Why the Presidential race looks so close: Too many pollsters are oversampling Democrats.

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Why the Presidential race looks so close: Too many pollsters are oversampling Democrats.

An honest poll would reflect the actual split of Democrats to Republicans. Instead, pollsters seem to repeatedly assume there are many more Democrats in the country than there actually are, which falsely skews the results to Obama’s favor.

The thing is, this oversampling will do the Democrats no good this coming election. It gives them the false impression that they are doing better than they are, which means they will not do what they should to make up ground. Moreover, too many people today are aware of this biased polling, and thus less influenced by them.

Finally, and most important, these biased polls illustrate a fundamental unwillingness of many on the left to recognize the country’s real political state. These leftwing pollsters reflect the attitude of many Democrats, who refuse to believe the majority of the county opposes their policies, even when the 2010 elections should have told them different. They are in denial, and when November comes they are going to be very surprised by the results.



  • “How could Nixon win?! Nobody I know voted for him!”

  • JGL

    I don’t believe any of the media polls, we can all see that the media has an agenda and is promoting it, the media is broken!

    They long ago left their responsibility and objectivity behind.

    Obama must and will be replaced.

    America is a capitalist country not a socialist country.

  • Kelly Starks

    Just a slight bit of bias amoung pollsters.

  • Jim

    Indeed. This thing is over. Republicans can coast from here on out. As Robert has said here many times, it will be blowout for Romney in November.

  • JGL

    Be complacent after the election, until then be focused, fight hard and fight effectively in your political arguments.

    You can see this whole thing as a test, a competition, this is what keeps our system healthy (as unhealthy as it appears at the moment).

    This is what the founders intended, not the false, code word tactics used by the liberal talking heads and politicians, such as “bi- partisan”,

    thats not how the country moves properly into the future.

    The word bi-partisan is meant by the weaker position to neuter the stronger position.

    Which is not to say that there can never be compromise, there certainly can be when prudent.

    Competition keeps what you are doing strong, viable and gives it validity.

  • elections are so fun!

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