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More evidence the COVID-19 panic was just that: an unwarranted panic

The Scream by Edvard Munch
The Scream by Edvard Munch, the absolute wrong response
to any emergency, and sadly the very response Americans adopted
against COVID-19.

Three more stories in the past few weeks have proven once again what I and many others saw unequivocally more than a year ago: The panicky response to COVID was unwarranted and not based on the actual facts on the ground but on manipulated and unproven assumptions.

Those assumptions were touted for purely political reasons. Worse, too many Americans meekly accepted those assumptions without any of the kind of mature skepticism that is required of adult citizens in a democratic republic. The result: Our rights were violated and false and corrupt politicians gained power, power they eagerly abused.

First, officials in Alameda County in California revealed on June 4th that they have reduced the number of COVID deaths in that county for the past year by about 25%, from 1,634 to 1,223.

“There are definitely people who died from reasons that were clearly not caused by COVID,”said Neetu Balram, a spokesperson for the Alameda County Public Health Department. Balram couldn’t give specifics about the true cause of death for the 411 people removed from the COVID-19 data, but she said the cases were identified after reviewing codes entered by county coroners into CalREDIE, the state’s database for disease reporting and surveillance.

None of this is a surprise to anyone who was open-minded enough to pay attention. The federal government provided hospitals and doctors a bonus for claiming as many deaths as possible as caused by COVID. They thus inflated the numbers grossly. Moreover, encouraging a panic in 2020 over the Wuhan flu served the political ends of the Democratic Party (to which almost all health officials belong) because it then justified the illegal easing of election laws so that Democrats could commit election fraud in November with ease.

Thus, doctors had both financial and political incentives to inflate the COVID numbers, which apparently they did with glee.

Two research papers published in mid-May added further weight to these conclusions:

The reported number of COVID-19 hospitalizations, one of the primary metrics for tracking the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, was grossly inflated for children in California hospitals, two research papers published Wednesday concluded. The papers, both published in the journal Hospital Pediatrics, found that pediatric hospitalizations for COVID-19 were overcounted by at least 40 percent, carrying potential implications for nationwide figures.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious-diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, and Amy Beck, an associate professor of pediatrics, also at UCSF, wrote a commentary for Hospital Pediatrics that accompanied the two studies. They wrote, “Taken together, these studies underscore the importance of clearly distinguishing between children hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2 found on universal testing versus those hospitalized for COVID-19 disease.” The studies demonstrate, they said, that reported hospitalization rates “greatly overestimate the true burden of COVID-19 disease in children.” Gandhi told Intelligencer that while the studies were both conducted with data from California hospitals, “there is no reason to think these findings would be exclusive to California. This sort of retrospective chart review will likely reveal the same findings across the country.” [emphasis mine]

Thus, these stories suggest that the COVID numbers were anywhere from 25% to 40% lower than reported, which would bring those numbers last year to down to a completely ordinary bad flu season, the kind of event that routinely happens about once every ten or twenty years, and if treated rationally is hardly noticed by the general population.

Finally, a study published two weeks ago confirmed once again what has been known from repeatedly proven science research for more than a century: masks are useless at reducing the spread of such respiratory diseases like COVID:

The study, conducted by the University of Louisville using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that “80% of US states mandated masks during the COVID-19 pandemic,” but while “mandates induced greater mask compliance, [they] did not predict lower growth rates when community spread was low (minima) or high (maxima).” The study also found that “mask mandates and use are not associated with lower SARS-CoV-2 spread among US states.”

“Our findings do not support the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 transmission rates decrease with greater public mask use,” the study said, as reported by Townhall’s Spencer Brown.

Masks are a Potemkin Village of “feel-good” virtue-signalling. They do nothing to protect anyone from getting sick, and if used improperly — which practically everyone does — might actually increase the chances you will get sick, since used improperly they are unsanitary pieces of cloth covering the very place you breath.

Take the mask off, throw it away, and resolve to never be fooled by these corrupt health officials ever again.

