Russia cancels all Moon missions till 2025

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Faced with a shrinking budget and poor economic conditions, Russia has once again trimmed back its proposed ten-year space plan for the next decade in space, cancelling all Moon missions until after 2025.

Russian might now have a giant government-run aerospace corporation, but flying space missions is not really its primary task. Like all government agencies divorced from profit and loss, its primary task is really to provide pork barrel jobs, regardless of whether those jobs do anything useful or not. Thus, Russia will have a very expensive space program for the next decade, but the money spent will not accomplish much of anything new.



  • pzatchok

    I actually do not think Russia has a real goal in space.

    They will obviously keep putting satellites into orbit just for the military aspects ultimately.

    They will keep the Soyuz program running as long as the US is willing to pay them for flights.

    But other than that they have to purchase all their high tech from someone else, they do not have the advanced infrastructure to move ahead as fast as we do.

    They have no deep space program and obviously no lunar program.

    As soon as US private spaceflight can put men into orbit and obviously to the space station they will drop out of the “space race”.

    China is in better shape but they are moving to a full democracy soon, no matter what the Party thinks.
    Lets hope their transition is catastrophic for that nation. Not in a violent way but into smaller nations again. Their population mass is just scary.

  • wodun

    I think the Russians do have a plan, to tag along wherever we go and find some way for their government to get some money out of it.

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