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Blacklisted Americans fight back

And clowns should not be running the schools
And the clowns must be fired, now!

Today’s blacklist column will be a surprisingly optimistic one (though I fully admit that I might be fooling myself), based on two stories that appeared in the press yesterday.

First, there was this story out of Virginia, where a new Christian private school with an initial capacity for 500 students received in less than a week more than 2,500 applications from parents.

Loudoun County has been the subject of so much controversy, that Pastor Gary knew there would be a demand locally. What he didn’t expect is to hear from parents in at least 27 states eager for their children to attend.

Cornerstone has been inundated with inquiries, and not just from parents. Teachers want out of public schools too. “By the end of the week, we had over 2,500 students pre-registered. I got over 450 emails from teachers wanting employment.” [emphasis mine]

The school, Cornerstone Christian Academy, is in Loudoun County, where the local government school board has been aggressively promoting the queer and Marxist agendas while enforcing irrational mask policies on little kids.

The enthusiastic response from both parents and teachers strongly indicates that the public has finally become conscious of the leftist and queer policies of too many local school boards, and will no longer tolerate it. It also suggests that there is not only sufficient demand for the establishment of many more private schools, both religious and secular, there will be plenty of qualified teachers available to run them.

Nor is this private religious school the only one that has opened in Loudoun County. One year ago a Christian high school, dubbed Evergreen Christian School, opened in Leesburg. Though small, with only 50 students initially, it expects to grow quickly.

This movement to private schools will likely accelerate nationwide, not just because of the intransigence of leftist-dominated government school boards and the growing demand from parents for sane alternatives. It appears that state legislatures are beginning to take action to encourage it. In Arizona for example, the governor signed into law last week a bill that expands school choice to all parents, with full subsidies from the state. According to this article,

The Arizona Legislature on Friday night answered Ducey’s call, passing a bill to expand eligibility for the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (also known as education savings accounts or ESAs) to all K-12 students. Once signed into law, Arizona will reclaim its title as the state with the “most expansive ESA” policy in the nation.

Empowerment Scholarship Accounts empower families with the freedom and flexibility to customize their child’s education. Arizona families can currently use ESAs to pay for private school tuition, tutoring, textbooks, homeschool curriculums, online courses, educational therapy, and more. The ESAs are funded with 90% of the state portion of Arizona’s per-pupil funding, including the additional funds for students with special needs.

In other words, the bill levels the playing field for private schools. No longer will parents have to pay twice to send their kids to private schools — once in taxes for the public schools they no longer want to use and again for the tuition in the private schools they prefer. Now parents can take the money the government budgets for schools and choose the school on which to spend it. Guaranteed funding for government schools will cease. As attendance drops in the badly run schools, so will their funding, until they either change or go out of business.

While no state has yet passed a law as extensive as Arizona’s, similar laws have been appearing more and more across the country. The new schools in Virginia described above are only going to encourage more such laws.

The second hopeful story from yesterday has to do with the political pressure to force such changes. A survey of election results halfway though this primary season has found that the number of incumbents defeated at the polls has risen 65%.

Across the 26 states that have held primaries so far, 132 incumbents—27 Democrats and 105 Republicans—have lost. This represents a 65% increase from 2020 among these states. This increase has been driven by Republican losses, which are up 98% from 53 in 2020. For Democrats, the number defeated this year remains the same.

While loyal partisan Democrats continue to blindly endorse the disastrous status quo, partisan Republicans have apparently had enough, and are throwing out Republican incumbents with enthusiasm, with most of those incumbents uni-party members, Republicans in name only who promise conservative changes but then work closely with Democrats to betray those promises once in office. Many of the victors in these races have also been Trump-endorsed, indicating that the voters see his allies as more trustworthy and likely to follow through with their campaign promises, just as Trump did.

What this trend suggests — as indicated by both stories above — is that we can expect fewer back-stabbers like Romney and Cornyn in the Republican Party. The party appears to be growing a spine, because its supporters are demanding it. If the November midterms produce as large a victory for Republicans as all polls now indicate, the newly elected members of that party will likely not be much interested in compromise or deal-making with what is now a radically communist Democratic Party. If anything, we should expect some very blunt legislation and budgets cuts, all designed to end support of programs near and dear to the hearts of Democrats, from education to climate change.

As I said earlier, however, in coming to this positive conclusion I am letting my natural optimism leak out from behind my learned pessimism. According to recent history, it is more likely the spine of these new Republicans will melt like Jello the first time some bigoted Democrat accuses them falsely of “racism” or “white supremacy.”

