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Denial in the post-COVID era

For too many, it is too difficult to enter the Truth booth
For too many, it is too difficult to enter the Truth booth

The stream of new data about the failures of all the policies imposed on free Americans during the Wuhan panic has become so consistent and repetitive that, to a certain extent, I have become bored reporting it — especially because I have been reporting these facts over and over again since March 2020.

Nonetheless, it is important to do so. When the next new flu-type strain appears, and the power-hungry thugs that run our government try to fear-monger us all to gain power, it will help the general citizenry resist that fear-mongering by having more knowledge.

This essay is also partly inspired by my own doctor, Robert Lending, M.D., who since 2020 has been sending out periodic email updates on the state of the epidemic. From the beginning Lending tried to be as neutral as possible, avoiding any political battles or taking sides. He was not against lockdowns or mask mandates, but he also respected those that opposed them. Thus, he did not insist his patients where masks, especially when they had health reasons to not do so, unlike almost all other doctors. Nor did he ever require the jab to see his patients. His updates simply reported on the research and situation at the time, based on real data.

His most recent update, #107, however was different. It began with this blunt headline: “Should we start renaming COVID-19 to Pfizer-23?” and continued like so:

This is disturbing news. Pfizer has admitted to trying to ‘stay ahead’ of viral evolution by “‘engineering’ treatment-resistant variants” to test their anti-viral agents against. Pfizer admits to deliberately “‘mutating’ Covid-19 virus to preemptively develop new vaccines.” At the same time, Pfizer claims that they are practicing within industry standards. Pfizer denies it is doing gain of function research [designed to create more dangerous COVID-type viruses]. More disturbing is that they are using a Biosafety Level 3 Lab {BSL3}; whereas Wuhan was [from] a safer BSL 4 Lab and Covid-19 was still inadvertently released. So, just as current Covid-19 subvariants are becoming relatively benign, now there is risk of another tragic event with a more dangerous Pfizer-23 virus.

After reading this I emailed him, “Your update today pulls no punches, and sounds like a man who is thoroughly outraged by what he has come to learn.” His response, quoted exactly as he emailed it to me: “YES!”

That Lending came to this conclusion however is not a surprise. First, he did not play politics with the facts to exert ugly power over his patients. Second, he always kept an open mind — a scientific mind — about the data. And third, this made it far easier for him to see some ugly truths, when they were exposed.

Lending however is an exception. Too many government officials and medical experts, proven utterly wrong about COVID in so many ways, continue to disassemble the truth in an effort to rationalize their many errors. Worse, many (such as officials at Pfizer) do so because of corrupt reasons, such as a desire for power and money regardless of the evil consequences imposed on others. To see this we need only read this willfully ignorant justification from Michigan State University (MSU) officials — quite typical of such officials — as to why they now have finally abandoned their COVID jab mandate:

Deputy spokesperson Dan Olsen said MSU will still continue to encourage vaccinations, including COVID-19, because “all of these measures better protect health and well-being of our campus community.” Olsen said the widespread protection of the individuals who have already been vaccinated, plus new boosters and treatment options, eliminated the need for a campus-wide mandate.

“Now, as both the virus and our understanding of it continues to evolve, there is widespread protection due to the number of individuals vaccinated,” university physician Michael Brown said in an email to the MSU community. “New vaccine boosters and treatment options are widely available, and we know better how to protect those most vulnerable.”

People no longer need to get the jab or boosters because so many already have gotten them!

Bosh. Our “understanding” of the virus and the effectiveness of the jab tells us just the opposite, and these fools simply can’t admit it. Just a few recent data points:

From the first link:

Elsevier’s medical journal Cell Host and Microbe published a “perspective” led by Fauci’s office last month that shows NIAID had good reason to believe COVID vaccines would fail even before they were authorized, based on research spanning Fauci’s 38-year tenure leading NIAID. [emphasis mine]

The last link is only one of many that has shown the general ineffectiveness of these COVID shots. Places that made everyone get them actually have routinely had higher infection rates. The jab did nothing to prevent the disease.

So it is absurd for these MSU officials to say that everyone has “protection” from getting COVID because more people got jabbed. The jab does nothing to prevent infection.

Worse, the evidence that the COVID shots cause real harm is now widespread and horrifying. Here are just a few examples of recent stories confirming the earlier research:

The rise in excess deaths after the jab arrived

The graph to the right is from the first link. It shows that the number of excess deaths began skyrocketing in mid-2022, after the jab was rolled out, far higher than beforehand, strongly suggesting that the shots caused more harm than good.

The New Zealand and United Kingdom data from the last three links show the worthlessness of having everyone jabbed. If anything, having a lot of people jabbed seems to increase risk.

And of course, these MSU officials must not mention the actual direct health risks that the jab appear to cause.

These stories are just a drop in the bucket of the numerous others that are finding there are serious health risks from the jab.

