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The failure of the COVID jab and the people who pushed it

Sudden collapse
One of many sudden public collapses.
Click for full video.

I think it is time to do an update on the recent research outlining the disaster that the mRNA COVID jab has brought to humans worldwide. The news has generally been bad, though sadly none of it has been a surprise to anyone paying attention since 2021 and 2022.

Note to that no where in any of my reporting do I ever call these shots “vaccines.” In the past, when you got a vaccine it protected you from the targeted disease. The jab does not do that. It is not even clear that it reduces your chances of catching the disease, with significant evidence actually suggesting it increases your chances.

We begin with a study published in August 2023 that found that the jab appeared to damage the immune system of children.

Kids who got Pfizer’s mRNA Covid jabs had a weakened immune response to other viruses and bacteria, Australian researchers reported in a study published last week. The diminished response appeared within weeks after the second Pfizer dose, the authors found. Blood taken from the children produced fewer crucial signaling molecules when stimulated with several common potential bacteria and viruses.

Over time, the immune response to bacteria returned to normal. But the diminished response to viruses lasted at least six months, for as long as the researchers collected data.

This study was small, involving only 29 kids, but the data was “troubling” to all researchers involved, and demanded further research.

Then in September a study of health care workers found that getting the jab actually made them sicker.

The authors conclude that “COVID-19 vaccination has a non-negligible impact on the staff availability in the health sector” and that it is likely the enhanced immune response to each subsequent jab that is responsible for the escalating symptoms. We’re looking only at acute, immediate reactions to vaccination here – not at injuries or other more serious adverse events. The results of the study are clearly confirmed by the overwhelming disinclination of the general public to accept further vaccination after the booster campaign. Even when everything goes right, the vaccines make a lot of people feel sick, and the effect grows more pervasive and more powerful with each successive jab.

Some of this illness was simply a reaction to the jab itself, not getting COVID. Nonetheless, the negative consequences of these shots should not be ignored in calculating whether any are worth taking. Apparently, this study say the shots are not worth it.

Next we have an October study documenting the precipitous rise is sudden death among healthy atheletes since the rollout of the COVID jabs in 2020.

According to an analysis by Mark Crispin Miller, in the final months of 2020, the year of the pandemic, there were on average 4,346 online news articles in English language media using this phrase. In the first eight months of 2023, two years after imposing covid injections on populations of the world, this number has risen to 7,910 news articles a month on average. That is an 82% rise.

The article also notes that while most of these deaths are related to heart issues, there has also been a significant rise in cancer cases among these young atheletes.

In October another study found evidence suggesting that the jab triggerd serious rheumatic inflammation in patients shortly thereafter.

On average, patients developed rheumatic diseases 11 days after vaccine administration, according to the study. Seventy-five (over 27 percent) of these patients experienced total disease remission, and about 50 percent improved following treatment. Eight were admitted to intensive care, and two died from their symptoms. “The short time span between COVID-19 vaccine administration and the onset of R-IMIDs suggests the potential possibility of a cause-and-effect relationship,” the authors wrote.

Rheumatic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (R-IMIDs) involve inflammation that manifests in the joints, tendons, muscles, and bones due to an unknown cause.

Also in October a study in Great Britain found that it was the vaccinated population that was dying from COVID, not those who avoided the jab.

The Office for National Statistics recently published an update on deaths by vaccination status in England and it has shockingly revealed that the vaccinated population accounted for 95% of COVID-19 deaths in the 12 months between 1st June 2022 and 31st May 2023, and 94% of those deaths were among either the triple or quadruple vaccinated population.

Another October study in Germany found evidence linking the jab to the spike in heart problems.

In a more recent paper issued in January, researchers found that the ineffectiveness of the COVID jabs meant that they ended up causing more deaths than they saved.

The peer-reviewed study, published in the Cureus journal on Jan. 24, analyzed reports from the initial phase 3 trials of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. These trials led to the shots being approved under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States. The study also looked into several other research and reviews of the trials. It found that the vaccines had “dramatically lower” efficacy rates than the vaccine companies claimed.

Moreover, based on “conservative assumptions, the estimated harms of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines greatly outweigh the rewards: for every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA injections.”

