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Beware the cornered rat!

Trump is only in the way

The absurd guilty verdict against Donald Trump yesterday by a jury of twelve partisan New York Democrats confirms something that we should have recognized back in 2016. The Democratic Party and its partisan supporters will brook no opposition, and are willing to do anything — including throwing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the entire legal system in the trash can — in order to maintain their control of the government.

In 2016 they were outraged that an outsider like Donald Trump could become president, and for the next four years exhibited that irrational outrage by pushing one fake and slanderous scandal against him after another, from idiotic claims that he deprived visitors of the same portions of ice cream as he got to the utterly false accusations that he won the election due to Russian help.

To defeat him in 2020 it appears the administrative state teamed up with many Democratic Party governors to create the panic over COVID as well as the outrage over the drug overdose death of an addict during his arrest in Minnesota. The former allowed those governors and state governments to corrupt the election system.

The latter outrage over George Floyd allowed the armed wing of the Democratic Party, its BLM and Antifa thugs, to loot and riot throughout the country, thus reinforcing the absurd lockdown rules imposed because of COVID.

It remains unclear whether the the election shenanigans that followed gave Biden the victory, but any objective review of the facts and the many vote tampering allegiations put forth by numerous election officials nationwide suggests it was very possible.

Thus, Biden became president, and since then the Democrats have been on an aggressive blacklisting campaign to destroy anyone who opposed them. That campaign reached its summit yesterday with Trump’s conviction in what could be called the most ludicrous and disgusting legal case ever brought against any American. Not only can no one name the crime that Trump was supposed to have committed, the jury was given instructions that it could find him guilty even if they themselves couldn’t agree on that crime.

As expected, the public’s response to Trump’s conviction has been to increase his support. One quick poll suggested Trump’s support had grown by six points almost immediately. At the same time donations to his campaign immediately skyrocketed, with $35 million arriving that very day, so much so that the donation website crashed for awhile. According to Google data, that was a 5,000% increase in less than 24 hours.

In fact, all signs suggest the guilty verdict will help Trump win, because the public clearly sees this as a show trail designed by the Democrats to destroy their number one political opponent. And Americans don’t like these kinds of bullying tactics.

Now for the warning. Since 2016 the Democrats have increasingly been behaving like trapped cornered rats. The party is very corrupt, and is very exposed to prosecution for many illegal acts in the past decade. Biden and his son Hunter especially face many legal issues for taking bribes from China and the Ukraine in exchange for aiding those foreign governments — against the interests of the U.S.

It appears their political support is waning, and that their hold on power following the November election is becoming increasingly impossible. Not only do all the trends say that Trump will win, but that the Republicans will gain solid control of both houses of Congress.

Beware the cornered rat. It can become very very deadly in its desperation to survive.

This is the manual the Democrats are using
The user manual of the Democratic Party

Right now I consider the Democratic Party under Joe Biden and its partisan supporters in the coastal states and urban centers to be extremely dangerous people, unwilling under any condition to accept defeat. They have proven it by the fake lawfare against Trump and the jury’s willingness to go along. In New York City not one person could be found who would consider the facts of this case and the absurdity of the indictments and follow America’s fundamental legal rule that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. As the Babylon Bee noted, they didn’t find him guilty of a crime, they found “Donald Trump … Guilty Of Being Donald Trump.”

Come the election these thugs will stop at nothing to keep their power. Expect more violence and viciousness from them. It is certain they will attempt whatever election tampering they can manage to win.

And if that fails do not be surprised if they refuse to accept any election result they don’t like. Assassination attempts must be expected. It might very well require Americans to take up arms to insure that a major Republican election victory is accepted and put into effect.

The very minor protest on January 6th was not an insurrection. What will come from the Democrats in November when they lose will be the real thing. And it will be violent, ugly, and opposed to everything every freedom-loving American holds dear.

The question remains: Will Americans be willing to take the necessary and possibly brutal action required to defend this country? Or will they bow and accept the end of the great American experiment of government of, by, and for the people?

I do not know. All I know now is that we can expect the Democrats to do some very terrible things come November to hold onto their waning power.

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  • F

    We must not forget the role of the Mainstream Media through all this. Rather than working to inform the citizenry with objective facts, they have very obviously served as a tool of the Democrat Party, providing scant reporting of any information that does not further Democrat Party interests.


    “Mr. Weisman appears to be a trained and indoctrinated man of the world, a man with a Globalist perspective. A man who believes that America needs to get in line and not lead the line. And there are many in politics that agree. I do not.”

  • F: You treat the mainstream media as if it isn’t really part of the Democratic Party. That’s a mistake. It is its the press agent, just as BLM and Antifa are its KGB/SS wing.

  • James Street

    The left can’t meme

  • Jed Clampett

    Come on, you can do better than this. Give me more tears! I come here to enjoy your pity parties and twisted logic. Don’t disappoint me now.

  • Jeff Wright

    The Left wants cheap votes, the Right cheap labor. Both want open borders

    When Trump got in the way, he had to go.

    Mitt Romney marched with BLM

    Romney type free traders are their enemy…some are waking up to that fact.

  • Jed … defend the twisted logic of your faith.

    You apparently believe in its confession, related to us long ago as a warning … that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

    Even though said elite can’t tell you or me apart from a statistic.

    We are now living in an end-stage theocracy, where that intellectual elite has such faith in their own omniscience and infallibility that they view any dissent from their One True Way as based in either ignorance or evil – and there dissenters are to be suppressed as though they are less than human. History shows that such societies do not end well.

    You apparently don’t realize that your rights are subject to their overreach, right alongside us and our rights. Because you never question – just BELIEVE that this theocracy is the Best of All Possible Worlds.

  • Jed

    Jester, no need to muck this up, it’s quite simple when you step back and observe the totality of what’s occurred. Trump cheated on his wife and paid off the mistress to avoid adverse impacts so close to the election. It’s that last part that makes a crime and he was determined guilty by a jury of his peers.. What is staggering to me is that so many people will twist themselves in knots to defend that. These are the same people who claim to be on the side of morality and law and order. Trumps actions fall well short on both accounts. That’s it. No need to invent conspiracy fantasies about global elites, nefarious democratic conniving, or Biden as some evil mastermind of it all.

    Trump s a lifelong criminal and accustomed to avoiding the consequences of his actionss. He surrounds himself with similar people, as is obvious with all those finally getting punishment. Giuliani, Bannon, Eastman, Ellis, Cheseboro, the list goes on. How many does it take to realize the pattern?

  • Jed, everything you list is irrelevant.

    This entire exercise was about politics and not about law and justice nor morality.

    Trump was prosecuted for political reasons custom crafted by political operative lawyers from the White House.

    All good soldiers.

    My sister also sees the “Justice’, but is unable, like you to make the distinction.

    I feel sorry for you both.

    This is what transpired the other day:

    “But the Moscow show trials of 1936, 1937, and 1938 differed from their predecessors in three significant ways: the political composition of the defendants; the seriousness of the threats that the defendants allegedly posed; and the use of the defendants’ confessions, and the trials’ verdicts, to justify a conspiratorial explanation of politics and mass repression.”

    Some people can only understand the Pedestrian Realm and are unable to see the Political Realm.

    And therein lies the power of propaganda.

    Desperation thy name is the Democrat party machine.

  • How desperate is the Democrat party political machine? Lots of good soldiers in positions of power in government all over the country, kind of like an infection.

    “Boston’s woke Mayor Michelle Wu has been ripped over a “tone-deaf” and “unserious” plan to give kids as young as 11 and undocumented migrants voting rights when it comes to deciding how millions of dollars in public funds are doled out.”

