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Push back: Major exhibitors are pulling out of a outdoor trade show because the organizer decided to ban some weapons and high capacity magazines.

  1. Steve C says:

    Ooh! Cabella pulled out? That’s going to leave a mark.

  2. jwing says:

    “Either we hang together or surely we will all be hanged separately” This is a line from Benjarmin Franklin in the musical 1776. I don’t know if Franklin is attributed with actually saying it but I love it anyway. The movie 1776 is worth renting if you’ve never seen it.

    What was true over 200 years ago still holds true today….lest we forget it.

    Tyranny has no age.

    • Most commonly attributed to Franklin.

  3. Pzatchok says:

    Sort of odd about Cabela’s. They stopped selling AR’s when this gun grab started..
    Maybe they are rethinking that decision. I bet it cost them about a million in possible profits in the last three weeks.And possibly a few customers who they might be trying to get back.

    Overall though I think this is great. There is no need to restrict the products the vendors are bringing in. Its not like the gun grabbers have a chance of stopping the show or stopping the people from coming.

  4. Steve C says:

    Ruger and Outdoor Channel have pulled out. Outdoor Channel was a sponsor.

  5. Steve C says: has a list of vendors who have dropped out. 233 out at this point

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