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Dentists: Serious health issues from overuse of masks

Dentists are now reporting an upsurge in a range of serious dental issues caused by the overuse and misuse of masks, mandated by government.

The new oral hygiene issue — caused by, you guessed it, wearing a mask all the time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus — is leading to all kinds of dental disasters like decaying teeth, receding gum lines and seriously sour breath. “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” says Dr. Rob Ramondi, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. “About 50% of our patients are being impacted by this, [so] we decided to name it ‘mask mouth’ — after ‘meth mouth.’ ”

…While mask mouth isn’t quite as obvious, if left untreated, the results could be equally harmful. “Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,” says Dr. Marc Sclafani, another co-founder of One Manhattan Dental. He says the stinky syndrome is triggered by face coverings since wearing a mask increases the dryness of the mouth — and a buildup of bad bacteria. [emphasis mine]

I have highlighted the big lie, “preventing the spread of the coronavirus.” It can’t be done, no one until June ever thought it was possible, and to claim it now suggests a willful stupidity, a blindness to reality, or a eager desire to trumpet a lie for political purposes.

Meanwhile, the health of Americans will continue to suffer, just as their economic situation and their basic rights under the Constitution have suffered. All based on a big lie.

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  • janyuary

    The worst thing is that there was no actual lie … there were only opinions of medical people, politicians, and entitlement-minded media consumers.

    The numbers were there all along to reveal the actual scope of the thing in our real world, along with empirical evidence (sadly too often rejected by folks with high IQs but low common sense quotient). Some say this is a test from God … I say then that many of the Almighty’s tests are in math and logic.

  • whewboy

    What kind of warped thinking do you have to think that mask cause dental issues? The obvious issue is the massive change in people’s eating habits due to lockdowns and shopping less often and changes caused by products not being stocked. Personally I’m eating a lot more sugar because fresh stuff is harder to keep. This is a real effect.

    But masks? If you can believe masks cause dental issues it’s obvious you’re willing to believe anything that supports your end goal regardless of logic or science.

  • whewboy: As Mencken would respond to every critic, “You might very well be right.” In this case I am only reporting what dental health professionals are saying. They could be wrong, but I think their supposition seems reasonable, especially considering the guidelines routinely given for mask use that strongly advise users to not touch them, ever, and if they do to discard them because they have likely transferred bad things from their hands to the mask, where they breath.

  • janyuary

    whewboy, diets high in sugar and empty garbage food, especially baked snacks and carbonated soft drinks including diet ones, yes — lower the body’s resistance to virus considerably. You do much more to risk your health eating wrong food, than you do by going about your business with common courage breathing the way your body was meant to breath in a virus-heavy world. This virus is not your body’s first rodeo.

  • janyuary

    … er … breathe. *sigh*

  • LocalFluff

    Vermin Supreme sounds more and more sane for each year that passes.

  • John

    There are people who have always worn masks during much of their workday. They’re a natural control group, I wonder how their mouths are.

    Of course those people are not paranoid deranged, wearing masks in their cars, in their house, in the shower, during sexy time, who knows.

    So while the article superfluously doesn’t pass the smell test, you just can’t tell anymore.

  • Desmond Murphy

    Dental visits are down massively. Dentists were closed, and now a lot of people are avoiding Dentists due to worries about infection, yet no mention of that in the article?
    As the article does say, drink more water and breathe through your noise.

  • Dwayne Grassie

    So much confusing and conflicting information out there surrounding every aspect of COVID.

    Personally, the mask use has cause me an uncomfortable case of cantstandmyownbreathatosis.

    I’d report this to health authorities, but of course, it’s anecdotal.

  • Tom Biggar

    whewboy: even if you are correct, any misinformation in the article posted pales in comparison to the misinformation given to us by the ‘authorities’ since this all began. Then, if you compare them to the ‘accuracy’ of the activists at global warming, gun control, BLM, Orange Man Bad, etc. , the dentists become absolute soothsayers.

  • LocalFluff

    The most famous case of wearing a mask, is Hitler’s famous mustache that comes from all German soldiers in the trenches ww1 having to cut off their their beautifully spiraling Schnurrbarts decorating their cheeks, so that the rubber substitute gas mask won’t leak (much). The reason Adolf kept it cut that ugly lip hair stump for the rest of his life, was to demonstratively show that the war wasn’t over.
    And it wasn’t until it burned.

  • Cotour


    Do you really think it was Hitler’s mustache that burned? Really?

    Fire offers so much doubt.

  • T.J. Swan

    Carbon Dioxide cannot be expelled from the lungs with a mask on as expediently as it can with no mask on, thus causing Hypercapnia.
    Symptoms attributable to early hypercapnia are dyspnea (breathlessness), headache, confusion and lethargy. Clinical signs include flushed skin, full pulse (bounding pulse), rapid breathing, premature heart beats, muscle twitches, and hand flaps (asterixis). The risk of dangerous irregularities of the heart beat is increased.

  • Dan

    As a dentist I am going to call BS I have been wearing a mask for 7-10 hours a day for 30+ years and have none of these issues. No controlled studies have shown that masks cause any ill effects. The 1918 spanish flu was partially contained with masks. It is little to ask for people to put on a mask when in public. If you want to rail government overreach there are real things to be upset about. The closing of hair salons, while marijuana shops are open. Dental offices closed while smoke shops were open. No doubt freedoms are being taken away, but wearing a make is not a freedom being denied. Fight for what is important!

