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Today’s blacklisted American includes anyone at a Vermont high school who dares say a boy is a boy

Blake Allen, punished for being a normal high school girl
Blake Allen, punished for being a normal high school girl

We now return for the third time to the saga of Randolph Union High School in Vermont, a place where apparently you are not allowed to state the simple biological fact that a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. Worse, you must allow boys to enter a girls’ dressing room and ogle them freely, and if you dare challenge this absurdity, you will be fired or suspended.

This craziness began in late September, when a boy claiming to be a girl (because he wanted to play on the girls volleyball team) entered the girls dressing room and watched the girls change, much to their discomfort. When the girls complained to school officials, the officials immediately banned those girls from using their own dressing room, reserving it now solely to this one boy.

The story became even more insane when the local television station, WCAX, decided to censor itself. It had covered this story with reasonable accuracy when the story broke. In mid-October however it decided that its job was publishing the agenda of the queer community, not reporting the news, and it censored its own story, removing it from the internet. (You can still watch it here however.)

Meanwhile, school officials have continued their track record of insanity. These officials not only locked the girls from their own locker room, they suspended one girl, Blake Allen, because she had been the most outspoken of all, appearing in that censored WCAX story. As part of her punishment, school officials demanded she admit 2+2=5 in a “reflective essay.”

If the essay failed to sufficiently state how wrong she was to demand the student leave the locker room, she faced an additional three-day out-of-school suspension, the lawsuit states.

…Instead of writing a mea culpa essay, Allen filed suit – with the help of Vergennes lawyer Anthony Duprey and lawyers from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Blake Allen also responded by writing an op-ed, published Fox News, outlining the story and defiantly telling this to Randolph Union school officials:

Instead of sticking up for the safety and privacy of girls, the school administrators are sticking to their preferred view of gender identity and will unfairly target anyone who dares to think differently. The school must respect my dad’s and my free speech rights to express a commonsense view that this student is male and shouldn’t be allowed in the girls’ locker room.

The lawsuit itself can be read here [pdf].

The school also suspended Blake’s father, Travis Allen, from his job as coach of the school’s girls soccer team, when he went on social media to state these plain facts:

After this story had gone public and the mother of the male student claimed on social media that Blake had “made up the story for attention,” Travis responded.

He posted on his private social media account that he was “the father of the girl you claim ‘made up a story for attention.'” He wrote, “the truth is your son watched my daughter and multiple other girls change in the locker room. While he got a free show, they got violated.”

The suspension has essentially ended Travis Blake’s job at the school, as it meant his contract would not be automatically renewed for the 2023 season.

One more detail described in the lawsuit. When the cross-dressing boy who had caused this uproar heard about the WCAX news story, he “told other students in math class, ‘I am going to f***ing kill Blake Allen.'” Nor was this the only time this boy made threats. Later, during a volleyball team bake sale, he publicly stated “I’m gonna f***ing kill somebody. They’re all d***heads.”

The school’s response? Punish Blake Allen, her father Travis, and convince WCAX to censor the story. No action with the boy was taken, despite his death threats.

The lawsuit specifically sues the school officials involved, Layne Millington, the superintendent of the Orange Southwest School District, and Lisa Floyd and Caty Sutton, co-principals of Randolph Union High School. It also names the school board of Orange Southwest. It calls for the full reinstatement of Travis Blake to his job as well as the cancellation of all disciplinary actions against Blake Allen, clearing her record at the school, because of the school’s violation of their rights under the First and Fourteenth amendments to the Constitution.

The lawsuit also calls for nominal and compensatory damages as well as all their legal costs. It would be nice if for once these school officials were actually punished, made to pay personally for their actions, rather than the taxpayer picking up the tab.

The lesson from this story however is very disturbing. and reveals once again the difficult road ahead. Even when the school’s absurd policy was exposed, school officials did not retract or back off. Instead, they upped the stakes, increasing the punishment while also teaming up with the local news outlet to censor the details of the story so that it would be difficult for the general public to know what happened. These officials also shut down their own webpages so that public could not post comments about this situation.

These officials felt safe to take these harsh actions in support of the queer agenda because they feel immune from punishment, and think the general public is on their side. Based on recent history, these assumptions could very well be true.

If you believe in freedom and normal sexual biology, be warned. You are now increasingly seen as an enemy of the state, subject to punishment and blacklisting. And if you don’t believe me, ask Blake and Travis Allen. They both prove my conclusions here are correct.

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  • Alton: The racing school was located in Connecticut, not Vermont. Why do you consider these stories connected?

  • Col Beausabre

    If I had a grandson, I’d want him to marry a girl like Blake Aillen,

  • Alton

    Bob, I miss read the state when posting…
    But it is the same as the moving of the American Gun Industry out of Connecticut Gun Valley and the North East to the South and West……

    Also Hundreds of Companies of All sizes have moved from California to TEXAS and any Parts that are Not Blue. Including America’s “Second City” Chicago that is Bleeding Away….. America’s Greatest Gun Control Law locality.

    All are in one form or other THE response to the “BLUE 🔵” wave……
    A Commercial Movement Wave much like the Leftists LAWFARE.

  • Alton

    Commercial Wave a Weird offset to the Leftists LAWFARE.


    CNN Business

    Tyson Foods is the latest company closing its Chicago-area offices, joining Boeing, Caterpillar and Citadel a mong others.



    List of companies leaving California grows, citing high tax burden, cost of living
    Feb 22, 2021 — The California Policy Center has catalogued at least 50 large corporations that have left California since 2014, with the vast majority leaving …

    Every Company Leaving California: 2020-2022
    By Henry OLoughlin 1 comment November 3, 2022 5 Min read In Companies, News


    Feeling unwelcome in blue states, gun companies move to

    red ones

    At least 20 manufacturers have shifted operations to states with friendlier attitudes toward firearms

    By Todd C. Frankel

    August 29, 2022 at 7:00 a.m. EDT


    And with COVID and taxes New York is bleeding… a Big way.