Above all we must all recognize this very important fact: For more than a full year the constitutional rights of Americans have been badly violated and abused by politicians, mostly Democrats with a fair scattering of Republicans joining in, based on false premises and fake scientific claims. It was obvious before COVID reached our shores, during the epidemic, and now that it has receded that it was really nothing more than a variation of the flu, bad for older people but relatively harmless to everyone else. Panic was the last thing we should have done. We should have gone about our lives like normal, with the one exception of making sure we did not expose old people to the illness.

We did the opposite, and we did so because too many of us believed our so-called “experts,” Instead, those “experts” turned out to be false gods, liars who were not interested in serving the interests of the nation but their own corrupt greed for power.

Hopefully all Americans will come to recognize this reality so that they not only won’t be fooled the next time, they will take action now to remove these fake “experts” from positions of power.

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  • Mitch S

    Sure there was the political benefit to the panic, but now we can see another aspect.
    Fauci and other insiders knew they were funding research on dangerous viruses, including gain-of-function experiments at a Chinese lab with ties to the PRC.
    Imagine what they thought when they heard there was an outbreak of a novel virus in the lab and surrounding area.
    Others might think it’s just a new kind of flu, but they knew there was a possibility it was a human engineered bioweapon and their fingerprints were on it. Must have been some soiled underwear!

    Reminds me of shortly after the Challenger explosion. NASA brass put on puzzled faces, talked about how complex and dangerous launching rockets is, and promised to investigate. But of course they didn’t need to investigate. They had been told of the likelihood of failure the night before launch and overrode the warnings. They knew exactly why it blew up the moment it blew up, they just needed to figure out a way of covering it up and escaping consequences. Biden’s new “investigation” into the source of Covid is no different than OJ Simpson’s search for “the real killers”.

  • BLSinSC

    I kept telling people that the masks were useless and were not to PROTECT you but to CONTROL you! I’m sure a lot of them were laughing behind my back and calling me a TRUMP conspiracy theorist, but who’s laughing now!! “dr falsey” is up to his neck in the creation and coverup! He should be sued into the poor house!

  • MDN

    ALL of the covid madness was political and pursued exclusively because it was the only club that the Ds and compliant media found over 4 years of relentless searching that worked against Donald John Trump. And ironically Trump performed brilliantly handling the outbreak, and handed JB a world with 3 FDA approved vaccines that never would have seen the light of day in less than 3 years, if ever, under a modern Democrat administration.

    WRT the severity of Covid I feel compelled to press back a bit however. On this blog we follow the science and in early 2020 covid DID look really bad given the hospitalization crisis in Spain and Italy. It truly WAS a novel corona virus, it really WAS especially virulent, and for the elderly and infirm it really WAS extremely deadly.

    So covid DID merit robust government action, but not the actions that the Ds took. Those exploited this new disease to seize authority, attack and blame Trump, (for instance, data now shows that aggressive use of the hydroxychloroquine/zinc/azythromyacine cocktail DJT promoted but which the Ds successfully squelched very likely would have reduced mortality by A LOT, like over 70%, so just imagine last year’s election taking place with deaths far lower than they were), as well as empower Democrat election boards and the teachers unions with maximum leverage to do as much harm as they could muster too.

  • Zexu Fang

    As to “listen to the experts” and “two weeks to bend the curve”.
    Never again.

  • Craig Austin

    If this mess was actually about a virus, they would have used quarantine procedures which are a public health response that involves separation of the infectious from the vulnerable. This allows a concentration of resources where they are most effective. Lockdowns are are used to control or prevent undesirable behavior among a closed or controlled population, like prison and now our whole world. Those who panic, must be taken behind the barn and shot, not given the controls to society.

  • MarcusZ1967

    CGG-CGG Sequence never seen in nature.

  • Tommy G

    May I suggest reading Glenn Reynolds article “The Suicide of Expertise”.

    Written in 2017 and more relevant today than ever.

  • rory

    I am already hearing excuses from the sheeple concerning Fauci – even when showing them the friggin email (I downloaded them) concerning masks, the “recipe” for covid- etc, is that it is scientists talking together and that how can I, a non-scientist possibly understand….

    the brain-washing is complete!

