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Today’s blacklisted American: Mom criticizes school board, gets blacklisted by Facebook & Instagram, fights back and wins

The Bill of Rights cancelled at Facebook and Instagram
Doesn’t exist at Facebook or Instagram.

Blacklists are back and Facebook’s got ’em: When Gordana Schifanelli, a mother in a Maryland school district who is also an immigrant from communist Yugoslavia, created webpages criticizing the pro-Black Lives Matter indoctrination being introduced in the schools by school superintendent Andrea M. Kane, both Facebook and Instagram moved quickly to censor her, while others attempted to destroy her career.

The response from Big Tech and leftists in her community would have made Tito proud, Mrs. Schifanelli said referring to Josip Broz, the late dictator of Yugoslavia.

First they shut down her personal Facebook page.

“So I said, ‘OK, I’ll create my own,” she said. Facebook and Instagram shut down the “Kent Island Patriots” and “Maryland Eastern Shore Patriots” pages, too. When her 17-year-old son tried to start a Facebook page, he was blocked, she said.

The people seeking to censor Mrs. Schifanelli’s opposition to left-wing politics, many of whom did not have children in the public school system, attacked her as a racist. They leveled their accusations with the Maryland Bar Association and at the U.S. Naval Academy, where she teaches economics and law twice a week.

Another target of theirs did lose his job, and he is a plaintiff in a separate lawsuit.

Unlike many of the other stories I have chronicled in this daily column, this one has ended with what looks like a total victory for Mrs. Schifanelli.

Instead of losing her job, she recruited others to run for the school board either to get superintendent Kane to end the racist indoctrination in the schools or to get rid of Kane.

With social media outfits blacking her out, they were reduced to sending thousands of postcards and ran as write-ins. They both won handily, while Dick Smith, an incumbent school board member also skeptical of Ms. Kane’s program, cruised to reelection, giving the reformers a majority on the five-person board.

By that time, tensions had mounted. Ms. Kane disappeared beginning in late October, later claiming illness, and Mrs. Schifanelli said her efforts to uncover racist teaching or incidents in the schools turned up nothing. “As of today, I have not received one piece of paper, one shred of evidence that anyone has been racist in our public schools,” she told The Washington Times.

Neither the new board nor Ms. Kane expressed any desire to continue their relationship, and in January the board began looking for a new superintendent. That person is expected to take over before the next school year begins, Mrs. Schifanelli said.

Schifanelli is also suing Mary Ella Jourdak, the woman who sent false information to the U.S. Naval Academy in an effort to get her fired. She also has no interest in settling the case out of court, since her goal isn’t to win money but to shine a light on that person’s effort to slander her.

The point of this story is that it is still possible to defeat these petty dictators. It just requires courage, determination, and an unwillingness to bow in fear. You must stand tall and fight back aggressively, as Schifanelli did. If you do, you will win, because the ideas being pushed by these bullies are so odious they can’t win in a free and open debate, which is why they routinely try to silence and blackball their opponents.

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  • Col Beausabre

    Three cheers and a tiger for Mrs Schifanelli ! HOOO AH !! I hope the midshipmen at the Naval Academy are taking notice of the Right of Freedom of Speech. Their oath of office binds them to sacrifice their lives, if needed, in its defense.

    ” I (name in full) solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will protect, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God”

    When I was commissioned, our Professor of Military Science gave each of us a little booklet containing the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Subsequent Amendments, the Gettysburg Address and Doctor King’s I Have a Dream Speech, with the instructions, “Some night when you are discouraged, and full of doubt, read this and renew your commitment to out nation’s basic principles” I still have my copy, and I still read it.
    Of course, he also said, “You just swore to die in its defense, so you better know what it says!”

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

  • Col Beausabre

    ” I (name in full) solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will protect, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help me God”

    Insert “all enemies, foreign and domestic”

  • Phill O

    Sure wish Canadians had the strength to stand up to governments which act as though they are behind the “Iron Curtain”. Is it any wonder that the pastors, the Alberta government have gone after, are immigrants from a communist country?

    Does anyone have info on the following platforms?

  • Cotour


    A massive number of military members have written a second letter, and 250,000 people have signed it, and sent it to French president, Emannuel Macacroon:

    “The letter writers accuse President Emannuel Macron of “concessions” to Islamism on French soil, while the country’s soldiers “shed their blood to fight the same ideology in countries like Afghanistan, Mali and the Central African Republic.”

