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New data gives the same result as old data: Like the flu, COVID hurt NO ONE who was young and healthy

Lysenko with Stalin
Trofim Lysenko (on the left), the person now considered the ideal
scientific model by health officials, preaching to Stalin as he destroyed
Soviet plant research, persecuted anyone who disagreed with him,
and caused famines that killed millions.

New data from Israel has now confirmed what was obvious almost from the beginning, that COVID-19 was nothing more than a variation of the flu, a danger only to the elderly and the chronically sick.

According to newly revealed Israeli Ministry of Health data, during the entire epidemic there were zero deaths (that’s 0, nil, none, naught, zilch, null) from COVID to anyone under fifty who was of average and reasonable health.

Zero healthy individuals under the age of 50 have died of COVID-19 in Israel, according to newly released data. “Zero deceased of 18–49 years of age with no underlying morbidities,” the Israel Ministry of Health (MOH) said in response to a formal request from an attorney. Officials noted that the statement only applies to COVID-19 deaths where the MOH conducted an epidemiological investigation and had received information about the underlying diseases.

“Zero is a very, very clear number, and cannot be subject to interpretation,” Yoav Yehezkelli, a specialist in internal medicine and medical management, and former lecturer in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management at Tel Aviv University in Israel, told The Epoch Times.

“Why were all the extreme measures of school closures, vaccination of children, and lockdowns needed?” he added. [emphasis mine]

This data simply confirms what numerous health experts unwilling to play political games with the data have said from the beginning, that COVID was essentially similar to the flu, harmless to healthy people and only a risk to the elderly and those with serious chronic health issues. Just like the flu, if you are healthy you have no reason to fear it, and in fact, you should be unbothered about getting it as it will give you natural immunity, thus making the spread of the virus more difficult and reducing the risk to those whom the virus (and the flu) could kill.

Trump — along with a lot of other Washington officials — proved this point when they all got COVID in October 2020 and quickly recovered. As I wrote then:

All told since October 1st about eighteen Washington elected officials, staffers, and reporters have announced testing positive for the coronavirus, based on several reports here, here, and here.

These of course are only the announced cases. I suspect that in Washington a lot more are testing positive but are keeping quiet about it.

And yet, among these announced cases has anyone died? No. Has anyone gotten seriously ill? No. In fact, almost no one has been hospitalized, except for Trump, and he recovered so fast that he was released from the Walter Reed hospital today after spending less than four days there. Moreover, he was sent to the hospital only out of caution, not because he was having any significant problems. During his stay it appears he continued his work schedule with almost as much vigor as before.

COVID was the flu. The last thing we should have done is taken action to prevent the young and healthy from getting the disease. Better to let them get infected so we would have quickly reached herd immunity, without destroying the lives of millions.

Instead, we allowed corrupt and power-hungry politicians lock down society, close schools, mandate useless and possibly dangerous COVID shots, all of which accomplished nothing in slowing the spread of the Wuhan flu.

I know there are those who will still refuse to read this data, but consider this recently disclosed CDC fact: During an April 2023 CDC conference — in which almost everyone attending had been jabbed one or multiple times — there was a “superspreader” event in which nearly everyone who became infected with COVID (with no one dying by the way) had gotten the mandated jabs. The shots did nothing to stop COVID. Nor did it reduce the severity of the virus, as these dishonest CDC officials claimed, since the variant involved is known to be harmless, essentially nothing more than a variation of a cold.

This dishonest claim only underlines the overall intellectual dishonesty of almost all health officials and government researchers from the beginning of the Wuhan panic, a dishonesty now highlighted by the retraction of more than 300 COVID peer-reviewed papers.

According to Gunnveig Grødeland, a senior researcher at the Institute of Immunology at the University of Oslo, many researchers took ethical shortcuts when writing their essays. “It will, of course, be withdrawn when it is found that ethical guidelines have been breached,” Grødeland quipped to Khrono, an academic news publication.

Grødeland states that there were other reasons articles were pulled, including researchers using too small sample size and new media outlets being deceptive about what the papers actually concluded. Sometimes the data changed, and articles were later retracted.

