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The utter failure and total evil of government policies during the Wuhan panic

COVID mortality rates among children 10-14 in the UK
COVID mortality rates among children 10-14 in the United Kingdom,
comparing those who got the COVID shots versus those who did not

While stories about the ineffective and harmful consequences of the panic over the Wuhan flu continue to pour in on an almost daily basis, it is often better to step back and see these many stories in aggregate. By looking at the forest from a distance, a clearer picture frequently reveals itself that remains hidden if you only focus on studying the individual trees.

For example, the graph to the right, first published in January 2022, suggests strongly that giving young children the COVID shots only increased their mortality. This is just one story, however. Is it typical, or an outlier? You need to look at the larger picture to know.

Below I list and categorize the many science papers and news stories I have been collecting since my previous detailed two essays in May about the epidemic and its consequences (see: “The evidence keeps pouring in showing the utter failure of all COVID mandates” and “Are the COVID vaccines killing people over time? The data suggests yes.”). The totality of this data does appear shocking, especially because it makes evident the utter failure of almost every policy set by almost every government health official and elected politician since the Wuhan flu arrived in 2020.

First we must take another look at the new research about the mask mandates, policies that decades of research repeatedly showed would do nothing to protect anyone from COVID, and might even be unhealthy.

The research in these papers all confirm the data from previous decades: Masks don’t work. Unfortunately, the new data is also confirming that mask-wearing is actually both physically and mentally unhealthy, and should be avoided. The harm done to young children is especially infuriating. Americans should be ashamed that they subjected their kids to this torture for the past two years.

Next we have the government lockdowns. As early as the spring of 2020 it was evident that the lockdowns were a terrible idea. They crushed the economy, destroyed businesses, careers, and lives, and accomplished nothing. The following two recent research papers merely reinforce those conclusions.

As I said, these conclusions were obvious from the beginning. That the few sane voices who saying so were ignored or silenced only makes this new research more galling.

It now appears however that masks and lockdowns might not be the worst consequence of the brainless and panicky reaction to the Wuhan flu by government officials. The damaging effects from the COVID shots might in the end far exceed the destruction caused by masks and lockdowns.

(A side note: I never refer to these shots as “vaccines” because they are not vaccines. Even from the start government officials knew the shots would not prevent COVID, even as they publicly claimed they would — while also shouting that if you didn’t get the jab you might die. All that was a lie. As Dr. Debra Birx, who served as White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator during the Trump administration, admitted during a House hearing last week, “I think it was hoped that the vaccine would work. [emphasis mine]” She, and everyone else in the government, did not know, even as they forced the shots on everyone.)

What we do now know, from the following research, is that the jab can cause serious specific adverse reactions in a significant number of people.

Each of these links describes different research studies. There are no duplicates. Four report on evidence that the jab causes serious heart problems, mostly in young people who should not have such problems. Other studies find that the shots cause brain disease, blood clots, fertility issues, and chickenpox. There is also evidence the jab damages immunity and increases disease in young children.

Other research now shows the generally useless nature of the shots in preventing COVID itself.

Generally, the jab doesn’t seem to do much to prevent the Wuhan flu, and there is even some evidence that its presence in the body might weaken the body’s ability to fight off the disease.

Yet, overall, how dangerous are the shots, and how prevalent are adverse events that come from them? The following stories take a wider look at the negative effects of the COVID jab.

While the total numbers in the second story are quite disturbing, exceeding by many times the number of adverse events of all past vaccines combined, the percentage indicated in the first story, 3.7%, is probably the more important number. It is based on a large survey of individuals who got the jab, and is also roughly confirmed by other studies listed at the link, which found myocarditis in 1% to 4% of individuals surveyed. This number likely represents a good approximation of the total chance a person will experience serious illness from getting the jab, since even if you add in all the other illnesses listed above, this percentage is likely not to increase significantly since most of these studies involve relatively small numbers.

So, yes, based on these numbers the overall the risk from the Wuhan shots seems relatively low. Only about 3% to 4% of all individuals who get the shot risk a serious adverse event, with an undetermined but likely large percentage of those surviving. But is this risk low compared to the risk of COVID itself?

No. In fact it is far higher. COVID kills only about 2% of those who get the virus, most of whom are either old, sick with several chronic diseases, or physically unhealthy. It kills practically no one in the general population. Like the regular flu, you get it, are sick for a short period, and then recover and go on with your life.

