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Today’s blacklisted American: Minnesota Bank & Trust closes all accounts of Mike Lindell of My Pillow, because he has opinions

Mike Lindell and My Pillow, cancelled
Mike Lindell and My Pillow, cancelled

The new dark age of silencing: Because Mike Lindell, owner of My Pillow, is very vocal and active in promoting his pro-Trump and conservative beliefs, his bank has suddenly decided he must be blackballed, and is demanding he close all his accounts with it.

The bank, Minnesota Bank & Trust and Heartland Financial, explained in a phone conversation with Lindell that they were doing this out of fear.

The [controller for Lindell’s companies] asked in the call why the bank, a subsidiary of Heartland Financial, is associated with “someone who could be in the news.”

“Not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came and said, ‘Do you know what? We are going to subpoena all of his account records, and this and that. And then all of a sudden we make the news,” the [bank] executive said.

“So it’s more of a reputation risk,” he said.

I have embedded the full phone conversation at the bottom of this post. The bank officer seem so reasonable, even as he is clearly acting to squash free speech as well as destroying another man’s business. He could just as easily be talking to a Jewish businessman in Nazi Germany, explaining that though he means no harm, he can’t do business with that Jew anymore out of fear of what the government might do to him.

In that so-called reasonable conversation, the bank officer explained that it is giving Lindell less than thirty days to close the accounts so that he doesn’t get on “a bad boy list” with all banks. If Lindell voluntarily closes the accounts voluntarily other banks won’t blacklist him.

I say hogwash. If Lindell doesn’t voluntarily close his accounts the bank will then move to close the accounts on its own. In other words, they are forcing him out, and don’t really care if he gets on a “bad boy list.” And you can bet that if Lindell does voluntarily close the accounts, he is going to have a hell of time finding another bank in Minnesota willing to take him on.

And what has Lindell done to be blackballed? The only thing that he has done is use his first amendment rights of free speech. That the Democrats appear to be willing to use the power of government to persecute people like Lindell has now made these weak-kneed cowards run in fear. Rather than defend freedom, the bank will now work with the government to silence opposition.

Companies blackballing Mike Lindell's My Pillow

This bank action follows an effort begun early in 2021 to blacklist Lindell on social media, along with a corporate boycott of his businesses.

To the right is a list of companies that have blackballed Lindell’s My Pillow products. All are teaming up with the Democrats to silence dissent, and to impose tyranny in the United States. And it doesn’t matter if they are doing it only out of fear of attack or because they disagree with Lindell’s politics. In either case they have made it clear that they do not support free speech and an open society. Instead they believe that everyone must shut up. The risk of punishment is too great. Fear must rule instead.

How contemptible. These businesses should experience their own boycott. Why should any lover of freedom buy their products?

Unfortunately, I’m not sure there are enough lovers of freedom left to really damage the bottom lines of these businesses. For sure, the Minnesota Bank and Trust is confident it won’t lose business, since that state is increasingly a haven for Antifa fascists.

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  • Stuart H artman

    I feel compelled to comment after hearing you on The Space Show with David Livingston. On the episode you ranted about how bad the regulatory regime is under The Biden Administration because of the FAA’s scrutiny of Space X in his Boca Chica, TX location. You ranted about the regulations in general on business and industry, and “how much better” the Trump Administration was. Do you realize that under Trump, the EPA and other regulatory groups were defanged such that scientists quit the agencies in droves, The Clean Water Act was gutted, and polluters were put into top positions in those agencies. You said that we are in a dire situation because of regulatory assaults on business. That is a bunch of crap and you know it. Furthermore, Trump (We all call him the Orange Traitor) and his sycophants attempted to overthrow the government to install himself as the unelected, illegitimate POTUS both on January6,2021, and during the time after the legitimate election was decided in Joe Biden’s favor. You may be in favor of less regulations, but that is no excuse to overlook the real and dire ongoing threat to our democracy (Democratic Republic). I am a huge proponent of Space Exploration, and a longtime member of The Planetary Society, and an early member of The Mars Society back in it’s early days in Boulder, CO, where I also live. I will never listen to The Space Show again, or read any of your books. I did read Leaving Earth which I thought was a well written history and description of the early years of the Russian Space Program and a good historical book. You and David Livingston should be ashamed of yourselves for politicizing space and the Space Show with your petty right wing political sniping. Among my sphere of influence, I will try my very best to blackball both of you and your websites, shows, etc. Also, your hero Mike Lindell is a TRAITOR to the United States for his insistence that Trump won the election, and will be “installed” again as POTUS. There are consequences to actions, and he is beginning to reap what he has sown. I doubt whether many scientists in the Space Industry agree with your over the top commentaries or admiration for much of anything done the past 4 years by Trump and his people. I hope David Livingston will police his show more vigorously, so that people and opinions like yours are not spewed out to the general public. There are many other “experts” and space podcasts that I can listen to that bring me information and updates on the industry in a joyous manner. I am sick of both of your cynical and sarcastic commentary on the Space Industry. It may be time for both of you to retire!

