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Today’s blacklisted Americans: Any tenant not vaccinated in Florida apartment complex

Coming to your town in America soon!
Rounding up the unclean unvaccinated: What the left nationwide wants.

They’re coming for you next: A Florida landlord is now demanding that any future tenant show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or they will be turned away, and any present unvaccinated tenant move when their lease expires.

If you’re not vaccinated for COVID-19, you can forget about moving into any of eight apartment complexes in Broward and Miami-Dade counties owned by Santiago A. Alvarez and his family.

And if you’re still unvaccinated when it comes time to renew your lease, you’ll have to find someplace else to live.

Alvarez, who controls 1,200 units in the two counties, is the first large-scale landlord known to national housing experts to impose a vaccine requirement not only for employees, but also for tenants. They’ll be required to produce documentation that they’ve received at least an initial vaccine dose.

The policy, which took effect Aug. 15, could set Alvarez’s company on a collision course with Gov. Ron DeSantis’ vaccine passport ban, which prohibits businesses from requiring that customers be vaccinated.

The story reports that already two tenants have contacted attorneys with plans to challenge this discriminatory policy in court. Note too that since the largest percentage of unvaccinated individuals comes from the black community, Alvarez is essentially discriminating against blacks with this policy. It seems that, for the left, the mantra “Housing is a right!” now only applies to those who agree with them. All others should be homeless.

It also appears increasingly that the left sees all those who disagree with them as no different than lepers. Such people must be quarantined in isolated camps and whose touch or presence must be avoided at all costs. How so very tolerant and open-minded of them!

Whether Alvarez succeeds in blackballing all unvaccinated individuals from his real estate will depend on whether the courts enforce Florida governor DeSantis’ new anti-vaccine passport policy, which calls for $5000 fines each time a business demands vaccination documentation from someone.

Alvarez’s attorney, Juan C. Zorrilla of the Fort Lauderdale-based firm Fowler White Burnett, recently responded to a letter from a tenant’s attorney by asserting that the policy does not violate DeSantis’ executive order banning vaccine passports, nor does it violate laws barring discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, familial status or religion.

DeSantis’ order and subsequent state law say that a business entity may not require “patrons or customers” to provide any documentation certifying COVID-19 vaccination or post-infection recovery “to gain access to, entry upon, or service from the business.”

Zorrilla asserted that Alvarez’s policy does not violate DeSantis’ ban because a tenant is not a “patron” or “customer.”

It seems to me that in a sane world, Zorrila’s assertion would be laughed out of court. We no longer live in a sane world, however, with many in power now eager to oppress anyone who dares challenge their off the cuff opinions or policies.

Everyone who reads this post should take another look at the image I posted above of Jewish women and children being rounded up by the Nazis. When I first posted this historical image in connection with the left’s blacklisting culture, I received comments claiming I was way off base, that genocide and concentrations camps have nothing to do with vaccine and mask mandates.

I have gotten similar comments in other blacklist posts. All are the same: I am over reacting, the blackballing we are seeing now is totally different than the Nazis, and it is insulting to even suggest a parallel.

And just like in Nazi Germany, those commenters are being either incredibly naive, intellectually dishonest, or outright liars for the sake of promoting exactly this behavior. We now in America are really not too far away from concentration camps and genocide, in the name of good health. And we edge closer to that horror each time someone makes believe all of this is not happening.

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  • Cotour

    Can anyone here detect the faulty logic of the story above and the headline below?

    “Fully Vaccinated Woman’s Family Blames Unvaxxed For Her Death: ‘She Was Infected by Others Who Chose Not to Be Vaccinated – The Cost Was Her Life’”

    There is something about the headline above that does not quite square with my brain. But what is it?

  • Gary

    Biden admin blocking red states from getting life saving treatments.

  • Cotour: The whole reason vaccination is supposedly being pushed is to protect you from COVID. If you’ve been vaccinated, you are supposed safe.

    Yet this vaccinated woman died from COVID. This suggests strongly to anyone with an ounce of brain power that the vaccine is a waste of time. It isn’t the fault of the unvaccinated that this woman died, it was the inability of the vaccine to protect her.

    Thus, why make anyone get the vaccine?

    We know the real reason. This push is to exert power over people, for the sake of power.

  • Cotour

    Thank you Zman! Now I see. (Sarcasm of course)

    Talking about control V actual rational reasonable medical practice and informed medical consent I post this video just put out by Dr. John Campbell.