Joe Biden: dictator
Joe Biden: claiming the power to tell us what medicines we must take

All of these studies either suggested doctors and patients should have second thoughts about getting the COVID shots, or more directly called for a full moratorium on giving thse shots to anyone. Sadly, governments continue to blindly and stupidly push the jab, ignoring this evidence. The public however appears far smarter and aware:

Despite [the CDC] immediately authorizing the boosters for virtually all ages, with little justification, just 17% of the population got their latest COVID shot. Whether through skepticism of the “experts,” immunity from prior infection, or the realization that the vaccines are ineffective at preventing infection, the public overwhelmingly ignored public health advice.

Of course, the great tragedy here is the complete loss of credibility of the entire health industry. The public no longer believes anything they say, and should a real health crisis rear its ugly head in the next few years, these bankrupt health officials will find they cannot get anyone to listen. They have destroyed themselves, and as a result they have contributed to bankrupting the reputation of the entire science community.

And finally, we come to the article that prompted this post, not because it is about the COVID shots but because it further documents the utter bankruptcy of the organized corporate medical community. It is titled “The shocking testimony of the Covid-19 nurses,” and it details at length the endless horror stories nurses experienced in the hospital system during the entire Wuhan flu panic. This one story is typical:

Eventually Olszeswki was posted to a large public hospital, to find doctors and nurses following extraordinary and harmful protocols. Rather than a last resort, intubation to breathing machines was primary treatment. Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, acted as medical dictator, ordering 30,000 ventilators. As paycheck employees following administrative policy, doctors abandoned their Hippocratic Oath, mistreating patients who walked into hospital but left via the morgue. Consent, so fundamental to healthcare, was reduced to doctors telling patients that their only chance of survival was mechanical ventilation.

According to Olszewski the throughput was like a factory production line, manufacturing the desired mortality data. Nurses, normally reticent in challenging decisions made by doctors in a rigid hierarchical culture, failed to put their patients first. They were complicit in state-sanctioned murder. This was particularly awful in the public hospitals of New York, where the majority of patients were poor and funded by Medicare, the federal system that incentivised use of ventilators, paying hospitals $39,000 per case. As patients were expected to perish, little care was given and they lay unwashed on their faeces. As soon as a corpse was carried out, the apparatus was used for the next admission.

Lysenko with Stalin
Trofim Lysenko (on the left) preaching to Stalin as he destroyed
Soviet plant research, persecuted anyone who disagreed with him,
and caused famines that killed millions. Apparently Lysenko
is the model used by today’s hospitals.

The article details many other specific stories that are even more horrifying. All told, this evidence strongly suggests that the last place you should go if you get sick is today’s corporate hospital. They are not interested in healing you, only getting whatever government and insurance payment they can, and will go for the highest payment even if it means they need you to die to get it.

The consequences of the COVID panic are not yet fleshed out entirely, but for the moment, it appears that almost every policy instituted by government and health authorities were failures of such a momumental nature that it boggles the mind.

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  • John S

    Who with any sense would want to receive an inoculation of nanoparticles conatianing an mRNA which initializes spike protein production in the cell and biotrpically distributes across all organs, by virtue of those nanoparticles, thereby enveloping the body in spke proteins? The affliction is far beyond the simplistic nucleic acid litany.
    Longtime past biophysicist.

  • John S:

    Thats is exactly what I (and many others) was saying from the start!

    They said we were nuts and to do as we were told, and keep your mouth shut.

    And I am not even a biophysicist!

  • pzatchok

    i believe in the science and I even believe in the therapy this will bring about,

    I just do not believe it is as good as they say and I do not think it was tested enough.

    But they took the risk and passed it off as everything we needed.
    I can not blame Trump on this because he was advised by others about the details and all the data came from the companies and scientists who made the science.
    And they all had reasons to get as much government cash as possible.

    The left in their zeal to believe everything a “scientist” tells them, took it and ran head long into hell with it.

  • The difference is that under Trump there was choice.

    Under Obiden and the many Democrat authoritarian governors there was force and coercion to force people to take into their bodies an experimental MRNA “vaccine”. And under this mandate you were NOT ALLOWED to talk about or have a doctor consider another manner of dealing with the situation.

    This served as a test related just how far they could go with their authoritarian power IMO.