  • Stuart Hartman wrote, “Among my sphere of influence, I will try my very best to blackball both of you and your websites, shows, etc”

    Nice to know you are at least honest about your fascist desire to silence all debate.

  • Stuart Hartman also wrote, “I will never listen to The Space Show again, or read any of your books.”

    It is also nice of you to admit your close-mindedness. This is even more ironic considering you complement my historical work in your very next sentence.

  • John

    Hey, this would be a good time to post a link that space show episode. I bet hundreds or thousands more will watch or listen.

    I also bet there are plenty of valid well supported points of view. You can argue against those points of view, but that didn’t happen above.

    I recently heard a long montage of people questioning election results. They were democrats so they weren’t traitors.

    There’s plenty of shame to go around.

  • John suggested posting a link to that Space Show that Stuart Hartman disliked. An excellent idea. You can listen to it here.

  • Cotour


    ” and his sycophants attempted to overthrow the government to install himself as the unelected, illegitimate POTUS both on January6,2021, and during the time after the legitimate election was decided in Joe Biden’s favor. ”

    Its called politics.

    No overthrowing, no sedition, no insurrection.

    Its politics. You may not like the particular flavor of politics, but its politics just the same.

    Here is something for you:

    “Wisconsin Assembly Votes to Advance Rep. Ramthun’s Resolution to Reclaim Wisconsin’s Electors For President and Vice President That Were Certified Under Fraudulent Purposes — ”

    What will you do when it all starts to unwind? Its coming, eventually, its coming.

    A Democrat, especially the Leftist Democrats of today, would never win any political contest if they were 1. honest about what they intended, and 2. not able to somehow manipulate it. Democrats today, who are Leftists and un and anti-Constitutional, which you apparently also are, need to raze the existing Constitutional model in order to replace it with their exclusive version and interpretation of what the Constitution should say and mean and exactly what “democracy” is. Remember, its only Democracy if the Leftist Democrats say its Democracy.

    Mirror time, and a reality check Mr. Artman.

    What will you do?

  • Cotour


    You are the Neil Young of your age.

    “Spotify Is Removing Neil Young’s Music After Singer Gave Ultimatum for Platform to Choose Him or Joe Rogan”

    A shameful Leftist Democrat, just like Neil.

  • BtB’s Original Mark

    On that Space Show episode, IMO Bob and David Livingston had interesting discussions, and made an effort not to be partisan.

    For example, there was this emailed question “Your last book Conscious Choice had a considerable amount of historical research into early American History. What informs your view of modern America and its role in the world?” Bob discussed his book but the second part of this question was not addressed as it would delve too far into the political.

    A followup question was then asked:
    “Will it make much of a long term historical difference whether it’s an American crew or a Chinese crew that next lands on the moon, as long as many countries eventually get there?”

    Bob and Dr. David Livingston provided their views, and it was worth listening to.

  • Alex Andrite

    Hey …. I really like his My Pillow.
    I purchased two more pairs after my first ones.

    And now the sheets are very nice. er ah … purchased his sheets.

  • Ian C.

    Stuart H artman,

    an early member of The Mars Society back in it’s early days in Boulder

    Nah, it’s “in its early days” you disinfo shill. I don’t know what equivalent of $.50 was donated to your account, but know that we’re not falling for your stupid tricks.

    Boulder, CO, where I also live

    Sure, how’s the weather there, “one of us” friend?

    Alex Andrite,

    Hey …. I really like his My Pillow.

    Great, unfortunately last I checked he doesn’t ship to Europe. Not that Europe is among his target audience, but just that he knows that a lot of us who watch RSBN from abroad are aware of his products and are willing to buy/donate (just because (do I have to provide a reason here (c’mon))).

  • wayne

    Ref: Stuart H artman
    Q: Who is this guy?

    I must have missed his election for King of the Universe.

  • wayne


    “Well I heard mister young sing about her.
    Well, I heard ole’ Neil put her down.
    Well, I hope Neil Young will remember,
    A southern man don’t need him around anyhow….”


    The Amazing Rabbi Gil Gat – (2011)
    “Sweet Home Alabama” (Jerusalem style)

  • Neoluddite

    I wonder if some smart lawyer could work up a civil rights case under a public accomodations framework for Lindell to sue the bank. This is far more serious than baking a wedding cake. The similarity to Germany in the 1930’s is bad enough, but the sanctioned banishment of the unfavored from the economy is making me think of Revelation 13:17.

