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Today’s blacklisted American: Anyone who is white, Christian, or male at Cigna

Cigna training presentation
According to Cigna’s training, these are bad things.

They’re coming for you next: Company documents as well as interviews have confirmed that the health insurance company Cigna actively discriminates against whites in its hiring practices, as well as runs training sessions using Critical Race Theory that aims at making all whites, males, and Christians ashamed of what they are, because by definition such people are automatically racist bigots.

The original story is here. From the first link:

“Given the hiring practices they have in place where white, male candidates are blocked, regardless of qualifications, I have to say, ‘Yes, there’s obvious discrimination at this company,’” an anonymous employee told the Washington Examiner.

In chat logs reviewed by the Examiner, a hiring manager rejected a candidate with strong credentials who had performed well in an interview — because the hiring manager mistakenly thought the candidate was white. An employee corrected the manager, noting that the candidate was indeed a minority, and then the manager said she was excited to hire him, despite learning almost nothing else about his background.

An employee also suggested a candidate with years of industry experience, but the hiring manager said the candidate, a white man, could not be interviewed because he did not meet the diversity criteria. Some employees told the Examiner that these racial quotas often translate to an inability to fill jobs in departments focused on tech or data. “I can’t fill these jobs,” an employee said.

The training is as bigoted, singling out whites, Christians, and males for specific condemnation, as the bigoted program Critical Race Theory routinely does. The training also buys into the anti-American and factually incorrect 1619 project, which falsely claims that racism and slavery were central to the making of the United States, when the facts clearly show that they were peripheral and counter to everything the American nation was built on. (In fact, I have a new book, Conscious Choice: The Origins of Slavery in America and Why it Matters Today and for our Future in Outer Space., that is finally close to publication that proves beyond a shadow of doubt the complete lie of the 1619 project.)

While the company denied it discriminates against whites, it also did not explicitly deny the content of the story.

None of this is unusual today in corporate America. Big corporations have bought into anti-white bigotry of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project, with great enthusiasm. They, like the Marxist bigots who push this stuff, want to see the history of America nullified and replaced with a power structure with them in charge, and everyone else forced to do their bidding.

The worst part of this is that almost all Americans are going along, either out of fear, ignorance, or eager compliance. You can’t have a free nation with a citizenry that easily cowed.

Conscious Choice cover

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  • It seems to me that CRT is the latest method to guilt White people into making themselves less competitive. So rather than rise to the challenge, other folks want Whites to lower their abilities.

    So sorry. You will have to sell that somewhere else, because that isn’t how the Universe works.

  • Chris

    Looking at Cigna’s executive and management team
    They look like mostly old white guys with a minority of color. —- Huh.

  • James Street

    In the tech world most of the blacks corporate America hires are not black Americans, but black immigrants.

    One of the most evil things Democrats have done is to enslave black Americans individually and communally by defining what “black” is to keep them from participating in the American dream. Remember when they wanted to teach blacks “eubonics” in school to further separate them from success? They mock self-actualized blacks as being a certain type of cookie, “black on the outside and white on the inside”.

  • James Street asked: “Remember when they wanted to teach blacks “eubonics” in school to further separate them from success?”

    Oh, yes, I do. I also remember this was about the time Jesse Jackson was making a run for President, and he roundly criticized Ebonics; one of the few times I have agreed with him. The Oakland (CA) school district, which at the time was heavily Black, was looking to institute Ebonics as an acceptable ‘language’ to be used in school. Bill Cosby, when he had credibility, was outspoken against Ebonics, and other self-imposed barriers to American Black success. “Ebonics?! What is that!? You can’t be a doctor or airline pilot talking like that!” He did take a lot of heat for his views, as they were most definitely off the reservation.

    If your demographic is, by many measures, worse off than they were 50 years ago; maybe you should take a hard look at the people who claim to be speaking for you, and ‘helping’ you.

  • Jeff Wright

    I fear for their customers. Remember “duty to die?” Robert, could you link to some studies on deaths due to medical mistakes? The fauci gods need to come down a notch.

