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Today’s blacklisted American: Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow

They’re coming for you next: And in the case of Mike Linddell, the CEO of the company My Pillow, the left is coming at him from all sides.

First he was banned from Twitter, merely because Twitter decided it apparently did not like him.

Twitter said Tuesday that it permanently suspended Lindell — a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump — because of his “repeated violations” of the company’s civic integrity policy, which it implemented last fall to clamp down on misinformation.

Twitter didn’t say which of Lindell’s posts pushed it over the edge. [emphasis mine]

As is typical of this corrupt leftist company, it does not provide any evidence for its claims. Nor does it outline clearly the standards that Lindell was supposed to have violated.

No, what Twitter really doesn’t like is that Lindell has been a vocal supporter of Trump, and for that he must be silenced.

Next, the computer company Dominion, which sits in the center of many of the election fraud allegations from the November 3rd election, has threatened Lindell with a defamation lawsuit for daring to note the many problems that others have identified with the manner in which Dominion’s machines tabulated votes in several states.

The letter sent to Lindell, an outspoken ally of President Trump, was one of 150 new preservation and cease-and-desist notices sent out by the firm, which has vociferously denied being involved in an alleged scheme to tilt the election in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. “You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign,” the letter to Lindell, obtained by the Washington Examiner, cautioned. “Litigation regarding these issues is imminent.”

Lindell was defiant about the Dec. 23 letter, telling the Washington Examiner that he would not be silenced. “I’m going to keep fighting and I’m going to keep talking, and I’m going to keep going until the last little foot is trying to stomp me out,” he said on Monday. “People went through a lot of hard work to gather all this evidence,” he said of the allegations against the firm. “Doesn’t anybody in this country care?”

Lindell said he welcomed the letter’s release, which he hoped would expose his claims to a larger audience. “I’m glad Dominion has put this letter out there. It was two weeks old. I wanted to get it out. I actually tried to get it out,” he said. And he would welcome the lawsuit if it comes. “I want everybody to see the evidence,” he said.

Lindell is right to welcome the suit, which I strongly suspect will never happen because — as he recognizes — such a lawsuit would force the public hearing of the evidence of fraud by the company, something I am certain Dominion does not want.

On top of these two stories, two big-box corporation stores — Kohls and Bed, Bath, & Beyond — announced they would no longer sell My Pillow products. They, like many big corporations today, are joining hands with the fascists to demand the ending of dissent and the destruction of anyone who happens to oppose the Marxist agenda of today’s radical Democratic Party.

The story does not end here however. Instead, it provides us the answer to the blacklisting of Americans by such corporations, the tyrannical left, and the Democratic Party. Since the two stories became public knowledge last week, sales at My Pillow have gone through the roof. The volume of sales has been so much that the company has been forced to issue an apology to its customers, stating that they might experience a two-week delay before they get their product.

Blacklists are meant to destroy. The answer is to ignore them, and provide additional support to those who have been blacklisted.

Or to put it more bluntly, we must tell the tyrants to shove it. Loudly, forcibly, and repeatedly. Only then will these bullies listen.

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  • t-dub

    I am reading Mike’s book, “What are the odds” right now. Its an extremely compelling story. It’s available on his website for under $10, I highly recommended it. Also, his bath towels are great. They work exactly as advertised so I guess I’ll give the pillow a whirl since I never have found one I like. I hope he runs for governor of Minnesota.

  • eddie willers

    I have been going out of my way to buy his products when the need arises. It’s about the only way I can “vote” theses days.

    Glad to see others doing the same.

  • Kyle

    Kudos to them, My Pillows are great, we’ve been trying to find a decent pillow for years and I decided to give My Pillow a try and bought 2 for the Mrs and I for Xmas. We are happy with them so far, they are pretty confirmable and are definitely worth trying in my opinion. I might try their sheets next as Kohs and Bed Bath and Beyond apparently doesn’t need my Trump supporting money .

  • Bob L.

    You can add Kroger to the list. We contacted all three stores with our displeasure of their decision to drop My Pillow. We have now boycotted all three stores and cancelled our Kohl’s card. Not sure if it is true but heard BBB stock dropped 30% after they stopped selling My Pillow.

  • John

    Don’t want or need a pillow, but Spite is a powerful thing.

  • Gary

    So on to the next group, entity, individual..I never hear anything from Parler.. one by one and with time we forget and the anti-freedom left wins.

  • Spectrum Shift

    Goodbye BBB. Goodbye Kohls. My Pillow is now my go to for all linen products. Lindell’s life story of personal recovery confirms the power of freedom and liberty to succeed. Dominion won’t sue because they can’t receive damages for the truth being told, that their machines are suspect of fraudulent results.

  • Col Beausabre

    I ordered two pillows today.

  • Mitch S.

    Now I know why I haven’t got my pillows yet (ordered a bit over a week ago).
    Ah, I see I missed an email they sent me a few days ago apologizing for the delay.

  • t-dub asked: “I hope he runs for governor of Minnesota.”

    Well, ya’ll did elect Jesse Ventura. So, there’s hope.

  • James Street

    They are terrified of us. They continue to move National Guard into Washington DC while debating whether to make their new DC fences and barriers permanent.

    Is this the usual thug dictator paranoia or have they heard rumors that our military is planning a Myanmar style coup?

  • wayne


    The Twilight Zone
    “The Mirror”

    In a Central American dictatorship, Ramos Clemente, and his four lifelong confidants, D’Alessandro, Garcia, Tabal, and Cristo, stage a successful revolution against the regime of General De Cruz. Clemente faces down De Cruz and revels in his victory, but the deposed general says that Clemente will soon learn the consequences of ruling by force and that his ornate mirror has the ability to reveal enemies in its reflection.”

  • wayne

    Twilight Zone
    “He’s Alive”
    ‘how do you move a mob’ clip

  • Max

    The factory can’t keep up with the demands.

    “Earlier this year, a boycott of Goya foods, suggested by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backfired and resulted in a large spike in sales (1,000%) for the company, resulting in Goya naming AOC their “employee of the month.”

  • Deneen

    Can anyone provide an update to the list of big boxes that quit selling MyPillow? I went on Bed, Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s today and was able to order his pillows online? Maybe some have reinstituted him as a provider, having lost many customers due to their biased corporate agenda?

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