Private Space wins the Race

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Last night the National Interest posted an op-ed written by me and drawn from my policy paper, Capitalism in Space.

The title is “Private Space wins the Race.”

More buzz is good. Feel free to comment there, if you have the time.



  • ralph muha

    Last night I happened to watch this movie (for the umpteenth time):

    (quoting from wiki) “The film’s premise is that U.S. private industry will mobilize, finance, and manufacture the first spacecraft to the Moon, while making the assumption that the U.S. government will then be forced to purchase or lease this new technology to remain the dominant power in space and on the Moon. Industrialists are shown cooperating to support the private venture.”

  • Dick Eagleson

    I had the time, Robert.

    I made the modest proposal that SLS-Orion either be re-engineered for maximum reusability, or killed.

  • Dick: You realize that Congress will look at your proposal and see a justification for re-engineering SLS, starting over and giving it $3 billion a year for the next decade to make it reusable. It won’t be reusable, but it will then exist as a jobs program for another decade.

    This is not what we want. We can’t give Congress a choice. They have to kill it, period.

  • Edward

    Calvin Dodge,
    Thank you for the link. I had not found the online version, but I have posted a comment.

    Reviewing the other comments, it seems that Pace’s opinion is not popular with the Space News readership. Then again, it is possible that Space News readers are some of the wishful thinkers with a “deep desire … to believe that a path to the stars exists independent of political and economic realities [from Pace’s Op-ed].”

  • Calvin Dodge

    And it’s also possible that Pace’s views are related to his Institute’s sponsors, almost all of whom have suffered mightily due to competition from SpaceX.

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