    These are not serious people, they are serious Socialists and imaginers of a “New Reality” and they are very dangerous to the country and they need to be dismissed from their responsibilities in governance.

  • Jed … how many failures of the Pedestaled Elite, to deliver on their hubris-soaked promises of making our lives better if we just SUBMIT to their One True Way, does it take to see the pattern?

    Their pattern of offenses against the very reason this nation was established: respect for and protection of your and my unalienable rights. They belong in the dock far more than Trump, for their offenses are far more significant than bookkeeping entries.

    You strain at gnats, while swallowing camels. And bow willingly when their One True Way makes things worse for you and they ask you to “take one for the team.”

  • Jed

    Come on guys, focus! You’re throwing a lot of words out there that don’t really make sense or address the issue. We don’t convict people in criminal court for morality, but please explain to me how the following is alright with you:

    1) cheated on his recently pregnant third wife.
    2) arranged payments to his mistresses to keep quiet.
    3) actively arranged to hide those payments in his business records to avoid voters in the presidential election from knowing.

    Tell me how that’s ok. Don’t veer off into diatribes about plotical vs pedestrian “realms” or bogeyman elites.

  • DJ

    Does Jed walk on water? A little sanctimonious, isn’t it. I or one have what could be “dirty laundry” that I am not proud of, so I am a little reluctant to cast stones. It would be interesting if some red sate DA took one of his liberal friends to court, based on “show me the man, I’ll find the crime”.

  • Edward

    Oh, look! Jed made Jester’s point. Jed’s claims are based upon fantasy.

    1) “Trump cheated on his wife and paid off the mistress to avoid adverse impacts so close to the election. It’s that last part that makes a crime …

    Paying off a mistress is not a crime. The payment came so close to the election that the payment would not show up on the campaign reports before the election, so no adverse impact would have happened by listing the payment in the “bribe” accounting category. No crime: even the FEC — the people whose job it is to spo, investigate, and prosecute such crimes — determined that no crime took place. Jed lives by his political faith rather than in the real world with the rest of us. Why New York thought it was a crime is a mystery, and why they thought they had jurisdiction over federal crimes is yet another mystery, but New York had to do a lot of twisting the law into knots to make it sound like a crime.

    2) “… and he was determined guilty by a jury of his peers.

    They may have been Jed’s peers, but they were not Republicans, Floridians, nor the wealthy. They were Jed’s faithful peers, believing whatever dreck the biased, profit-seeking, unlawful court told them. The whole reason to choose peers is to avoid the very kind of biased, vengeful jury that New York sicced upon Trump. This court was so arrogant in its prejudice that it did not bother to disguise its favoritism.

    3) “What is staggering to me is that so many people will twist themselves in knots to defend that.

    Jed is easily staggered.

    No knots needed. What did need knots was the court case, in which the secondary crime that would have turned the primary action into a crime (if that action hadn’t been so legal) was not told to anyone until the persecution’s final argument and the jury instructions, in which three crimes were introduced despite the defense not hearing of them until after its last word of defense. The defense was literally not allowed to defend itself, where the relevant crimes are not introduced until the defense may no longer speak in its own defense. This is not American. It is not even British. It is not even French, whose history of unfair trials is legendary. It is Marxist, where due process is a kangaroo court, put on for show. This is the America Jed wants to live in, where his way happens no matter what unfairness must be perpetrated upon the rest of us, as though he were still a three-year-old insisting that he get everything he wants and gets it now! Jed advocates virtue but practices selfishness.

    4) “These are the same people who claim to be on the side of morality and law and order. Trumps actions fall well short on both accounts. That’s it.

    Except that these are also the people who understands that everyone strays and sins. This is what it is to be human.

    However, Jed does not know this. Jed’s leftist religion preaches that everyone can be made perfect and virtuous all the time. This belief is a pride, which is also a sin. So much for the left’s perfection and virtue.

    Jed does not understand that the people he believes think of themselves as perfect are the ones who understand that everyone is fallible, and these people make that fallibility useful. Right wing free market capitalism takes advantage of man’s self interest to entice him to be productive for his fellow man. Enlightened self interest has them do work for others for compensation. The Left wing’s Marxism believes that the perfected, virtuous man does all that work out of pure altruism — “from each according to his ability.” The problem with Marxism is that men are not perfect, virtuous, nor altruistic. There are some measures of each of these, but not enough to overcome self interest.

    Thus, in reality, men sin. Jed’s fantasy world is intolerant, as we see by the mistreatment of Trump — continually declaring criminal behavior where none exists — but the realists find punishments that fit the crime, when a real crime exists. Jed wants punishments for crimes he wished happened.

    5) “Trump s a lifelong criminal and accustomed to avoiding the consequences of his actionss.

    Trump has faced the consequences of his action many times, two of them being bankruptcy. Jed’s fantasy world refuses to see reality, especially when it fails to support his fantasies. Jed cannot get anything right.

    Trump was an angel of the left, up until he ran for president against the sainted Hillary. Then he was declared heretic.

    6) “Come on guys, focus! … please explain to me how the following is alright with you.

    We don’t have to explain why they are alright. We don’t even have to think that they are alright. As explained above, none of Trump’s actions are crimes. The government has already declared that they are alright. Just because Jed thinks that they should be crimes does not make them crimes. We would make a mockery of justice if we were to declare immoral actions punishable, not illegal actions. If you want something to be criminal, you have to declare it before the deed. Otherwise you live in a leftist dictatorship with no sense of what society believes to be punishable. Punishments would be arbitrary, as they now are in New York.

    The focus is not on what we believe to be moral but on what the courts may do as due process. Due process was violated in most of this case, making it unfair, and only Jed wants to live in a country where crimes are declared after the fact, making life unpredictable and any action dangerous. It is Jed who cannot focus, and who goes off on tangents in which his own morality, not the law, makes for crimes — creating crimes and punishments ex post facto. This is a fundamentally transformed America, and Jed likes it this chaotic and unpredictable.

    Friends of Democrats are rewarded and enemies punished, even if the crime has to be made up. As DJ wrote, a crime can be fabricated for any man. Jeb is all in on this concept.

    7) “No need to invent conspiracy fantasies about global elites, nefarious democratic conniving, or Biden as some evil mastermind of it all.

    Oh! Jed got something right. Amazing. Except, oh poor Jed, he himself has invented conspiracy fantasies about global elites and nefarious conniving among the people he listed as surrounding Trump. Jed projects his own actions onto others. Jed is guilty of the very things he accuses others of doing.

    8) “How many does it take to realize the pattern?

    I don’t know. We have had a whole lot of leftists come here and proclaim that others were guilty of what they weren’t doing, but the left was doing it. Jed isn’t the first, and he won’t be the last, and I didn’t count how many there have been, nor did I count how many there were before we all realized the left’s pattern.

    Congratulations to Jed. He fits the pattern.

  • Milt

    Jed, I will give you the benefit of assuming that you are neither a fool nor an idiot but just like to watch yourself make big ripples in small ponds. Likewise, I will agree with you that Donald Trump is not a perfect vessel and he may well be guilty of everything that you — and a partisan New York jury — assert that he is. Get real, man. John F. Kennedy — a personal hero of mine — was far from perfect in ways that reflect some of Donald Trump’s own marital failings, and Woodrow Wilson, another saint of the left, was demonstrably a racist and probably set the cause of integration and civil rights back by at least half a century. Find me, please, a perfect candidate* who has committed no sins, and I will march behind him with you. And, oh, do you suppose that all of the many allegations against Joe Biden (who apparently took showers with his daughter) and his family are just so much disinformation put out by Russian Internet trolls?

