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I will NOT wear a mask, part two

Here we go again! When the first panic over COVID arrived in 2020 and government thugs and their leftist minions in the culture began demanding that everyone wear a mask, I wrote the following:

It apparently has not been enough that they have successfully destroyed a thriving economy, put millions out of work, destroyed the airline, entertainment, sports, and restaurant industries, over a disease that, at best is nothing more than a slight blip in the overall death rate, and at worst will be comparable to similar past epidemics that we lived through without government-imposed panic or economic disaster.

No, destroying millions of lives has not been enough. They need to do more. They need to find more ways to squelch our freedom, nullify the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and, to paraphrase Orwell, stamp a boot down on our faces, forever.

And in this case, they mean to do this, almost literally.

They are now beginning to demand that we wear masks at all times in public, in the mindless and stupid belief that this will somehow stop COVID-19 from spreading.

I also declared unequivocally that I would not wear a mask, “and if you demand it of me you will have a revolution on your hands.”

WHO's do's and don't's for mask use
For the full images, go here and here.

During the entire COVID panic I never did wear a mask, but unfortunately, there was no revolution. Americans lined up like sheep and did as they were told, despite the fact that there continues to be zero evidence that masks do anything to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, but actually contribute to its spread. The graphic to the right, from WHO, illustrates the risks of wearing a mask incorrectly, something everyone does. See this essay from July 2020 as well.

It now appears that the same government thugs who imposed jab and mask mandates before, working in league with the corrupt mainstream press, are once again trying to gin up another COVID panic, and force the same insane policies of lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates all over again.

A good example of this new fear-mongering can be found in this absurd Daily Mail article today, sounding the alarm that a new mutant stream of COVID has now entered the United States. Let me quote:

A second American tested positive for the new highly-mutated BA.2.86 Covid variant that has been causing global alarm over its rapid transmission.

The positive case was detected in an asymptomatic patient in Virginia who was tested August 10 after returning to the US from Japan. [emphasis mine]

Oh no, we’re all gonna die!

Did you notice that the person showed no symptoms? This variant is like all the recent variants, relatively harmless, hardly different than catching a cold. And yet, its arrival according to this article is that we must panic and do something, even though the article itself admits that hospital admissions right now “remain at near-historic lows”, and that this variant produces “symptoms … milder than at any point previously in the pandemic.”

No matter. We must panic, and the arrival of two positive tests, one in Virginia and another in Michigan, is all the evidence some leftists and a number of very brainless universities need. In Atlanta Morris Brown College announced on August 20, 2023 it is reinstating mask mandates, social distancing, tracking of students, quarantines, and repeated temperature checks.

Let me repeat, for what might be the hundredth time: No study before, during, or after the COVID epidemic has found any evidence any of these policies reduce the spread of these respiratory viruses, while many studies have repeatedly found some of these policies — especially masks — carry risks and can be harmful.

Meanwhile, Rutgers and Georgetown never stopped demanding students wear masks indoors, while more than 100 colleges nationwide still require students to get the COVID jab in order to attend classes, even though all versions of the jab have been shown to be utterly ineffective in stopping COVID’s spread or its transmission and numerous studies are now finding the jab is medically dangerous to the hearts of young people — college students you might say.

New Jersey State Sen. Declan O’Scanlon (R) told NewsNation that he is ready to stand with any student who may be disenrolled from the university over their vaccination status, going so far as to call Rutgers administrators cowards. “For Rutgers, which should be the preeminent scientific institution, public institution in New Jersey, to be clinging to this now anti-science and punishing students — life-changing punishment, by the way — is outrageous. The administrators at Rutgers should be ashamed of themselves,” O’Scanlon said.

These COVID mandates by Morris Brown, Rutgers, and Georgetown should remove any doubts anyone might still have that a large percentage of academia is bankrupt and worthless. Fortunately, it also seems that in the case of COVID at least these tyrannical and mindless colleges are increasingly the exception, not the rule. They now comprise a significant minority, with more than 80% of universities nationwide no longer requiring any jabs at all.

Meanwhile, intelligent thought continues to be missing in the White House. The arrival of this new very mild strain is causing it to consider returning to some of the same insane policies that failed so miserably in 2020 and 2021:

The Biden administration plans to urge all Americans to get a booster shot for the coronavirus this autumn to counter a new wave of infections, a White House official said on Sunday. The official said that while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reporting an increase in infections and hospital admissions from the virus, overall levels remain low.