    Now Dr. Campbell through this entire Covid ordeal has reviewed and interpreted reports and clinical studies and has reviewed therapies. A real world practitioner that is down the middle, is very even keeled, and when he is not happy he uses mild sarcasm to make his point about what it is that is bothering him. Dr. Campbell is not happy with the silly position that the Australian government has taken.

    His subject? How the Australian government who has been insanley controlling from the Covid jump to the point of Hitlerian degrees, all in the pursuit of “Saving” their citizens from getting Covid. And the result is that they are from my point of view eternally isolated from the entire rest of the globe.

    Control? Oh yeah. You will surrender you ability to make an informed decision for yourself and your family.

    These actions by governments, primarily the supposed “Freest” country’s on the face of the earth, controlled by the Left among them are revealing themselves for what they are, Jr. Nazi’s all!


    Bonus story of hope: This morning a woman who is a friend but I have not interacted with for quite a while because of the tensions in politics, who is a Left leaning Liberal comes to me this morning.

    What is bothering her? She is outraged at the government essentially banning people from having access to alternate therapies and drugs V Covid. (And she was in the medical field and understands what she sees and is going on)

    I explained to her exactly what was going on and she amazingly fully agreed with me. I am always floored when this happens, and its happening more and more. I asked her: Am I seeing the light bulb getting brighter over your head? Are you getting it now?

    This is what I have been talking about for the many years that we have spoken about such things, and now you are getting?

    I am always amazed, she asked me to send her my piece on “Covid At Home” after I told her about it. Please, no political stuff yet. AND not that it matters to me, she is a full blood Jamaican American.

  • Andi

    The thing is, the Nazis did not start with Auschwitz, but rather mildly first implemented a boycott of Jewish businesses, followed by exclusion from the professions, and so on, in a boil-the-frog manner building up to the death camps.

    It’s a very slippery slope, with a negative second derivative.

  • Cotour

    You know, if we were talking about small pox major which has a kill rate of about 33%, or even Ebola which has a kill rate in the 80% range the government might have a point about taking an experimental vaccine. I assure you I would be on that line..

    But we are not. What we are really talking about is how our government specifically is attempting to force a choice on those who are vaccine hesitant, for very good and rational reasons, and in doing so they are banning certain drugs and therapies that are effective in dealing with Covid in order to effect that “Choice”.

    And that IMO borders on or may well be criminal. A crime against humanity.

    There “Good” / “best” intentions are turning them into Jr. Nazi’s. And they can not see it, nor do they want to see it.

    That is the nature of being politically empowered and where the abuse of power comes from.

  • Col Beausabre

    Reference Australia trying to become “Fortress Oz”. It shows the deficiencies in that country’s education system. Did nobody in government read Poe’s “The Masque of Red Death” in their equivlent of junior high?

    “The story takes place at the castellated abbey of the “happy and dauntless and sagacious” Prince Prospero. Prospero and 1,000 other nobles have taken refuge in this walled abbey to escape the Red Death, a terrible plague with gruesome symptoms that has swept over the land. Victims are overcome by “sharp pains”, “sudden dizziness”, and “profuse bleeding at the pores”, and die within half an hour. Prospero and his court are indifferent to the sufferings of the population at large; they intend to await the end of the plague in luxury and safety behind the walls of their secure refuge, having welded the doors shut.

    Prospero holds a masquerade ball one night to entertain his guests in seven colored rooms of the abbey. Each of the first six rooms is decorated and illuminated in a specific color: blue, purple, green, orange, white, and violet. The last room is decorated in black and is illuminated by a scarlet light, “a deep blood color” cast from its stained glass windows. Because of this chilling pairing of colors, very few guests are brave enough to venture into the seventh room. A large ebony clock stands in this room and ominously chimes each hour, upon which everyone stops talking or dancing and the orchestra stops playing. Once the chiming stops, everyone immediately resumes the masquerade.

    At the chiming of midnight, the revelers and Prospero notice a figure in a dark, blood-splattered robe resembling a funeral shroud. The figure’s mask resembles the rigid face of a corpse and exhibits the traits of the Red Death. Gravely insulted, Prospero demands to know the identity of the mysterious guest so they can hang him. The guests, too afraid to approach the figure, instead let him pass through the six chambers. The Prince pursues him with a drawn dagger and corners the guest in the seventh room. When the figure turns to face him, the Prince lets out a sharp cry and falls dead. The enraged and terrified revelers surge into the black room and forcibly remove the mask and robe, only to find to their horror that there is nothing underneath. Only then do they realize the costume was empty and all of the guests contract and succumb to the disease. The final line of the story sums up, “And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.”