None of these facts matter to MSU however. The only reason MSU officials ended its jab mandate is because almost everyone has gotten the jab and are now “protected!”

If these MSU officials were the exception and not the rule, their idiocy would matter little. That they are the rule is the problem. A technological society cannot function successfully with this level of denial. As John Adams noted, “Facts are stubborn things.” Just because you deny unpleasant facts will not make them go away. If anything, that denial will allow them to jump up and bite you, as the facts about COVID and the jab have now done to everyone in the past three years.

If this denial does not end soon, the dark age I fear coming will crash down on our heads far quicker, and with consequences more horribly than can be imagined.

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  • Cotour


    Referring to Elon Musk and the Covid “Twitter files” being released.

    Robert Malone: “They will do anything; they have no morality”. 9 min.

    Now we are getting down to where we can all understand.

    Are we seeing it yet? S.O.M. is the cold objective lens that everyone must learn to see all of this through. And if you are unable to? Then you will remain confused and defrauded. Do you like being confused and defrauded?

    You have morality, “they” (The politically empowered within government) do not, but they desperately need to convince you that they do.

    The political warfare rages on, and as we all know, there are no rules in either Love or War :(

  • James Street

    To add a little space flavoring to the discussion I’ll insert this meme here

  • David

    Could you please provide information on what is the Pfizer-23 virus? Is there a site(s) you could provide the name(s) of to further direct investigation without clicking all the links in you writings above searching for the specific link about the Pfizer-23 virus your doctor wrote you about.

    Did you, as a science journalist, contact Pfizer for comments? As you have pronounced Pfizer as “evil,” I kinda wonder what they have to say in their defense against the allegations being made.

    Your piece is certainly detailed and I look forward to reviewing the information contained in the links and asking medical professionals I know to help me understand better and to provide their analysis.

    Thank you Mr. Zimmerman.

  • Milt

    Woody Harrelson got it right.

    The question is, what are ordinary Americans going to “do” about all of this? As Mr. Kunstler suggests in a subsequent post, we are probably looking at, first, a lot of denial, then painfully working through the other stages of grief.

    “How do the approximately 70 percent of vaxxed-up Americans deal with this reality? Many, of course, are noticing vaxxed family members, friends, colleagues, sports figures, acquaintances getting sick and dying of sudden heart failure, strokes, aggressive cancers, strange neurological problems, and other mystifying syndromes. The aggregate reaction so far seems to be a numb despair. But then, the still-living vaxxed also have to contend with the anxiety over what is going on in their own bodies. Perhaps they’ve heard whispers from the more extreme voices on the margins of this discussion that every single person who got vaxxed might be subject to an early death on way or another. That’d be a reason to withdraw into the first stage of the Kübler-Ross Transect of Grief, which is denial… and just hunker down there… for now. It’s an awful lot to contend with.”

    The further question, of course, is how all of this — after numbed despair — might play out at the ballot box. Joe Biden says that he intends to run for office again, and he and his handlers seem to believe that *none* of this will deter anyone from happily voting for him.

    Are they correct?

  • Milt: Be aware that your comment went into moderation because the urls for the two links you included use an obscenity as part of the address. (That this website uses an obscenity in its title baffles me. It wants to celebrate barbarism?) I have made both links accessible, but put them under appropriate words in your text.

    Be aware of this in the future. I don’t object linking to such sites, but you need to link properly if you do.

  • Edward

    You may have read the post, but you did not comprehend it.
    As you have pronounced Pfizer as ‘evil,’ I kinda wonder what they have to say in their defense against the allegations being made.

    Robert didn’t pronounce Pfizer as evil. He wrote that the “consequences imposed on others” are evil. The consequences are evil, not the company and not people. The consequences are of the government officials’ and medical experts’ many errors. The consequences include the harm to health caused by the government, schools, employers, and others who demanded faux vaccination for that people who didn’t need it, which includes most people who are not elderly, and maybe even many of the elderly.

    In other posts, Robert has listed additional evil consequences. There are many, and we as a species have been terribly harmed in many, many ways. Not just health but freedoms, liberties, lives, livelihoods, education, choice of association, ability to practice religion, ability to travel, and more. Happiness was replaced with fear, abundance with shortages, and friendships with ostracization.

    Pfizer mutating the virus into one worse than the Wuhan virus (SARS-2-Cov) may be bad, but we just went through much worse, because of the way it was mishandled. Two decades ago, we went through the first SARS virus (SARS-Cov) well, but this recent second version, only slightly more deadly, was handled in ways that had horrible effects — evil consequences — such as killing more people than the virus did, leaving far more permanently physically maimed than the virus did, harming entire societies, and destroying our trust in science and true vaccines. In many areas, real science was replaced with a Lysenkoist type of faux science, sometimes called “The Science.” The Science is often declared to be settled, and any skepticism is treated as though it were heresy.