The negative consequences of the jab however are much worse. While the shots provide you little or no protection from COVID, the jab can apparently subject you to serious health risks. Worse, it attacks and even kills young and healthy people, individuals who did not need the jab at all because they were under no threat from the virus.

Overall, these numbers strongly suggest that the jab might actually be more risky to your health than COVID itself.

Even more distressing, while getting COVID is entirely out of one’s control, getting the jab should have been entirely optional, and avoidable if you didn’t want it. Governments worldwide however decided it should be required, and in that panic caused numerous private businesses and venues to require it as well. Choice was removed, and thus many people have died from the jab who might not have had they been given the freedom to decide for themselves. Furthermore, everyone who has gotten the jab — which was nothing more than an experimental drug that had not been thoroughly tested — is now faced with an unknown health future with potentially much greater risks.

How governments determined policy against COVID
How our governments determined policy against COVID during
the past two years.

Going forward, do any of these facts matter to our rulers, especially those who are leftwing or Democrats? Nah. Such governments are insane. Even as the evidence shows that past mask and “vaccine” mandates and lockdown policies accomplished nothing or even had negative consequences, these authorities continue to push them on us, over and over and over again.

As I said, insane. However, insanity is not the only possible explanation for these irrational government actions, as shown in the next story:

The pharmaceutical and medical industry has been making a lot of money on the Wuhan panic, much of which I guarantee they are funneling back into the pockets of the politicians who have helped feed that panic.

If greed is thus another reason for these insane policies, then these government and medical officials are not simply insane, they are downright evil.

Am I paranoid? Well consider this: Not only have government officials like Debra Birx and Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden repeatedly lied about COVID and the jab, they also lied about the virus’s origins. The federal government helped fund the Chinese research that created this virus, and officials like Fauci and others did things to hide what they had done.

Let me close with one last link, since it suggests that the blame should not entirely be put on the heads of the politicians and health officials who led the panic.

The study found that there was no evidence of long-term COVID-19 infection in patients who were six or more weeks removed from the onset of symptoms, even if those patients reported that they were experiencing “long COVID.” Further, the study found that individuals who reported having long COVID were disproportionately women and individuals with history of anxiety disorders.

Are you in this crowd?
Can you see yourself in this crowd?

In other words, these people have been, in their panic, imagining that they still had the Wuhan flu, long after it was gone.

This panicky fear-based mindset is exactly the kind of mindset that the power-hungry in government need to get their way. Any attempt to create fear and panic on their part cannot succeed if the general public has the coolness of mind to not panic and to think.

Sadly, coolness of mind did not exist in 2020. Instead, the power-hungry had the full and credulous cooperation of the general public. The result was a lot of abuse of power, much of which only worsened the epidemic and its later consequences.

We are now paying for that panic, in spades. And the bill unfortunately has not entirely come due.

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  • Andrew_W

    There are plenty of graphs around that demonstrate that due to higher vaccination rates among the elderly and those with conditions and illnesses that dramatically reduce life expectancy (and make them more vulnerable to covid) those groups die at higher rates.

  • Andrew_W

    From a BBC article dated 20 September 2021: “The rollout of Covid vaccines to healthy 12 to 15-year-olds has begun in England and Scotland.”

    So, as I suspected, the vaccine had only previously been given to under 15’s with health issues.

  • James Street

    “The evidence keeps pouring in showing the utter failure of all COVID mandates”

    Unless the destruction of America was the intended goal of the mandates then they were utterly successful.

    At least we’re almost through Pride Month (aka “Monkeypox Month”)

    “In the U.K., a survey of 152 monkeypox patients found that 99% identified as men who have sex with men, according to Britain’s Health Security Agency.”

  • Andrew_W

    When The Exposé put the graph mentioned above together they committed a lie by omission, I don’t buy any suggestion that the were unaware that vaccination of healthy kids in that age group in England wasn’t started until September 2021.
    I would be mortified if I’d republished their dishonest claim, I’d be angry at them for pushing lies, and angry at myself for failing to use critical thinking.
    If some claim is too good to be true for your case it probably isn’t true.

  • Cotour

    Just saw and spoke today with a friend who I have not seen in a while, 2 years.

    She is all shot up and boosted (She had to for her work, she works in the entertainment industry / TV in Manhattan), also had Covid. She can no longer walk up the stairs in her house because she loses her breath, and she is relieved that she is now moving to a one-story house where she can once again sleep in her own bedroom and not the living room which was upstairs in her previous house. Wears a mask still every day outside.

    Her legs are numb from her knees down to her feet.

