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Today’s blacklisted American: Leftist activist group wants Fox News banned

Fox News: Banned!

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: A leftist activist veterans group aligned closely with the Democratic Party has begun a campaign to get Fox News banned from all military bases.

The group VoteVets, which works to elect liberal veterans to public office, took specific aim at controversial Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. Mr. Carlson has been at odds with Pentagon leaders in recent months after segments in which he seemed to suggest the U.S. military has become more concerned with diversity and political correctness than winning wars.

But the VoteVets petition steered clear of those issues. Instead, it took aim at Mr. Carlson‘s ambivalent comments about COVID-19 vaccines and specifically blasted a recent segment in which the Fox host said that Democrats want to make life difficult for the unvaccinated.

Essentially, this Democratic Party political organization wants to ban on military bases the speech of anyone who might express skepticism about any policy put forth by that party.

And why not? This tactic by Democrats and their ilk — of blacklisting and silencing their opponents — has been working like a dream. They are finding that Americans are afraid of them, and are willing to meet their every demand in order to avoid being attacked themselves.

“You want someone fired? Glad to, as long as I don’t get attacked.”

“You want us to ban news organizations you don’t like? Sure, so long as I won’t be banned.”

“You want us to burn books and destroy all record of our past history? Okay, if you promise not to burn my stuff.”

With this kind of weak-kneed opposition, why shouldn’t these leftist bullies next demand the sky?

“You want to imprison your enemies? Send out death squads to kill them? Well, if you promise not to send the death squads against me who am I to argue?”

Let me pound this point again: The bullying and blacklisting is not coming from above, from the leaders of the Democratic Party, or the top management at companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. It is coming from millions of people throughout the country who no longer believe in free speech or even freedom, who have closed minds to alternative ideas, and who are now willing to do anything to maintain their “safe spaces” and silence anyone who might threaten their bubble of ignorance.

If you make believe this isn’t true, then you are going to be terribly shocked when these mobs who now dominate our culture come for you.

And they will. I can promise you that. They have only begun their campaign of intolerance and hate. If the decent people who remain don’t begin standing up to them it will only get worse.

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  • Kyle

    I am not the biggest fan of Fox News, other than Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin, but Fox is pretty much the only major news channel out there that isnt fully under DNC control, just partial, see Chris Wallace. If they capitulate entirely to the left or get taken off the air then thats it, the left would control an entire medium.

  • Mark

    Ok this is a seriously depressing development, and I’m out of sarcasm from my effort to skewer NASA this morning on BehindTheBlack, and I don’t want to compare our situation to Shakespeare’s MacBeth Act 2, Scene 2, like I did yesterday, where it’s obvious that Lady MacBeth is running a giant PsyOp.
    Today I can only think of a beginning of a joke – here goes:

    Three television News Hosts walk into a Bar. First comes Tucker Carlson from Fox wearing a blue blazer, then waltzes in Brian Williams from MSNBC wearing a faux military jacket with a large patch with the words ‘The 11th Hour’ on it, then last arrives a bedraggled looking Chris Cuomo from CNN who for some odd reason is wearing a UNITED VAN LINES Moving jacket. Then ……(you need to supply the rest of the story)

  • Col Beausabre

    1, Chris Cuomo hosts a show called “Inside Evil” Oh, the irony! All I can say is, he ought to know.

    2, “It’s a Woke World After All”

  • wayne

    Patrick Stewart
    “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow”

  • Alton

    Do not forget the fuel needed by the hundreds of Progressive NGOs…
    A man by the name of Soros said he bought Let’s Move On .org – of Klintoonian Fame the old fashion way with Greenbacks!
    With billions to follow…..
    The Hildebeast bought the DNC out of hock in 2016 with 40 million dollars from her Campaign funds ($2 billion total warchest).
    Major Foundations including Ford put up a first round funding of BLM with over $ 105 million.
    The Koch Brothers said they were willing to spend $ 500 million to defeat Trump45 in 2020.

  • Jeff Wright

    Mark, Brian Williams is my hero!

    I’ve always wanted to ask him if the Baron Munchausen’s Aerodyne he rode in went ” tpokeda, tipokita…”

  • Edward_2

    VOTER ID benefits all, well except those who want

    – dead people to vote
    – non-US citizens to vote
    – stand-ins to vote for others

    Try entering the offices of the NY Times without showing ID

  • Gary in Transit

    Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin are my favorite Fox News personalities. They both do a good job of supporting their position and they are on the front line pushing back against tyranny. Now, I must admit that I rarely watch TV, or whatever that big flat screen is called.

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