  • David in Cal

    In 1973, I became the 2nd Jewish corporate officer at INA, a pre-curser to CIGNA. prior to the mid-1960’s, all officers were white male Protestants. What a change!

  • Tequila Mockingbird

    Imagine what will happen to an advanced society that decides to hire people on the basis of their skin color, rather than their character, skills, and knowledge.

    Imagine what will happen to healthcare, aviation, engineering, and a slew of other fields. I want the best person doing surgery on my loved ones. I don’t care if the surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, etc., is purple, polka-dotted, or some other pigment. Or if they are all Asian. Likewise for the person who mounts my tires, flies the plane I’m on, sanitizes my dentist’s implements, and so on.

    We can’t afford to deny reality. I’m afraid the ugly truth is already showing and it’s perhaps why we need a third-world nation to beg our medical staff to wash their hands (Hygiene 101) lest they spread deadly germs. How far America has fallen already! You can’t treat critical jobs like “jobs programs.”

  • OldSarg

    This is just one company. The Department of Education is getting ready to implement Critical Race Theory and 1619 into your local schools. Comment period on this ends on May 19th:

  • Edward

    Critical Race Theory is as bigoted as it says white, Christian, upperclass, heterosexual, 25 to 55 year-old, able bodied cis-males are? That sound about right.

    Sometimes I do as they say, and I check my privileges:

    It is my privilege to:

    – Be declared a racist by President Obama, not due to my opinions or actions but solely to the genes that control the color of my skin.
    – Be the last chosen for a job.
    – Be the last chosen for college.
    – Be last choice for class admissions:
    – Be told to check my privilege.
    – Be banned from Washington state’s Evergreen State College campus once a year, due to my skin color.
    – Be a member of the only race that social justice warriors declared can possibly be racist
    – Belong to the designated oppressor group.
    – Be declared a member of the top oppressor group.
    – Have a life that does not matter. Only Black Lives Matter, and anyone saying that all lives matter (such as mine) gets shouted down.
    – Be responsible for other countries’s 19th-century colonialism.
    – Be blamed for all the world’s ills just for being an old white guy.
    – Be called all kinds of words, yet be disallowed from using a word that others may use freely in discourse, song, and entertainment. I cannot even use the word to tell you what it is!
    – Be denied the opportunity to speak if not enough minorities are willing to speak:
    – Be considered a slave owner despite no one in my family ancestry ever having owned any slaves.
    – Be denied opportunities for grants:
    – Belong to the only group that is denied the ability to be proud of my own group.
    – Be the butt of jokes but may not specify others as the butts of my jokes.
    – Be the bad guy on TV and be the stupid one in advertisements, the one so stupid that he has to be told what is the right product to use.
    – Be fired just for being white.
    – Be banned from the Q&A at anti-racism forums.
    – Be accused of cultural appropriation — accused by people who freely appropriate my culture. and: (5 minutes)

  • Peoria Peon

    I work for a company. One that make the big yellow machines that pave the earth, help mine for the materials to go into those “green” electric cars, drill for natural gas, clear the lots for affordable housing and so forth.

    Long gone are the days where our CEO would go on CNBC to talk about market trends, new products and quarterly dividends. Today’s CEO is a frustrated SJW blogger who never misses and opportunity to lecture the entire company about the cops that “murderered” George Floyd, how anti-Asian hate has no place in the company or the shocking attempt by white supremacists to overthrow the government on January 6th.

    CRT training is mandatory along with Unconcious and Gender Bias training. White Privilege training. Equity training. Allyship training. Contracted seminar speakers that ask you to pledge loyalty oaths to BLM. A dozen “employee resource groups”, formerly known as affinity groups, that encourage people to segregate themselves into on the basis of race, sexuality, gender, age, handicapability, and on and on. You will not be promoted if you do not belong to several of them and take leadership roles on their committees. We are told that they will use quotas to make the company look like the community.