    So, Covid-19 will penetrate Australia’s attempted walls, they better be ready

  • Col Beausabre

    “Thus, why make anyone get the vaccine?”

    The ignorant demand that the government “do something”, so mask mandates provides an illusion they are

    You’re the small boy yelling that the emperor has no clothes

  • Greg the Geologist

    Let’s see. Landlords are not allowed to evict someone for not paying the rent, but . . .

  • James Street

    It’s good to have you back Cotour. Since you’ve had COVID you’re better protected against getting it again or the variants than with the jab.

  • Edward

    Robert Zimmerman wrote: “This suggests strongly to anyone with an ounce of brain power that the vaccine is a waste of time. It isn’t the fault of the unvaccinated that this woman died, it was the inability of the vaccine to protect her. Thus, why make anyone get the vaccine?

    My county, by putting us back on mandatory masks anytime we are indoors, declared that the almost-vaccines are useless. No wonder there are so many homeless encampments around my county. The county stupor-visors aren’t smart enough to know that they have said so, but we now know that they believe the vaccine is a failure and will never eradicate the Wuhan flu, as our fearful leaders have been telling us it would.

    While we are near the topic: why are therapeutics practically banned for those who have tested positive? It all sounds like our fearful leaders are not trying to save even one life but are making us get the vaccine just to jerk us around for their own fun and profit.

    Welcome to Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, land of the formerly free.

  • Jeff Wright

    If I wanted to kill Americans…a two chemical approach with one in a vax would be my method. Unless you yank the syringe out of someone’s hand and had its contents tested…Tylenol was poisoned after all-then you don’t know what’s in it besides tap water or worse! If we can’t trust doordash drivers to not spit in food…this landlord should be prevented from evictions…the Supremes were wrong.

  • Gary H

    A month ago my SF area county experienced a seven day running average of 1 Covid death per day per million. My Texas county was the same. Today my Texas home county has a death rate four times greater than SF area. Texas dumb..California smart? ..maybe..but California Vaccination rate is higher than Texas. What will be interesting is how these numbers look come Winter and natural immunity kicks in to a greater extent in Texas.

    Maybe someone has a link to the recent Harvard retroactive Covid/VA study where they discovered that 48% of Covid deaths were really deaths from other causes where Covid was incidental.

  • wayne

    –part of the FDA requirement for “emergency use authorization” is the absence of “currently approved treatments.”
    –these vaccines cost $7 to 23 per dose

    Steven Crowder on Alex Jones….
    September 10, 2021

    (and referencing the substance mentioned in the above clip– the company that makes it owns the patent on the strain of bacteria they use to manufacture it cheaply & in quantity.

  • Edward

    Gary H wrote: “A month ago my SF area county experienced a seven day running average of 1 Covid death per day per million. My Texas county was the same. Today my Texas home county has a death rate four times greater than SF area.

    But in Texas, everyone is now hunkering down indoors, where the air conditioning is. This creates a similar phenomenon of the winter flu season in the northern states, where everyone hunkers down indoors, where the warmth is. This is Texas’s flu season.

    In the SF area, the outdoor weather is nice, and those venturing indoors are punished by being required to wear asthma-simulation masks. Outdoor living is the healthy alternative to the face diaper.

  • James Street

    Meanwhile in King County (the county Seattle is in) the left accelerates its push to a two-tiered society:

    “Seattle, King County announce indoor vaccine requirement to fight COVID-19 spread
    SEATTLE – Seattle and King County Thursday announced an indoor vaccine requirement for restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues. The mandate will also apply to outdoor events with more than 500 people in attendance.
    Asked whether the mandate would isolate those who are unvaccinated, Durkan (Seattle mayor) said that would be their choice.
    ‘For the people who say ‘I just don’t want it’ well then you’re making a choice. You’re making a choice that by doing that you can’t participate in things that are really important to society.'”

    The other day I read an article that the reason the left hates the un-vaxxed so much is because they aren’t afraid.

