What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now!

I think this video clarifies perfectly the policies of our state and federal governments as well as the advice of all of their experts concerning the Wuhan flu. If we would only do what they tell us, all would be fine!

It also illustrates why we as citizens should simply begin living our lives normally, telling them to go to hell.

Shashi Tharoor – Is Your Vocabulary Up to Mark?

An evening pause: This is entertaining, in that it demonstrates the ability of English to absorb an endless number of words, even words that are absolutely ridiculous. Most of these words are unknown because they are hard to say and their meaning can be stated more efficiently and simply using normal vocabulary. I must also add that Tharoor is a Indian politician from the socialist Congress Party, now the minority party in India with the rise the present conservative government under President Modi.

I am therefore not surprised that he is skilled with using big words that can help him obfuscate his meaning, while making him seem erudite.

Hat tip Diane Wilson.

Liberace – Malaguena

An evening pause: Stay with it, because after the music Liberace and Sammy Davis do some comedy and a dance number that is pure light-hearted entertainment, the kind of thing that was normal on television in the 1960s, and now seems so difficult for modern performers to achieve.

Hat tip Tom Biggar.

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