    *And on the Republican side — just to be fair and balanced — there was Geroge W. Bush, who blundered this country into two of the most costly and disastrous wars in US history, from which even now we have not recovered.

    Really, Jed?

    Given that, and lacking any other viable Republican candidate for office who commands the following that he does and at least seems to espouse many conservative principles, would you suggest, then, that because he is demonstrably less than perfect that we simply lie down in the face of the radical Jacobin Democrats and let them finish demolishing what’s left of our country / culture / civilization? Would *that*, Jeb, make you happy? (Do you, infallible moral avatar that you appear to be, approve of *lawfare,* and do you think that it is OK so long as it is used to punish people with whom you disagree?)

    As most thoughtful people have concluded, we are in the midst of a titanic cultural civil war in this country, and while it may be quite possible not to take a side (and pretend that nothing of importance is happening), it will be impossible to evade the consequences of what transpires in November of this year. If you, Jeb, have read much about the first American Civil War — our Illiad and Odyssey, as someone once called it — then you are well aware that while nigher side was devoid of courage, honor, and sacrifice (on a hitherto unimaginable scale), its participants were just as flawed and conflicted as any human beings today. Yet, the take away from this struggle was, in Lincoln’s words, a new birth of freedom (per Dr. King’s Dream) that we are only now fully reifying today.

    For God’s sake, Jeb, give this country and its people a chance at working things out, and remember that it is not all about YOU and what YOU think.

  • Milt

    Sorry for the rant. I am a little frustrated right now.

    Back to this post’s main concern, as Jestor Naybor points out, Robert’s rats are *entitled* cornered rats, and their lack of introspection and conscience enables them to do truly horrific things without the slightest concern. They are, after all, *better than we are,* and they see things more clearly than we do. Just ask Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot about this. As JN describes it:

    “We are now living in an end-stage theocracy, where that intellectual elite [or, as John Michale Greer has dubbed them, the Clericy] has such faith in their own omniscience and infallibility that they view any dissent from their One True Way as based in either ignorance or evil – and there dissenters are to be suppressed as though they are less than human.”

    What has many people worried — Jim Kunstler among them — is that the people behind the Biden Administration seem to be actively seeking a real how war with Russia — everyone loves and will vote for a wartime president — no matter what disastrous consequences
    might ensue.

    As Mr. Kunstler observes at the end of this week:

    “In the meantime, through the luminescent fog of gloat, perhaps you did not notice that ‘Joe Biden’ took a giant step yesterday toward commencing World War Three. The move was framed as the US gives Ukraine permission to use American missiles to strike deep within Russia. That was a bit disingenuous, you see, because Ukraine’s military lacks the know-how to actually launch the missiles, so American military ‘advisors’ will have to be on hand to do it, meaning US military personnel will commit an act of aggression upon Russia.”

    “Voila! That world war you’ve all been clamoring for. . .? The perfect climax to ‘Joe Biden’s’ catastrophic, fraudulently-acquired term in office. I scent the acrid, burnt-flesh odor of miscalculation here, as of a bunch of American cities get turned into radioactive bonfires that will blot out that sublime luminosity of gloat.”

    Add to this the recent, apparently US sanctioned attacks on Russia’s strategic radar defense system, and you have to wonder just how many red lines Mr. Biden and his handlers are willing to cross in the name of their irrational hatred of any nations (including most of all our own) who believe that their own cultures and civilizations might be worth preserving.

    If you hate this country sufficiently, why *not* get it into a nuclear war?

  • Jed, you are obsessed with Trump’s personal morality.

    Tell me, is it moral to make life more costly for your neighbors on the basis of a science-deficient, alarmist BELIEF in impending doom, or a bureaucrat’s opinion on what constitutes “comprehensive” health-care coverage?

    Is it moral to force us to either support a public-education system that fails our kids, or effectively pay twice to get them a good education?

    Is it moral to impose “worker protections” that undermine the gig economy that has provided more opportunities on both sides of the transactions involved, in favor of the well-connected Big Labor entities whose overreach contributed to jobs leaving this nation … and in the process, discourage initiative and replace it with the complacency of Flounderian trust in “leaders” and “experts”, that leads working people away from protecting their own interests from the agendas of both management and the union bosses?

    Is it moral to deceive your neighbors about their responsibilities – and capabilities – as free people, by pigeonholing them into “victims” and “privileged” on the basis of skin color or other surface appearances? As well as deceiving them about your ability to solve their problems FOR them when you can’t tell them as individuals apart from some hypothetical “average citizen”?

    You worry about Trump’s personal morality – when the lack of respect for liberty behind each of those positions goes well beyond personal, into the use of the coercive force of law to deny others the rights needed to work around the myopic stupidity inherent in these positions.

    Your attempt at denigration via Alinsky Rule Four has been scored as a FAIL. I ask again, defend your faith, for its morality has been weighed and found wanting – and that makes you what you decry, in your support of it.

  • Mike Borgelt

    If Donald Trump wanted a whore he could afford a high class good looking one who goes away after being paid, not a low class tramp like Stormy.

  • “1) cheated on his recently pregnant third wife.
    2) arranged payments to his mistresses to keep quiet.
    3) actively arranged to hide those payments in his business records to avoid voters in the presidential election from knowing.”

    None of which is illegal.

    These things may morally unsettle you, but they are NOT illegal.

    And that is the point. And you miss the point.

    The charges, the prosecution and trial were all a contrived political action which was rejected several times by both federal and state prosecutors for the obvious reasons which you and many refuse to recognize. And it is not the application of Objective law and justice.

    I cannot understand this for you, and that in the bigger national picture is what is being politically relied upon by those who desperately need the political leverage. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The results? Massive millions into the Trump campaign.

    In the end the people must correct en masse at the ballot box what the perverted and corrupted sworn fiduciary responsibilities of the legal and political system has abandoned.

    Jed is just a childlike Dinero clone.

    It gets uglier and uglier.

    As the desperation builds the question remains what ends will they all go to in order to stop Trump from beoming the president once again?

    IMO there will be further legal blockades or Congressional / Senate denial of the election results.

    And THEN we are off to the races.

    The history of such extreme acts in history are not pretty.

  • Chris

    We do need to give Jed some credit. He is the only leftist I have heard that actually knows what Trump was on trial for. The vast majority are ignorant of this and just know one thing: Trump was finally found guilty and will suffer the consequences.

    Trump did something that cannot be tolerated anymore. He proved that anyone can be President. I remember this was a common theme when I was a kid. Does Jed remember this I wonder?

  • Richard

    Our options for changing the Democrat party are very limited. The Left hasn’t changed since the French Revolution and they don’t care what we think. Our options for changing the Republican party are more substantial. Elect Trump, purge the war mongers and open borders people and you will see a very different party.

  • Ken

    I never donated to a candidate ,until now.

  • Abbe Faria

    Yes, the criminal commie-crats are increasingly, desperately, panicking. They know that the country despises them and hates their filthy commie corruptions. And they know that we demand full vengeance to be meted out. MANY must go to jail for their seditious and traitorous crimes.

    My hope is that someone in the Trump campaign will spearhead a massive citizen’s anti-cheating effort with concrete actions we can sign up for in every state and precinct.

    There are *thousands, maybe millions* who will volunteer if the organizing is properly executed. C’mon, Trump Team, get everybody in gear if you want to win!