Lysenko with Stalin
The hero of the Biden administration and too many universities:
Trofim Lysenko (on the left) preaching to Stalin as he destroyed
Soviet plant research, persecuted anyone who disagreed with him,
and caused famines that killed millions.

The full policy recommendations can be read here. While it is clear that the White House is avoiding the kind of jab mandates it imposed previously (and were found not only ineffective but illegal), it still acts as if these COVID shots have some value and carry no risks at all.

In other words, its behavior fits the definition of insanity perfectly, doing the same failed thing over and over in the hope the results might be different next time.

Will Americans bow like sheep again and obey any new mandates? I sincerely hope not, because if they do this time, all hope for this nation’s commitment to freedom and the rule of law will end for good. Now more than ever everyone has to proclaim loudly, “I do not submit!” We have to tell these fools that we don’t believe or trust them anymore, and refuse to follow their dictates.

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  • Alton

    To Rich Men North of Richmond..

    No No No…

    Born, Bred, Schooled in Williamsburg, a Vurginian.

  • Dave

    Been seeing this in the news, ever so slightly. And never with a description of the horror this latest development is to bring. Nothing indeed. And yet masks. Are we to be rational or is this some bizarre social experiment?

  • Edward

    Here we go again!

    Of course we go again. There is another presidential election coming up, and the Democrats have found that they can successfully steal the election by using Wuhan flu emergency rules to change the way elections are run and ballots are collected and counted.

    Democrats had a much harder time winning elections when votes took place in person at designated locations all on the same day. They have a much easier time winning when ballots have loose chain-of-custody requirements.

  • Alton, I hear you :)

    Oliver Anthony: “Billy Bob Blow” Takes The Stage ?


    Remember Michale Moore and his prophetic show where he laid out the American political zeitgeist during the 2016 presidential race?

    Remind yourself, this is Mr. Moore’s view into the psychology of the American people and the future:

    “The American Molotov Cocktail” / Billy Bob Blow speech. Very prescient, brilliant really.

    Remember, Michael Moore, 2016: 5:42

    No masks, no “vaccines”, no W.H.O., no CDC, no Fauci, its a long list of no’s.

  • Trent Castanaveras



  • John

    This is just the beginning.

  • John C

    Every sickness I have gotten since COVID unofficially ended has been far worse than any variant of COVID I got.

  • Exterminate Perverts

    didn’t wear it the first time … as to this latest insanity

  • Milt

    As we contemplate another round of government / media-sponsored Covid hysteria, it might be worthwhile to read two powerful commentaries about how “our” government — at the behest of Big Pharma and its friends in Congress and the regulatory agencies — lied through its teeth about effective alternative treatments for Covid19:

    Quoting Mr. Cook:

    “Instead, the response to the pandemic prioritised one thing only: not saving lives, but maximising to the greatest extent possible the profits of Big Pharma.”

    His post runs a little long, but it is very well done, it is worth reading, and it poses the kinds of questions that any thoughtful person ought to be asking.

    More succinctly, James Howard Kunstler offers the following critical take-away:

    “Of all the vicious lies spun around the Covid-19 operation, among the most damaging was the campaign to demonize ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning true wonder-drug, among the safest known pharmaceuticals ever, effective against disease-causing parasites and also a potent anti-viral agent — which was exactly why the CDC and FDA turned on it. It very effectively subdued Covid-19 infections.

    That is, it worked. And because of that, these agencies had to pretend that it was worthless and harmful, to protect the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the fabulous mRNA vaccines that didn’t work and ended up harming, disabling, and killing many people. Any treatment that proved effective would have invalidated the EUA and negated the liability shield that came with the EUA, protecting the vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits.”

    We Won’t Be Fooled Again at

    Do you understand this? “Our” government *deliberately lied* about the efficacy of safe, off the shelf drugs that could have prevented thousands and thousands of needless deaths solely to give a liability shield to Big Pharma’s enormously profitable MRNA “vaccines.,” and the rest is history.

    Would anyone else go so far as to call this cold, calculated genocide?

    The tragedy — aside from all of the unnecessary loss of life — is that to this day, almost nobody has discerned this simple fact, or, if they have, feels the need to “do” anything about it. Least of all, most of our elected “representatives” in Congress. Or the media, whose busi-
    ness model depends on advertising revenue from Big Pharma. Instead, it remains the elephant in the room that nobody — with the notable exception of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. — wants to address. Better we all just pretend that it didn’t happen, wear our obedience masks, and line up for the next round of jabs…

  • Jeff Wright

    It will be tougher the second time.