    Sound familiar America?

    “We see the violence in our towns and villages. We see communism taking hold in the public space, in public debate. We see hatred for France and its history becoming the norm”, the letter states. “It may not be for the military to state these facts, you might say. On the contrary: because we are apolitical in our assessments of the situation, this is our professional observation. We have seen this decline in many countries in crisis. It precedes the collapse. It heralds chaos and violence, and contrary to what you claim, this chaos and this violence will not come from a ‘military coup’, but from civil war.”

    Which country is further down the road to “Utopia”?

    America and France are eternally wed to each other and both country’s peoples freedoms and Rights are under assault by Globalist / One World Government, U.N. aligned, “Great Reset” forces who support Leftist agendas and Socialism. Will the French government begin to pay attention to the people of France?

    Will the American politicians and their leadership begin to pay attention to the majority of the people of America and reject these Leftist un and anti American agendas?

    Stay tuned, its going to begin to get very interesting both in France and in America. Especially going into the midterm elections in America as the 2020 election audits wrap up. ITS COMING.

  • Mel

    To the poster above – Cotour – who are the “majority of Americans” that you speak of? What leftist and anti-American agendas are you specifically talking about? Is there only one “right” way to think and live?

  • Cotour


    People in America who do not agree with: Defund the Police, end the electoral college, pack the Supreme Court, open borders, free money for illegal immigrants, transmitting weakness and blowing up the middle east, shutting down the XL pipe line, the Great reset, not enforcing common sense law, activist Soros funded attorney generals, activist Soros funded prosecutors, the green new deal, attempting to establish the weakest election law and not the most secure, attempting to spend 6 trillion dollars in order to fund the Democrat party for the next 20 years, and having to borrow it from Communist China, did I mention defund the police?

    I continue: Banning gender terms, transgender males competing against females, $1 billion dollars for “Racial Justice” for farmers, Nationwide Mail-In Voting, Same Day Registration, and Ballot Harvesting, Permanent Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.

    Its a long list, which ones do you agree with? Is there only one way to think was your question? The answer is, of course not. But please do not propose that America commit suicide as being one of those choices in thinking.

    That does not make sense to me, does it make sense to you?

  • Is there only one “right” way to think and live?

    Ask the Progressives – they are the ones who insist that the world is not Left vs. Right, but Normal vs. the Evil Other Who Must Be Crushed. They are the new fundamentalists of our time … and having grown up Baptist, I know a little about fundamentalism; compared to the Progressives, Baptists are downright libertarian in their zeal.

    For a faction that proclaims that they are “free-thinking”, Progressives sure demand lock-step conformity to their One and Only True Way All Good People Think, on issues from race relations to climate change.

    What we conservatives and libertarians ask, is for a government and society that respects life and individual liberty above any other “greater good”, to the point that the coercive force of law is limited to interdicting clear-and-present threats against those two values … and that the various views of the “greater good” are pursued outside of that coercive force.

    Not because we are greedy … because we realize that enforcing lock-step conformity is the path to intellectual inbreeding that effectively unplugs most of the distributed intellect in a nation, in favor of the Five Year Plans of the elite few that fail to deliver what people need.

  • Col Beausabre

    I don’t call them “Progressives” – that gives ‘rm too much credit. I’m indebted to a guest on John Batchelor, who called them what they are, “Regressives”

  • Col., I’ve used that term … “Regressives” … myself.

    Though I think that frequent JBS gest Michael Vlahos came up with the best designation to date … the “Church of Woke.”

  • Cotour

    Yes, and the teaching of racism and retribution as opposed to mutual respect.

    If you choose to teach racism and retribution that is about drawing those clear tribal lines over which no one is allowed to dare tread.

    A dark and desperate perspective to my thinking, and that is what describes the Left and the Democrat party. Why is that? Its all they have got.

  • wayne

    Jester/ Col.
    I prefer “Statist,” cuz’ it covers both left & right wing variants.
    (Nixon after all, was a republican-progressive.)

    Jester– IIRC, Dave Smith & Michael Malice have been using “the church of woke,” and “the cathedral,” (for the press) for quite some time.

    ->Alternate video & social-media sites.
    -If you would like to keep up with what the ‘younger folks’ are doing, I’d suggest taking a look at:
    Tim Pool
    (He just had the Odysee guy in studio the past 2-3 weeks.)