    It is an everyday thing. You will be forced to have conversations with your colleagues about whatever leftist hobby horse is rocking that day. Silence is violence. The other day one of our Diversity and Inclusion apparatchiks sent a company wide notice that managers should reach out to any black employees to make sure they are emotionally ok after witnessing the murders of Daunte Wright, the Chauvin trial., Adam Toledo.. You see if you are white then you are either a racist or an unconscious racist who has white fragility if you don’t like being called a racist by your bosses in front of your co-workers in a public setting. But black co-workers are not fragile if seeing some controversial trial across the country on TV upsets you so much that you need to take off from work and you should also reschedule any meetings until they are in a mental place to return.

    So yes we use Cigna. I am still waiting for that condemnation of the forced sterilizations, slave labor and concentration camps in China from our CEO SJW who seems to have an opinion about everything else.

    By leaving this comment a Soviet style investigation will begin to see whose writing and sentence structure matches mine using the same tools that they try to discern who might leave insider information in a public comment thread.

  • BLSinSC

    I have a Cigna (pronounced SUCKna) supplemental policy. I called their Customer “Service” in Feb to ask for a statement of premiums paid in 2020 so I could get reimbursed. Mid March I called back to ask for SAME and was told it would be emailed to me in 24-48 hours. End of March I called back – oh yes, my “request” was entered but not done – they couldn’t say why! FINALLY in early April I received a simple printout of premiums paid for JAN-MARCH 2021! During my THIRD call I told them that this would be my last year with SUCKna since they advocate for discrimination against white people – males in particular and I was concerned my claims and SERVICE would be affected since they KNOW I’m a white man! Evidently I was correct! Course now if IMPOTUS joe and harris have their way all us white men will be reduced to ILLEGAL STATUS and not eligible to buy anything!

  • Cotour



    “Former Virginia Tech women’s soccer player Kiersten Hening has filed a federal lawsuit against Hokies women’s soccer coach Chugger Adair, alleging that after she refused to join her teammates kneeling before games this season, the coach engaged in a “campaign of abuse and retaliation” that led her to leave the program.

    “Hening’s stance was costly – too costly,” the lawsuit, filed March 3, reads. “Her coach dislikes Hening’s political views. Because she refused to kneel, he benched her, subjected her to repeated verbal abuse, and forced her off the team.””

    Lawyers and money will in the end prevail in confronting these radical and irrational Leftist Americans and their un and anti American agendas. Just like the election fraud issue, over time, in courts, dragging them kicking and screaming over and through their obfuscations and desperate legal maneuvering, the truth will be revealed.

    And I want to make an observation here that I am not hearing ANYONE in the media making.

    If the election fraud is revealed, and like I pointed out, I believe that in time that will without doubt occur. What will the potential results be?

    It will happen before the midterm elections and at that point the Democrats will lose control over both the House and the Senate, and then what happens?

    JOE BIDEN IS RIGHTEOUSLY IMPEACHED AND REMOVED FROM OFFICE BECAUSE HE IS A FRAUDULENT PRESIDENT, as demonstrated by the evidence revealed in legal court proceedings.

    That is what the future may well hold for the now plainly both over confident, desperate and plainly corrupt Democrat leadership and their “president”. (Do they think that a majority of Americans, their audience in this political theater, no longer have common sense?)

    And this is why the Democrats and their leadership MUST push as hard as possible within the next 18 or so months to enshrine in law their fraudulent methods of having the least secure elections for any Democracy on the planet. Think about it, the Democrat leadership in the United States Of America must have the LEAST SECURE election system and not the strongest election system.

    And that that is just how desperate and how weak they in fact are.

    And along with enshrining their fraud in law goes: Ending the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court. (Do they really think no one is watching them?)

  • I am unemployed, and I am seven out of seven on this list.
    I hope there aren’t a lot more companies following Cigna’s example.

  • suburbanbanshee

    Just remember, kids, that you can all truthfully identify as people of African heritage, because we all came from there if you go back far enough. I’m not saying you should, but I’m saying you can.

  • GWB

    My company hasn’t gone this far with its mandatory “diversity” training yet. But if/when they do it will be an immediate claim of “hostile work environment” I make.

