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Today’s blacklisted American: Illinois University now proudly discriminating according to race

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: repealed the University of Illinois
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Doesn’t exist at the University of Illinois

Genocide is coming to America: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has established a mentoring program, with financial rewards, that expressly discriminates against Asians and whites (unless the whites happen to have Latin American genes).

From the program’s own webpage:

[W]e are pleased to launch the Milliman Mentorship Program, an actuarial mentorship program for students of underrepresented minorities (Black, Latino, Native American) at the University of Illinois.

…This program is currently targeted towards students of color, early in their college career, who may be interested in a STEM-oriented career.

The webpage then lists the benefits, including financial support and additional free mentoring assistence.

As noted at the Campus Reform article at the first link, this is clearly a violation of numerous civil rights laws.

Mark Perry, economics professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, told Campus Reform that the program is “definitely a Title VI violation.”

“According to Title VI, it is illegal for universities to treat students differently on the basis of skin color, and it is illegal to offer racially exclusionary and racially discriminatory programs,” Perry said. “By restricting this mentorship program to Black, Latino, Native American students, while illegally excluding White and Asian students on the basis of race and color, the University is in violation of Title VI.”

Such programs have become quite popular now in academic circles. While it was once considered evil to provide “separate but equal” educational facilites based on race, now it is the in-thing, except that now the goal is to favor minorites over whites or Asians.

One thing however remains the same as in the past. The Jim Crow laws in the deep south, that consigned blacks to inferior segregrated schools, were passed and maintained by the Democratic Party, often enforced by violence by the KKK, Today, the new Jim Crow segregation, now against whites, is being pushed by the Democrats again, with Antifa and BLM thugs replacing the KKK.

Or as Democrat Governor George Wallace put in 1963, “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!”

There was a reason that a great migration of blacks fled the south to northern cities in the mid-20th century. They were fleeing bigoted and corrupt Democratic Party rule. And there is a reason now they are now migrating back to the south: they are once again fleeing states and cities controlled by today’s bigoted and corrupt Democratic Party.

Since academia is controlled almost completely by leftist Democrats, it is no surprise to see such Jim Crow policies being instituted in universities. It is what leftists do, hate others based on their race.

Though a complaint against this program has been filed with the Chicago Office of Civil Rights, don’t expect much action. Civil rights bureaucracies are also dominated by Democratic Party operatives. They will protect their own.

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  • Kyle

    Race should be removed on any and all applications, questionnaires, polls, census, etc.
    If you want to be a mentor to other College Students the questions should be…

    What is your GPA, High or Low?
    What are you extra curriculars, volunteering or Beer Pong?

    I just don’t see the benefits of knowing somebody’s race. So you are flunking school, an alcoholic, and a register sex-offender, but I also see that you are Hispanic, so you are hired.

  • Chris

    Proudly discriminating according to race == RACIST – shout it loudly!!

  • Never forget, for all practical purposes, it’s only Democrats who care about skin color.

  • Greg the Geologist

    Is it possible that claims of rampant “anti-Asian violence” over the last year (omitting who committed those acts) were intended to cause Americans of Asian descent to identify and think of themselves as Victims? How better to get them to sign on to the Democrat agenda? If they don’t think of themselves as a Victim Class, they may continue to work, study and achieve, demonstrating that America (as non-Leftists understand it) erects no barriers to those who want to pursue opportunity. Can’t have that. Or am I being too cynical?

  • Kyle:

    Last time I took an OSHA cert course, the instructor left the room after tests had been turned in. I (and a couple others), looked at the ‘demographic’ part of the tests. About 1/3rd had not marked ‘Race’. Hope!

    Greg rhe Geologist:

    Yes. Wrote about that.

  • Col Beausabre

    When I was a senior in college, I took a standardized test (had to, Army ROTC said so) which asked “Sex?” Being a 21 year old wise ass, I wrote in, “Yes”

  • It is what leftists do, hate others based on their race.
    It seems so obvious. How can people NOT see it?

    It irritates me when ancient aphorisms still ring true (it’s depressing that nothing has changed): There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • Craken

    Segregation done right fortifies civilization. Done wrong, it destroys civilization. Europe did it right during its great period (~1300 to 1789). America did it mostly right during its great period as well (~1775 to 1964). The lack of social distance undermines society by afflicting its superior elements with the endless burdens of its inferior elements, thereby smothering excellence. Eventually the social tension becomes too much and the superior strata suffers psychological collapse and begins its suicide march–the stage we are presently witnessing in the West.
    As a side note, China has generally sustained segregation, formal patterns of social distance, and continues to do so today (eg, the hukou system). China appears to be entering upon one of its great eras even as the West immerses itself in Lethe.

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