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson / Akira The Don / Friedrich Nietzsche
    “Tarantulas” ?️ (2018)

    “Thus do I speak unto you in parable, ye who make the soul giddy, ye preachers of EQUALITY! Tarantulas are ye unto me, and secretly revengeful ones!
    But I will soon bring your hiding-places to the light: therefore do I laugh in your face my laughter of the height.
    Therefore do I tear at your web, that your rage may lure you out of your den of lies, and that your revenge may leap forth from behind your word “justice.”

  • wayne

    Timcast IRL Episode 281
    Bill Ottman from Minds dot com

  • wayne, thanks for the info … my preferred designator for those who are venerated by the Church of Woke is “The Pedestaled Elite” … for unlike The Cathedral/Anointed/Elect, The Pedestaled implies they did not get on those pedestals by either their own value, or by Divine Providence, but are artificially propped up on those pedestals by the assumptions of mere men and women in a shallow society.

  • Jeff Wright

    Woke supremacists is a term I’ve heard. What with the latest rocket attacks…funded by this administration…I’m suprised the Mossad hasn’t done bicycle-spoke sanctions over here yet. Bull was at least a worthy aerospace engineer. I wouldn’t shed any tears over a stuxneted CNN.

  • @Col Beausabre: I had not heard the term ‘Three cheers and a tiger . . “, and did the research. Thanks!

  • wayne

    “The Church Of Leftism”
    Michael Malice on Timcast-IRL

  • DefendUSA

    The left has abandoned tolerance and seeks to label all who disagree with Cotour’s list of transgressions that can get those of us with common sense and logic banned, fired, canceled as anti-human…and hence we should be offed. This is how it begins…good fighting evil. And the left is evil. There are far too few of them utilizing common sense and many have bought into the things now dividing us as a nation. That it happened at lightning speed and good people are vilified is astounding. I’m ready to fight is all I can say.

  • Ben Colder

    Good for this woman its about time someone stood up to these communists and thats all this is is communists.The whole democrat party has been turned ito nothing but the communist party and Traitor Joe and the Ho are both communists and Joe to boot claims to be Catholic fits right in with the communist Pope. Theses people are as serious as a heart attach I do not think the country will survive unless people really wake up and even then the damage has been done Traitor Joe has spent us into oblivion .How in the name of the wide world of sports will this debt ever be paid it can’t.

  • Cotour

    (You know, every day I think: Im going to take a break from commenting today and work on other things. But it just keeps rolling in and people IMO need help understanding it all in a proper context. Not everyone IMO objectively sees things as they should or need to, many are victims of the psyops that is and has been on going for ever in politics forever. And they are not bad people, not at all. Just miss or uniformed and that is not a crime, but it is an opportunity to manipulate.

    Things will be getting much worse before they will be getting much better, and that is the nature of such things. And its a good thing, and as long as the structure of the Constitution exists there can be the needed cleansing that it allows. And that is exactly why those who oppose America as formulated must endeavor to destroy it. The Constitution is miraculously built simple and tough for that exact reason. And that is what I specialize in understanding and sharing)

    I figure I will just add to the list for Mel as things roll in or come to me:

    *Here is a good one: Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE from Voting Machines – Including “All Election Information” from Main Database

    *Another: Senator Rand Paul: “Dr. Fauci Could be Culpable for the Entire Pandemic”

    * Commanding General at Fort Campbell Issues New Guidelines – Unvaccinated Soldiers Cannot Take Pass or Leave Base – Considered Non-Deployable

  • Cotour

    Just for entertainment, here is one of the worst / best of the major corporation talking heads psyops operatives:

    Listen to her words, this is not news, this plainly a talking head spewing, and not at all subtle or nuanced leading “Information” in the furtherance of a desperate political position. And they call it news.

    She desperately needs those in her audience to follow and believe her. And to me if you have two functioning synapses in your brain you can plainly see what the corporate multi national news business is all about in America and the world.

    But many Americans sit down on their couch and turn her on specifically and subjectively, desperately agree with what comes out of her perverted reality scripted mouth. This is plainly unacceptable.

  • GWB

    It just requires courage, determination, and an unwillingness to bow in fear.
    And a judiciary that isn’t quite totally Prog, yet.

    Kudos to Mrs Schifanelli.