    Forbes Magazine :

    TOPLINE Manhattan offices will remain quiet heading into 2022, according to a survey of employers released Wednesday, with many financial services firms expecting to move jobs out of New York City permanently.


    We’re down to bare bones.” NYC Comptroller Brad Landers released data revealing that Manhattan lost over 5,000 private businesses during the pandemic. Lander’s report showed that Brooklyn, the city’s most populous borough, fared far better and gained 1,267 new storefronts over the same period.Jul 15, 2022 › 2022/07/15
    NYC lost over 5,000 Manhattan businesses during COVID pandemic.

  • Bob in Idaho

    When this mentally ill boy does kill someone, it will of course be Mr. Allen, Tucker Carlson and Domald Trump’s fault.

  • Ian Deal

    The left constantly seeks ways to erode or destroy our rights as Americans. Hate speech is a tool to shut down freedom of speech. Gay marriage is a tool to shut down freedom of religion; Obergefell makes every church, synagogue, and mosque that follows their religious traditions guilty of discrimination. Well-intentioned efforts to ameliorate the two-tiered justice system that treated blacks as second-class citizens in the US were bent to undermind equality under the law, freedom of association, and freedom of speech. But no issue has been used more flagrantly to attack all of our rights than “Trans,” where a mental condition (gender dysphoria) trumps all of our rights. Stating a biological truth gets one fired. Protecting our daughters’ private spaces gets us arrested and our children suspended. And for some reason, this group gets to redefine words including pronouns that have been in use for thousands of years. Wake up. The left never operates in good faith. Their agenda is always to destroy existing civilizations so they can replace them.

  • wayne

    I’ll drop this in here:

    “Boston Pays Up for Christian bigotry”
    Kurt at Uncivil Law (11-24-22)

    “The Christian group Camp Constitution settled its lawsuit against the City of Boston, for $2.1 million dollars.

  • CurtisG

    Re Wayne:

    Shouldn’t that be ANTI-Christian bigotry?

  • Cotour



    Don’t get me wrong, if you ask me what are the best policies to be executed in order to ensure economic and personal freedom, ensure the Constitution and destroy the anti-American “Progressive” Globalist agenda in America and the world?

    My answer is Trump and the Trump policies, 110%! Sans the personality quirks, objectively.

    Trump understands, as do you and I understand that our country is being purposefully and methodically run down and dismantled by radical Socialists (D). Radical social engineers (D and RINO) who seek to reengineer America and the too high in their expectations of freedom the American people in order to recreate it or “Transform” it in an un and anti-American model in search for some imagined in their very superior and idealized “Progressive” reality form of “equality”. They and those who support them, knowingly or unknowingly are by definition treasonous. IMO anyway, but that is politics.

    “They” radical (D) want the power and you will do as you are directed and instructed. That is their flavor of leadership.

    No one in this radical “Progressive” (D) model is able to be meritorious or superior in their estimation, we all have to be equally poor, EXCEPT THEM that is. Very dark. (Ghengis Khan, Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Xi, the World Economic Forum, the Democrat and RINO leadership all thought and currently think the exact same way. Does that tell you anything? You desire to fulfill that potential? In all of history this condition is exactly why the Constitution exists in an attempt to counter it.)

    Any ideology that teaches division, hatred and retribution is not the answer to the problems of the world. That is about the greedy acquisition of and the retention exclusively of power. And that is exactly what the radical Left Democrat teaches and promotes and sells to attain their goals. I understand that intuitively, you I hope intuitively understands that, and Trump I know intuitively understands that and is ready willing and able to do something substantive about it at great cost to himself. And that, ego side, is what makes him a worthwhile and Nobel warrior.

    BUT, and I have made this point long ago, a successful president needs to be able to rise to the occasion and become more than rather than the same or less than.

    Trumps initial actions and statements so far in late 2022 leading into the next presidential race indicated that he is not quite able to rise to and be even more than he was and had to offer the people and country and transform. He has to demonstrate that to a vast majority of the people of America in order to be successful.

    This is what our system demands, and it is what any great leader of men, women, countries and planets understands intuitively or comes to understand over time.

    I cannot imagine how Trump balances the pressures that are being put upon him, legally, financially and mentally. Managing that pressure and not going insane is Trumps superpower. Is he an inch from coming apart at the seams? Or does he have miles to go and it’s no biggie? Stay tuned. I suspect a degree of both are true.

    That vast majority of Americans intuitively knows what it knows based on what it sees and absorbs, and Trump in their eyes has been faltering on this front unfortunately. And we recognize that the feed into the public’s consciousness is heavily manipulated and skewed to the radical Left. The radical Left needs no help in the form of personal gaffs and miscalculations.

    If and how Trump transforms himself and rises to the occasion is unknown to me, but it is his to figure out and accomplish or realize that he must step aside. And that is what makes a great man and a true leader. That was the superpower that George Washington possessed and is what made him a great man, a true man of Nobel legend.

    We knew that the only person who could defeat Trump is Trump, and that for me remains to be true.

    Look back, Trump was and remains correct about most all of what has gone on in America and the world, like it or not that is a fact.

    You don’t personally like Trump and find him repellant? I absolutely understand and respect that as being a fact. He has issues. But you cannot reasonably question his being genuine regarding his doing the best for the country within which he lives and is a part of. IMO anyway.

    We wait, the greatest show on earth plays out right before our eyes in real time. jgl.

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