    Fauci will get a pass…. watch…

  • Phil Berardelli

    Bob, once again I commend you on your reporting about this issue over the past 15 months. You’ve been a beacon of reliable information in a fog of often misleading and deliberately false news items by the government and the media establishment. Well done!

  • Phil Berardelli

    As a P.S., here’s an interesting related item from a Dutch politician, as reported by the always reliable Andrea Widburg at American Thinker:

  • Cotour

    Does anyone remember the Volkswagen Diesel scandal where Volkswagen had installed a special program to detect when the auto was on the test stand being tested for emissions and the program provided the “Correct” readings in order to pass American Enviro standards?

    That was a major case, a very big deal, dealing with corporate fraud, but does anyone know the name of the lawyer that successfully brought that case?

    His name is Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

    Guess what the next thing / case he will be focusing on and in his opinion is essentially a world encompassing Nuremburg type crime against humanity that has been leveraged into ultimately fulfilling the “New World Order” agenda?

    (Anyone who does not believe that such agendas exist, even though those involved have clearly stated what they intend, you can ignore this information)


    This is our system, this is our process.

    And there in there exits hope and a positive future.

  • Cotour


    Dr Reiner Fuellmich begins Legal Litigation on the Covid-19 Fraud- The Greatest Crime Against Humanity – Open Source Truth

    Should prove interesting.

  • Edward

    Fauci, and our various governments, look more and more like liars trying to cover up responsibility for the intentional development of this strain and its possibly accidental release into the general public.

    We knew right away the lie of the claims that wearing masks would eliminate the Wuhan flu, as masks have been investigated for a century for this very purpose, by people who were desperate to find ways to reduce the spread of diseases. We knew early on that the financial incentives to over-count Wuhan flu deaths, combined with the ability to merely assume a death was due to Wuhan, would result in inflated numbers of deaths attributed to Wuhan. World wide lockdowns, it turns out, were based upon a high school student’s simple model that failed to take almost every real life factor into account, thus producing the answer that the student wanted (all models say what they are built to say). Even the experts’s models had said that with lockdowns there would be only 60,000 deaths in the U.S., not the 600,000 that have been reported. The reaction to this flu has killed hundreds of thousands of people who should be alive today; U.S. excess deaths are far greater than the 600,000 reported Wuhan death count. Economies have been mucked up, and lives, livelihoods, and liberties have been irretrievably lost. This whole thing has been one huge cluster [bleep].

    Mitch S,
    Your NASA/Challenger comparison is incorrect. Ten months earlier, the solid rocket booster vendor had told NASA that it was safe to fly under those exact conditions, so when they were told of the likelihood of failure, NASA asked the vendor which was it: could they fly or not? The vendor then said, oh yes, it is safe to fly. Those puzzled faces were wondering why the vendor had told them it was safe.

    You relied upon faulty news media, which also told you that waivers were a way of hiding problems with the engineering, when the exact opposite is true. Waivers are the way of requesting NASA’s permission to do something in a non-standard way, and they are among the most documented design decisions you can find (there is not justification needed to do something the standard way). They document the problem, the reason why standard methods won’t work, and explain why the proposed solution will not be a problem. I worked on a project that requested two waivers. One was accepted, but NASA said that they thought we could find a standard solution that would work, which we eventually did. The news media lied to you about virtually everything that happened with Challenger. They knew better but chose to tell different stories — more exciting stories rather than dry, boring engineering stories. One of the few things that they told correctly is that cold o-rings are slow to respond.

    A better analogy for what happened with Challenger is a tire dealer selling you snow tires, then later telling you that you shouldn’t drive through snow with them, and when you question whether they really are snow tires they then tell you that it really is OK to drive through snow with them after all. What would you do then?

    Even today, too many people trust the news media what it tells us bogus crap. Thus, they wear masks, expecting the masks to cause the Wuhan flu to go away, because that is what the news media said would happen, if only we would be good little obedient peons, following orders unquestioningly.

    MDN wrote: “WRT the severity of Covid I feel compelled to press back a bit however. On this blog we follow the science and in early 2020 covid DID look really bad given the hospitalization crisis in Spain and Italy.