Putting aside these unfortunate facts about the corruption of science, let’s go back to the essentials. COVID was always nothing more than a new type of respiratory flu-like illness. Such new strains are always more virulent in their early stages. In the past, society allowed these new flu varients to quickly spread among the younger safe population even as they routinely acted to protect the elderly and the sick from infection. At the same time, the new strains would mutate to eventually become a variation of the common cold, which is what COVID is now.

It is long past time to stop being so afraid of this thing.

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  • James Street

    “destroying the lives of millions”

    This was intentional.

  • BLSinSC

    I seem to recall that the early “tests” from CHINA were infected with the virus! I’ve also warned everyone I know to NOT do the “vaccines”! Has ANYONE explained how we could have MILLIONS of cases of the REGULAR FLU in every year and then all of a sudden – NOTHING??? I posted many times that the “FAUCI FLU” had evidently eaten up the REGULAR FLU! And MASKS??? How utterly STUPID! My wife sold HUNDREDS of cloth masks to idiots. I told her they were useless and the idiots buying them were – IDIOTS!!! When you can take the viruses of the last DECADE, combine them, and SHOW how they can pass through a CLOTH mask like a mosquito through chicken wire you have to be an IDIOT to wear one! And the n-95’s? Almost as useless, but at least those cut down on your OXYGEN intake and forced you to breathe excessive amounts of CO2! You at least got a little “high” from your own breath!! This entire SCAM should result in MASSIVE EXECUTIONS for all who pushed it! How many “died suddenly” cases do we need?

  • GWB

    Better to let them get infected
    I advocated almost from the beginning the idea of “Wuhan Parties”, similar to the old Measles Parties. Get together healthy people with a few folks who are known to have the virus, distribute treatment kits (at the time I advocated HCQ/Z-pack packs), and instructions to immediately start treatment as soon as any symptoms appear and to call your physician. Move this in a wave through cities, getting every healthy person to attend eventually, and herd immunity would have been achieved in no time.

    Of course, I had good sources for good information (like finding out the French researcher had done the work on HCQ with SARS1) and can think for myself. Also, I’m not a Zero Risk sort of person.

  • Cotour


    “I advocated almost from the beginning the idea of “Wuhan Parties”, ”

    Having had a fairly severe case of Delta which took me out for two weeks and I lost 20 lbs, I do not think that a very good idea.

    Allow the virus to work its way through a community and in time dial down its ability to debilitate and lessen, I think a wiser path.

    And also considering that this Covid19 virus apparently was an escaped engineered virus and possibly a part of a bio weapons program it might not be prudent to proceed with established methods of encouraged management but probably prudent to apply known effective virus management tools / drugs / supplements.

    And allow those who along with their doctors establish that the *NEW* technology is appropriate for them. But NOT being dictated to by what was a clearly lying government / corporate / WEF mandate.

  • Cotour


    Watch it, its not about Covid or the management of it, this is about private V government run management.–Q0

    He would “Like to think” ?

    And that is the mind and thinking of a child in the body of a government employee and the body of a man.

    Man? Are there any actual men in the government?

    What is the definition of a man?

    Being competent, capable, accountable and responsible.

    Everything that is missing in government administration.

  • Cotour

    Related: A little bit more, why not?

    From Australia:

    Apparently, an Aussie departmental secretary gets paid $800K Australian dollars per year. Which equates to $1.24 million American (Wow!, these Aussie globalists really know how to get compensated). Can that be accurate?

    But they are not even aware of what they get paid, and it is public information? Nor are they aware of what energy costs although they regulate it?

    I guess they are embarrassed by their pay package and don’t want to belittle the masses? Australians, ready your torches and sharpen your pitch forks!

  • Cotour

    Will of the people?

    There is NO will of the people in the world of American party politics.

    The people and their will are captive to these desperate political operatives, and they must be dealt with in substantial and consequential ways. Political power MUST be denied them for the next 20 to 30 years.

    Just how far will the radical Left Democrats in power go to retain their political power? You have not seen anything yet.

  • J. Carty

    It would be helpful if a link to the Israeli study were provided here.

  • J. Carty: The link is available at the article I link to. As it was entirely in Hebrew, I saw no point in including it. It however is available.

  • Edward

    Robert wrote: “In the past, society allowed these new flu varients to quickly spread among the younger safe population even as they routinely acted to protect the elderly and the sick from infection.

