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Seven weeks after mask mandate, 40% of Ohio counties show an INCREASE in COVID-19

Seven weeks after the governor of Ohio imposed a mask mandate, it now appears that 40% of the state’s counties show an increase in coronavirus cases.

35 of 88 counties (40 percent) experienced a net increase in cases. … A total of 47 of 88 counties, or 53 percent, saw either a net increase or no more than a 20 percent reduction in cases. Fourteen of 88 counties saw a 50 percent to 70 percent reduction. Only five of 88 counties saw a 70 percent or more reduction.

This data confirms what has been seen in other states as well. Mask mandates have completely failed to stop the spread of COVID-19. While some places saw a reduction in cases, most did not. Worse, the data above as well as elsewhere suggests that the mask mandates might actually be contributing to the disease’s spread, mainly because almost no one in the general public uses them properly. Instead, everyone uses them over and over without washing, while touching them with unwashed hands continually. They thus act to collect pathogens, at exactly the place you breathe.

Masks are useless. They don’t do what too many foolish and ignorant politicians claim. Take them off. Throw them out. Claim you have legitimate medical reasons for not wearing them and stand firm. You will find that almost everyone will agree, and let you be. And the few control freaks that try to harass you can and should be ignored.

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  • Andrew_W

    The number of new covid cases will be a product of several input: Mask use, hygiene practices, social distancing, the many changes in the details of the lock-down. Since Ohio has basically brought in mask mandates as a substitute for other measures that have been relaxed, its silly to attribute any changes in transmissions rates – or lack of changes – to one aspect of the measures that have been changed.

  • LocalFluff

    Haven’t you reached herd immunity yet? We have that in Sweden now. You will too, eventually.

    Although I read something about immunity for corona virus in general (they cause about 20% of all common colds) lasting for between 6 and 105 months. With the vast majority only for little more than one year. So lock downs on that time scale could make the epidemic permanent since herd immunity never will be reached. (Although once immune, a reinfection is very much slighter since some antibodies and memory in the immune system remains and is prepared for a re-fight.)

  • Andrew_W

    Haven’t you reached herd immunity yet? We have that in Sweden now.

    Apart from you, who’s saying Sweden has reached herd immunity?

  • Cotour

    Report from the real world:

    Just spoke with my ICU nurse friend, she has 5 new Covid patients, they were at a family function where someone was visiting from a Southern state.

    I asked: Are they intubated? No, not yet.

    Remember: Wash your hands, don’t touch your nose or eyes and generally stay away from others. And keep aware of what is going on related to the activity of the virus in your area.

  • Stephen Richter

    China was able to eradicate itself of the virus. Meaning it is possible to do that. Especially impressive that China was able to rid itself of the virus despite its very densely populated urban areas.

  • pzatchok

    China was VERY heavy handed in how it treated its people.

    Instant jail time for being outside your own home during your areas lock down. No questions asked and no excuses. 30 days in the hole and a social score against you. Too many marks against you and you could loose you right to travel inside China, work or even where you live.

    Any sick went instantly into isolation.

    Because of this perfect lock down and isolation they did stop the spread BUT the population does NOT have a heard immunity. They will keep getting outbreaks and county wide lock downs for years until a vaccine in created.

  • Max

    pzatchok Said;
    “They will keep getting outbreaks and county wide lock downs for years until a vaccine in created”

    Don’t put your hopes in a vaccine being created. Even if it was possible, the “new” virus is right around the corner. (Even Putin’s daughter was hospitalized after taking the Russian vaccine)

    Even as I write this, the top of the hour news on the radio announced there will not be a vaccine available this year. (I don’t know if this covers all nine of the different competitors)

    Thimerosal in Flu Vaccine | CDC
    “Thimerosal is an ethyl mercury-based preservative used in vials that contain more than one dose of a vaccine (multi-dose vials) to prevent germs, bacteria and/or fungi from contaminating the vaccine. Do flu vaccines contain thimerosal? Flu vaccines in multi-dose vials contain thimerosal to safeguard against contamination of the vial.”
    I’m surprised that they admit they have germs, bacteria and fungi contaminate their vaccines. Just like Chiron all over again. The chemicals may kill it, but it also preserves it keeping your body from breaking it down, like a suit of armor, telling your body that you’re infected but cannot remove it. Chronic illness.

