Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

Finding out what’s not in it: Another innocent patient, having lost his insurance due to Obamacare, is now threatened with death.

I cannot be more accurate. Read the story. The man is not getting treated because his policy was cancelled because of Obamacare.

Thank you Obama and the Democrats. I am so glad you care.

And there’s this horrible story of a disabled family now out of luck: “We did not put ourselves in this situation,” she told The Daily Caller. “The government put us in this situation.”

And we have only just begun. Stay tuned from more horror stories as Obamacare spreads its wings over the entire healthcare industry this year.

  1. ted says:

    What are the odds that Brick and the Daverts get a visit from the IRS?

  2. Question: For whom did he vote?

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