    Spain and Italy both did as New York did: send infected people into nursing homes, filled with the most vulnerable population. No wonder Spain, Italy, and New York were such disaster areas. Instead of isolating the most vulnerable, they actively infected them. No wonder all three had hospitalization crises.

  • DSimpson

    I am seeing manipulating ads to ‘sign this pledge’ pop up on my screen to “Trust Science.” I laugh and cry at the same time.

    This disaster for the world began with “trusting” the experts, the scientists, the governments, the global cabal called the WHO.

    The climate hoax is also educating us in the fallacy of ‘trusting science.’ People don’t even pay attention to the scientific definition of the word ‘climate.’

    Germany has its Mengele. Now, we have Fauci, who has lined his own pockets while being ‘a servant of the people,’ and Moderna, a company that never passed a single FDA trial prior to this therapy everyone is calling a ‘vaccine.’ It is most certainly NOT a vaccine, as defined by the scientific postulate of the term ‘vaccine.’

    The fallout might be worse than the holocaust. 4,000 dead so far, just from the approved ‘treatment.’ And police officers enforcing the law and civilians are being assassinated by a media-lauded domestic terrorist group.

    One banned researcher was trying to speak out that every mRNA experiment resulted in 100% death of the subjects over the next 6 months. Another muted voice is saying the mRNA targeted protein is critical to placental development. A woman who worked with Fauci, and has serious accusations against his handling of the HIV/AIDS crisis, is banned, canceled, and extra-judicially silenced. The same for doctors who have no hospitalizations, no deaths for their covid patients, with simple, logical, effective treatments. A highly suspect, by the public data alone, national election with 100s of witnesses to irregularities. No broad media discussions on these topics, yet, we know exactly how Biden likes his ice cream.

    (to the author: maybe edit to focus only on the “health” science and leave out the politically charged topic? They are connected, as you point out so well. I would not mind your edit, since you started the conversation. We seem to be on the same ‘side,’ though I hate that term since it makes it seems like two teams with their fans cheering on a sporting contest. This isn’t a sport where either side can win the next ‘match.’ At least, please remove my ‘aside’ to you within these parenthesis. I fell in love with you when I read “too many Americans meekly accepted those assumptions without any of the kind of mature skepticism that is required of adult citizens in a democratic republic.” Right on! Write on!)

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “Masks are a Potemkin Village of ‘feel-good’ virtue-signalling.

    This is exactly what many of our governors and others advocating mask usage were saying a year ago. They used different words, but they admitted that masks are not effective, even as they advocated for them or required their use. Only later did they insist that masks were the cure.

    The panicky response to COVID was unwarranted and not based on the actual facts on the ground but on manipulated and unproven assumptions.

    What happens when someone or a group panics? Reason goes out the window. Analyzing facts is seen as taking too long and immediate reaction is seen as necessary. Any hasty action will do. Eventually, most people,e began to see that the actions taken were not working, but the panic continued and the behaviors did not change. Too many people trusted those who told us that they knew best and cancelled those who kept their heads and questioned the experts.

    As Kipling once wrote: “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you…

    Wait, what was the end result?

    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Well, gee. That isn’t much comfort when all about us are cancelling us due to our refusal to conform to the mass panic. No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.

  • “And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

    The idea of being a free man – or woman – who retains their authority to make reasoned decisions has been all but suppressed in Western civilization … supplanted by near-total reliance upon the allegedly “qualified” elite few who, despite their book learnin’, lack the insight into the individual that would assure a good decision for them.

  • The Objective Historian

    But excess deaths for 2020 is about 20%; note this includes fewer deaths that come from typical activity like car crashes, etc. I don’t see how you make the case that we incorrectly “panicked” with C19. Had we not taken the measures we took, 1M or more people would have died in 2020.

  • wayne

    Edward / Jester —
    a repeat from me, but a great version nonetheless–

    Jocko Willink / Rudyard Kipling (2019)

  • Objective historian: But citing that 20% number distorts the reality, as I detailed at great length here:

    The devastating epidemic that simply wasn’t devastating

    To quote:

    Fourth, and most important, the number of excess deaths demonstrate that the last two flu/COVID seasons, while bad, were not terribly different than the many other bad flu seasons we have weathered in the past without blinking an eye.