Since such charges have been blatantly false and slanderous now for decades, the correct response should have been to laugh uproariously and ignore them. Sadly, the cowardly Republicans in office have almost never done this, until Donald Trump came along. The defeat of so many Republican incumbents this year suggests that maybe his example is energizing a new generation of Republicans, no longer willing to bow in fear of these false charges.

We can only hope.

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  • We can only hope
    From your keyboard to G*d’s monitor. It would be very nice to at least start to solve this mess by voting.

  • Col Beausabre

    I am nowhere near as optimistic as Bob about the schools. Maybe I just have a darker and more devious mind. What subjects are taught in private schools and the home will be mandated by Left and union (same thing really) dominated State Boards of Education and will include Queer Studies and CRT among others and you will obey or be shut down or forced to send your kids to schools that do obey, respectively. If you try to resist, you will be declared an unfit parent and child abuser and your children will be removed from your home and placed under the “protection” of Child Protective Services.

  • Col Beausabre

    Herman Fisher, of Fisher Price was a fellow Penn State Alum and a strong supporter of the College of Education. I think he would be appalled not only at the state of education in this country but with our “woke” Alma Mater as well as the company he co-founded (A game built around cross-dressing queers is appropriate for children. On what planet)

  • Col Beausabre: I really am not that optimistic. However, I saw these stories, and they seemed to provide a crack in the darkness that brings some hope. And trust me, writing these depressing blacklist columns every day is wearying. Doing one that signals some hope brings some relief, especially for someone like myself who at heart is an optimist, and sees so little reason to be optimistic these days.

  • Hey, School Boards!

    There are a lot more People than there are of you. And awakened giants tend to be filled with terrible resolve.

  • m d mill

    Voucher based schooling (and the resulting competition) has always been the best way to go, without question. And its effect would be the most profound in the inner city
    disaster zones. But the Democratic party has the black vote in its pocket, and the Teachers Unions have the Democratic party in their pocket.
    Even the Welfare State of Sweden allows any parent to fund their selected private school this way, which no Democrat knows or would acknowledge.
    Unfortunately, I know many conservative republicans that are loath to move away from Publicly administered education, although recent events have been changing minds. We can only vote and hope

  • Col Beausabre

    Don’t want to tell you so, but I TOLD YOU SO! Didn’t take them much time did it…..
    “Judge Blocks Massive School Choice Law In West Virginia”

  • Col Beausabre

    “For those celebrating the victory for school choice in Arizona this week, this news should serve as an ominous warning. Even in Arizona, groups are already pledging to file suit against the school voucher law. If things play out similarly as they have in West Virginia, school choice may not become a universal reality after all. “

  • Just one question for the school-choice opponents: “Why?”

    Their response will outline the weakness of the their position, and then you just take it apart.

  • Phillip Brisco

    The voucher thingy in AZ. is not as big a thing as you think it is. For several decades the money has followed the students, so many students have attended private and private charters, with the state paying the education. Where this makes a big difference, is that this money is now available for schooling expenses (including home schooling) outside of what what the state normally pays. I don’t see that it will make all that much difference to most students. But it is a slap in the face to the NEA, which isn’t all that popular here in AZ. Especially ever since the “go red” teacher’s strike a few years ago.

  • Frank

    To the pessimistic: remember that it took the Left sixty-plus years to make their long march through the institutions after WW2, and at least that long to plan and train their agents of change beforehand. It will take nearly as long to win the institutions back. In the meantime, we keep fighting, passing laws where we can, fighting the lawsuits, working to regain control of the GOP and the school districts at the grass roots, and teaching our kids the truth as and whenever we can. There will be no easy wins and no rest. And even if we do all these things, there may yet be a Civil War 2 in the not-so-United States. If you’re not armed with, and trained to shoot, both handguns and long guns, you are best advised to do both, and soon.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:


    Dr. McHonHonk (He is a doctor) spells out what is more than likely coming soon, should arrive around September or October of 2022?

    * Will it be a newly mutated and much more transmissible and dangerous Covid strain?
    * Will it be a newly mutated Monkeypox variant?
    * Or will it be the terrifying Marburg virus out of the dark heart of Africa that Dr. McHonkHonk has been so diligently working in his laboratories on?
    * Or will it be an ancient prehistoric virus released into the modern world because of the “Melting” glaciers around the world?