    This dogged belief in The Science is why it is so hard to get our fearful leaders to admit that they did all the wrong things, violating centuries of lessons in treating and preventing the spread of disease, and it was the cause of even more deaths from the disease than there should have been. By following this bad The Science, we caused the horrible effects from the poor handling of the Wuhan flu: the evil consequences imposed on others.

  • David


    I stand corrected concerning my statement on the word “evil.” Mr. Zimmerman’s statement did say “evil consequences” not that Pfizer was “evil.” Just the officials (who are people) at Pfizer having “corrupt reasons” like “power and money” for pursuing the research Zimmerman discusses. Thank you for pointing out my poor and incomplete wording.

    I don’t know why journalists everywhere (not just Zimmerman) are not confronting Pfizer officials night and day to explain completely what they are doing with their research on the virus. As Zimmerman is direct and unflinching in his coverage of COVID, I remain curious if he will seek out officials or regular employees of the company.

  • mpthompson

    In the empire of lies the truth is treason.

  • This is a fantastic post lining up a lot of good supporting links. Thank You!

  • Edward

    You wrote: “I don’t know why journalists everywhere (not just Zimmerman) are not confronting Pfizer officials night and day to explain completely what they are doing with their research on the virus. As Zimmerman is direct and unflinching in his coverage of COVID, I remain curious if he will seek out officials or regular employees of the company.

    That wasn’t what was originally requested. This is an example of moving the goalposts, which makes it difficult to know whether any answer or number of answers will satisfy.

    However, Project Veritas has already gotten the inside scoop on this Pfizer topic, and since then it has been covered by many others. Project Veritas’s founder and leader was banished from his own company, due to the release of that scoop, so the people in power are trying to intimidate journalists everywhere to not even cover Pfizer’s malfeasance. Most journalists have demonstrated that they will parrot what our fearful leaders tell them, as though these journalists worked for a state-run news media. These may explain to you why journalists everywhere are not confronting Pfizer officials night and day. The ones who are sided with our fearful leaders don’t want to contradict them or Pfizer, and many others have been intimidated bye those same fearful leaders and the pharmaceutical industry.

    This banishment by Project Veritas’s board of directors provides further evidence of Pfizer’s corruption and “desire for power and money regardless of the evil consequences imposed on others.” Who else but Pfizer would want to impose such a punishment for exposing them, an example of yet another evil consequence. Free speech is still under attack. There is no other reason for the board to get rid of their most valuable asset — the board has blatantly abrogated their fiduciary duty to their corporation.

    On the other hand, Mr. Zimmerman was quoting his own doctor, Robert Lending, M.D., so shouldn’t the request be that the doctor should seek out officials or regular employees of the company or that Mr. Zimmerman interview his source, Dr. Lending? Do we really need to ask Pfizer again whether they have admitted to what they have admitted?

    His updates simply reported on the research and situation at the time, based on real data.

    Your request for additional interviews may be asking for information that is outside the scope of Mr. Zimmerman’s essay.

    This essay is also partly inspired by my own doctor …

    On the third hand (the Gripping Hand, for Niven/Pournell fans), Mr. Zimmerman specifies this as an essay rather than a report or news story. Digging for new, previously undocumented information may not be the right way to go, here.

    Did you, as a science journalist, contact Pfizer for comments?

    I believe that is a mischaracterization of Mr. Zimmerman’s speciality. His journalism focuses and concentrates on space, not science in general, which explains why this post is an essay rather than a journalistic report. However, everyone knows much about fighting diseases, as we all have been doing so for all our lives.

    We all know that our fearful leaders have been violating everything that We the People, doctors, and scientists have learned over the centuries. Never before were we required to “socially distance” to prevent the spread of disease; this was new, untried, and a failure. Never before were the healthy placed under quarantine, another failure. Never before were ill patients required to be placed among healthy people of the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable demographic, an outrageous fiasco that would obviously fail.* Masking up had already failed a century ago.** Never before were free people mandated to take unapproved experimental therapeutics in order to keep our jobs or to go about town freely.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to know that these were the wrong things to do.
    * Sending the ailing into nursing homes caused at least one percent of all of the American deaths from Wuhan flu, and somewhere around ten percent of New York state’s deaths. Who knows how much it spread from those nursing homes.

    ** This idea was a century old and had already failed, and scientists had studied the practice all during the century since the Spanish flu. In 2020, doctors and scientists already knew that masks don’t work, and few of us used them before the mandates because we, too, understood that they don’t work.


    “In a shocking revelation during a Senate hearing in Australia, a Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the pharmaceutical giant had imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.”

    And the implications? Do you think that other “Special” batches were created and supplied for “Special” people in both Pfizer and government?

    And why were there “Special” batches of mRNA “vaccine” made for Pfizer employees rather than the one administered to the public? And what were the adverse, myocarditis, pericarditis and death result statistics on those “Special” batches?

    Are you paying attention yet America? JGL 8/4/23

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