    Just a part of the ongoing psychological conditioning.

    Two very different things.

  • “I wasn’t sick until I got the [vaccine]”

    I cannot say how many times I heard this. I never got jabbed, and if I got COVID-19, I didn’t notice (40% of people have no symptoms).

    The entire Wuhan Episode was a medical and social experiment on populations that did not have, and were not allowed, informed consent. This is the kind of thing the US used to go to war over. These days, just another opportunity for the State to consolidate and expand power over the individual. If you have ever wondered whether you lived in a ‘country’, where you have a say, or are just a serf, now you know. We need to stop pretending otherwise, if we are to have any hope at all. As I’ve said, this place is done; time to start another.

  • Randy

    And where….where…is the outrage from the public?. ALL of these public health “officials” should be in jail but they backtrack and act as if they did nothing wrong and only had our best interests at heart. Or, as Fauci says, “I can’t recall.” I live in Canada and every time I bring this up people tell me to calm down and I always ask, “why aren’t YOU pissed off about all of this? So sad.

  • Where is the outrage, Randy?


    For many, buried under the societal status quo of blind trust in Smart People™ – and conditioning that leads such as these to believe that their own common sense is always inferior to them, thinking they would look like fools to even question it, much less confront the perpetrators.

    For others, buried under the desire to avoid the risk and effort of confrontation.

    I say this as one who did take the original Moderna series. It was my choice to do so based on my own risk assessment – age, comorbidities, and the risk of alienating at least one family member who controls access to some of my grandchildren. And even did so after having WuFlu (and therefore natural immunity) four months earlier.

    I have taken no boosters since then, because it has not worked as advertised – I even got WuFlu again, seven months after I took the last jab of the series. Hopefully, it will not cause acute harm in the future.

    I can live with my choice, both ways. What I can’t live with is the attempts by the Smart People™ to deny others that choice, thinking that their position in society guarantees that they Know Better™. They have forgotten both their human limitations, and Hippocrates dictum to “first, do no harm”, in their self-righteous certitude.

    And (perhaps intentionally), it was/is being used as a precedent to get us to tolerate coerced compliance with the Smart People™, in areas far beyond public health. Treating them as omniscient and infallible, when they are anything but.

    WuFlu is just one of many areas where millions of us tolerate the overreach of myopic technocrats, because they claim to Know Better™ … and we perpetuate their foolishness, because we fear looking like fools more than the foolishness itself.

  • Unrelated, but it’s all related:

    “Starts with “T” ends in “EASON” to my thinking. (Don’t forget to eat your ice cream, get your Covid booster, hug an illegal, and buy an EV.)”

    Are you paying attention yet America?

  • judd

    “…the complete loss of credibility of the entire health industry. The public no longer believes anything they say…”

    Who is Abner Doon?

  • Edward

    You asked: “And where….where…is the outrage from the public?

    The outrage was there from the beginning. Those who doubted the authorities (the “experts”) were de-platformed, cancelled, fired, and investigated and harassed by those same authorities. Any deviation from the official “truth” was called disinformation and was stifled. This even happened at a more personal level, where friendships were lost due to panic and blind belief in the authorities.

    Social media providers were told to stifle anyone who said anything that was declared by the authorities to be disinformation. The news media toed the government line, rather than investigate the stories that had been declared disinformation. Despite the Hippocratic Oath, doctors were fired and lost their licenses for saying facts that were declared disinformation. As Robert pointed out, many of us lost our faith in the experts, including our own doctors. Where are we going to find doctors who have our health as a priority rather than conforming to the bogus information that the authorities required them to tell us. So much for First Amendment free speech.

    The outrage has been here for more than three years, almost four. You don’t get to hear it, because it is forbidden speech in this fundamentally transformed land of the free.

    Verbal outrage (spoken or written) is futile, forbidden, and stifled. However, Robert has noted that on another topic, students are taking action:

    These students are getting attention.