    Stay tuned because it is essential to all concerned that these steps be taken for the good of *YOU* as an individual and the planet and the new world government paradigm. Remember, in the future “You will own nothing, and you will be happy” as per those in the World Economic Forum, the rightful mangers of the planet earth.

    The big pharma mRNA technology has now been concept proven in a forced mass human real time biological / DNA experiment and is now the standard for all of humanity and will be from time to time mandated be injected into all concerned by those who now lead the world for the good of all and “Equity”.

    So, be compliant in regard to instructions given to you by the “Experts” like those in your government, the W.H.O. and the CDC and your media censors and do as you are instructed, and all will be OK for *YOU*. Insist on objective information and choice and refuse or resist and it is today unknown what might happen to your ability to work and survive in this brave new world.–~D

  • GWB

    until they either change or go out of business.
    They will never go entirely out of business. Not as long as there are poor parents – not lacking wealth but wisdom – there will always be a demand for the state to do the educating.

    Also, with gov’t funding, you can expect private school tuition to grow. And with no public school to determine how much each kid should “cost”, this would take place on the absurd scale we’ve seen with colleges the last dozen years.

  • However, I saw these stories, and they seemed to provide a crack in the darkness that brings some hope.

    Bob, we’ve been seeing these cracks in other places as well, involving attempts at indoctrinating students in public schools. Southlake, TX and the states of Virginia and Florida come to mind. And federalism is now back in style … the fight for whose ideology will hold sway has moved into the states, where common sense is more common and the effects more direct.

    Given the political demographics of West Virginia, I foresee their constitution being revised in short order to revise the language this judge is using to do the bidding of the teachers’ unions and Progressive demagogues.

    The Left is beginning to experience how “it’s for the children”, like Alinsky’s Rules, can swing both ways. Their self-righteous hubris has blinded them to these conditions.

  • Col Beausabre

    And still more news on the education front
    “New Biden Title IX rules would use civil rights office…to strip civil rights from students”

  • wayne

    “Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris”

  • Cotour


    The extreme radical Left has turned on Joe Biden and now seeks to replace him. It’s all over but the cryin.

    The evidence: 7/8/22 Saturday Night Live: all in just 58 seconds.

    The only question remains: How will Joe “realize” that he is to retire?

    Joe is over and is now an extreme liability for the extreme radical Left and the Democrat party machine and you know that for a fact when Saturday Night live unambiguously turns on the doddering and clearly incompetent political puppet and facade Democrat tool president.

    By, by Joe, it will not be long now.×–~D

  • GWB observed: “Also, with gov’t funding, you can expect private school tuition to grow. And with no public school to determine how much each kid should “cost”, this would take place on the absurd scale we’ve seen with colleges the last dozen years.”

    How right you are. Education and Health Care are two areas with massive Government (your) funding, and no relationship between demand and supply, because everybody gets everything as long as they vote for the right people. It is fantasy, made real, for a time, but the Universe will demand it’s due. It’s never pretty.

  • Col Beausabre

    Remember, Conservatives are the party of hate and bigotry “West Virginians mourn desecration of church and monument to Appalachia’s early immigrants”. Much as I admire Salena Zito, burning a church to the ground is beyond “descecration” The comments of those who mock religion and approve of this act are beyond sickening – and these are the same people who would scream to high heaven when some black church or mosque is attacked. (Synagogues are on the hit list, too – because of ‘the racist, Zionist entity oppressng the noble Palestinians), I do not practice religion, but do not mock those that do or think I am better than they because I do not.

  • Col Beausabre

    Two parting thoughts 1) Can you say “Kristalnacht”, kiddies 2) The Left has been telling everyone they intended to do this, where are our worthless DOJ, FBI, Homeland Security….Off conducting show trials in DC. But what do I know, I am a member of this country’s most dangerous element – white veterans.

  • Cotour

    Its all related:

    WHAT YOU DO NOT GET, SHORT AND SWEET (Copy and share with any American)

    What is it that you do not get about what you see going on in your community and our country regarding politics, law enforcement and your family being safe and prosperous?

    Politicians in power are afraid to do their job because they fear the extreme radical, “Progressive” Left (D) in politics and the prospects for their future and fortune. PERIOD!

    What do I mean by that? Example: Mayor Eric Adams who is clearly being held hostage by the majority “Progressive” (D) legislature in New York State and their refusal to revisit their disastrous social engineering agenda known as “No bail no jail” laws that require violent gun toting criminals shooting up the streets their freedom because they were mainly young men of color. The mayor has been made impotent and irrelevant and just symbolic; he has been short circuited. And that is the problem in a nutshell, no muss no fuss. Be confused no more, now you get it.

