Soyuz docking issue during ISS arrival

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When the manned Soyuz rendezvoused and docked with ISS yesterday, there was a problem with the automatic docking system, requiring the astronauts to take over and manually dock the spacecraft.

Initial reports suggested the failure was with the radar system having a conflict with the communications systems on the berthed Cygnus capsule. The link above instead claims the failure was caused by a malfunction in one of the Soyuz attitude thrusters. The former would be annoying but less of a concern than the latter. A thruster malfunction is somewhat rare, and would be another indication of the serious quality control problems in the Russian aerospace industry.


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  • Gealon

    I seem to remember commenting on a thruster malfunction of another Soyuz capsule some months ago. That time the capsule was docked and the thruster began firing by it’s self during the power up of an unrelated system. Hmmmm.

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