    She says / believes it is due to Covid.

    Covid, and not the juice?

    A very sweet person.

  • D3F1ANT

    At least we can rest assured knowing none of these dirty, corrupt, murderous scumbag Leftists will ever face Justice…usual.

  • Max

    Thank you for the update with a complete well-rounded list of links to study. Truly impressive.

    Normally I would add a long list of my own news links… but I really don’t see where I can add anything that isn’t covered.
    Canada also reported that the overall deaths in Canada is over 80% vaccinated. Basically, the shots have no effect. The statistics show it’s a negative effect.
    Also heard this morning that the regions with the highest vaccination rates also have the highest infertility rates. Some high as 50% meaning the rate of pregnancies has dropped by half.
    Speaking of which, China’s one child policy has come to bite it in its economic butt. With transportation costs going up, and labor cost in China skyrocketing with fewer workers… Jobs are coming back to America. Here is some good news on the economic war with China.

    I helped a neighbor get a job over 20 years ago, every time he saw me he thanked me for changing his life.

    I sat with him at a union meeting a few months ago, he told me he was on FMLA (Family medical leave act) because of painful blood clots in his legs that won’t go away. I just learned this week that he passed away suddenly at 64 years old.
    He kept telling me that he never should’ve gotten the vaccinations…
    Then they forced him to get a booster shot so the hospital will admit him. Now it doesn’t matter.

  • Jeff Wright

    My co-workers step-dad died right after a booster. No lawsuit possible due to lawsuit protection-that one is on the GOP as well, With Scott wanting to tax the poor and sunset Social Security-I will refuse to vote this November.

  • sippin_bourbon

    Which Scott? There is at least one congressmen, two senators, and a governor.
    There are too many.

    Soc Sec needs to be weaned anyway. The model is failing.

    Tax the poor? Define poor. For that matter, define rich.

    According to liberals, I am rich, which is laughable, as my bank account says otherwise.
    Nor do I consider myself poor.

    These are mostly rhetorical, but when you throw out lines like that, they are meaningless.

    Vote/don’t vote, your call. But hey, if you wanna leave this admin completely unchecked, then you have yourself to blame.

    There are no perfect candidates. Only candidates that are as close to your values as possible. Every vote I have ever made required giving on lesser things, to get a larger prize. If I always waited for the perfect candidate, I would never have casted a vote in my life.

  • Cotour


    “Wealth” in America is a code word for “White”, to put it as simply as possible.

    And that is what is underway in our country right now in order that the country be forced into some degree of “Equity”.

    Where the balance point is will become more apparent after the midterm elections.

    Stay tuned on that, but keep in mind, the radical Left and the Democrats are always ultimately moving the ball in their favor. Even if they are slapped back hard in November. The only question remains, how far and what will the Left / Democrats do in their desperation? Anything up to and including murder in order to retain political power.

    The political warfare that the Constitution structures rages on, and it is GOOD.

  • Cotour

    The new go to Liberal “New World Order” Democrat term being shopped into the public zeitgeist?

    “The Liberal World Order”.

    Not the “New World Order” as has been the norm, its now the “Liberal World order.

    And much like the term “Global Warming” morphing into the softer and now more universal and all inclusive term “Climate Change”, the term “Liberal World Order” is a softer and more inclusive term that has probably been changed due to some group polling that has taken place that indicates the need for the change. Not by mistake.

    Its all a mind game. Control words and terms, control the language and they will follow.

    And this is why the extremely disruptive to the agenda Trump had to go by any means necessary. And they will deny that fact because they know that they are right and your protestations be damned that is how it will be!

  • Cotour

    Another example as they roll out this new softer more acceptable term: “The Liberal World Order”.

    Are you paying attention yet?

  • John

    I was healthy. Gym rat, regularly jogged 3 miles. 2nd Moderna messed me up, more so than most I know who got covid. The pain and swelling in my leg, and later MRI indicated blood clot changed my viewpoint on those people forever.

  • Jeff Wright

    We need a third party.

    Did you hear how shipping companies are refusing Gun deliveries?

    OK…now to train drug sniffing dogs how to smell the morning-after pill and arrest drivers and their bosses, if they refused to transport to conservatives.

  • Max

    It was reported this morning the reason we haven’t heard from Dr. Fauci lately is that he caught Covid for the second time even though he’s fully vaned and boosted. He’s having a difficult time recovering even though he’s been taking the new pill that works so well…

  • Lon Spector

    Lying devils doing their master’s bidding.

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