    This stuff is absolutely wrong. Period. Push back. Hard.

  • Handcuffed to a Job

    I work for Cigna abs I fit that check list to the letter. My liberal boss even wanted us to lead breakouts in this subject. How would anyone have respect for me leading a discussion about the problem when basically I am the problem? And there seemingly is nothing I can do or say.

  • DefendUSA

    Tequila Mockingbird:
    So spot on. A friend in Aviation wishes that EVERYONE could be given the chance to do what he does, but the educators are not going there. They make it fit their narrative (white this and white that) regardless of the consequences– when occupational fields are being dumbed down to accommodate the weak we end up with a huge level of inferiority. You can want a job, but you must be able to perform at the highest standards. Period. The Military is setting the most ridiculous of precedents in their social experiment to make everyone “feel” accepted and that should never be the aim. If America is to be elite in fighting force or any field, then only the capable should survive and stop pretending otherwise.

  • GWB

    April 20, 2021 at 1:57 am

    It is my privilege to:

    – Belong to the designated oppressor group.
    If I’m a member of this so-called oppressor group, then…
    1) Where is my membership card? (And do NOT claim my skin color is my membership card! No! If we’re a decent oppressor group, then we should have snazzy membership cards with levels and stuff!)
    2) Why can’t I oppress anyone? I want to oppress some people, darn it!

    Evidently being a member of an oppressor class isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. sigh

  • TS

    What a shame. I just hope the supplemental Fortune 500 insurance company I work with will not go down such a stupid path. So far, they’ve stayed neutral in all of these SJW issues.

  • Jeff Wright

    I say I’m a minority in being an “Appalachian” The CEO at the Earthmoving co. He just needs to be told that Trumpers love Komatsus-and have a close encounter with one.

  • Edward

    You asked: “Where is my membership card?

    I’m sorry, but it is not a group that has official membership. You belong to it merely because Social (In)Justice Warriors declared it to be so. This includes Obama.

    Why can’t I oppress anyone? I want to oppress some people, darn it!

    I’m sorry, but it is not a group that has actual privileges. Even though it is designated as the oppressor group, there is no privilege to oppress. These S(I)JWs claim that we oppress, but as you noted, we don’t, whether we want to or not. Your urge to oppress has been suppressed by the S(I)JWs who assigned you to the group in the first place. Ironic, I know, but there you have it. The very people who claim you are the oppressor have oppressed you instead.

    Maybe things will change next year, and you will be less frustrated by America’s institutionalized racism system, Affirmative Action.

    Something I heard recently:
    The pessimist said, “things couldn’t get worse.” The optimist replied, “oh, yes they can!”

  • Ian C.

    Maoist tactics to polarize and weaken America. Don’t discuss whether any of their accusations and programs make sense (they always throw in legitimate issues to make it harder to criticize the whole thing). Openly investigate the people and organizations pushing it and document what you find.

    Start investigating HR and PR departments. Preferred positions for SJW infiltrators.

  • Edward

    You may have some difficulty in oppressing anyone, because the word is losing its meaning. William Briggs has an essay that includes this topic.

    Anyway, this Walensky is promising “health equity”, equity being another dead word that means its opposite. It, as everyday experience proves, is defined as the Victim getting more than the Oppressor.

    Victim and Oppressor are also dead, and now mean whatever groups the rulers look upon favorable and unfavorably, whether its members have suffered or caused suffering.

    It is difficult to know whether or not you have oppressed anyone, because the meaning now is whatever some Social(ist) (In)Justice Warrior ruler wants it to mean. You are probably already oppressing people without knowing it or even intending to.

    Better yet, other people could be oppressing you without intending to do so and without your knowledge that it is happening. Oops, sorry, you are in the oppressor group, not the victim group. I got carried away and overstepped what is possible in today’s America. Obviously, you are oppressing people (well done, you) without knowing it (so did you benefit from oppressing others?) or intending to. It does not matter whether you have caused suffering or have yourself suffered, you are the oppressor.

    Being a member of an oppressor class definitely isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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