    Stop the steal! Stop The Steal!!. STOP THE STEAL !!!

  • Alex Andrite

    wow … good reading here Mr.Z;
    I will now go back to the Prisioner spoof for a smile.

  • Abbe Faria: Such “anti-cheating” efforts are already underway, led by Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point America orgination. If you want to volunteer go here.

  • Chris

    Anyone or anything that threatens the ever increasing amount of power and money flowing to Washington DC; or, heaven-forbid, tries to decrease the amount of power and money flowing to Washington DC must not be just stopped; no they, and all associated with them must be completely humiliated and destroyed.

  • Mitch S.

    If anyone wants to look at the actual felony counts Trump was convicted of, here is a list on a MSM site.
    (The box lists them one at a time – use the drop down menu to go through them)

    Boils down to : He “caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise” ” with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof”. Except paying Daniels is not a crime, the FEC found no election related crime, and the false entry crime was recently classified as a felony with clear intent to use on Trump.

    BTW If you lived in NYC, worked for the gov’t or did business with the gov’t (or even had neighbors), would you want it to be known that you were on the jury that could have stopped Trump but decided not to convict him? And you know such identifying info has a way of leaking out when you defy those in power.

  • Trump[‘ ]s a lifelong criminal…

    If that were true, that Trump really is a habitual career criminal (or even much less than that), Trump could never of survived the Mueller investigation.

    It’s worth recalling just what kind of directed—focused on him personally—prosecutorial investigation that Trump has already withstood: basically, with flying colors, like Daniel striding through the fiery furnace! Here’s a synopsis of what that investigation consisted of:

    • Investigative team: 19 attorneys, all fervent political enemies of Trump, led (under Robert Mueller) by Andrew Weissman, assisted by “about 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other professional staff.”

    • Investigation timeframe: 22 months (675 days)
    • Cost: some $34 million
    • Report length: 448 pages (with redactions; redactions = 865)
    • Requests to foreign governments for evidence: 13
    • Pen registers: 50 monitoring orders authorized
    • Communication records: more than 230 orders obtained
    • Interviews: approximately 500 witnesses interviewed
    • Search warrants: close to 500 executed
    • Subpoenas: more than 2,800 issued

    Results: nil as far as Trump was concerned, and practically so everywhere else.

    Indeed, it appears that few people in America (in my humble opinion) could have withstood a malicious, targeted legal investigation of such wide scope, conducted by a basically monstrous team of prosecutors and investigators—particularly when focused on an individual who’s been a ‘wheel’ in the big-building construction industry, centered (to a large degree) in New York City!

    Trump’s survival up to this point really is more than striking—it’s “arresting,” one might say—considering everything that’s been thrown at him.

    The new legal verdict in New York—based as it is on a number of notably questionable legal connections, decisions, and actions—merely reinforces how remarkable the results of the Mueller investigation were.

    A old saying (attributed to JFK) states: “Where there’s smoke, typically you’ll find people running smoke-making machines.”

    That’s been observably true (in spades!) with regard to the frenzied and orchestrated opposition to Trump throughout this whole nearly decade-long saga.

    So, yeah, sure—Trump’s such an inveterate crook—NOT.

  • Please pardon me for the “could never of” atrocity (typo) in the foregoing.

  • pzatchok

    Having attorneys on a jury should be against the rules.

    They could take over and sway every jury they are on just by the simple fact they tend to are held to be experts over non attorneys.

    They could mistakenly lead the jury to any conclusion they want. They could even lie to get what they want.

    They are in fact expert witnesses in every case they are on a jury. They are expert witnesses in the law any law compared to non lawyers.

  • pzatchok

    Trying someone under a law that was changed after the act is against all precedent. All the way back to the Magna Carta I believe.

  • pzatchok


    We already knew he was a philander. Much like Clinton.

    And just like the Dems/lefties then, we do not care.

    The payments were legal when they were made. So even if the law changed since then we as a lawful nation do not bring charges after the fact. Well supposedly.

    Now the left is going after Musk for defending Trump.
    If we do not stop this now who will be next? And how low will they go? Am I on the list of targets for voting for Trump?

  • Old and busted: “Selected, Not Elected.”

    New hotness: “Inflicted, Not Convicted.”

  • wayne

    ‘Judge’ Karl Roland Freisler
    The People’s Court 1944
    Robert H. Jackson Center

    On the morning of 3 February 1945, Freisler was conducting a Saturday session of the People’s Court when United States Army Air Force bombers attacked Berlin, led by the B-17 of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rosenthal. A bomb struck the court building at 11:08, causing a partial internal collapse, and a masonry column came loose whilst Freisler was distracted by his documents. The column came crashing down on Freisler, causing him to be crushed and killed instantly.”

    As for ‘judge’ Merchan— in the alternate universe, he’s already been rendered offshore for extrajudicial treatment.


    “Everyone MUST operate within the specified structure of the Constitution. And when the choice is made to abandon it, then America will be over. America will be over, and chaos will prevail, and freedom will become entirely the Subjective authoritarian opinion of your new Lord and masters who have prevailed. The exact opposite of the well thought out design and intent of the Constitution.”

  • pawn

    People mixing up politics and morality.

    It’s like mixing black and white paint together.

    All you get are shades of gray.

  • D. Messier

    Jed wrote:

    “What is staggering to me is that so many people will twist themselves in knots to defend that. These are the same people who claim to be on the side of morality and law and order. Trumps actions fall well short on both accounts. That’s it. No need to invent conspiracy fantasies about global elites, nefarious democratic conniving, or Biden as some evil mastermind of it all.”

    You nailed it, Jed. The party that once impeached and tried to convict Bill Clinton for lying under oath about a consensual sexual affair has become the party of Donald “Grab ’em by the P—-” Trump. A convicted felon who was also found guilty of sexual abuse. Today the party spends the 24/7 news cycling defending the type of actions it once condemned as immoral, unethical, and disqualifying for the presidency.

    This is the Repuglican Party of 2024. The party of law and order whose standard bearer has been found guilty in two trials and has other cases pending. This is who and what they are. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. It would be ironic if anyone involved could recognize irony. Sadly, irony is dead. The Internet killed it.

  • Good for thee but not for me.

    Tara Reid credibly accuses Joe Biden of rape, but no one can hear her, she has to flee the country:

    The concept of morality does not exist in the Political Realm.

    Silly and selectively blind D. Messier.

  • D. Messier

    Ah Couture:

    You confirmed exactly what I said. The discussion here confirms the Republicans has abandoned any pretext of caring about the values they put forth to impeach and nearly throw Bill Clinton out of office. They will support convicted felon Donald Trump no matter how many times he is found guilty in a court of law.

    The Tara Reade accusations are unproven and contested. She fled to Russia with friend and convicted felon Maria Butina, who was rewarded by Putin with a seat in Russia’s rubber stamp Duma. We know Butina was a Russian asset. The Wikipedia entry indicates that some believe Reade is as well.

    A rather silly and selective example there, Coutour.

  • Jed Clampett

    I have to hand it to you, y’all are consistent. Just a couple things I wanted to circle back to from all the messages. Apologies for not identifying each person individually.

    1) more than one said cheating on your wife isn’t against the law. I agree and said so from the beginning. I don’t consider myself morally superior to anyone and I don’t trust anyone who does. But, I do think this is important to consider for our elected representatives. In my line of work my licenses in many states require me to uphold principles of ethics, integrity, and sometime vague “morality”, and that can extend beyond what’s technically legal. What’s wrong with expecting the same of others, especially when choosing them to represent us and entrusting them to make very important decisions that affect us? Sure it’s not against the law, but I think it’s still an important indication of character, decision making, impulse control, etc. They should be held to a higher standard!