    To illustrate, take the numbers for the week ending January 2, 2021, the worst week on record. According to past data, the CDC expected there to be 59413 deaths that week, with an upper bound of 61,248. Instead, 83,283 people died (these are not deaths from just COVID, but from all causes). Whether or not we had an epidemic, it is perfectly normal for about 60,000 people to have died that first week in January, because it is a basic fact of life that it ends at some point.

    Nonetheless, in that week there were about 29% more deaths than would normally be expected during a normal flu season. O my God! We are all gonna die!

    NOT. When compared to the entire population, this increase is a pinprick. There are presently about 330 million people alive in the U.S. Eighty-three thousands deaths equals a death rate of 0.00025, which means 99.975% of the population survived during that first week of January. Even more revealing, had the number of deaths been what the CDC expected, about 60,000, then 99.982% of the population would have survived instead, a difference of .007%, a percentage difference so small that scientists would normal consider it what they call an insignificant number.

    Moreover, you like all those that want to rationalize last year’s overreaction ignore the proven fact that “the measures we took” ended up causing many more deaths among the elderly, because Democratic Party governors in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania forced nursing homes to take COVID infected individuals, thus inflating the death rate unnecessarily.

    A rational response would have been protect those elderly, as had been routine for almost two centuries.

    COVID was a variation of the flu, producing a bad flu season. Such events do not and did not warrant the absurd response of the past year.

  • Sean McManus

    Called this day one.Que bono?…..simple stuff.

  • Cotour


    ​So says real world front line Covid 19 healthcare provider, Dr. Pierre Kory and evolutionary biologist, Bret Weinstein:

    ​Why has this proven safe and effective drug against Covid 19 been vilified or essentially ignored by the world medical establishment agencies which are apparently only interested in pushing that every human on the planet be “vaccinated”?

    Now that is one hell of a good question, and I suspect the answer will in the end be condemning and reveal negligence, a failure of those who have taken the medical oath to some degree, and possibly criminal to others. JGL 6/9/21

  • Cotour


    A. Fauci: Gain of function: “The resulting knowledge outweigh the risks”

    Research on Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Virus: The Way Forward

    Anthony S. Fauci OCT 2012

    “The voluntary moratorium on gain-of-function research related to the transmissibility of highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus should continue, pending the resolution of critical policy questions concerning the rationale for performing such experiments and how best to report their results.”

    “However, the issue that has been intensely debated is whether knowledge obtained from these experiments could inadvertently affect public health in an adverse way, even in nations multiple time zones away. Putting aside the specter of bioterrorism for the moment, consider this hypothetical scenario: an important gain-of-function experiment involving a virus with serious pandemic potential is performed in a well-regulated, world-class laboratory by experienced investigators, but the information from the experiment is then used by another scientist who does not have the same training and facilities and is not subject to the same regulations. In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic?

    “Scientists working in this field might say—as indeed I have said—that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

  • Edward

    From the Intelligencer article:

    Explaining why the official tallies were found to be so far off, Baral said the electronic databases that hospitals use are administrative in purpose, meant for billing, resource management, et cetera. “They were not designed to infer the prevalence and severity of an infectious virus.” We have a desire for instant, accurate data, he said, but validation takes time.

    Since there was such a great financial incentive for reporting Wuhan flu deaths, Wuhan flu would naturally be prominent in the entries in the databases. The billing departments had reason to report as many Wuhan cases as possible. The data about the extent and severity of Wuhan was terribly corrupted, and for children, at least, the reports were twice as bad as the actual conditions on the ground (in the hospitals and doctor offices).

    It seems that it is only at this late date that we are finally getting some of the truth about just how corrupted the data is, the data that our policymakers were using to rationalize locking us in our houses, directing us as to what to wear, and otherwise creating a Great Oppression. What a cluster [bleep] these past fourteen months have been, and despite the promises that liberty only awaited the vaccine, which we have had for six months, liberty is still not in sight. At least not in my county.

    … but validation takes time.” Yet our leaders were eager to make horrific decisions based upon this unvalidated data.