    And that social engineering agenda is formulated by those on the radical “Progressive” Left (D) who propose that because the Founders of America were primarily white men of Judeo Christian and Western civilization roots and some of them in fact owned slaves and made the laws that have oppressed todays primarily young men of color. That is their foundation argument and justification for the irrational politics and lack of law enforcement that you see before you. And like most arguments that the radical Left makes there are nuggets of truth to their argument. But they are just nuggets, the radical Left proposes that the country self-suicide in order to be recast it in their more informed and more “Equal” manner. And that is irrational.

    Mayor Adams (D), just like the newly resigned Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, Boris Johnson who was elected as a Conservative but executed his office as a Liberal both fear not the consequences that dog them today in the short term, they fear the long-term consequences to their future fortunes and political prospects if they were to properly and fearlessly execute the fiduciary responsibilities of their office. Again, short, sweet and to the core of the problem. They both fear the long-term consequences of the radical, “Progressive” (D), Globalist agenda. This political fear is worldwide and not just local.

    The fear of the radical, “Progressive” Left (D) also extends to the governor of New York State as it extends to the many others who are politically empowered who fear the grass roots radical, “Progressive”, Leftist (D) agenda in the country and the world.

    Mayor Adams? He needs to be reelected and also sees himself as a future presidential candidate? Not if he presides over the death of NYC. But that is the track he is on. The radical Left is sacrificing him, and he is allowing it by not fighting the good fight.

    Boris Johnson? You may see him evolve into some very well-paid and rewarded EU type official and participate in the bureaucracy that rules over the European Union?

    Governor Hochel? She needs the radical Left “Progressives” to be elected governor. Remember she is just a place holder currently because of the resignation of her boss the disgraced Andrew Cuomo who’s place she took. She believes that her long-term fortunes are tied to the “Progressive” radical Left (D). And she is probably correct seeing that she also refuses to fight the good fight. But she is also to be sacrificed.

    And conversely both mayor Adams and governor Hochel would guarantee their reelection by the people if they were to cast aside the Lefts political social engineering requirements and just fearlessly do their jobs and execute their fiduciary responsibilities. But fearlessness in politics takes some real balls. True leadership takes real balls.

    But with that risk taking can come great rewards, which neither apparently will be enjoying because they are but place holders for the radical “Progressive” Left and not in any way shape of form are they actual leaders. Two very different things. Did I say short and sweet?–~D

  • Cotour

    Here, Boris Johnson surrenders his alleged Conservative principles:

    Why? Because he was focused IMO on his long-term future interests in regard to the Leftist / Globalist / New World Order Build Back Broke agenda and not his fiduciary responsibilities.

    Cringe Johnson as he panders to his Leftist betters: Painful to watch.

    He has surrendered his Priministership (A new word apparently?) in his future financial interests IMO.

    And if he did not play the game and surrender his strong Conservative principles and not speak like a weak and controlled ASS?

    He would be cancelled and ostracized and would never again make a living.

    This is clear to me, Boris like most all empowered or aspirational politicians have come to the same conclusion and they are talking like asses out of fear for their own interests. Pure Personal Strategy.

    What a disgrace!

  • Cotour

    And what is it that underpinnes the empowered or aspirational politician’s existential financial fears for their future prospects?

    What was and is being done to D.J. Trump and anyone who dares support his America First Agenda?

    I do not know if Trump actually understood what a threat he and his plain spoken and simple Make America Great Again agenda was to represent to those who opposed him in the Democrat party and on the radical Left that now dominates them. Trump knows now as do all others the radical Left will use that extreme fear factor to their advantage. They are in real terms ruthless. (This is warfare)

    They are attempting to use fear as opposed to argument and persuasion against those in the Supreme Court, and they use it world wide against anyone who stands against them. Its how they fight the political warfare.

    I have said “up to and including murder”, and I stand by that judgement they prove the point every day.

    Just the other day a talking head on Meet The Press said regarding the chances that Trump runs again and what they were going to do about it: “The only hope we have is Trump’s death”.

    And do you think that a statement like that is not designed to stir the crazy pot and produce fear in the hearts of those who would dare stand against the radical Left and the Globalist tyranny? See: Shinzo Abe. See Jesus on the cross, both martyrs.

    Up to and including murder, if they can’t beat you honestly, they will lie and pervert the process and if they have to they will suggest the ultimate penalty if you oppose them. By any means necessary means by any means.

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