Cristina Gatti – Someday

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An evening pause: From Postmodern Jukebox.

Hat tip Matt in AZ.



  • Peter Francis

    Great E.P. addition … but it reminds me that I shoulda, woulda, coulda submitted PMJ’s cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Burn”. Oh well, this is a VERY good PMJ cover …. hope all enjoy!

  • Edward

    Talk about a laid back sax! I love that guy.

    It is songs like this that remind me that not all the good songs were written almost a century ago by people like Mercer, Hart, and Porter.

    The YouTube page for this song shows tour dates for Postmodern Jukebox. They have already toured Australia and New Zealand, but they are in North America for the next couple of months.

  • Joe

    Great piece of music! That lady has a set of pipes equal to the sax player.

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