    De Blasio told us a year ago that we were trying to save just one life, and if we did then our sacrifices would all be worth it. It is turning out to be a very, very expensive life — assuming that it eventually gets saved. Meanwhile the models told us that if we went through a little lockdown then we would only lose 60,000 lives instead of 100,000, and now the count is up around 600,000, not including the collateral deaths due not to the disease but due to the reaction to the disease, the Great Oppression. So, it looks like instead of saving a single life (or 40,000 lives), we lost an additional half million. While de Blasio was trying to save just one life, his governor, Cuomo, was sending infected people directly into collections of the most vulnerable, negating all the sacrifices that we have gone through in order to save those same vulnerable people.

    Inexpensive drugs like HCQ work, but Fauci and several governors quashed them. How many hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved? We made terrible yet unnecessary sacrifices while our fearful leaders unnecessarily sacrificed us. Our fearful leaders and their experts made all the wrong choices, and we suffered the consequences. And still are.

    In addition, the national government is spending many multiple trillions of dollars as a result of its decision to destroy our economy over this fiasco, and for every trillion dollars, each American owes $3,000. Plus interest, so we will be sacrificing for years or decades to come.

    Our sacrifices were squandered by our careless leaders. De Blasio is wrong; it is not worth it.

    The Objective Historian wrote: “Had we not taken the measures we took, 1M or more people would have died in 2020.

    An informative counterfactual, however, the models that the experts presented said that hand washing and travel restrictions would limit Wuhan flu deaths in America to only 200,000. These measures are routine and not excessive. The models also said that should we implement six-foot social distancing, no masks, the deaths would be reduced to only 100,000. A three-week lockdown, the models said, would reduce the deaths to only 60,000. Somehow, the reality was different, showing that the actual measures taken — long term lockdown, destruction of the economy and personal incomes and personal liberties, and masks — were worse than useless.

    Oops, the historian’s counterfactual seems to be uniformed, contradicting the experts and not taking into consideration the hundreds of thousands of collateral deaths caused by the measures taken. Ultimately, we approached that 1 million deaths in America anyway. That is just the dead and does not consider the destroyed lives, livelihoods, or liberties. Or the trillions of dollars of lost economic activity or the additional trillions spent by governments around America. Then there is the World Trade Organization, which fears that there will be 100 million lives lost to malnutrition due to the economic and transportation losses last year and this year.

  • Jer z

    I think it is sad, I tried to warn everyone and even gave and they would not even give it a try to see what was happening. Daystar did a beautiful job of loving Christians enough to report from the frontline doctors of what was happening. Giving the public all of the information they could to help us. Even getting the doctors who could get some medications for us so that we would not have to have the vaccine. They were under all kinds of harrassment and evil doings. But they stood strong. Thank you Daystar for saving my life and those of us who stood with you. They held our hand through this pandemic and never let go. God brought them to us and God, bless them for standing strong in your name. Thank you Jesus for helping us through all of this. Thank you Mr. Huckabee for seeing you stand against this vaccine. Fauci and Gates are doing something because that is not a normal vaccine they have put in to everyone’s body. Daystar put a magnet up to someone’s vaccine and it stuck on it. It is manmade. Go to their website and read all of the remarks. Everyone has been silenced but their website. It is a special one.. This is definitely the end times that we are in.

  • gowest

    The medical “experts” must be worried. First there was the nasty UK variant, now there is the even nastier Indian delta variant …They are already talking about booster shots… This is what they are hiding..
    Effectively, the people who have been vaccinated are those who society most needs to now adopt pre-exposure prophylactic protocols with the antiviral drug of their choice (ivermectin etc); they are the ones incubating and spreading deadly disease, not the unvaccinated.

    The longer we take leaky vaccinations the worse the mutations will be.

  • m d mill

    The covid-19 virus has been roughly 15 times as lethal as “ordinary flu” (among the same susceptible groups as “ordinary flu”); this is more than just a particularly bad flu season, as Zimmerman likes to pretend, and refuses to admit.
    Resulting in roughly 1/2 million additional total yearly deaths as compared to recent yearly averages, regardless of how biased the attributions may be. [The ordinary flu season kills about 36,000/year averaged over the last decade]
    Resulting in a roughly 17 percent increase in total US deaths during this pandemic.

