• JGL

    I heard someone who called in to a talk show the other night, he landed on Omaha beach in the first wave. He said that every one in his landing craft was about 19 years old, I believe he said he was now 88. Truly the greatest generation, they rose to the occasion then came home, went to work, reproduced and built the modern world.

    He went on to explain that the landing craft next to his took a direct hit and all of the men died a fiery death, then after his call a recording of president Roosevelt was played and I contrasted that speech with speeches that presidents of late have given, specifically Mr. Clinton, Bush and Obama.

    The difference, night and day. (not that I have no problems with Roosevelt but I think the level of intellect and substance is what jumps out at you)

  • The Duke was a regular polymath.

    “Noted speech therapist John Wayne uses an unorthodox, yet effective method to cure a young man of a speech impediment”


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