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Surprise! The mainstream press still refuses to admit there was never any evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians

CNN's Jake Tapper, the face of the corrupt mainstream media
CNN’s Jake Tapper, the face of the corrupt mainstream

The release of the Durham final report [pdf] this week has produced a flurry of stories, reiterating the wholly unsurprising news that there was never any evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians and the entire story was a fraud, based on no evidence and drummed up by Democratic Party operatives working for Hillary Clinton both inside and outside of the FBI and Department of Justice.

The leftist mainstream press and the Democratic Party-controlled federal government of course reacted in mixed ways. First, Jake Tapper at CNN reluctantly admitted that the report is “devastating to the FBI, and to a degree it does exonerate Donald Trump.” In the same breath however he also tried to minimize the reports damning conclusions, which proved unequivocally that the reporting on this story from day one by him and everyone at CNN was either incompetent or outright lies.

The FBI meanwhile responded to the report with a short three sentence statement, admitting “missteps” were made but “dozens of corrective actions” have been taken since to make sure the agency “continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect.”

Yeah, right. If you believe this hogwash from the FBI I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you, cheap.

Meanwhile other leftist mainstream news outlets scrambled to spin the report, to discredit it without even reading it.

Liars in 2017 and liars now, in 2023.

In truth, the facts brought out by the Durham report, detailed nicely in analyses here and here, simply restate what was patently obvious in 2017, for anyone with the willingness to look dispassionately at the plain facts. As I wrote in July 2017,

I haven’t posted anything about the Russian collusion story until now, because on its face it is absurd. As noted repeatedly by even Trump’s critics, there is no evidence of any illegal acts by anyone. Moreover, the media focus on the Russians distracts from the heart of the DNC hack, that it revealed illegal pay-offs and corruption by Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others in the Democratic Party. I don’t really care that much how these emails were obtained since what they uncovered is far worse.

This 2017 conclusion was of course confirmed when Robert Mueller released his final report in 2019, which completely exonerated Trump, though with a reluctance that revealed the partisan hack that Robert Mueller was. And if you doubt me, make sure you watch the video here of Robert Mueller being questioned during a House hearing in 2013. As I concluded, “Mueller comes off clearly as a tool of the Democrats, something he still is today.”

The attacks on Trump were always a lie, but what made them worse was the eager cooperation of the entire mainstream press to amplify and spread those lies. And these news hacks did so loudly, endlessly, and without any credible evidence, and appear to be still doing it. They are frauds. Why anyone listens or watches any of them, when there are now many different sources of much better reporting available on the web, baffles me entirely. I haven’t watched television or cable news in almost thirty years, for all these reasons.

Do you still rely on these fake mainstream news sources? Why? Are you a fool? Are you willfully ignorant? Or are you so biased and partisan and close-minded that no alternative facts can ever be allowed to enter your mind?

Perhaps this short piece from the Babylon Bee sums up this whole disgusting affair most cogently:

Media Admits They Lied About That Russia Collusion Thing But Are Totally Telling The Truth About Everything Else

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  • David k

    It is ridiculous that they know they can get away with this. That is why they do it.

    At a private company, even a big one you would be fired for far less or even nothing at all. Same with local law enforcement.

    But if you are part of one of the too big to fail agencies (or banks), you can do whatever you want

  • Brad Czerniak

    “Russia, if you’re listening…”

    Don’t really have to investigate very hard to find Trump trying to collude with the Russians.

  • Brad Czerniak: Heh. Do you work for the Babylon Bee? If you don’t, I strongly suggest you apply for a job there. You seem very qualified.

  • James Street

    “Brad Czerniak: Heh. Do you work for the Babylon Bee?”

    Maybe he’s a glowie.

  • Cotour

    Related: The W.H.O. and their newly formulated powers.

    Dr. Campbell: 13 min.

    You will and think and do as you are told.