  • janyuary


    Think of a photo of a guy in a baseball stadium, wearing his hat fashionably backwards, while shading his eyes with his hand. He looks like an idiot because he is — the baseball cap was made to protect his eyes from the sun, he’s wearing it stupidly but fashionably.

    SAME THING when I see some moron in a full-blown “serious” mask buying a 12-pack of Coca Cola and an assortment of “snacks” loaded with sugar and artificial “food.”

    Requiring me to wear a mask to protect people too lazy to do right by themselves nutritionally, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in staying healthy, is asking a LOT.

  • janyuary

    Furthermore, Dan, I knew several people who lived during the Spanish Flu, and ALL of them were directly affected by it in one way or another, mostly in terms of having had relatives die from it and many others they saw become terribly sick.

    I remember very well the Hong Kong flu. I was sick from it and also knew personally a whole lot of people, including hale and hearty youths, who were made sick by it.

    WHY IS IT Dan, that neither myself nor any of my acquaintances, family, and friends, have personal knowledge of anyone (one exception: the ill person was 83, in poor health, yet recovered fully from C19) who’s been bedridden by this “ravaging pandemic”????? WHY is it that the ONE GUY I found who actually knows, personally, someone who died from it, tells me that the dead man was 86 years old?

    WHY Dan, is it that unlike the Spanish Flu and the Hong Kong flu, with this so-called “pandemic” C19, no one seems to actually know anyone who’s been bedridden?
    Can you answer that?

    Or is it really a matter of people believing the word of politicians and doctors alone, insisting that I drink their fear? I have courage, confident courage. I am brave and they seem to hate me for it.

    Things will start going right again when individuals start taking responsibility for their own health AND their own fear.

  • Edward

    Dan wrote: “It is little to ask for people to put on a mask when in public. If you want to rail government overreach there are real things to be upset about.

    To ask is one thing, but when they mandate, it is another. Worse is when they want a $2,000 fine for an individual’s refusal to obey or a $10,000 for a business’s failure to obey, or when they believe that those who do not obey should be tried for murder or attempted murder. The mandate to wear a mask is a freedom denied, just as much as the closure of one store over another. Loss of freedom is still loss of freedom, and tyranny is still tyranny.

    They don’t want to fine us or charge us with murder for not washing our hands. Isn’t hand washing far more important for the general public’s health than wearing masks? If someone has a cough, shouldn’t he stay at home, making masks unnecessary? Indeed, because we are under lockdown, shutdown, smackdown, Great Oppression, aren’t we supposed to be cowering at home every day except for the absolute necessities? They don’t want to fine us or charge us with murder for being out and about while ill, only for not wearing masks even when we are healthy.

    In my neck of the woods, dental care was deemed unnecessary until June, and I had to wait 2-1/2 months before my dentist could start working on the crown that I lost the first weekend of the Great Oppression. Healthcare delayed is also freedom lost, and it could even be a life lost. A friend was diagnosed with kidney stones the weekend before the Great Oppression, and he is still waiting for treatment.

    Dan’s use of a mask is for the same reason as a surgeon’s, to keep germs out of body cavities. He may be healthy enough to not be pushed over the edge into unhealthiness, such healthiness is a good thing for anyone dealing so closely with the general public. But what about those who are no longer so healthy? Aren’t they at risk of degrading their heath? Those who are less healthy are breathing, directly into their lungs, the contamination on their masks (similar to being in very close contact with someone for hours and hours), and with each exhalation, that same contamination is blown into the air around them, putting those near them at risk, too. I’ll bet that Dan uses his masks properly, washing his hands before and after handling his mask and changing masks regularly, since for decades he has had access to a regular supply.

    How wonderful Obamacare turned out to be. Not only is it incapable of dealing with a small disease outbreak, most of the rest of healthcare is lost because of this minor outbreak. Plus the loss of almost all of our freedoms, such as liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as well as the general welfare that the Constitution says the government is supposed to provide for. Our national and personal economies are suffering very badly, complete with renters unable to pay rent, and landlords unable to pay mortgages. We were promised better healthcare for less cost, when they were foisting Obamacare onto us. We are getting less care for far, far greater cost.

    There is very little that we can actually do about business closures, because government controls business licenses. If government chooses winners and losers or rewards friends and punishes enemies, we have little control over that, and no control if it is bureaucrats rather than elected officials doing the choosing, rewarding, and punishing.

    Yes, there is plenty to complain about other than masks, but we can and should also complain about the masks, now that we are so far down the road to serfdom.

    Masks are something we all can control every minute of every day. Masks do not do what they are being assigned to do, and we have been told so even by the very same leaders who now demand that we wear them. Their only significance, they said, is as a symbol that we are obeying their tyranny, not that we do as asked but that we do as directed.

    Our public servants have stopped serving us and are now screwing us (we are servicing them, and paying taxes to them for the (dis)pleasure).

    Welcome to Obama’s America, home of the formerly free.

  • LocalFluff

    This is a “fun” comment by Mark Dice. Renaming nebulae because of the color fear of the leftists: fascists

  • Edward

    Sorry, I got that one very wrong. The government is only supposed to promote the general welfare, it provides for the general defense.

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