    The chemicals are in such high demand that they’re running low, or completely out. More is being created but quality and purity is being questioned.
    But it’s OK, drug companies are not legally responsible for bad product. Experimentation is encouraged. The more people you make sick, the more subjects to be experimented on. Just think of how many Jobs are created to take care of these people, and how many more jobs become available as they are vacated for bad health. That’s why we need more immigrants and open borders.
    And glass;
    And squalene/adjuvants from aluminum, bark, sharks.

    The long-term effects of injected prions, virus, and adjuvants from animals plants and fish that increase the effectiveness of the vaccine has not been studied. In fact they ignore the thousandfold increase in dementia that people are getting younger all the time. (it’s estimated by 2040, 1 out of three children will have autism requiring full-time care) The mercury in the flu shot is said to be 12 times the legal limit placed on other vendors. It is accumulative and affects the brain. They will tell you it’s completely safe “as long as you never go into sunlight rest of your life”.
    In young children, vaccinations with altered/preserved childhood illnesses, although dead, will find their way to the receptor sites in the brain which the body will build immunity for, but being unable to eradicate or encapsulate the chemically preserved pathogen’s, the body rejects the small brain during its critical development causing permanent damage. High fevers and brain swelling is common after dozens of diseases are injected. The only way known to prevent permanent brain damage is immune suppressant’s. (like AZT for aids)
    I know, the media will tell you that vaccinations does not cause autism. Ask for side effects list that comes with the shots, death and autism is one of many of them. If you do not sign the waiver, the doctor will not take the chance of injecting you or your children.

    This is the new religion, this “vaccine Jesus” that will save you! The “Ministry of health” that will save us all, as long as you have enough faith. (If you die, it’s your fault because the religion is pure, you just didn’t believe hard enough)
    First, you must ignore the science, and do as Cotour has suggested… Wash wash wash and wear your mask. Take your sacrament and raise your fist in the air, listen for any coughing, apply “Holy water” frequently from the anti-septic bottle. Stay home, do not vote or participate in any non- authorized activities, except liberal protests. Only get your necessities from Amazon, which has been blessed and approved. (Bezos has doubled his net worth as has Bill Gates which tells you who the insiders on this pandemic are)

    As a farm kid shoveling dry manure and breathing the dust of cow and pig excrement, it’s a wonder how I ever survived with no vaccination shots my entire life. Do I get sick? Yes, with B type blood, I have low immunity / antigens to viruses. Perhaps that’s why I’ve missed one day of work in 30 years.

    My wife told me last night that her School principal and family has the flu. Coughing and blowing her nose constantly. She’s been tested, it’s not COVID-19. Just the flu. Washing and mask wearing have done nothing for her and they do not know where they got it from. In fact, the doctor told her that “non COVID-19 flu” is on the rise and they can’t figure out why. Or how.
    The old theory is that everyone carries viruses waiting for low immunity or cold to reinfect the carrier. (viruses like AIDS, hepatitis, venereal disease, lyme disease, malaria, etc. are all examples of viruses/ viral bacteria that never go away)
    The common cold it is believed, is natures way, like pollination, to exchange DNA creating herd immunity. The foreign body is resisted at first, but eventually is normalized as the upgrade/downgrade is excepted. There are many virologist trying to copy this process to cure disease by injecting viruses with the upgraded DNA to change the persons genome for what they are lacking. It looks promising but a long way from being implemented as projected because everyone is different.
    Many scientists and people like Bill Gates think they can one day upgrade the human condition by genetically modifying the food we eat which will become part of us as a human race is evolved artificially. Some believe that time has come. To which I must ask, what is in the mandatory flu shot? Will you be assimilated? or eliminated?

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