    How long do you think before our government will acquiesce and bow to these judgments and mandates of people not elected by any U.S. of America citizen and there in have the media reinforce and transmit the “proper” way all are to behave?

    How long? By the end of the Biden administration?

  • Cotour

    The Director General of the World Health Organization it scheduled to become the new King / President of the world?


  • GaryMike

    Jake Tapper

    Brings to mind Frank Zappa.

    “Who you jiving with that cosmik debris?
    Now is that a real poncho or is that a Sears poncho?
    Don’t you know, you could make more money as a butcher? ”

    For a very long time, I haven’t listened to the people who say I should listen to them..

    Yeah, whatever.

  • pzatchok

    Repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth.

  • pzatchok, here are 61 hacks who repeated the lie:

    Brad … which is more of a joke, what Trump said, or Biden telling us he used foreign-aid leverage to quash an Ukrainian investigation of an official with ties to his son?

    By your standards, I should have expected Reagan to actually start the bombing in five minutes … hacking Hillary’s closet server after she tried to hide what she was doing with it would be a public service in the cause of liberty.

    Keep in mind everyone … FISA warrants were based on this falsehood, as was investigation and prosecution of several people. This, juxtaposed with the kid-glove treatment of the Clintons and Bidens, illustrates the double standard of justice our Pedestaled Elite have established.

    The FBI needs to be handled like a severe termite infestation … remove the rot and replace it with sound structure.

  • Brad Czerniak

    Multiple investigations found no wrongdoing on the part of Clinton as it pertains to either the email server or Benghazi. A much stronger case could be made that Comey announcing on October 28, 2016 that he was re-opening the email investigation (which then re-determined no wrongdoing) was more politically motivated than crossfire hurricane.

    George Papadopoulos’ blabbing to the Australians is what kicked off crossfire hurricane, not the Steele dossier. The FBI OIG report made all of this plain. The Durham investigation was the political witch hunt, and it resulted in jack squat. Not the crime of the century like Trump claimed, just a big nothingburger. Y’all are grasping at straws

  • Rob Crawford

    Making accusations they knew were false, using them to justify focusing law enforcement and intelligence agencies on a political rival is a “nothingburger”? They used these lies to imprison innocent people and ruin lives. They used them to justify ignoring the lawful conduct of a presidential administration.

  • Cotour


    Dr. Campbell: Who defines truth: 5 min. concerning Covid and the mRNA technology no one is allowed to question.

    A friend emails me concerned about what went on that the Durham report has revealed in the form of evidence regarding the massive collusion between the heads of the politically appointed three letter law enforcement and intelligence agencies of our own government in order to install their favored political agenda.

    I replied: That was what was, start being concerned with what will be.

    They have only just begun, and they will not surrender their gains easily.

  • Col Beausabre

    Good grief! Someone still believes the BIGGEST LIE, that perpetrated by Clinton ad Company

  • If I had handled classified info the way Hillary did, I would be making little rocks out of big ones at a Federal prison.

    If I had applied for FISA warrants using false information, I would likely end up in the same situation.

    The double standard between justice for the Pedestaled Elite, and those that dissent from their One True Way of collectivist social technocracy, is now even more glaringly obvious.

    I’ll leave this here …. it’s about more than talking to Australians.,_2017_E-mail_to_Self

    Notice the weasel wording … that still doesn’t cover up how the outgoing administration was tying Trump to Russian hacking as they were leaving office. They either were sold the falsehood, or created it.

  • Advo

    From Day 1, the very idea that Russia would invest millions in the Clinton family directly and hundreds of millions in the Clinton Global Initiative crime fund, and then support Trump to win the presidency is ludicrous. It flies in the face of any reason or logic. But they said it then and repeat it now with a straight face.

    The supporters of the American left need their own chapter in the DSM

  • Bosco Bob

    In case you or your readers would like to know what actually happened in the Durham investigation I suggest you check out Emptywheel.

