A review of Trump’s current cabinet picks

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Link here. Despite being a CNN article, the review is reasonable and fair-minded, though it tends to see these picks as more conservative than they are. Overall, however, I would agree with the analysis, except that I see Trump’s cabinet, heavily dominated by businessmen, as leaning more towards practical management than conservative ideology.



  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    What is Rex Tillerson’s Philosophy?

    >Low-energy Jeb, smiles.

  • wayne

    Mark Levin:
    7 questions Rex Tillerson must answer before he is confirmed

  • LocalFluff

    Diplomacy requires good relationships. Since the US and Russia are natural allies that have no conflicts of interest, Russia is very useful as a balance against China and against islamic government leaders in the communist Western Europe. Most humiliatingly, the US has totally lost all of the Middle East to Russia/Iran (who now include Turkey and Egypt in their gang, aside from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen while Saudi Arabia fails hard and fast from insanely self-destructive policies). The only rational US policy for the Middle East is to isolate the region with total trade blockade and focus on regions where not everyone hates and despises the US. US and Russia have the win-win option to split up Europe between them. The worst threat against the US is that all of Western Europe now is very quickly becoming a second Middle East with eternal wars between stone age terror tyrants. Islamic terrorists trying to take power in European governments have total support of all incumbent governments, all mass media, the police, all European military operations and of a huge majority of ordinary Europeans who vote for keep on accelerating the transformation of Europe to a copy of today’s Syria. They call it “feminism”.

    One has to realize that Russia has won a total victory in the Middle east. The US has the largest economy and the largest military of all countries, by far. Still they got totally defeated by the least productive people in the world, the primitive arabs. How humiliating isn’t that? But it is done and foreign policy must of course accept the reality. Israel should be given free hands to secure their land through mass deportations.

  • wayne

    LocalFluff– when have the Russian’s been friends of the USA? (I’m fuzzy on Russian history, pre-1900 but I don’t recall them ever being “nice to us.”) I don’t get, for what reason, they would be “our natural ally.”
    What’s up with the German’s? Can you enlighten me from your perspective?
    (They’ve turned into a nation of cowards, or something.)

  • LocalFluff

    The Germans were castrated when the US and Soviet were best friends 1917-1945. Similar friendship between the US and Russia should have even more opportunities now that Russia is led by the intelligent and very successful Putin, who has no ideology but is a pragmatic who wants to maximize his cash flow.

    World politics today is all about stealing as much as one can from Western Europe, since there exists no kind of will or defense to check such activities in WE. It is free for all. The islamists are extremely stupid and inefficient, but since there does not exist any kind of resistance, they are winning very big very quickly in WE now. An islamic terrorist is like a holy cow in India. Totally immune. He has all of WE’s military, police, media, politicians, bureaucrats, donors, all churches and school teachers and a huge majority of voters and ordinary people on his side. WE governments are quickly succeeding in establishing more and more islamic colonies in their most important cities. Areas where islamic law rules and were islamic terror armies are being trained and armed, fully financed by the tax payers. Almost all Europeans want this and will continue to do whatever they can to promote it. There exists no kind of mechanism which even in theory could put a brake on this development, even if the will suddenly changed (which it never will, see the Middle East, everyone loves stone age tyranny there, huge majorities voted for tyranny in Algeria, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, never did any majority of arabs anywhere vote for something else than their stone age terror tyranny), it doesn’t matter because the institutions which could’ve stopped have been abolished. The islamists are so many more, so much better organized, so much better armed and have so much a better tactics than the domestic police and soldiers in Europe. And most importantly, there exists no will in Western Europe to stop becoming a copy of today’s Syria. The will is to suffer like Jesus on the cross. To sacrifice oneself to the islamic terrorists. Every new mass murder of innocent civilians is a celebrated liberation from the evil of life and civilization and a justice against “racist” Western values.

    There are great German business people around, with a healthy fortune too. But it is inconceivable that any of them would step forward like Trump has done. There is no competition in politics or media in Europe. At least the US has a two party system and Fox News. The most crucial difference is that in the US the parties allow for outsiders to come in (like Sanders and Trump). In Europe parties are closed sects and a lifetime career completely isolated from the rest of society. No new people and no new ideas are ever allowed to enter the system. It is like the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin. All politicians then did nothing but reciting quotes from Marx, Lenin and Stalin until their inabilities made Soviet collapse. There exists no kind of intelligence or ideas or potential in European politics anymore. Repeating the same old lies makes the easily enslaved population feel safe and content. Western Europe is unruled territory, up for grabs for anyone in the world. Just like Trump came from nowhere and easily outsmarted the entire media/political establishment (although he did have the luxury of a two party system to begin with).

  • Mitch S

    I do enjoy listening to Levin but there are times his crankiness gets downright silly.
    I know he’s upset because Trump appointed someone other than Ted Cruz to be Sec State. And Trump didn’t appoint Ted Cruz to be chief of staff or Ted Cruz to be Sec Def or Ted Cruz to DHS or Ted Cruz…
    Ok Levin’s OK with Jeff Sessions, and I’m sure he’s be OK if Ted Cruz was passed over and the slot went to Mark Levin.

    Just a bit of news in case Levin missed it. Ted Cruz was not elected, Donald Trump was.
    Yes, Trump, the same guy Cruz supporters were sure was a Dem plant to guarantee Hillary’s victory.
    Guess what, the plan failed and Trump was the one who kept Hillary out of the Presidency.
    Sure it’s important to be watchful, and good to offer opinion and guidance, but this aggravated wringing of hands, the sense that if it isn’t pure it’s worthless, is unproductive negativity.
    Listen to Oddball….why don’t you dig how beautiful it is without the Clintons, why don’t you say something hopeful as well as righteous for a change?


  • wayne

    Mitch S.
    Good stuff.

    We’re Pulling Out And Pushing Forward

  • Wayne

    hopeful, as well as righteous–

    Grapes of Wrath
    “Them’s two for a penny…”

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