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Today’s blacklisted American killed himself because of the slander campaign against him at NC State

The Bill of Rights cancelled at North Carolina State University
Freedom of speech cancelled at NC State.

They’re coming for you next: Blacklisted, attacked, ostracized, and subject to violent threats because he happened to be conservative and had publicly defended such ideas, Chadwick Seagraves, an IT employee at North Carolina State University, killed himself three weeks ago.

The attacks against him were part of an effort to get him fired by NC State, based entirely on anonymous accusations that slandered him as a bigot and racist and “white supremacist”, even though there was no evidence of such things. His anonymous accusers also claimed Seagraves had doxxed about 1,400 leftist activists, including members of Portland’s Antifa organizations, based on no evidence. The college, after an investigation, soon agreed that there was no evidence, and decided he would not be fired or punished in any way.

This wasn’t good enough however for our modern American Stasi storm-troopers. According to an email Seagraves sent to NC State professor Stephen Porter (who has himself been blacklisted by these storm-troopers and has sued the university because of it):

[Seagraves wrote] They vandalized the house from which I had just moved, and, a month later, found the home I had just bought and vandalized two trucks and my driveway with gems like “die fash cracker” (which covered two whole concrete sections of my driveway and is still not fully removed), “snow roach”, and 4-5 hammer and sickles, among other things. Almost ruined my marriage as well.

…Yes, they did bring in a third party to review all of my electronic history. I don’t think it was law enforcement who did that though. Of course I had an SBI [State Bureau of Investigation] officer, representing the FBI, and also sent at the behest of the university, sitting in my kitchen on Jan 10th since a bunch of those idiots believed they saw me at the Capitol [on January 6th]. I had security video showing me going in and out of my house all day. I’m fairly certain I had a Fed file before that, but I sure do now. I just assume everything I say or write is subject to disclosure and monitoring now.

Several of my [accusers] went on to file completely unfounded complaints against me with the campus BIRT [Bias Impact Response Team], but none of them were ever advanced because there was nothing I had done to discriminate against them. I’ve finally moved on to an uncomfortable, and almost normal again, working relationship with them.

Apparently Seagraves’ “uncomfortable working relationship” with these thugs was more uncomfortable than he let on. Shortly after he sent this email to Porter he apparently killed himself. It appears he was no longer able to deal with the isolation and the loss of all human contact at his work or community. He had been branded as evil, simply because he happened to publicly support freedom, the Constitution, and Donald Trump, and nothing he could do would clear his slandered name.

That the university was willing in this case to stand up to these thugs and not fire Seagraves suggests they are beginning to recognize this blacklisting campaign for what it is, an effort to destroy people who oppose the Marxist, leftist agenda while instilling fear in everyone else. That so many people at the university however were willing to turn their backs on Seagraves out of that fear, leaving him essentially twisting in the wind without support or any social contact, indicates that the university is not doing enough, and is letting that fear campaign succeed.

Stephen Porter, who emailed me to let me know about Seagraves’ tragic story, was featured in an earlier blacklist column. His lawsuit against NC State and some of its faculty for their unfounded attacks against him remains on-going. At this moment the university has filed for dismissal (a standard response) and the case will be reviewed by a judge in March. Porter’s GoFundMe campaign to pay his legal expenses has so far raised $4,300, with other donations bringing the total close to $5,000.

Seagraves’ story above however illustrates the worst aspect of the left’s continuing campaign to destroy and silence all opposition. The slanders almost always come from a small number of anonymous individuals whose intolerance does not reflect at all the attitudes of the general population. Yet, that general population does not have the courage to defy these thugs. Instead, they bow their heads in silence, letting victims like Seagraves and Porter suffer alone with little or no support.

For Seagraves, that abandonment was apparently too much for him to handle. Essentially, good men did nothing, and evil triumphed.

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  • Sam

    This sounds just like the awful story of Mike Adams at UNCW.

    Democrats call everyone else fascists because more often than not, they’re the ones who can’t handle dissent. It’s just projection.

  • GWB

    Yet, that general population does not have the courage to defy these thugs. Instead, they bow their heads in silence, letting victims like Seagraves and Porter suffer alone with little or no support.
    That is the entire point of the vicious attacks. It is to cow the masses while they have their way with the world.
    And there is really only one way to make it stop. “Standing up” is part of it, but it needs to go further, so there are consequences to this sort of evil and thuggish behavior.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Radio talk show host David Webb put it best a while ago. He said the only way remaining to deal with leftists was to “frighten them.” Debate, discussion and appeals to reason will not work. Therefore these attacks will not stop until the leftists themselves fear the consequences of their actions. Unfortunate, but true.

    I likewise believe that tyrannical actions by government officials, particularly at the local level, will continue until they genuinely fear the consequences of their actions. They have been taking advantage of the good and basically peaceful nature of the majority of Americans, in which I consider myself. We wish only to live peacefully and cordially. But the left wants only absolute control of every part of our lives. They have been pushing and pushing for this, particularly over the past year. When they push too far, what they will unleash will be completely beyond their control, and then they will finally know fear.

  • Cotour

    Phil Berardelli:


    Real fear of real consequences is the only thing that will now be effective. And exactly that must be brought to the equation by real leadership with crystal clear motivations and unwavering commitment. RINO’s need not apply.

    Its coming.

  • DefendUSA

    I live in Raleign, NC and am well read. I do not recall even seeing this story. How sad. Peace to his family. And hope that Porter holds them accountable.

  • BLSinSC

    Why are “anonymous” charges allowed? There should be requirements that you face your ACCUSER and they lay down THEIR evidence of your wrong doing! THAT is the FAIR way to achieve justice. But we all know that is NOT the tactic of the “By any means LEFTISTS”! Their only way to win is with lies and prejudice no matter what you prove otherwise! I’m very sorry for the man and his family and feel that his provokers should face Manslaughter charges! Their actions resulted in his death so by all logic, they are responsible!

  • LAG

    They should be made to understand that not everyone will have this reaction to their misbehavior. Someone may still end up dead, but it may not be the target of their harassment. Personally, I’ll have an escort when I go.

  • GWB

    February 1, 2022 at 8:30 am

    his provokers should face Manslaughter charges!
    And there is precedent now, with that woman convicted of it for encouraging her boyfriend (iirc) to hang himself.

  • GWB

    And, bugger, I messed up the closing ’em’ tag after the quote. :(

  • beau

    their nature and actions will remain forefront in the minds of millions.

    when their turn comes for mercy, or hatred, they will get the fruits of their behavior, administered coldly, with no remorse.

    actions have consequences.

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