    She links to all the court documents and provides time-lines and facts ignored by your buddies at the Federalist.


  • Cotour


    Let’s not get bogged down with the minutia, when it’s all boiled down the reality of all of this political warfare treachery what do you find at the bottom of the pot?

    Ma Barker (Hillary Clinton).

    And that is the grand takeaway related to the Durham report. Period.

  • Bosco Bob

    Sorry Cotour,

    I should have realized the link I provided was probably beyond your comprehension level. Perhaps one of your democrat friends or customers can read it and then explain it to you.

    The minutia you refer to are hardly insignificant, your boy Durham was supposed to expose everything! He found nothing. Both trials ended in acquittal. He spent millions and accomplished nothing. He had free reign to investigate all the things you belive happened, and he didn’t find squat.

    Did you actually read the Durham report or was that also too long for you? Just curious.

  • Cotour


    Some more of what is really the point, the FBI has become an even more corrupt and abusive of their power and defiant agency and extension of political agenda. And it needs to be dismantled and reassembled in some significant way shape or form. Many in the FBI leadership need to be indicted themselves. But alas they will not for they are but extensions of the Political realm and are immune.

    And again, it all comes down to one person, Ma Barker.

    (You are very intimidating Bosco)

  • Bosco Bob: You are welcome to come here and present your point of view. (I don’t believe in blacklisting people I disagree with, as I think you do.) You however are not welcome to come here and insult people. You are warned. Use insults again as an argument and I will suspend you for a week. Repeat it again after that and I will ban you.

  • Cotour


    You know, the chocolate syrup :)

  • Bosco Bob

    Thanks for the reminder.

    I was simply trying to expose you and your readers to an amazing resource.

    I should have ignored the reply and the dismissive attitude.

  • Bosco Bob

    Another great detailed explanation of the mistakes in the Durham Report.

    Emptywheel has the facts and links to them all. She discusses in particular the CNN clip pictured that you quoted.

    Have a great day.

  • Bosco Bob

    Hope you’re all having a wonderful day.

    Some reading material for a relaxing evening.

    More pesky facts about the Durham report.


  • Cotour


    Instead of just throwing out reading assignments would you please give YOUR assessment about what your actual point is, please?

    If your main thesis is that Trump is in fact a Russian agent please support that contention, there has to be some supporting documentation / evidence somewhere. Trump has been intensely investigated and attacked for years now ever since he rode that escalator down in Trump Tower when he announced he would run for president.

    And what exactly have the most powerful government agencies the DOJ, CIA, FBI, IRS that stand squarely against him politically that demonstrates and supports your contention, what have they come up with? I cannot see it.

    The leadership powers that be within government that are the natural enemy of yours, mine and everyone else in the Pedestrian Realms Rights and freedoms always tells you who they fear the most, and that person is clearly to me Trump. And so, the best thing for the country and those Rights and freedoms as they are, if that is what you agree America as founded is actually in some great way about is clearly Trump or someone very much like him.

    What exactly is your point?

    And Hillary Clinton (Ma Barker) who was the then Secretary of State and who was the soon to be elected, solid locked in next president of the United States that NO ONE would dare stand in the way of who had the final say over any such international transactions concerning the United States uranium $upply.

    And this is what PolitiFact has to say about it. Seems both Hillary and the Bidens were perfecting their very financially rewarding politically empowered / business models. They were getting paid while Trump has lost a billion dollars at least in net wealth. What does that tell you? Who is who and what is what?

    “The claim that the Clinton Foundation received $125 million for Uranium One is false. According to Politifact, the bulk of the money donated to the Clinton Foundation, about $131 million, came from Giustra — a businessman from Canada, not Russia. In 2009, Russia’s nuclear energy agency bought a 17% share of Uranium One. A year later, it bought enough shares to give it a 51% stake. However, the chairman of Uranium One used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons”

    If you have a NYT’s subscription you can read the very detailed actual reporting about the subject here:

    Who is Frank Giustra?