    Zimmerman was wrong by roughly an order of magnitude to predict covid would be “quite comparable to the ORDINARY flu”.
    It would be expected that he would in hindsight simply admit this. But I suspect admitting error is not his forte.
    Note that in the reference link sited by RZ:
    is the quote “This is a death rate[in S. Korea] of 0.9%, higher than the flu’s 0.1% but not horribly so.”
    Thus, an early confirmation from RZ himself that Covid-19 might be roughly a factor of 10 worse than “common” flu viruses, and not “quite comparable to the ordinary flu”.

    But I do agree with one overriding sentiment of the post. The number of people in the U.S. mortally threatened (ie needing hospitalization) of covid-19 was about 4 in 1000 per year. The number of covid-19 induced deaths is about half of that…hardly an existential crisis warranting the egregious devastation of an economy, personal finances, private businesses, education, and the social health and happiness of entire societies.

  • Cotour

    Two things:

    1. Are the individuals who have now taken the “Vaccine”, which ever one, are they now committed to having to have to continue to take them because of the nature of the “Vaccines” and how they interact with the virus and their DNA?

    2. What might be the next virus that that the Chinese may be working on that may be accidently or otherwise released into the environment, and what is its death rate? I believe there is a SARS virus that has a death rate of…………wait for it……………15%.

    There is something about how the authorities, the WHO, the CDC, Dr. Fauci insist that every human being on the planet receive one of these “Vaccines”. None of them ever talk publicly about or promote other successful and proven therapies and drug combinations. Just everyone MUST get the shot.

    Is the nature of this virus, assuming that it is in deed a manipulated and modified virus that it will just mutate and mutate long after a natural virus would have burned itself out? Because that or something like that is what appears to be going on to me. There is something more here IMO that no one is talking about it.

    Other than Fauci was playing a three way chess game between his primary government job, his obligations to his Communist Chinese lab partners, and Big Pharma of cover your butt.

    Too many interests in the mix here for Dr. Fauci.

  • Cotour

    And why is it that I think things like what I think? They tell you the things that they tell you.

    “Climate Diplomacy Veterans’: G7 Leaders To Launch ‘Climate Justice’ Crisis Amid Mass COVID Vaccination Compliance”

    “I don’t see how you engage in a global negotiation on climate change if the North will not share its vaccines,” she said. “How many vaccines will you put on planes in the next seven days? Because I think you can’t strip out success on climate negotiations from what’s going on for people around the world.”

    “Kyte implored G7 leaders must capitalize on the pandemic and incite global panic over greenhouse gas emissions with an unprecedentedly aggressive climate justice campaign to finally achieve climate justice.

    G7 leaders must “indicate that the developed world will actually share its vaccine surplus and share it now, so that countries can actually improve their performance against the virus, and that the whole world starts to move through,” she said. “Otherwise, we’re just going to have variants and mutants coming back and coming back, and we’re just never going to escape.”

  • Edward

    Jester Naybor wrote: “The idea of being a free man – or woman – who retains their authority to make reasoned decisions has been all but suppressed in Western civilization … supplanted by near-total reliance upon the allegedly ‘qualified’ elite few who, despite their book learnin’, lack the insight into the individual that would assure a good decision for them.

    In other words, what good is it to grow up when the government is going to treat you like a child anyway? And do a bad job of it.

    On the other hand there are those who feel the responsibilities of adulthood are just too great to handle, so they prefer the government to be mom and dad. It gives them comfort, even if they don’t live as well as they could on their own. Plus, they get to lose their heads with everyone else, and blame it on the guy who isn’t losing his head, because mommy and daddy are there to keep them safe. Even though we lost so many people due to mommy and daddy’s panicked reaction to the Wuhan flu, the children still feel safe.

    It is too bad that those of us who grew up and can take care of ourselves are also trapped under the thumbs of the children’s ersatz parents.

  • wayne

    David Byrne’s American Utopia –
    “Don’t Worry About the Government”
    October 2019 Hudson Theatre New York, NY.