    2) Again on the cheating, I’d love to see you tell your wives and daughters that you’re not bothered by Trumps actions. Let me know how that goes. I suspect you don’t really think that way and definitely wouldn’t want your daughters in such a position. It would seem that your only reason for justifying it now is political. You just want to beat the dems or you’re just too far invested and can’t admit now you’ve chosen a terrible leader.

    3) Someone said the New York jury can’t be considered trumps peers, that they’re too democratic leaning, or whatever. That person was grasping at straws or really doesn’t understand what the word means. Trump chose to live, do business, and commit crimes in that area of New York. In the eyes of the law, the other people who live there are his peers. It would be absurd to think it means others with similar mindsets or political leanings. If a person on trial for murder was expecting a jury of other murderers, it seems there wouldn’t be many convictions.

    4) I am getting a big kick out of the Republicans defending trump. They’ve aligned themselves to family and moral values for a long time and now there really in a bind defending someone who is so antithetical to that image. The moral majority, family values party, religious right, and now the evangelicals. This is truly a disaster for them yet they can’t seem to say enough is enough.

    5) Lastly, for those who think a good argument is just assuming I’m a librul with a knee jerk reaction to hate trump, try again. I’ve voted for both parties and really just want the best people for the common good. I work in a conservative industry (construction). I have an engineering degree, not liberal arts. I hunt, fish, and own more guns than the average person in my conservative state. I am not an oil millionaire from the 60s.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Messier

    The irony that you fail to recognize is that America does not get to the level of Donald Trump without first having Bill Clinton. When the Dems opened that door and accepted the serial philanderer, accused rapist and set aside a clear case of perjury, they set a path for someone like Trump.

    When they ignored and covered up Obama’s scandals, they guaranteed it.

    Now you want to claim some moral high ground? I think not.

  • pzatchok

    I love how the left tries to use our morality against us.

    They forget that by doing that they shred their own morality also.

    They can not embarrass us into upholding their idea of our morals. You do not know my morals.

    It was never a secret that Trump cheated on all of his wives. Marital fidelity is not a presidential requirement.
    All of his financial records have been investigated by the state of NY and the federal government for over 20 years before he ran for president. Nothing more than a fine for a few paperwork mistakes.

  • wayne

    Jed Clampet–

    “I’ve voted for both parties…”

    If that is true, you behave as a moron.
    (How many times, did you vote for Obama and Hillary?)

  • wayne

    Jordan Peterson / Akira the Don
    “Lunchbucket” (2018)

  • Chris


    I do not this Mr Trump has been found guilty of sexual abuse, only refuting the allegation of sexual abuse by a woman who can’t remember what year the accused abuse took place.

  • sippin_bourbon

    The abuse of the rule of law did not end with Bill Clintons departure.

    If I had set up my email server and traffic classified communications through it, like Hillary, I would have been stripped of my rank and position, my clearance revoked, and I would have been put in jail.

    If said emails had ended up on my employee’s ex husbands laptop (Anthony Wiener), I would have been stripped of my rank and position, my clearance revoked, and I would have been put in jail.

    If I had stored classified material in the back seat of my car in an unsecured garage, , I would have been stripped of my rank and position, my clearance revoked, and I would have been put in jail.

    When you flaunt a double standard, you in fact, destroy the standard.

    And the Dems are still at it. If I had violated a firearms regulation, I would be stripped of my second amendment rights, my firearms forcibly removed, and I would have been put in jail. Today, the Presidents son is facing that prospect, and all I hear from the Dems and on the news is “he did nothing wrong”.

    So again, you do not get to someone like Donald Trump, without first destroying the rule of law, disregarding the standard of character, and dragging the country through fear and anguish (COVID and BLM Protests) all for political gain, and then get too act surprised when you are faced with an opposition who has become as willing to set aside character flaws.

    Side note, as I understand it, the appeal paperwork is being written, per his legal team, and will be filed soon. The prospects of most, if not all, of these 34 convictions being tossed are reportedly high.

  • Ah, D. Messier,

    Credible accusations of sexual abuse against a prominent Democrat, a pretty good parallel to the Trump accusations. And no one can see or hear her and her credible accusations.

    Not even a cursory investigation, just dismissed as a nuisance. Possible Russian asset or not. Everything for the Democrats is a Russian operation, just like Hillary. Who by the way should have been also investigated, charged on so many issues, tried and sentenced. But her actions against the country are not able to be seen.

    Remember, D. Messier? The James Comey / Hillary news conference:

    He clearly lays out a case to charge “Ma Barker”, but in the end he cannot see how she should be charged.

    And once again, there is no such thing as morality in politics, that is a Pedestrian Realm delusion. There is only, especially today, extreme partisan politics and winning. Lie, cheat and steal, do whatever gets the job done.

    Your Objectivity is a fleeting vapor.

    The people are watching it all and will be giving their feedback soon enough.

    And that is how it should be.

    Good for thee but not for me.

  • Max

    I’m always amazed of the quality of commenters on this site. Truly unique. Very informative and well thought out.

    Cat turd has a message for Republicans;

    “The fascist Democrat Party has completely destroyed our country from within, we have a wide open border, and they’re (pooping) on the Constitution while you spineless, coward losers get rich on insider trading, rage tweet, and talk about your “principles.”

    They’re literally arresting their political opponents and their lawyers and having kangaroo communists show trials – and you pitiful, worthless losers are doing absolutely nothing.”

    Both sides claim a version of the moral high ground, but their actions speak louder than their words. “By their fruits you shall know them”

    Speaking of moral high ground, Marjorie Taylor green went after Fauci today trying to deflock the pope of Science, leader and divinely inspired profit of the Ministry of health.

    “Your repulsive evil science,” she said. “You know what this committee should be doing? We should be recommending you to be prosecuted. We should be writing a criminal referral because you should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. You belong in prison, Dr Fauci.”

    This is the longer nine minute rant with the Democrats interrupting in points of order… reminding me of the question; “that it depends on what the definition of “is” is”or how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    The Democrats responded with “what about isum” of Trump suggesting that we drink bleach? I would point out that bleach is made from chlorine… And all public water systems have chlorine in them. (chlorine is toxic and is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers from nothing more than taking showers… I would also note that the government Health administrator admitted on the stand that “fluoride has no health benefits”, that it’s a neurotoxin and much more dangerous than lead.)

    I’m hesitant to weigh in on trumps Play boy billionaire lifestyle. When he ran beauty pageants, surrounding himself with available young women… He was a Democrat.
    When Jeffrey Epstein told Trump about some available exotic eastern block models he can introduce him to… it is rumored that that is how he was introduced to Melania who turned him conservative. (Or 14 years on the apprentice as an over paid actor taught him how to fake it.)
    What better way to make him a look presidential? They did the same for an actor in Ukraine… good cop? Bad cop? Look what’s happening to the country and ask yourself if we’re being tag teamed? We’re being invaded by millions, the treasury is being emptied, we’re at the brink of a nuclear war, cows are being slaughtered, cream is hard to find, dozens of chicken farms are burning down while the food supply is drying up. The administration has shut down the expansion of coal mines, billions of dollars of new solar panels destroyed by hail storms, the political theater of bird flu has gotten to the point we’re people are worried that they can’t park the cars under trees anymore!
    On the subject of moral high ground, whoever thought that Melinda Gates would have a line she could not cross, thousands and thousands of children dead from her vaccine programs in India and Africa but she could not stand the fact her husband was sleeping with children on dozens of trips to pedophile island… And yet he still a celebrity. (I believe there’s a book written about Bill, Trump, Jeffrey all had the same mentor philanthropist. The CIA?)
    Nothing is as it seems, billions are spent on telling you how bad Trump is, while making him look really good. Just like when he was running against Hillary… The same game plan because it works so well. Lock her up? Naw, that’s just a slogan. He didn’t really mean it, their friends!