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

    Tell me Bosco, what is your point?

  • Cotour


    From todays Daily Caller:

    “Soviet dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote in Gulag Archipelago (pg. 505 if you’re interested) that in the early days of the USSR, thieves and murderers were often treated with kid gloves. They could be rehabilitated, the party line went, and they were often allowed to commit crime if they targeted the right people.

    Not so for anyone considered a “political criminal,” either directly or by association. Those people eventually ended up in the GULAG. Now this might seem unsurprising, until you realize that the crime of opposing the state could be something as simple as having more money than your neighbor, belonging to the wrong ethnic group, being Christian or simply existing.”

  • Cotour: Bosco Bob’s point is that no Democrat can ever do wrong, and no Republican can ever do right. Thus, the persecution of Trump must have been justified, even if it came up empty.

    And he will do anything possible to avoid any facts that contradict that stand.

    He is like all those New Yorkers you live with, who can’t see the monster in the room and keep voting for it.

  • Cotour

    They always tell you who they fear the most.

    And so THAT person they fear the most or someone much like them MUST become politically empowered in America.

    And most of those who have arrived at a different conclusion on the subject can NEVER articulate what they actually intend or believe in and or why they religiously believe what it is that they believe. NEVER, not in my experience, there is no capacity.

    Give me data, give me evidence, give me something other than your religion and what it mandates you believe.

    If Trump is guilty of being a Russian asset, please demonstrate it to me and I will do a 180 and put him in the same exact class as the now clearly compromised IMO and even traitor, Joe Biden. 100 percent.

    And does anyone think that of those several very powerful three letter government agencies had that evidence by now we would have clearly all have been made aware of it.

  • Bosco Bob

    Cotour, Instead of looking at it as a reading assignment look at as an opportunity to learn what the facts really are.

    This one is right up your alley and addresses your Ma Barker fantasy.


    BTW Bob your mind reading act is still not ready for prime time. Wrong on all counts, as per usual.

    Don’t quit your day job.

  • Cotour

    Memo: FBI Used Tainted Steele Dossier, Paid For By Hillary Clinton, As Reason To Spy On Trump

    FEC fines Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC over Trump-Russia dossier research

    Bosco, what do you not get about this? You sound unhinged just like Nicole Wallace or Keith Olberman. And what is your obsession and roll in pushing this Empty Wheel site?

    Hillary invented the Russia “collusion” and apparently conspired with both the president at the time and the vice president, and her people paid for a report that muddied up Trump and tried to tie him to the Russians in order to win the presidency because she understood that her blatant erasing of her emails and her home server were a great liability.

    And she in fact lost because she was not trusted and was in fact hated and despised when she and many others thought she was beloved. Not to mention the Mueller report which was just another DOJ political weaponized swipe at Trump. This is the dirtiest and the most highly illegal politics in the history of America. Watergate? That is like kindergarten time.

    And then the FBI and the CIA used it and other fabricated rumors to again try to muddy up Trump. Now its getting scarry, no? Or you are good with all this stuff?

    And Durham just verified the entire scheme.

    And it is all when boiled down all about Ma Barker and her losing her anointed place as the first female president of the United States. It just is what it is no matter what other distractionary details are thrown out for those who just cannot bring themselves to the reality of the situation.

    And Joe Biden and those who are running him are just executing an accelerated execution of the “transfom America” agenda by the radical Left.

    And that is what this is all about in a nut shell.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Bosco Bob


    My purpose in pointing you to emptywheel is to expose you, or anyone else who cares to do a little reading, to a source of facts not filtered through the conservative media Bob follows.

    The linked article disproves everything you believe based on your reply. I urge you to read it and please follow the links she provides.

    I’m personally not a fan of Hillary, but your reply is just gibberish.

    Durham did not verify anything, you need to read the article and pay attention to the time-line. She lays it out in detail with all the receipts.