  • wayne

    “They’re Lying To You”: If Science caused COVID – what’s next?
    Russell Brand June 4, 2021

  • Cotour


    When we look at Dr. Fauci and how this entire Covid 19 infection storyline has laid out over the past year and a half, what does it look like to me?

    It appears that this virus was in deed probably released from the Wuhan lab who was monkeying with it in gain of function manipulations. And it happened through human error and incompetence. That is a reasonable assumption and it fits the circumstances. Stop the BS.

    And Dr. Fauci appears to be right at the center of the entire thing because he in fact was pro gain of function and he was well aware of the world wide pandemic risks in those types of experiments according to his own 2012 paper stating so. Dr. Fauci apparently had the authority to roll the dice on these experiments, and that is apparently what he did.

    Dr. Fauci: 2012 on the risks of gain of function: “Its worth the risk”.

    In such high risk endeavors its best to be correct in your risk / reward assessment and that things do not blow up and 3 million people die. Whups!

    And so we come around to the questions: 1. Why are the governments around the world, especially the American government, absolutely pushing ONLY humans being vaccinated en mass world wide with experimental DNA therapies?

    2. And why have the powers that be been actively ignoring other proven therapies by front line real world doctors who have identified those drugs and therapies that in fact are proven to be effective? And those doctors are perplexed by their overlord regulators actively ignoring them.

    Is this what appears to be a manipulated and enhanced “Smarter” virus now out of control because it has been manipulated and has a “Mind” of its own because of it?

    That is what this has and is beginning to look more and more like to me. Will this Genie not go back in its bottle?

  • Cotour


    More and more evident that what the public would think reasonable and morally imperative related to drugs and therapies concerned with preserving and saving human life when it comes to this current Covid 19 pandemic event is very, very different than what the powers that be in government and the major pharmaceutical companies that produce the drugs that we all depend on. Very different.

    India began using Ivermectin en masse in order to get a hold on Covid 19 infections in India and you can clearly see in this chart below how the numbers of Covid 19 infection appear to be going in the downward direction in a significant manner apparently because of the use of Ivermectin. Ivermectin, an off patent drug produced by Merck is very inexpensive has been clearly demonstrated to be effective in both prophylactic and Covid 19 treatment.

    The powers that be and Big Pharma want the use of Ivermectin to be discontinued and be replaced by an entirely experimental much much more expensive drug. Everyone on the planet MUST take the shot or you will be vilified and become marked for disinclusion.

    This IMO is CLEARLY an example of blatant Political Realm, Strategy Over Morality and in the balance the little people in the Pedestrian Realm in this live human world wide experiment in biology and multi, multi billion dollar money grab and “Global Reset”.

    Sometimes things just are what they are and I do not care what any Liberal Leftist argues in opposition to what is clear to see.

    Everything is corrupt and perverted in the world and in America and the only possible solution is the people of America taking back what was stolen from them. This is a cycle we must all go through, we can not go around it, we must go through it. And prevail.

    And we must come out the other end stronger and whole, and not broken and hollowed out like the Left and the Democrat party needs us to be. Its all connected.

    Why is it essential for the Democrat party leadership to destroy America as formulated? Because that is exactly what is clear to me they must achieve in order to remain pertinent and of consequence. And how sad is that?

  • Cotour

    From the real world:

    A little back up RE: Media / Social media attempting to manipulate and control what YOU are able to know and talk about.

    There is soooo much coming, it will be absolutely massive. Half will understand it and accept that there is great dishonesty and corruption and a “Great manipulation” is underway, half will be curious about it, and the other half will violently disagree and insist that anyone who agrees with this doctor be banned from all and every ability to have their free speech or make a living.

  • philip

    This was a deliberate scheme and executed with fear, violence, and forced house arrests with nothing of worth to validate such actions against the American people to perpetuate the plans of those who are behind the mega-scam. There are many who are otherwise hidden who equate violence with power and money, initiating the fear-factor to expedite the satisfying of their needs and desires. Their mindless obsession with greed has become very dark, homicidal even as has been seen.

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