  • Ed Bowman

    Other entities of Heartland Finacial:
    Minnesota Bank & Trust
    Heartland Financial
    Arizona Bank & Trust
    Bank of Blue Valley (KS, MO)
    Citywide Banks (CO)
    Dubuque Bank and Trust
    Dubuque Bank and Trust Insurance
    FirstBank & Trust Texas
    Illinois Bank & Trust
    New Mexico Bank & Trust
    Premier Valley Bank (CA)
    PrimeWest Mortgage (FirstBank & Trust d/b/a- TX, NM)
    Rocky Mountain Bank (MT)
    Wisconsin Bank & Trust

  • Cotour

    Does anyone notice the common trait of these illegals that are being flown around and installed in the country by the Democrat party machine? All at your expense of course.

    They are all young, healthy males.

    The Democrat party machine street enforcers / new voters for the coming midterm elections?

  • Concerned

    Mr. Stu claims to be big proponent of Space Exploration. My fervent hope is that his Marxist fellow travelers will not be among the colonists that establish new societies. I don’t know if it is even possible to filter out those corrosive types given our sides’ commitment to freedom of thought, speech and liberty. Perhaps the seeds of our own destruction are embedded in those beliefs and are easily exploited by our enemies, especially the domestic type. We’re in a Catch-22 situation because if we actively suppress *their* freedom or presence we then become just like them. Our luminous but increasingly vilified Forefathers attempted to create a firewall against tyrants and their supporters by crafting a brilliant Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It would seem these precepts ought to be enough to establish and guide any new society. But as we’ve seen, adhering to what ought to be the bedrock principles enshrined in those documents is becoming less and less of a priority—in fact they are now coming under direct attack by the Marxist enemies supported by the likes of Mr. Stu. It’s depressing to recall, but the sad truth may be Jefferson’s observation: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”:

  • Edward

    Stuart H artman Wrote: “the EPA and other regulatory groups were defanged such that scientists quit the agencies in droves …

    And well it should be defanged. When the EPA sees water in tire tracks and declares the area to be a wetland, it is too tyrannical and arbitrary for the U.S. The Soviet Union or Communist China, maybe, but not the U.S.

  • Kristian Hirsch

    I don’t care if you agree with Lindell or you hate him, as that is irrelevant to any of this discussion. I don’t agree with everything Lindell does, but he does at least believe in a free and open society. Obviously is opponents do not which makes them my enemy. I don’t care what you believe, but if you think speech, thought, or political intolerance is acceptable, you truly are an enemy of the state. Nearly ALL people in this country used to believe in a free and open society where your political opinions never led to discrimination. We had a shared identity which is what’s kept us together despite all the other differences of race, religion, language, etc. The mainstream left (in addition to the extreme left) no longer desires this shared value of openness. They are the ones who have changed. The center right shares the same opinions and unified vision that they always have.
    And that is where most Americans fall. So one of two things is going to happen. Either this country is going to form two economies, cultures, unified visions. This is where the mainstream left is pushing things. They would like a Democratic party that micromanages all aspects of one’s life. It would also like a collaborative arrangement between government, social media, Hollywood, the legacy media, and corporations who perpetuate the narrative regardless of how inaccurate it is or destructive. Essentially, that is not America. That will only end in civil war. We cannot continue in this way. The other path? The majority will simply get fed up and vote these traitors out of power. In addition, a constitutional new protected class will be created. Such a constitutional amendment is long overdue and would prohibit discrimination based on politics, just as it is with race, creed, religion, etc. I mean, who ever thought political targeting or squelching speech would be acceptable. Disgusting. I think that fact alone is proof that we have fully lost our way in this country is probably on its final leg. I would hope the second path is the one we take. That will spare us an ugly violent future. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever live in a country that would quickly dispense with openness. We have turned into a bunch of sensitive, entitled, ungrateful children. We’ve had it so good, that we have no idea how bad it can become. Let’s just help we don’t have to find out.

  • Cotour


    Putin tells the public through the media: “We do not intend to invade Ukraine; we are withdrawing our troops”. And that is what someone in the Pedestrian Realm wants to hear. But what is in fact apparently ongoing? Now up to 180,000 Russian troops on the border of Ukraine?

    S.O.M.: CONCLUSION: The public lives and operates under a subjective moral code or within a “Pedestrian Realm” perspective which they assume their leadership which exists within the “Political Realm” is constrained by. This is a subjective false perspective conclusion on the part of the public. Leadership at its existential core is not about morality, truth and honesty. Leadership is about the fundamental exercise of power and “its” survival.

    And why is Putin one way or the other more likely to get what he demands? Because America has a weak, doddering, facade of a leader in the position of the president and those who inform him which is the desperate and more concerned with their own political survival Liberal now Leftist controlled Democrat party machine. What’s next? Communist China and Taiwan.

    The consequences to elections particularly in America have consequences for the entire world.–~D

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