    With the supreme court being ignored, and the president spending billions by executive order when it’s the houses responsibility… Who needs the judicial branch and the congressional branch of government anymore? Democracies are not run by representatives… but by the “will of the people”… Whoever that is.

    Last chance to save our republic, hold their feet to the fire until they do the right thing… Hold them responsible for their actions, or failure to act. We are quickly losing the ability to know what is true or not. A very dark age.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

  • D. Messier

    So the argument is: if you can’t beat them, join them. You guys are fine with Trump behaving the way he does because Clinton did similar things before that. Trump is doing exactly what the right once professed to hate.

    Proves my point.


    > I do not this Mr Trump has been found guilty of sexual abuse, only refuting the allegation of sexual abuse by a woman who can’t remember what year the accused abuse took place.

    Oh good God. There was a jury verdict.,to%20regain%20the%20White%20House.

    NEW YORK (AP) — A jury found Donald Trump liable Tuesday for sexually abusing advice columnist E. Jean Carroll in 1996, awarding her $5 million in a judgment that could haunt the former president as he campaigns to regain the White House.

  • wayne

    V for Vendetta Speech

    “The truth is, there’s something terribly wrong with this Country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance, coercing your conformity. How did this happen? Who’s to blame?
    Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty you need only look into a mirror.”

  • wayne

    Dave Smith and Michael Malice
    “The Red Pill” (December 2020)

    “This supposed reality is a carefully constructed narrative intentionally designed to keep some very unpleasant people in power and to keep everyone else tame & submissive.”

  • Edward

    D. Messier,
    You guys are fine with Trump behaving the way he does because Clinton did similar things before that.

    Who said that we are fine with Trump’s behavior?

    What we don’t want is an injustice system that persecutes people for actions that are perfectly legal. This is what we have from the recent court, legal, and law enforcement actions against Trump. Persecutors making up non-existent laws just to punish the administration’s enemies. You and I may find some of his actions less than moral, but as long as they are legal, then the courts should not be involved. There was not violation of any private obligation (except, perhaps, by the woman who agreed not to blab), and there was no violation of any public obligation. No tort. No crime. Yet the courts insinuated themselves into situations that are outside of their purviews.

    But that seems to be just fine with you!

    One nation under God, with punishment and injustice for all who disagree with you. Do you consider that to be moral behavior on the part of government? Geez, Doug, are you only three years old?

    How can anyone know how to stay out of trouble when the courts are willing to persecute you despite doing nothing wrong? No society can last long, when it works in the Soviet way, Lavrentiy Beria style: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.” The United States lasted almost a quarter of a millennium with our justice system, but the Soviets couldn’t last seven decades with the Beria injustice system.

  • Edward: Please note: Partisan Democrats like D. Messier went from screaming “It’s his own personal life!” when it was Clinton to now demanding Trump be sentenced to life for the same kind of behavior. (From what I understand each one of the 37 convictions could result in a 4 year sentence.)

    In other words, these Democrats aren’t interested in moral behavior, they are interested in doing whatever they can to put those who disagree with them in prison. We call that behavior fascist, totalitarian, vicious, and barbaric.

    I must also add that the Republicans never wanted to put Clinton in prison for his peccadillos. The effort to remove him from office also had as much to do with his perjury before a grand jury.

  • Clinton had run afoul of a body of law derived from civil-rights laws, that Democrats until then had advocated and welcomed … sanctions against sexual harassment, which by then had been weaponized by the Left in classic you-can-indict-a-ham-sandwich against private-sector figures.

    Having been hoisted by their own petard, and Clinton having so recently doubled down on what he was accused of re: Paula Jones with Monica Lewinsky, he proceeded to commit – in real time – an actual crime – perjury.

    At the time, the fellow-travelers of Messier and Clampett here here blew it off – “everybody lies about sex” was the catch-phrase.

    That alone leaves them no room to talk about the appearance of hypocrisy,

    But wait, there’s more. The Judeo-Christian tradition they wish to go all Alinsky Rule Four upon is rich with flawed human beings too whom God has extended redemption and put in positions to work His will for the good of mankind.

    Noah (a drunkard).
    Abraham (lied about his marital status to avoid a hassle with a king, throwing his wife under the wagon, er, bus).
    Jacob (both the victim of a bait-and-switch by his father-in-law, and a swindler himself against his father in law).
    Jacob’s sons (the fathers of the Jewish tribes, who sold their brother into slavery and lied about it to their father).
    Moses (guilty of manslaughter).
    Samson (whose personal failings led him to the first application of what could be called Mutually Assured Destruction).
    David (adulterer, who had his lover’s husband set up and killed to cover it up).

    Simon Zelotes (a known terrorist who became one of the Twelve).
    Matthew (a despised tax collector of the occupying power, viewed by many as a traitor to his people).
    Peter (a loud-mouthed perpetrator of assault with a deadly weapon, that lied about his relationship with an accused insurrectionist).
    Saul aka Paul (an accessory to Stephen’s murder, persecutor of Christians, only to join the Twelve as an apostle and become the faith’s greatest evangelist of his time).

    And one other name that is not so obvious – a king of a pagan, warmongering nation by the name of Cyrus, who came to respect God and acted to free the Jewish people from the slavery and exile his predecessors had perpetrated upon them – which also was an extension of redemption by God to the entire body of Jewish people, for that slavery and exile was God’s sentence to them for abandoning Him and His ways for generations.

    If God can work His will for the good of mankind through the flawed men above, doing that through the abrasive Donald Trump and his past peccadillos is not a stretch in our tradition. (Care to point out the evidence of any cheating on Melania as we speak?)

    OTOH, let me repeat that partial list of ongoing offenses the Left perpetrates, to the praise of their supporters, against the American people:

    is it moral to make life more costly for your neighbors on the basis of a science-deficient, alarmist BELIEF in impending doom, or a bureaucrat’s opinion on what constitutes “comprehensive” health-care coverage?

    Is it moral to force us to either support a public-education system that fails our kids, or effectively pay twice to get them a good education?

    Is it moral to impose “worker protections” that undermine the gig economy that has provided more opportunities on both sides of the transactions involved, in favor of the well-connected Big Labor entities whose overreach contributed to jobs leaving this nation … and in the process, discourage initiative and replace it with the complacency of Flounderian trust in “leaders” and “experts”, that leads working people away from protecting their own interests from the agendas of both management and the union bosses?

    Is it moral to deceive your neighbors about their responsibilities – and capabilities – as free people, by pigeonholing them into “victims” and “privileged” on the basis of skin color or other surface appearances? As well as deceiving them about your ability to solve their problems FOR them when you can’t tell them as individuals apart from some hypothetical “average citizen”?

    You worry about Trump’s personal morality – when the lack of respect for liberty behind each of those positions goes well beyond personal, into the use of the coercive force of law to deny others the rights needed to work around the myopic stupidity inherent in these positions.