    This time, however, six or seven states recommended that ailing seniors be placed into nursing homes, places with congregations of the most vulnerable of the most vulnerable population. In New York, there was no dispensation for not taking these ailing seniors, even if they could not be kept separate from the rest of the elderly residents. Not surprisingly, New York suffered around 16,000 lost seniors due to this outrageous, insane policy.

    This time, with the Wuhan flu, the reaction was the exact opposite of centuries of lessons in preventing the spread of disease and the fatalities that can result.

    Our Constitution’s Preamble states that the purpose of our government is to “promote the general Welfare,” but with the Wuhan flu the government did the opposite. Central control of our medical system (Obamacare) is far worse than the free market system that generated an increasing life expectancy for the past century.

  • Cotour


    The truth eventually comes out.

    Jamie Fox:

    And because it is Hollywood, and they are a bunch of wackadoodle “Woke” (D) Liberals you are banned from knowing or talking about it?

  • Edward

    If I understand the Ministry of Health’s statement on Twitter in response to Xabi’s FOI:

    “In this case, the ministry was asked about mortality data and underlying diseases. The Ministry of Health ‘does not have’ access to the medical file [of patients], therefore information is only based on cases where an epidemiological investigation was carried out and the person or his family answered the question [regarding underlying morbidities]. Therefore, this is very limited information.[“]

    They said that they had not gathered enough of the right data to make any realistic conclusions about anything regarding the Wuhan flu or Israel’s response to it. However, despite their complete lack of data and knowledge, they are able to make definite conclusions with absolute certainty:

    “The vaccines have saved thousands of people in the state of Israel and millions around the world—the attempt to rewrite history is dangerous.”

    Meaning, of course, ‘believe us whatever we say, because we are the experts who don’t know what we are talking about or how to collect the data needed to make any kind of scientific conclusion. After all, rather than study science or statistics in school, we studied public relations so that we could sell any stupid rationalization to the general public, who couldn’t possibly be smarter than we who cannot get jobs outside of government.’

    It is just like Fauci, when he said, “I represent science”* in order to shut up his critics, because he is the expert, and we must believe whatever he says, whether it is that we must not wear masks because they don’t work, whether it is to wear a mask because they do work after all (he lied the first time, he said, but it was a noble lie in a good cause), or whether it is to wear two or more masks because one mask does not work, even though surgeons only wear one when operating on their patients. Which of the three statements is true? It does not matter, because Fauci represents science and must not be questioned, because it is dangerous for anyone other than government scientists, bureaucrats, and politicians to rewrite history. How do we know? Because they, the experts, told us so. And the experts would never lie to us. Except for a noble cause.

    It is supposedly OK for our experts to write a bogus history, but we are not allowed to find the truth about what they said and what they did, because that would be the dangerous action of rewriting history. Dangerous for whom?
    * (1 minute)
    “But they’re really criticizing science, because I represent science.”

  • Cotour



    Watch and learn about coincidence: Dr Buttar calls out Fauci and the less than honest representations made by government, big pharma and big media about Covid and the “Vaccine” in CNN interview: 10 min.

    CNN Buttar interviewer that listened in disbelief about the assertions made by Dr. Buttar about Fauci, Covid and the “vaccine”, Drew Griffin now dead: 1 min.

    Drew Griffin: “I got the vaccine, are you saying that I have a time bomb in me?”

    Coincidence? You tell me.

    You can ask Dr. Buttar his opinion, Mr. Griffin is no longer available for comment.

    We will never know because the truth about this stuff will be hidden for 50 plus years.

    Strategy OVER Morality. You have morality, “They” do not.

    Are you getting it yet America?

  • Jeff Wright

    China made up for Trump’s renegotiation in mask sales alone.

    The Doctors are in cahoots with Greens.

  • Cotour

    You have to turn Covid and how it was CHOSEN to be dealt with and the required suspension of common sense and already established science and medical protocols with humor.

    And humor is only funny if it is fundamentally based in truth.

  • Cotour


    “Both Dana Carvey and David Spade boil down the Covid experience for most rational thinking Americans as only they can.”


  • Jeff Wright

    Reddit scum love to tout deaths of anti-vaxx

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