A Florida judge has ruled that it is illegal to live completely off the grid.

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Freedom dies: A Florida judge has ruled that it is illegal to live completely off the grid.

The judge stated that a woman, who has been trying to live without using any utilities, has to reconnect her water line, though she won’t be forced to use it. He also admitted that the law is outdated and should be changed. This quote however is revealing.

The widow and former real estate agent now has two choices. She can either restore her hookup to the water system by the end of March or appeal Eskin’s ruling to the courts. It is not known what action the city will take but city officials told Fernandez that they would be willing to let Speronis stay in her home if conditions are “sanitary.” At the hearing, Eskin noted that city officials have not actually been in Speronis’s home to make that determination.

It is so nice the government is “willing to let her stay in her home.”




  • wade

    I spent a great deal of my life in Florida and up to a few years ago, owned a dwelling that i no longer had time or expense to maintain. I believe the water source hook up law goes back to the mid ’60s as a legal act to squelch roadside squatters from living in broke down automobiles along the roadside.

  • Cotour

    So now there are two mandated things that a naturally born human being born an American must do to remain a law abiding citizen and not run afoul of the law.

    1. You must own a healthcare insurance policy


    2. You must have a hookup to utilities?

  • Cotour

    That actually makes sense, I am not so sure that it applies in this case though, this is an existing home.

  • mpthompson

    To be fair, I believe there are details in this story that are missing. It seems the woman’s home was connected to the sewer line which she was indeed using. In her area it seems payment for sewer services is attached to the water bill. Therefore, by not paying for a water connection meant she was able to avoid paying for sewer services for a number years. Without payment her sewer service was capped which enabled the city to declare her property “uninhabitable” for unsanitary conditions.

    The obvious answer is to fix the billing issue that allows a person to use sewer services without a water connection, but there is more to this story than local government harassing a person for simply living off the grid.

  • wade

    good point. Yet, the reference within the article as to “living off the grid” also reminds me of the Required law of an electrical utility hook-up Even when your dwelling is self sufficient through solar and wind and /or other power supply.

  • wade

    Well there is A Lot more . As in, when we die, we are not dead until a government official declares us dead and our family members Must abide by Federal Regulated burial methods and Approved agencies

  • wade

    My “over-all” thought and point stated in regards to the news story is in fact ; IF they have a Reason to or Interest to strip You of everything that you worked for and Saved, then our Federal Government can and will. We are Property to Them. So there in , any , Any property we Acquire through out our Lives is actually Borrowed even if we made On-time Payments and was handed a Title or Deed.

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