  • Mel

    It is plain to see that I am outnumbered in my political leanings. Which doesn’t bother me – a healthy discussion should include more than one side of things.

    I have practice with this at home. My partner is a Republican and a Trumper. I am very much the opposite, at least when it comes to what I consider the far-leaning right. I do have some conservative views but in reality consider myself to be more of a centrist.

    What I have discovered, when hearing my partner talk about things that are in the news or political, is that his opinions and “knowledge” come from the media, and that the media he consumes seems to mostly directly contradict the media that I consume. It’s easy to understand why we have such different viewpoints on everything. He thinks his is correct, and of course I think mine is correct. I have come to accept that we’re just never going to have a lot of opinions that we agree upon.

    I respect his right to hold the opinions he does, even though I don’t care for them.

    Here’s the thing – the kind of talk going on in this thread, poking at people on the left in a disparaging way and saying that they’re the problem, is exactly the same thing the people on the left are saying about the people on the right. Both parties are pointing fingers and saying the exact same thing about each other. My partner and I’s issue with consuming different information/news media and therefore having different “knowledge” and ideas seems to be the most logical explanation to me about why this is happening in our country on a larger scale. Each side thinks they have the “real” knowledge and know better, are smarter, knows all the answers, and that the other side is ignorant and causing all the problems in the country. He said, she said.

    I don’t know the answer to this issue. I lived in Egypt for some time and the state controlled media is definitely not the answer. We have freedom of speech and freedom of the press here in the US. But with that freedom should come responsibility to uphold the values of this country, the constitution, etc. And it feels like people don’t care about that anymore. They care about being right, not about the truth. The objective truth, not the truth as you think it should be. Is that possible? Can we get back to not lying to each other about everything?

  • Cotour


    The only answer is attempting to establish the objective or as close to the objective truth through evidence as you possibly can.

    Everything other than that is a narrative manipulation being executed by Media and Social Media mega corporations that have clearly demonstrated that they are for the most part sympathetic to the Left and the Democrat leadership.

    That is why I say this will be resolved as well as it can be with Lawyers, In a Court Of Law, and of course with the addition of plenty of money.

    Its all a political psyops, its all about the acquisition of and the retention of power. Its your job to determine as best as you can what is what. Do you really agree with what the Democrat leadership promotes and pushes?

    Lets start simply: Do you agree with flooding the country with illegal immigrants? Do you agree that its a good idea that a country have an open borders policy AND there exists a welfare state? What message is the Democrat leadership (And the Republican corporate leadership) sending to the world? What are they incentivizing?

    Why do you think that is being done? There must be a reason, what is your best guess?

  • Mel: Welcome. Because I know you are new here I want to emphasize that my goals about civil discourse align closely with yours. I suspend and ban people who use as an argument insults.

    That said, note that the harsh comments in this thread have not been directed at any commenter, but to the people at Facebook and Instagram that have tried to silence opinions they don’t like. The harsh criticisms are also aimed at the Maryland school superintendent and her policy, which reeks of hate and bigotry.

    That last point by the way is the heart of this discussion. Just because the media you follow does not wish to cover this topic does not mean it isn’t true. The school superintendent claimed her district was full of anti-black racists, without evidence, while pushing the indoctrination of children into anti-white racism. These remain facts.

    And if you doubt them you need to face up to them. See for example this post, which details well a good example of the kind of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

  • KWake

    Mrs. Schiffanelli is an amazing, smart, hardworking and compassionate patriot. She was my family law attorney during my divorce, and is unlike any lawyer I’ve ever dealt with, in that she actually cares about keeping costs down for you, while helping you get out of a toxic situation. Her background coming from a communist country and working her tail off as a LEGAL IMMIGRANT, becoming a proud US citizen, putting herself through school to become a financial planner/analyst first, then a lawyer while working full-time. She fights for this country she loves, that gave her these opportunities, because she knows firsthand the horrors of communism; has seen it take root in America, and grow like a cancer. I can assure you the majority of this (her) community supports her efforts, as her husband won a board of education seat, as a write-in candidate, at the next election. Queen Anne’s County is a conservative stronghold in Maryland, as is much of the eastern shore. She is now running on a conservative ticket for lieutenant governor, in a Democratic stronghold of a state (mostly due to corrupt gerrymandering!), following a RINO governor, with a completely democratic controlled legislature.

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