    In their self-righteous hubris, the Left has instituted an American Inquisition that fills this site’s archives with blacklisted people – as they trade the self-evident truths of respect for INDIVIDUAL life and liberty that have led this nation to thrive – for Our Democracy™, where elected leaders do not have to respect individual rights if it furthers their vision of the “common good” – when they can’t tell you apart from a statistic, but expect you to just submit and “take one for the team” if their “common good” isn’t good for them..

    Trumps’ flaws are personal – affecting only those right around them,

    His opponents flaws are ongoing, and affect hundreds of millions of our neighbors. Jesus did say that the second-most important commandment was to love our neighbors as we love ourselves – and in that light, Trump has demonstrated by his policy decisions that he lives up to that commandment far better than his overbearing, self-righteous opponents.

    I view Trump like Johnny Rico’s superiors in the cinematic Starship Troopers viewed Johnny: “You have the job, until you’re killed or I find someone better.” And at this time, I don’t see anyone better in terms of respecting me as a free man, and expecting me to take the responsibility to get through life making my own decisions.

    We are not a theocracy – no matter how the Left wants us to submit to their Pedestaled Elite as though they are priests. There are none righteous, as Isaiah once said; IMO the last truly Holy Man ended his physical presence on Earth two thousand years ago, after he exhorted us to love our neighbors .

    I can at least elect someone who actually demonstrates love for their neighbor, instead of treating them as “infants, imbeciles and domestic animals” as our Pedestaled Elite does in Our Democracy™.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

  • D. Messier:

    Its not about equating one to the other really.

    The Democrats are just bogging down there most threatening competitor down with a legal system which they control much of and tagging him in the short term as a convicted criminal.

    And the vast, vast majority among the legal experts, Constitutional scholars and talking media heads all understand to be totally reversible judgements by the higher courts / court.

    Itis all just political warfare strategy, plain and simple, period the end.

    Over thinking all this and equating or justifying it is just political mental masturbation.

    Self-delusion is the best delusion.


    “Politics is confusing to you? Does not really make sense? Governance and politics are all about power and not about your Pedestrian Realm truth or morality. There are two conversations going on and you are not a part of the conversation that matters when it comes to power. And that’s the truth.

    Remember: Those in the Pedestrian Realm (YOU) observe politics once removed as being a competition. And those politically empowered players in the Political Realm on both sides of the political divide are at war and play by rules of warfare structured by the Constitution. And we all understand the rules that apply in warfare, (There are none). This is where the two different conversations begin, and YOU are not even aware of or a part of one of them.”

    Do not ever allow yourself to become tangled up in the minutia of an opponent’s rational, justification and logic.

    Because that argument is just a distraction in the pursuit of their political warfare goal.

  • Milt

    Cotour observes that what we are seeing “is all just political warfare strategy, plain and simple, period the end,” and not a Search for Truth. Thus it is mostly wasted effort to argue about “what is true” in the Political Realm, as witnessed in the recent Congressional grilling of Messrs. Fauci and Garland*. They are so impervious to truth of any kind and it plays so small a part in what they do in practice that to believe that they ought now to acknowledge it in some fashion (such as offering an apology for their actions) is indeed delusional. They understand which realm they live and work in, and they are quite happy there.

    *Likewise on the network news outlets, where most of the “commentary” on both the left and the right is of exactly the nature (mental masturbation) that Cotour describes. Casuistry elevated to a highly profitable art form.

    Nevertheless, just how far, even in the Political Realm, can we stray from any recognizable relationship to the truth and retain any sense of meaning or coherency in our lives?** Or, put another way, can our political wars — where no rules apply — be conducted on behalf of things that are demonstrably untrue and still justify our efforts to prevail in them?. Did the allied troops wading ashore at Omaha Beach believe that what they were doing had no connection to some kind of fundamental truth about the nature and purposes of the country that they were fighting for? For a wonderful discussion of just this point, see the historian Walter Burns’ illuminating volume Making Patriots.

    **As a corollary, just how far can a representative democracy stray from acknowledging some semblance of what it is true in terms of the way in which it makes laws and regulates behavior? Oh, right. Exactly what we are now witnessing.

    Again, there are two realities working here, but cannot one reality inform — if not justify — the other? And can the American Republic long survive if it is built only on expedient lies?

  • Milt:

    Congress has a function and by design it is to reveal through their subpoena power and ability to in public question concerned individuals in government, the business world and the public to reveal to the people some measure, some degree of the truth.

    That, besides crafting and passing appropriate legislation is the primary function of the Congress.

    There is truth, there is your truth, there is “The Truth” and then there is Objective truth.

    And it is put to the people to see through the fog of the political warfare between the two political entities to determine the truth as best as they can determine as it relates to their best self-interests, their freedom, the interests of the country and the preservation of the concepts structured within the Constitution that counterbalances the tendency of government, which is to abuse its power.

    Congress, as frustrating as it may seem serves a very essential purpose and that is how one must view these investigations and questionings.

    Congress as per the Constitution serves as the illuminating beam of truth that must be shone in the darkest crevasses of government and business. That is the only way, and the politics of the day is attempting to destroy that essential service to the Objective law and justice intent of the Constitution.

    Trust NONE of them, fire them often and educate all that you can as to what is in reality going on. Educate, don’t Indoctrinate.

    In other words, do the exact opposite of everything that today’s desperate, radical / Leftist controlled Democrat party machine run political party says and proposes.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Messier,

    No, it is not “If you cannot beat them, join them”.

    You are complaining that some standard of behavior or character is being abandon by those willing to vote for Trump.
    I am telling you, there is no standard. It is gone. Destroyed. Wiped out.

    And the destruction was done, not by Trump, but by the Democrats, starting with Bill Clinton.

    I am sorry, no, Trump was not convicted of sexual battery. He was found liable. That was not a criminal trial. The word Liable, not the word Guilty, is used right there in the title of the article you linked. It is not the same, not even close. The burden of proof is not the same. So found liable of committing the crime in SVU Season 13, Episode 11 (what a coincidence!), not found guilty.

  • D. Messier

    Good God. The rationalizations and reasoning you all put up here are like pretzels. All twisted up but inedible.

    C’mon Bob. Your writing on this website is oozing with moral comdemnation and righteous indignation of so many things. Yet none of that applies to Trump who behaves like a mob boss. He’s a crook.

    Clinton should never have lied under oath about a consensual sexual affair. He was impeached for it. The decision about whether to remove him from office was a political one. The Senate decided not to. Just as the Senate didn’t throw Trump out of office.

    I guess one thing we all agree on: Trump is a rat.

  • “Trump who behaves like a mob boss.”

    You miss the point, Trumps perceived “mob boss” toughness is his great value.

    Remember the rule, the first politician or their proxies (D. Messier) who propose that they are the more moral politician or proxy is a fraud. There is no morality in politics. Government has no morality; the people have morality but not government.

    Why? Because the entity government is a thing. And politicians, aspirational or empowered have no obligation to tell anyone the true or be moral. The truth or morality is not the business that they are in.

    The problem with Trump in relation to politics and him being a politician? Trump breaks the rule and actually tells the truth about what he intends, and he does it. What do you not understand about that?

    D. Messier, anyone who addressed your issues was extremely specific and competent.

    Like the “progressives” your logic and argument are disjointed and incomplete.

    You insist that reality be so, and it is just not.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Clinton’s perjury was not his only problem.
    His sexual assault issues were so well known, it has it’s own wikipedia page.
    On top of that there were several publicly known consensual affairs.
    But just as the media and democrats did back then, you just deliberately overlook and minimize those problems while trying to stand on your soap box and screech.

    Your chance to protect the country from men of poor character has passed. You missed it 25 years ago.

