• Chris Kirkendall

    Very interesting topic, Bob ! ! Will we find a transcript or video or audio of your talk somewhere?

    • Nope, no transcript or videotape will be made for this presentation. You’ve got to come.

      However, I did give this talk at the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2010 and I know they videotaped it. It would thus be in the archives at Goddard, though how someone who is not an NASA employee or at Goddard itself could access that tape.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    OK, well thanks anyway – sorry I can’t be there – as I said, very interesting topic. Maybe you’ve written articles on that subject or something similar…

    • I have written on this subject. A two part essay was published in Ad Astra in 2000 which was republished in a collection of essays in 2005 called Return to the Moon (see my bibliography), which is still in print.

      In addition, my masters thesis on early American colonial history specifically covered some of this material. At some point I must get that thesis in print, as it is long enough for a book and with the option of getting it put out as an ebook this would not be difficult.

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