Behind The Black Postings By Robert Zimmerman

For the next few days posting will be very light, as today I developed a detached retina in the right eye and will undergo treatment tomorrow to fix it. The doctor is optimistic, but I will be unable to sit and stare at the computer much after tomorrow’s procedure until probably Wednesday.

If all goes well I should resume posting on Wednesday, with a two hour appearance that night on Coast to Coast to discuss climate, environmentalism, and the corruption of science because of politics.

  1. Here in Honolulu we had the PROBOWL or baloney bowl cause Al Michaels kept raving about the weather until I decided to do something about it. I took a photo of my Acura MDX Info panel and sent it viral to JB Wells and Alex Jones! The high for Jan 26 2014 was at 4:27 HST WAS 69*F. Rain Wind a low of 64*F EVIDENTLY SOME NETWORK BIG WIG TOLD AL TO FESS UP SO HE REMOVED HIS ORANGE GLOW INSTATAN MAKEUP AND ADMITTED THOSE BIG WAVES AT THE SUNNY BEACH WERE DAYS OLD AND TODAYS WEATHER LIKE AL’S CAREER WERE AT AN OLD TIME LOW!!! GOTCHA AL! YOU LIVE BY THE LIE YOU DIE NY THE LIE ! BYE BYE! Tom

  2. Thunderbunny says:

    Ouch, I’m sorry to hear that Robert- I hope you come through the procedure ok and recover well.

    We need more ‘Climate Deniers’ like you around. (Being called a ‘Denier’ by the global warmist cult and/or fraudsters is a badge of honor in my book.)

    Here’s hoping you stay as healthy as your skepticism!

    - “TB”

  3. wodun says:

    Sorry to hear that, I hope you have a speedy recovery. Don’t worry about providing us with free ice cream, make sure you heal up and get rested.

  4. I’ve had a detached retina. It’s not fun. Prayer for a speedy recovery.

  5. wade says:

    and, the Government has infiltrated my computer security systems and are going through my Every corner of cyber space ,as I post this . I hope They are thrilled with their Findings of Nothing .

  6. John M. Egan says:

    Here’s hoping for a successful operation & a speedy recovery!

  7. Phil Berardelli says:

    Best wishes for a successful procedure and a speedy recovery, Robert. Hope you’re back in the saddle soon.

  8. Stu Harris says:

    Looking forward to your Wednesday C2C spot — hope you’re able to make it.


  9. Best wishes and speedy recovery, Robert.

    As an aside, it amazing testament to the advancement of medicine and technology that you can suffer a detached retina, an have it repaired to function within the span of a week.

  10. Dognort says:

    Hoping all goes well Robert, and I’m looking forward to your next posts!!

  11. Jake says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery. I enjoy your posts, and your segments on JB’s show.

  12. Orion314 says:

    I wish you well Robert. All the best.

  13. Ed says:

    Hope all goes well. I enjoy your blog and your appearances on Batchelor.

  14. Edward says:

    I worked with someone who also had a detached retina. He recovered and is well. I anticipate an equally happy recovery for you, too.

  15. D.K. Williams says:

    Take care of yourself, Bob.

  16. LTCStein says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Bob. We need you out here but take care of yourself first.

  17. Kelly Starks says:

    Had a scare of that myself a year or two back.

    Hope by the time you read this you are all back together and feeling (and seeing) better.

  18. danae says:

    Detached retinas are bad news. The good news is that prompt diagnosis and treatment point to an excellent outcome. Our thoughts will be with you tomorrow, and we look forward to hearing some global warming truths on Wednesday night. Best wishes!

  19. Richard says:

    I hope that you have a safe operation and a swift recovery.

  20. Lois Johnson says:

    Wishing you all the best Robert. I look forward to all your posts.

  21. Tim M says:

    Get better!

  22. Richard says:

    God speed, Bob.

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