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Leftist election terrorism

They’re coming for you next: The level of hatred and insanity coming from the partisan left has in the past two years steadily moved from mere vicious hyperbole to increasing violence. The upcoming midterm elections is now fueling this increase in violence, as seen by these stories from yesterday:

The first two stories were generated mostly by Twitter threats, a sewer of such vicious evil. They might not result in violence, but such leftist threats on Twitter are definitely becoming more common. And interestingly, even as Twitter is shutting down conservative speech it seems to have little problem with death threats against conservatives.

The third story however is more worrisome. It is part of a pattern where the insane over-the-top statements by Democratic Party elected officials is fueling a hatred among those who are less than stable themselves, resulting in acts of violence. Nor is this the only story recently where an unstable person attacked something or someone because they were perceived as conservative.

And the craziness on the left shows no signs of letting up, as indicated by the decision of leftist Las Vegas professor to shoot himself in the arm “in protest of President Donald Trump.” Though I have no evidence to support this theory, it appears to me from the story that he might have planned on suicide, but chickened out.

I am very worried that in the next two months we will see at least one attack against Republicans similar to the attempted mass murder last year of Republican congressmen at a charity baseball practice. In fact, I fear that such violence is almost certain.


Leftist thugs harass conservative black woman and white man eating lunch

They’re coming for you next: Two of the leaders of the conservative Turning Point USA, Candace Owen and Charlie Kirk, were harassed today in Philadelphia by leftist antifa protesters, with one throwing a liquid on Kirk.

Police were required to prevent the protesters from getting violent.

It must be noted the Owens is black and Kirk is white. It appears that the leftists have a problem with them eating together. In fact, somehow this black activist is in favor of “white supremacy” according to these protesters.

This has only just begun. Should the Democrats make gains in the November elections, expect them to throw a great deal of financial support to these thugs, empowering them to do more violence against anyone who dissents from the leftist Democratic power structure.