  • D. Messier

    Mr. Boubon:

    If and when you sober up, you’ll realize that blaming Clinton for destroying some standard by which presidents should behave is one of, if not, the worst argument in defense of Trump. Neithrt George W. Bush nor Barack Obama behaved like Clinton or Trump. Pointing the finger at Clinton doesn’t relieve Trump of responsibility for his behavior. Or the supporters who condemned it from charges of hypocrisy for looking past Trump’s behaior.

  • Milt


    Thank you. Your commentary about Congress is spot on in terms of it trying to discern some measure, some degree of the truth. If only more of its members understood their function in this light. At the moment, however, it appears that the Ds all have their own truth, and they understand that they are engaged in a no holds barred war to make it compulsory, lol. Again, a pretty good description of the (complicated) objective reality in which we find ourselves.

    Likewise your commentary on Donald Trump. If you are in a war for survival with enemies who wish to utterly destroy your country /
    culture / civilization, what kind of generals do you wish to have directing the battles?* In this light, the worst that can be said about President Trump is that he was a slow learner in his first term with respect to just how much of a war for survival he and the country actually were in and what lengths their enemies would go to destroy them. He has since wised up, and hopefully the American electorate will wise up as well.

    *One recalls Lincoln’s defense of General Grant.

    While some would describe Mr. Trump as a mob boss, I lean more to seeing him as The Batman who rises to do what the establishment cannot / will not do to defend the community against the forces of chaos and evil. Likewise, war is what happens when diplomacy / conventional politics fails and there is no alternative to the use of force to defend ones homeland and core values**. Donald Trump may not be the hero (President) that we want, but he is the one that we need.

    **Perhaps the biggest of the Democrats’ Big Lies is the proposition that their actions to destroy this country’s existing culture and way of life (cf, Samuel P. Huntington’s Who Are We: The Challenges to America’s National Identity) are entirely justifiable, rising out of their superior morality and understanding of the world. Thus they believe that *anything* that conservatives do or say to resist such efforts to transform society are howling affronts to decency and demonstrate just how stupid, insensitive, and uninformed we are. (Just watch any of the three late evening network talk / variety shows to see this attitude in full noisome flower.) In short, we are just supposed to shut up, play dead, and watch the “better people” destroy Western Civilization and its achievements.

  • Milt.

    The beauty of the Constitution is that it is neutral until an individual or a political party chooses to go too far, I.E. threaten the people’s freedom and the Objective system of law and justice.

    Here is all the rope you need, you know the rules, go for it.

    The people are watching.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Mr Messier,

    I can always count on your for the ad Hominem attack.
    I see you are still practicing copy and paste journalism.

    I did not say Clinton’s actions are a defense of Trump. I said that the acceptance of his actions and behavior, by people like you, is how we got to Trump. If Trump is the monster you make him out to be, it is a monster of your making.

    G.W Bush was the first reaction to Clinton. A radical swing the other way, in terms of character, though his prosecution of war leaves much to be desired.

    Obama lied his way through 8 years, and everyone of his scandals was again, ignored or buried, and like Bush, no idea how to prosecute a war.

    The populist lean to Trump would have never happened without the destruction of character, the lies and coverups about scandals, and undermining the of the legal system, and the use of government power against the people. All of these led to Trump. All of these are at the feet of the left. A left that is willing to overlook any fault of their own to achieve a short term goal, while pointing and screeching, as you have been doing here.

  • sippin_bourbon: All that you say is true, but it leaves out one essential componet of Messier’s intellectual dishonesty. He now condemns Trump (and is entirely cool with Trump getting a life prison sentence) for the same behaviors by Clinton that were then supposed to be ignored because either “everybody did it” or “it was just his own personal life!”

    The only real difference is that Clinton was a Democrat and Trump is a Republican. Thus, the goal is not proper behavior but to use whatever tool is on hand to obtain power for Democrats. Or to put it more bluntly, the goal is power, and power alone.

  • Edward

    Indeed, the articles of impeachment had nothing to do with Clinton’s peccadillos and everything to do with his actual illegal behavior, perjury before a grand jury.

    You wrote: “The only real difference is that Clinton was a Democrat and Trump is a Republican.

    Except that Trump was a Democrat when he did the Clinton thing, cheating on their wives, during the time that Trump was still a Democrat Party hero; it was only later that Trump defected to the Republicans and became Democrat enemy no. 1 (with Musk now a close second: Democrat enemy no. 2). In addition, Clinton did it in the White House on company time (on the clock, our money), and Trump did it off government property on his own time — we were not paying him to do it.

    One has to wonder whether Trump has reformed now that he has converted to Republican. Is Trump the same adulterer that he was as a Democrat? He certainly is still honest, since the Democrat persecutors cannot find any real crimes of his, ever, and have to make them up, twisting the letter and intent of the laws into inedible pretzels.

    Either way, the Clinton comparison is a red herring, distracting us from the problem at hand. The issue is not who was doing who or when, or whether it is OK because someone else did it (the “two wrongs make a right” fallacy), the question is whether or not we want liberty and justice for all, or do we want political enemies punished and friends rewarded?

    Doug cannot win the real argument, so he latches onto the herring like a dog with a bone.

  • D. Messier

    Ah Mr. Bourbon:

    I’m keeping a toe in blogging about space while pursuing another venture. I’d write more if I had more time.

    Trump is a creation of Trump. His actions are their own. They speak for themselves. The Republicans are the ones who nominated him and back his bid for the presidency.

    If we had another president who acted like Nixon, would we blame Republicans for that? Could we say the Republican party created this person? What you say makes no sense.

  • ” I’d write more if I had more time.”

    Thank God for other things to do, saves one from oneself and sharing there thinking and thought process outside of the inside of their brain.

    But it is instructive as to that inside thought process and its inconsistencies and irrational disjointed conclusions.

  • D. Messier

    Oh Bob:

    You usually work backward from your conclusions and make the evidence fit regardless of whether it does or not. Your facts are often not even facts. You are the last person who should be accusing anyone of dishonesty.

    Ah Ed, how can I win an argument with someone who claims the Jan. 6 insurrection was a peaceful protest despite massive evidence on video that it was not. You’re not dealing with facts. There’s no amt of evidence that gets through to you.

    As for Couture, I’m not sure there is a thought process behind what you post here. But, I do find it entertaining to see how far gone the MAGA cult is these days.

  • D. Messier:

    Here is some more fodder for you to digest.


    You seem to be on the Joy Behar / Joe Scarborough level.

    Keep drinking.

  • Edward

    There was shouting, but the violence that you pretend to be there was not there, especially not on the videos. Compared to the Democrats, such as the “mostly peaceful” summer of 2020, January 6th was a church social. Who were the violent ones that day? That’s right. It was the Capitol Police who used the peaceful, unarmed, paraders for target practice.

    Who can win an argument with someone who thinks an unarmed protest is an insurrection? Oh, you told us: I can, thank you very much. Who was charged with insurrection? That’s right. No one. You talk about facts not being facts, but the facts are on my side, not yours. It is your facts that aren’t factual.

    You, like most Democrats, live in a fantasy world; you just cannot admit it. For you, when Republicans speak, that is massive evidence of violence and insurrection, but when Democrats are violent and murderous, that is merely free speech.

    Every time you comment you demonstrate your dishonesty and prove Robert Zimmerman’s point: “In other words, these Democrats aren’t interested in moral behavior, they are interested in doing whatever they can to put those who disagree with them in prison. We call that behavior fascist, totalitarian, vicious, and barbaric.

  • wayne

    “Initiate Operation Valkyrie”

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