    “Who is funding the urgently needed research to acquire the answer to this apparently new disease? No one either, in government or in big pharma is particularly interested in answering that essential question? ”

    “Pro “vax” or anti “vax” you must recognize and admit that your government, big pharma and the media have not from the start of the Covid event been honest with you. And that is the main relevant takeaway here. ”

  • Kyle Kiernan

    Look into the report that found that the mRNA was composed with one modified ribonucleotides to increase the amount of time that it would replicate the desired spike protein in the host cells. That inclusion also tends to cause the production of “nonsense proteins” (proteins that are not the desired spike protein but something random than no one knows what effect it has) in 25% percent of replication runs. Thats 25% times the number of cells in the body that are affected by the mRNA shot.
    Source here:

  • Max

    A shot so wonderful and effective, they had to force people to take it. For a disease so deadly and terrible, you had to have a test to find out if you had it.

    What was the intent? The average age of life expectancy continues to drop… The transfer of wealth to the health industry continues to go up… Make your own conclusions.

  • David

    Sorry, a small text wall, but, it’s worth a recap.

    It is staggering how passive the docile public are these days. Imagine the massive riots that would have occurred if this scam happened in the 1970’s – 80’s !?

    Two facts that our zombie society fails to act on :
    1. There was insider trading going on regarding the Clot Shots (internationally, many corrupt “politicians” “coincidently” privately invested in Big Pharma clot shot companies JUST BEFORE the $¢amdemi¢ was forced onto the public). That means that the whole show was premeditated ! Premeditated human rights violations and, dare I say it… premeditated genocide of their own citizens… us.
    2. Then we have the obscenely huge handouts of public taxes to non-taxpaying corporations to keep them in the green, meanwhile small businesses that do pay taxes were left to die, along with the unknown amount of citizens that were suddenly refused urgent life saving medical treatment and operations etc. On top of that, their deaths were then falsely recorded as “Covid deaths” !?

    Covid is a very common cold virus, it is less than 10% fatal (90+% full recovery rate). Everybody has had Covid many times in their lifetime without issue.

    MIT was running a virus simulator model, available online for free, around 2017. It then turned into a game genre. A Public sourced research project on how to spread a virus 101. We told them how to do it !

    Be very alarmed when people parrot “overpopulation” because, they are planning to get rid of a demographic. Who is next ?

    Medical oaths are a joke, they are only in it for the money and they don’t care about their patients wellbeing at all.
    It’s just a psychopathic power game.

    There is a pattern to all this.

    Remember : Oliver North and Reagan flooding the nation with drugs, funding and training terrorists (Taliban) and Iran contra ? (also backed by Bush and the Democrats). Nobody cared.
    Reagan and Thatcher also helped to smash our economies in the West more than Hitler ever managed to. That financially helped China no end, while we were all unemployed, many made homeless. Detroit never recovered from that. We are still suffering from that treasonous act.

    Enron (and the two other companies I forget the name of) ? All that money stollen and, nobody cared, just look the other way as usual. But, forget about that already, memory wipe to 911.

    911, all previous is forgotten, another dubious event (a modified Operation Northwoods event). National Money vanishes and several more violations of the Constitution are added (by both the Republicans and the Democrats, accomplices). People also stopped asking about missing tax funding receipts at the Pentagon. Very few cared, only the “conspiracy nuts”.

    Then we have the Great Bankster Heist of 2008. Financial bailouts for all the big corporate fish and zero for the peasantry. That wiped out many small family businesses on main street who were left to fail. Were people taking their money out of the criminal banks the next day… No.
    Gangster Obama then sold more guns to America than any other president in history, just to get people spending money again. You can get the gun but, not the ammo (a Stalinist “just in case” WWII tactic). (2 of Obama’s private chefs are now dead, go figure)

    Then we get robbed again, and murdered, during the national lockup or “lockdown” in the $¢amdemi¢.

    Still, lots of magical public money for Ukraine, Israel, tax dodging corporates, but none for the citizens in need, as usual. It is not taxation, it is protection money… Pay up or else!

    Every time they commit these crimes, the public do nothing. Result, motivation for those in power to commit bigger crimes in the near future at our expense.
    Study the mediaeval period of Europe, we are still in that power structure framework. Only difference is this, technology advancements and a very fake “democracy”. It is still massa v the peasants. We, the citizens, only serve one purpose, to be exploited by the elite parasites who own us all from our birth to the grave. That is our “freedom”. Free to give them our money, our lives and, to do as we are told.

  • David C

    Life is the cheapest commodity on the planet.

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