    If you find any actual errors in her post I would like to hear about it, I don’t think you’ll be successful.

    Your desire for Hillary to be the boogie man controlling everything is not a good look.

  • Cotour

    Based on this sentence structure: “Your desire for Hillary to be the boogie man controlling everything is not a good look.”

    Are you Russian? Or Chinese?

    Not that there is anything wrong with being either.

    If you would like to post something that disputes my understanding about politics, Hillary and her activities and the actions of those within government who have been defending and covering for her please have at it.

    Tell me, tell me what you think or believe, don’t give me reading assignments.

  • Bosco Bob


    If you’re not going to do the reading we have nothing to discuss. I read the links you post, even when they are from 2015, or 2022, and even when they are not germane to the subject at hand.

    Take a chance! Learn something, instead of trying to argue about a report you don’t understand.

    Is guessing about people based on sentence structure one of your hobbies? Or was that just a subtle way to do a little “name calling”?

    Did you actually read the Durham report? Did anyone read it? You all act as if it vindicated your darkest fears but yet you don’t even know what it says.

  • Cotour


    If you want to drop the name of a particular website in order to promote it because you believe it to be relevant then so be it, that is a valid endeavor.

    However, when someone drones on and on about a particular website and its relevant content and is only willing to assign that it be read and not bring to the table any of its relevant content and is not willing to present their logic as to why the information contained therin, then something is amiss.

    What you present is a promotion and not content and that is about something other than what most people who participate in such things are looking for.

    If you have nothing to say other than:


    Then that is unusual to say the least and there is something else going on other than an honest conversation between semi rational people looking to actually understand what is what and not continue the distraction, chaos and confusion that is presented by the political operatives and their handmaidens in the media and big tech. You appear to be someone who is promoting the distraction, chaos and confusion.

    And that is what I see. Is what it is.

    PS: I and most others here and in the real world will include supporting information / video / articles etc. that is relevant to their argument. Most.

  • Edward

    Bosco Bob,
    You wrote: “The linked article disproves everything you believe based on your reply. I urge you to read it and please follow the links she provides.

    Gee, Bosco, we are supposed to believe the drivel that you link, which does not disprove anything and proves nothing, but you are allowed to willy nilly disbelieve anything that is contrary to your belief system? Can I get my wasted time back?

    BTW Bob your mind reading act is still not ready for prime time. Wrong on all counts, as per usual.

    It looks like Robert didn’t have to read your mind to understand you. It turns out he was right on all counts, as per usual.

  • Bosco Bob


    I don’t link to drivel. If you read the linked articles they disprove the garbage Durham put out. Marcy Wheeler has a PhD in comparative literature and actually reads all the court filings, and creates detailed time-lines of each story she’s covering. She lays out in great detail all the errors and lies in Durham’s report. The facts are the facts. You are welcome to believe any fairy tales you want

    Did you read the Durham report, or are you taking Bob’s assessment as accurate?

    Durham at all the powers of a special prosecutor and couldn’t find anything, perhaps he’s incompetent.

    If you actually read the linked articles, Thanks!

  • Edward

    Bosco Bob,
    Did you actually read the Durham report? Did anyone read it?

    You give away that you didn’t even read the report yourself. Otherwise you would have phrased that differently. It also explains why you don’t quote the report but link to your “source of facts” instead, again without quoting them to make your point or any point, for that matter. Your “amazing resource” amazes, all right, but not in the way you wanted..

    In fact, you give away that you don’t even think that your sources of facts read the report. You don’t think anyone read it. Those sources of facts turned out to be not facts but mere opinion, scrambling to spin the report, to discredit it without even reading it. (Where did I read that before?) Opinions that support your pre-judged bias, which is why you think they are so wonderful.

  • Cotour

    I say Marcy Wheeler PhD., literary endocrinologist is his girlfriend, and he is pumping her click statistics particularly here on BTB to leverage the Zmans numbers so she can still pay the rent and feed the cat.

