FIRE sues to end university speech codes

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Pushback: The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) today filed lawsuits against the speech codes at four universities.

Read the article. The specific examples are quite oppressive. For example:

At Citrus College in California, student Vincenzo Sinapi-Riddle is challenging three unconstitutional policies, including a free speech zone that the school already agreed to abolish after a 2003 lawsuit. Not only did Citrus College reinstitute its “Free Speech Area,” comprising a miniscule 1.37% of campus, but it also requires student organizations to undergo a two-week approval process for any expressive activity.



  • Huh. I was under the delusion that the entire US was a free speech zone.

  • You are exactly right, and that is why FIRE is suing. They have been trying to get universities to stop with these stupid “free speech zones” now for years, and have had some success. They are now pushing harder.

    It does appall me however that the worst form of totalitarian oppression to free speech can now be found most routinely in the academic world, the one place where open-mindedness and the free market of ideas should be honored the most. Such a situation does not bode well for our future.

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