    I still say the Greens are behind this. Doctors knew the fear of contagion would allow a shutdown without as much blowback

    –but that era is over.

    And why was Greta Thunberg at Sanjay’s CNN Town Hall?

  • GaryMike

    Never once wore a mask

    My preferred COVID-related neo-pronouns are F. & Off.
    Just go somewhere we don’t need to notice you’ve finally died

  • AbsurdlyCritical

    This week I’ve seen indications from a lot of sources I follow that scamdemic 2.0 is coming down the pike this fall. I’d like to think people won’t stand for it but they essentially accepted a stolen election in 2020 and the trampling of Constitutional rights of the folks who were exercising their right to demand address of grievance from the government by protesting the stolen election. Lawfare is being waged against the top opposition candidate to the regime in power on several BS charges. It is hard to be optimistic in the face of all that has happened so far and how people reacted. I really do think they are going to try scamdemic 2.0 since Youtube just changed their policy on “medical misinformation”, what Alex Jones has said regarding what his TSA source told him, the fact that the fraudulent Biden regime just updated Covid protocols and that the federal government is wasting our tax money on face diapers and other scamdemic accoutrements and a hollyweird film studio is forcing masks on employees again. Multiple independent content producers / new sources I follow are alleging they are going to try this again this fall. I didn’t get the jab previously I sure as heck ain’t getting it now is all I’m saying.

  • Russ

    Two cases among a population of 340-some million. TWO. And why is the gov’t. still insisting on testing asymptomatic people coming in through airports, but not the hormigas y cucarachas flooding across our Southern border? If you need a nasal probe to tell you you’re sick, you’re not sick. All those ridiculous face diapers did was cause outbreaks of adult acne and facial rashes that people didn’t previously have, as well as making them breathe their own exhaled CO2. Hypoxemia and Hypoxia, anyone?

  • I want to say I was one of the few, the proud, the men who refused to wear a mask. I miss the good old days when I was literally the only one in Walmart without a mask on. Karen never bothered me, but I got strange looks. It was difficult trying to convince my conservative family and friends to stop playing along. like me and Bob Dylan here did. If they had the scamdemic would have quickly been revealed for the scam it was. Thankfully, Americans may be easy to scare, but they are not easy to fool twice. Only lefties and people who watch the news and believe modern medicine’s lies will play along.

  • Craig Austin

    I never masked, tested, distanced, I washed my hands when they were dirty, I shook hands with people, no Vax, no booster and most importantly no sickness. Do exactly the opposite of all government advice unless proven otherwise. I do know the difference between nanometers and microns.

  • Gary H

    If government mandated that all people must wear filtered diapers to fight climate change, thirty percent of the population would comply. Thirty percent would refuse outright and the last segment would see if their “friends” on social media were complying. In Europe, Canada and Asia the compliance rate would be very high.

  • Seawriter

    Not wearing a mask this time. Won’t. It’s going to be interesting because I work on-site at JSC. But I don’t need this job. If they don’t find an accommodation where I don’t have to wear a mask I will walk.

  • GaryMike: Watch your language. You are skirting dangerous ground and could be banned if you keep it up.

  • Cotour

    ““Project NextGen is a key part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to keeping people safe from COVID-19 variants,” said HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. “These awards are a catalyst for the program – kickstarting efforts to more quickly develop vaccines and continue to ensure availability of effective treatments.”

    Project NextGen, a $5 billion initiative led by ASPR’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) in partnership with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), coordinates across the federal government and the private sector to advance innovative vaccines and therapeutics into clinical trials, regulatory review, and potential commercial availability for the American people. The project builds on a better understanding of COVID-19 – with HHS developing, using, and constantly re-evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current vaccines and therapeutics for over three years.”

    Your future is all planned for you Lee S, but mostly your kids.

    “Project Next Gen”, get them while they are young and compliant, train them to be accepting and to behave and more importantly think “properly”.

    They always tell you what they intend.

  • guth

    Scott Adams talked about this yesterday.

    The mask issue is gonna get ugly unless the first corporation that bows to the government and requires masks gets taken down by its customers.

    We’ll have to bankrupt a Fortune 500 company as an example just to get our freedom back.

    It’s the only smart play. Focus all cannons on the first offender and take it down fast.

  • GaryMike


    Yes, I skirted. It’s what I do.

    I push ‘limits’.

    Wherever I find them.

    I’ll simplify your life.


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