founders philosophies and efforts is bad and must be destroyed, and that includes the Constitution.

    In a nut shell that is what drives these groups and they have over time infiltrated most all society and cultural institutions.

    Now what?

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson / Akira the Don
    “Tell The Truth, or At Least Don’t Lie” (2018)

    “…you’re going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do, and everything you don’t do. You don’t get to choose not to pay a price, you get to choose which poison you’re going to take. That’s it….”

  • Gary in Transit

    Many of you have seen this. Sometimes you just have to vent.

    You can also find on Rumble should YouTube take it down. It was posted today by Trump Jr…Look for Whoa..

  • Col Beausabre

    From the news

    “Police in Louisville, Kentucky, are reportedly investigating after a disabled Army veteran claimed she was called a “White b—-” and then beaten by a group of Black women in a grocery store parking lot on Mother’s Day. ”

    This can’t be true, Critical Race Theory teaches us that only whites are racist and commit hate crimes

    I am angry because

    1. That this happened to a fellow veteran
    2. That it happened to a disabled one (I donate to Disabled American Veterans – that could have been me with a hand or arm blown off or missing my legs)
    3. That it happened to their mother in front of her children – on Mothers’ Day, no less
    4. That it was a gang versus one person (reaalllly brave)
    5. That it happened to a woman (I was brought up to protect women – how sexist of me….)
    6. That it was a racist attack

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