  • Cotour



    What changed in Don Lemon’s reality? ($$$$$$ ?????)

    I cannot believe my ears! I had to play it twice! Could have knocked me over with a feather!

    Don Lemon literally sounds even more rational and Conservative than any Conservative I know! Don lemon is a rational Conservative and has just been pumping a radical Leftist soulless CNN corporate agenda narrative in search of political power, influence and absolute corporate hand in hand with government control over YOU!? Nooooo! Tell me it is not so.

    And this is not that long ago apparently. Thank you, Don, in the end you have by accident served a useful journalistic purpose in actually informing the public about what is actually underway in our country. And so, you must ask, why?

    The soulless corporate media is corrupt, the soulless entity government is corrupt, and they are both joined and are working in unison seeking to literally enslave your mind and all your future potential in the pursuit of raw power and control under the “righteous” banner of an elite agenda that is supposedly “smarter”, much, much more “educated” and more informed than YOU.

    And that condition where government and corporate entities are joined and are working in unison in the interests of consolidating political power and control is the technical definition of actual Fascism. Reconcile that!

    Neither of these soulless entities can help themselves, that is what they naturally are and that is what they do. They can be and in time do nothing else. And there is but one structural concept in governance that seeks in some way, shape or form to objectively force both soulless entities back into a middle Left / middle Right truth in reality.

    And that one concept, forcing some measure of truth in reality into the public realm is what the Constitution of the United States attempts to structure and accomplish. And that is why they as soulless entities are working in concert to undermine and hollow it all out. The Constitution is about empowering and protecting YOU and YOUR Rights and Freedom of Choice and YOUR Self-Interests from these natural abusers and accumulators of power.

    Reread: Strategy Over Morality and understand where the justification for such in your face raw political power grabs are formulated and are subjectively justified. Just the tip of a very dirty, perverted and corrupt very big iceberg that needs to be melted down by you as an individual by being properly informed so you can properly choose when you vote. And that is what this is all about, YOU and that vote!

    Are you paying attention yet America? jgl 6/5/23

  • Cotour: Your link doesn’t go anywhere. Can you provide a real link?

  • Cotour

    This is a part of it, I cannot find the entire clip.

    But you get the idea

  • Cotour: I don’t get “the idea” because I can’t see anything. I repeat: Your link doesn’t go anywhere useful.

  • Cotour

    I would have to remember to post it :)

    Scroll down and see the “White Supremacist” Don Lemon.

  • Cotour: Sadly, not what I was hoping for. These comments by Lemon are from a decade ago. They simply are another indication of the collapse of intellectual thought in America. I was hoping (unrealistically I know) that you had found Lemon now coming to a realization that his opinions in the past five years or so have been wrong. Foolish me.

  • Cotour

    All of that real reality about how Mr. Lemon actual feels and what he understands has all been well $uppre$$ed by necessity being on CNN for 17 years and through their transition from a credible news operation to a Liberal / Leftist political tool of the Democrat party machine.

    I do not know under what conditions he would once again make those honest and rational observations and share them today.

    He went way, way down the rabbit hole where he traded away his personal integrity and that degree of treachery is not recoverable from without some major confessions and big public come to Jesus moment.

  • Bosco Bob

    More examples of the shoddy investigation by Durham.

    It’s a bit of a long read, lots of detail and links, Enjoy!

    TL/DR : Durham is incompetent, as shown by his lack of results.

  • Edward

    Bosco Bob,
    Robert could read you so easily because you lost your own argument when you first made it.

    One of your problems is that you revealed early on that you think anyone who disagrees with you is dumb. What’s the word for someone who is that intolerant of other people’s opinions?

    Each time you write something here, you verify Robert’s comment. You should have quit while you were that far behind. Instead, you keep going and keep getting farther behind. It is entertaining.

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