3rd largest insurer begins retreat from Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: Aetna, the nation’s third largest health insurer and faced with $300 million in loses, has decided against expanding its participation in the Obamacare exchanges.

They also announced that they are re-evaluating their entire participation in the remaining exchanges.

In related news, Obamacare rates are likely to go up from 23% to 45% in Illinois, and 17.3% in Michigan.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the situation covered. We’re going to vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats, the people that gave us this failed law. They’ll surely fix it!



  • chris

    You think health care is expensive now, wait till you see how much it costs when it is free. :0

  • wayne

    -With Aetna’s announcement, this makes all *5* of the nations top insurer’s, who have recently reported massive losses within the “exchanges,” and an intent to get out of them, as much as they can, going forward.
    -Individual State affiliates of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield organization as well, as Mr. Z has covered previously, have also reported similar losses & future intentions.

    -As well, in Michigan in particular, BC/BS manages a majority of Medicare “medi-gap,” policies. By prior agreement with the State of Michigan and the Feds, BC/BS policy prices were frozen for the past 10+ years, –the agreement ends on January 1st 2017, and by all reports BC/BS intends to raise those prices 100%, and has already begun notifying policy holders.

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