On the radio tonight

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For those interested, I will be doing a two hour appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noory tonight from 10 to midnight, talking about all the planetary missions going on, including New Horizons’ Pluto fly-by next week. Should be fun. Tune in if you can.



  • t-dub

    Love hearing you on Coast Robert!!!

  • Tim

    Please mention that Spacex (Elon) will share the findings of the cause of failure from CRS 7 by the end of this week.
    By the way… Have you had a tour of the Facilities in Hawthorne yet?
    If no, please reply.

  • Nope, I haven’t had a tour of Hawthorne yet. Would love to.

  • Jonathan Acker

    Great interview last night on coast to coast! Very interesting.

  • Robert,
    I would enjoy giving you a personal tour, which I can.
    However, because of your support for SpaceX and being such an advocate, I will see if you can get one from or Promotions dept.
    I’m surprised you haven’t had one yet.
    I will keep you posted. I will give you one if it appears they will take too long!

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