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Today’s blacklisted American: Trump’s former lawyer and anyone associated with him shunned and censored

Today's modern witch hunt
The witchhunt against Trump lawyer John Eastman continues.

Blacklists are back and the Democrats have got ’em: For the crime of representing President Donald Trump during the post-election fervor from November 2020 to January 2021, John Eastman has not only been fired as a teacher by Chapman university back in January, more than 250 professors who belong to the American Political Science Association (APSA) have now petitioned that organization to blacklist and censor both Eastman as well as anyone associated with him.

A September 23 letter, signed by over 250 professors and graduate students, accused Eastman of being part of an “attempted coup.” … David Karpf, a professor at George Washington University, organized the letter. “John Eastman has violated our discipline’s professional ethics by participating in the dangerous attempt to overturn the institution of electoral democracy in the United States,” the political scientists wrote.

The letter then demanded that the APSA “strip John Eastman of APSA membership” as well as sever all ties with those supporting him.

This last demand by these professors forced the APSA to kick out of its convention the live presentations by the Clairmont Institute because Eastman was giving two of those presentations.

The American Political Science Association forced the Claremont Institute to make its “related group” discussions virtual at the annual convention in Seattle, a day after hundreds of APSA members demanded the association eject both Claremont and John Eastman. Back in July, organizers had only demanded the two panels with Eastman be made virtual in the interest of “safety,” Claremont president Ryan Williams wrote in an opinion essay. The group decided to cancel all 10 panels and its reception in protest of APSA’s new across-the-board demand.

So what exactly did Eastman do that was so evil? Nothing. As Trump’s lawyer in connection with the election, he advised Mike Pence that it would be legally correct for him to object to the certification of “seven states’ Electoral College votes on January 6, under a theory that the 12th Amendment empowered the VP to do so.”

It is perfectly reasonable to disagree with Eastman’s recommendation, but to call it a “dangerous attempt to overturn the institution of electoral democracy in the United States,” as these thuggish professors do, is utterly absurd.

The Clairmont Institute’s response to this blacklisting and censorship is worth reading. First, it notes the slander and false misrepresentation’s of Eastman’s entirely reasonable legal actions in January. Second, it condemns the attempt to silence Eastman and anyone who is associated with him.

Despite such false statements and slander, truth can prevail in a democracy, as Thomas Jefferson said, when truth is not “disarmed of her natural weapons, free argument and debate.”

Unfortunately, that disarming is now occurring. A campaign is trying to prevent the Claremont Institute or its scholars from presenting our views. This is coming from several fronts, including two organizations that exist precisely to air important political disagreements: the American Political Science Association (which effectively cancelled our participation in this year’s annual meeting for the first time in over 35 years) and even more disappointingly, the Federalist Society, which has refused to allow John, a Claremont senior fellow and highly credentialed law professor, to discuss essential constitutional questions. This is particularly galling given John’s prominent role in Federalist Society activities for the past 20 years.

That such established legal and educational organizations are promoting censorship and blackballing is horrifying. As the institute’s statement notes, “These attempts to limit the Claremont Institute’s and John Eastman’s ability to express their views mark a dangerous escalation in the censorship now threatening American democracy.”

While the Clairmont Institute’s unbending support of free speech is laudable, it must not blind us to the evil and widening nature of the campaign to destroy Eastman. First he was fired by his university. Then he was banned from speaking at conferences. Now, anyone associated with him is faced with censorship and banishment.

As long as people are too frightened to push back against this wave of intolerance and hate, it will only escalate. The people doing it are oppressive bullies who will stop at nothing to get their way. We have only two options: Face them down, or meekly bow forever to their jack-booted tyranny.

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  • Mark

    BehindTheBlack commentators and/or Bob,
    I know that this is off topic (although may be connected to damaging political correctness), but can any of you provide information on the National Space Council?
    Bob had a post at end of March stating that Biden restarted the council with his appointees, and apparently since May 2021 VP Harris has headed up the Cabinet-level National Space Council. Given the cringe inducing stories surroundings her YouTube space video, I am just wondering how much damage can be done to our Space program by the Council or VP Harris. The mania of ‘Woke Thought’ can be corrosive in the strangest of ways.

  • Mark: Personally I think it is great that Harris was put in charge of the council. Its ability to influence policy is generally limited to begin with. Her “leadership” should neutralize it entirely.

    Right now the people running space policy in the Biden administration are NASA’s top managers. While the Biden administration might force them to mouth support for global warming initiatives, and even fund them, the free market policies established during Trump’s administration continue unabated — mostly because they are working. And even stupid politicians hate to screw something good up that they can later claim credit for.

  • Gary H

    “And even stupid politicians hate to screw something good up that they can later claim credit for.”

    Might this be proof that Joe Biden isn’t stupid? He seems to screw most things up and then brags about the poor outcomes. If he were “stupid”, he would leave things that were working alone and later claim credit…

  • Cotour

    Gary H:

    NOTHING that Biden has done has been either a mistake or a misstep.

    Biden is delivering the deliverables to: The extreme Left / Democrat party machine in order that long term they remain political power players, the Communist Chinese and the Globalist ” Great Reset” / “Build Back Better” agenda.

    And that is how simple this all is.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the update Bob, and I feel better knowing that Harris and this Council are window dressing.
    If you have a chance, watch a few minutes of the Harris NASA video starting at about the 3:45 mark.

    It’s been confirmed that at least one of these kids is a paid actor, and perhaps all are. The Biden White House is in damage control mode and saying it had nothing to do with it.
    What the heck is wrong with Kamala Harris? I thought all politicians had at some acting ability.
    I know it seems like a NASA video is a minor thing, but the high cringe factor has made clips of this go viral.

  • Ray Van Dune

    American children should be insulted that VP Harris apparently assumes they are all idiots, attending failing ghetto schools. Project much Kammy?

  • Mitch S.

    Mark, watched the Kamala Harris NASA vid you linked to.
    I noticed when she was talking to the kids she wasn’t wearing a mask and neither were the kids.
    Yeah, technically they were outdoors but there was less than six feet of separation…
    So really what’s the difference between her projecting spittle on the kids on the porch and a teacher standing at the front of a classroom?
    Ms. Harris, why are teachers and kids being forced to wear masks?

  • James Street

    I consider President Trump the leader of our side. I consider General Flynn 2nd in command. This is a 1 hour interview Tucker Carlson did with General Flynn today where Flynn talks about:
    • The size and scope of what the civilian intelligence agencies have become.
    • Communist China’s influence in America and the world today.
    • Communist China is preparing to take over Taiwan.
    • Biden handed Afghanistan to China.
    • The leadership of our military is becoming political and doing nonsense.

    General Michael Flynn Latest Interview With Tucker Carlson – Framing Michael Flynn

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