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Today’s blacklisted American: Students demand blacklisting of university trustee because he donated to Trump’s campaign

The Bill of Rights cancelled by students at Northwestern University
No first amendment permitted at Northwestern
University, if the students have their say.

Blacklists are back and the students at Northwestern U have got ’em! The student government at Northwestern University in Illinois recently passed a resolution demanding that the school’s board of trustees remove trustee J. Landis Martin from the presidential search committee because he had the gall to donate to Trump’s presidential campaign.

On June 2, student government members approved a resolution to remove J. Landis Martin, Chairman for the Northwestern University’s Board of Trustees, from the Presidential Search Committee, which is reported to be choosing the next Northwestern University President within the next year, according to the Daily Northwestern.

Outlined in the “Resolution for the Recusal of J. Landis Martin from the Presidential Search Committee” are the reasons the student government voted 17-1 to dismiss Martin on June 2nd.

The resolution lists that that “Northwestern University students are a diverse population that identify with many of the groups that Donald Trump harmed during his campaign and presidency,” and also “the conservative political ideology of Donald Trump, including those that support him, do not align with the views of the average Northwestern undergraduate.” [emphasis mine]

In other words, these students will not tolerate on their campus anyone who expresses an opinion they disagree with. There will be no free speech, no open discourse, and no debate. Agree with them, or you will be silenced, blackballed, and removed.

Resolution by Northwestern student government

Note also that they claim Trump “harmed” people, but of course they never delineate exactly how he did that. The resolution, available to read here and posted to the right, merely mentions Trump’s crimes of “ableism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia and transphobia.” These “isms” mean nothing, are not based on any actual events, and are really nothing but slander, what has become the routine tactic of the left since the Obama presidency when faced with any opposition.

The resolution was passed at the beginning of June. It is not binding on the university, and as of now there is no indication that the school administration will do what it demands. Thus, if you wanted to stick your head in the sand and pretend all is well, you could say that Landis has not been blacklisted at all.

The point however is that it is the student leadership that is demanding this blacklisting. Even if they don’t get it now, these same fascists will someday be in charge everywhere, and will make sure they get all their opponents blacklisted then.

In the past the school would have strongly told these students they are wrong and possibly subjected them to severe penalties for such uncivil and intolerant public behavior. In the past thuggery like this would have possibly gotten you thrown out of a university, because universities were once intended as places of learning where an open marketplace of ideas flourished. To demand the silencing of anyone was wrong, and would not be tolerated. You were encouraged to vigorously debate with your opponents, but you couldn’t simply call for their removal and blacklisting.

No longer. Even if Northwestern’s administration does not bow to these bullying demands, by allowing it to fester without condemnation means that the infection of hate and oppression will spread, grow, and eventual rule all.

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  • David M. Cook

    Those 17 students should have their names associated with this document, then print hundreds of copies & hand them out to every student, with Robert‘s comments added at the bottom! That‘s how education happens, by showing people the truth.

  • BLSinSC

    Northwestern U must be a hotbed for COMMUNISTS! Can you imagine the logic these people show in OTHER areas if they are willing to blacklist and FIRE if they could, someone simply because he donated and probably voted for someone other than their communist idols?? If what the “Student Council” says is TRUE about donating to PRESIDENT TRUMP goes against ALL undergraduates then that is ONE SICK PLACE!! I know NU is a PRIVATE university but I’m sure they still get plenty of Federal money for research and other grants. They are so ANTI-TRUMP that they turned down $8.5 Million from the first chinese wuhan flu funding in 2020! At least half of the funds were to go to STUDENTS! Businesses would be well served to avoid hiring any of NU’s indoctrinated snowflakes! Oh wait, THAT would be like, BLACKLISTING!!

  • Cotour


    From Gateway Pundit: “In Kurt Vonnegut’s epic novel Cat’s Cradle, Felix Hoenikker, a character who co-created the atomic bomb in the novel, also created another military weapon called “Ice-Nine.” Ice-Nine is an alternate crystalline structure of water that is solid at room temperature, and acts as a seed crystal upon contact with ordinary water, causing it to “freeze” up and become a solid crystal.

    The novel ends when some Ice-Nine accidently falls into the ocean, and causes the entire world’s oceans, rivers and groundwater aquifers to apocalyptically freeze up into one huge solid crystal of Ice-Nine.

    Why am I talking about Ice-Nine when writing on Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act? Because Section 230 is the “Ice-Nine” of free speech, and of democracy itself. Big Tech has used Section 230 to begin to “freeze out” certain free speech, and if allowed to continue, will destroy the very core of democracy.

    Thus, Section 230 has become the enemy of the United States and of democracy, and it must be destroyed; or it will destroy the 1st Amendment, free speech, and the United States – in that order.”

    COMING IT IS, and it will begin with the Arizona audit and cascade from there as never seen before in America. And it will be good.

    The wheels grind slowly and they are moving.


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