Another balanced rock!

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A new balanced rock

Cool image time! The image to the right, cropped to show here, was taken by Curiosity’s mast camera this week as it surveys the upcoming terrain so that scientists can choose its route. It shows another balanced rock that is far more unbalanced than the one the rover passed last week.

In reviewing the survey images, I am not exactly sure whether this rock is located along Curiosity’s future route, as I have not been able to locate it in any of the panorama images the rover has taken. If it is in the gap they are aiming for, then we shall soon see some additional close-ups. If not, then we will have to content ourselves with some other views that, when you think about it, are really just as good.



  • Localfluff

    I suppose that it is the low gravity that makes these cliff hangers possible.

    They couldn’t form on the Moon because it has no atmosphere. Micrometeorites churn down a decimeter per ten million years, or something like that. The Moon’s surface is just meteoric dust. Many meters deep. But Mars is the ruins of a decaying ancient geology it once formed itself.

  • BSJ

    Layers, layers, everywhere you look!

    Are these supposed to be of wind blown deposits?

    Or volcanic or even water borne sedimentary..?

  • wodun

    To add something to the list of suspects, on Earth we get a similar looking layering from foliation.

  • ken anthony

    It’s all real estate, with enough to pay for ANY level of development… Sept 26th can’t come too soon.

    The value of that real estate, whatever the market determines it to be, should all go for transportation costs of colonists since they are the ones that will appreciate its value over time. A trust set up for this purpose solves the chicken or egg problem.

    The only reason this hasn’t already happened is because nobody owns mars and those that don’t, have no incentive to let others share in its wealth.

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