  • George

    There has been an ongoing scheme among landlords and landowners to rid themselves of tenants to sell to big financial institutions for ultra big coin. The landlords/landowners are attempting to achieve their ends by engaging an overkill in rents and by using the covid ‘vaxx’ as a weapon against these tenants. LL/LO also know that tenants will have a very hard time protesting the illegal rent increases in court since the system is backed up with multitudes of legal issues needing to be addressed. Landlords will also cause their property to fall into rat-infested broken elevators and intense disrepair to motivate tenants to move out. In NYC, the low-income NYCHA buildings (New York City Housing Authority) has been neglected for some years by the city to the point of danger for the purposes of getting rid of tenants despite multiple promises for repair which never occurred by de Blasio, Cuomo/Hochul, or city council. Or landlords can do what the grasping greed-saturated former NYC mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg had done previously to unsuspecting tenants: simply kick out the residents on some bogus incident and grab the land and property for his elitist affiliates.

  • Max

    Many minorities refuse to get vaccinated, for good reason, they’ve been experimented on the in the past and don’t trust the government. So the “Vaccinated only” sign is seen as the equivalent of “whites only”.
    Or as the article points out, there were those who refused to serve Gay men in the 80s because of the health risk of AIDS. The discrimination seem justified by “what you are” not if you are sick.
    Which again the article points this out that the unvaccinated will be turned away, but a person with “active coronavirus” cannot be denied because it would be discrimination.
    This sets this apartment complex up for “section 8 housing” for sick refugees and illegal aliens with no vaccinations. Oh the irony…

    Zimmerman said;
    “Cotour: The whole reason vaccination is supposedly being pushed is to protect you from COVID. If you’ve been vaccinated, you are supposed safe”

    An excellent article, because of its simplicity, logic, backed up with facts, of the vaccinated “super spreader” phenomenon with numerous links.

    Confirmed by the CDC.

    Due to the ineffectiveness of the vaccines, the old recommendations that you don’t have to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated have expired, Kroger grocery stores and others have mandated mask use for everyone.

    “Our current mask guidance requires unvaccinated associates to wear masks and requests that unvaccinated customers wear masks when in our stores and facilities. In light of the Delta variant and updated CDC recommendations, we strongly encourage all individuals, including those who are vaccinated, to wear a mask when in our stores and facilities. We will continue to abide by all state and local mandates and encourage all Americans to get vaccinated, including our associates.”

    They’re also offering $100 for anyone who receives the shot or jab.
    The sustainable development international company I work for just offered every employee that will get the shot, or who has already received the shot $500.
    So I update my covid mantra by saying;
    “a vaccination that works so good that they would pay $500 for people to receive it, for a disease that is so terrible that you must take a test to know if you have it”
    If they’re paying you to receive a product, then “you are the product” without any reservations!
    Apparently 53% of the employees are vaccinated. The government is offering a substantial bonus to get that number higher. Despite how many people have died so far. Three that I know of personally… Many others are missing or out on FLMA. Most of the people who test positive recently did so just after the shot. That’s right, they got Covid from the shot suggesting that there is a bait and switch or very serious problems with quality control. (Japan thinks so)
    The new CDC guidelines specify that if you die before 14 days after receiving your second dose, you are not considered vaccinated. They are going back through former Deaths to eliminate a considerable amount of them that died immediately after vaccination. (most deaths are considered coincidence)
    Cooking the books again.

  • Roger Brimstone

    No Problem bean bag, show me your green card and I’ll show you my vax card.

  • Gary H

    “No Problem bean bag, show me your green card and I’ll show you my vax card.”

    Pretty offensive language. I’m quite conservative and not easily offended, but this post made it to that level.

  • Vetmike

    Okay, when is enough enough? We’ve been told so many lies that it is difficult to discern the truth. Follow the science, except when the science doesn’t agree with the State’s objectives. Follow the Executive Orders because we know what is best for you, except they are taking advice from people with an agenda of their own. How much do we really know about Fauci and the Chinese; the Bidens and the Chinese or the seventy odd CCP members who sit on the boards of ‘American’ companies? How can you trust any of the ‘experts’ when scientists who disagree with the Party Line are fired, have their research repressed or are even harassed and threatened? There is no honest debate anymore, you are wrong and I am right. Science is repeatable results; I give you Vitamin C, you don’t get scurvy. I take away all sources of Vitamin C, you get scurvy. If you give a very large number of people a drug to treat an illness and that illness disappears from your society, then you are faced with a choice. Do I just call this a ‘coincidence’? Do I call it black magic? Or do I acknowledge the results and try to determine cause and effect while also treating patients. After all, we have large sample size so we have a rough idea of risk/benefit. Let me look for the ‘why/how does this work’ while treating patients with a drug that clearly helps. Anything less is unethical and tantamount to murder by omission.

  • Cotour


    Pretty soon when everything is equal, when the Democrat party machine and the RINO Republicans have fulfilled the Globalist / Socialist agenda and have successfully redistributed the population of the planet in the manner that serves their power and control agenda best there will be no longer a need to come to America.

    And the truth that you seek will once again be apparent to all American. Only that truth will be a disturbing truth.

    All Americans exist in a kind of fantasy and all of this dishonesty, lies, fraud and corruption in their minds exists somewhere else and not in their world. Well the real world is being delivered to America and those Americans who live in that fantasy world they are so comfortably, albeit temporarily immersed in.

    All of this political confusion and chaos in the media in America has a strategic purpose to, as a now very famous and very, very wealthy ex president once so proudly and confidently proclaimed was his prime directive to “Fundamentally Change America”.

  • Sorry, but I actually support this. If a property owner wants to impose conditions for access to his property, that should be his right – and was until the various “civil rights” laws kicked in.

    This is no different than “Bake my gay wedding cake!” It’s just a different group of people.

  • Cotour

    Q: What about those who lived within the property for 10 years before Covid? paid their rent on time, were excellent neighbors etc.

    What would you to propose to do about those “Unclean” and currently un vaccinated humans? Have them removed from their apartments by force? (This is the slippery slope you are proposing)

    And what about those who already have had the virus and survived it and have a more robust immunity to the virus than those with the vaccine who live in the apartment complex?

    Fact: Today, if you were double vaccinated in Israel you are 6.7 times more likely to become re infected with Covid. Did you know that?

  • Zorrilla asserted that Alvarez’s policy does not violate DeSantis’ ban because a tenant is not a “patron” or “customer.”
    A tenant is the most essential/ BASIC definition of a customer!

  • Cotour

    Customer: Def: “a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.”

    Your not buying goods or services from a store or business, you are contracting for a place to live and raise your family. A place to live in safety and security. This is fundamental to being an American.

    Renting an apartment is NOT buying goods or services.

    What you are all proposing is a moment in time where those in the apartment complex will feel justified in causing violence and mayham against their fellow renters. And that ultimately is the over arching goal of the Democrat and RINO Republican agenda of control.

    Chaos is being used as a political weapon.

    Tension and fear, fear and tension.

  • Cotour

    What has IMO the false sense of security the exclusive promotion of the several mRNA and waning vaccines accomplished?

    What is going on in Israel will probably be happening in America in about 60 days or so.

    Be prepared.

  • Vince

    So then, the woman, by her own admission, is saying that the vaccines DON’T WORK. Interesting.

  • pzatchok

    I am starting see evidence of the Stanford prison experiments in America today.

    Think of the right and left as prisoners and guards.

    The left(guards) are given power over the right(prisoners). They are given this power by not being stopped when they do something small and petty against the right.
    The more they are allowed to do the more they will try to do.

    Expect things to get worse. They are trying to use the law against their opponents as a form of justification that they are correct and the right is wrong.

    This is not just with Covid but with everything. Black vs white left vs right. lbgtqrsv vs hetero. Democrat vs republican. Male vs female.

  • Edward

    markedup2 wrote: “This is no different than ‘Bake my gay wedding cake!’ It’s just a different group of people.

    Except that the bakery was perfectly willing to bake the cake. They were not willing to participate in the wedding, which was the demand upon them.

    In this case, the customer is not trying to force the business to participate in not being vexxed.

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson & Akira The Don
    “Tarantulas” ?️ (2018)

    “When they call themselves the Good and the Just, do not forget that they would be Pharisees… if only they had – power!”

  • Cotour


    This is how crazy.

    Professor Christian Perronne, former W.H.O. expert on immunization:

    “Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants and transmitted. It’s been proven in different countries so vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and should be isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others. It’s proven in Israel now, where I’m in contact with many physicians in Israel. They’re having big problems now; severe cases in hospitals are among vaccinated people. And in the UK also, you had a larger vaccination program and also there are problems.”

    “But for ivermectin, there were randomized studies, and now it’s been proven. And in India now, it’s spectacular. In the Indian states where they widely used ivermectin, the success was huge, and in the states of India where they didn’t use ivermectin but they were inoculating with this so-called “vaccine”, it was a catastrophe.”

    “To think that ivermectin is toxic is completely stupid: hundreds of millions, maybe billions of people in the world have taken ivermectin for diseases, for filariasis and so on. So it’s a very well-known product. No, it works; it’s completely proven.“

    Crazy and getting crazier.

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