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Today’s blacklisted American: George Mason University to blackball whites and men in hiring

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: repealed by George Mason University.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964:
Doesn’t exist at George Mason University.

The new bigotry on American campuses: In an email sent out to his entire faculty in mid-May, George Mason University president Gregory Washington demanded that the university’s hiring practices specifically discriminate in favor of minorities and women over whites and men.

Washington further argued that the faculty at GMU do not proportionally represent the ethnicities of the student body or the surrounding region. A vision of diversity and inclusion in hiring “is a recognition of the reality that our society’s future lies in multicultural inclusion,” he said in his email.

This begins by redefining “best” to include “lived experiences” as a top hiring criteria alongside professional aptitude, he stated. In short, “We either believe that diversity and inclusion can improve our performance, or we don’t,” Washington stated.

Consequently, Washington recommended hiring based jointly on teaching ability, research achievements, and openness to diversity. The result, he argued, will support minorities who don’t have equal access to opportunities for success.

To really get a flavor of Washington’s discriminatory recommendations you need to read his whole email. He is very careful to use the modern fake academic terminology that changes the meaning of “equality” into “favoring some over others” and “diversity” into “making sure only those races we like get hired.” Because of this, the quotes above seem tame when in truth they are advocating blatantly racist practices. This quote, despite its carefully couched language, makes Washington’s goals clear:

The differences in ethnic diversity among our students as compared to our faculty are drastic. While a majority of our students are non-white and reflective of the nation’s expected ethnic make-up in the mid-21st century, just 30 percent of our faculty are from ethnic minority, multi-ethnic, or international communities, and the percentage from underrepresented groups is significantly lower than that. As so many leaders remind us, it’s hard to be what you do not see.

He doesn’t really care if his staff is really qualified or not, regardless of race. What he cares about is changing those percentages by making sure more “non-whites” are hired.

If George Mason University was the only college following these discriminatory practices then the problem would not be a serious one. Sadly, it illustrates the standard, not the exception. Universities across America are now routinely following Washington’s guidance, and have been doing so for years. Their goal is not to educate, but to indoctrinate. To do this they need to winnow from their staff and faculty any individuals who might dissent from this course. And if that means replacing as many whites and men with like-minded minorities and women, all focused on helping only their own races or genders, so be it.

Nor am I simply expressing my opinions, especially when it comes to George Mason University. Twice in the past five years the university and its student body took action to silence dissent, once by having a person arrested for daring to put up pro-Israeli posters on the campus, and a second time by removing a student government representative because he used the word “illegal” in referring to people who came to the U.S. illegally. Both events signaled to the school’s faculty and students that dissent will not be tolerated, that everyone must conform to the dominate leftist agenda or they will be punished.

Washington’s email only illustrates the university’s determination to reinforce this intolerant and monolithic mindset.

George Mason University is a public university, the northern branch of the University of Virginia. Thus, it is funded from tax dollars. Do the taxpayers of Virginia like the idea that their money is being used by this university to institute bigoted discrimination and intolerance to dissent? It appears so.

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  • Col Beausabre

    Wesley Yang has defined “wokeness” or “”successor ideology” as a form of authoritarian utopianism – I think his position has a great deal of merit as encapsulated in this paragraph contrasting classical liberalism with what aspires to supplant it

    “The “successor ideology” is a concept attributed to essayist Wesley Yang that describes what Yang believes is an emerging ideology among left-wing political movements in the United States centered around intersectionality, social justice, identity politics, and anti-racism that may be replacing traditional liberal values of pluralism, freedom of speech, color blindness, and free inquiry.. It is sometimes linked to an intolerance of differing opinions, cancel culture, “wokeness”, “social justice warriors”, and the far left; Yang himself describes it bluntly as “authoritarian Utopianism that masquerades as liberal humanism while usurping it from within”.

  • Dang, they wasted no time turning Left, once Walter Williams was no longer around to call them out for doing so.

  • “We either believe that diversity and inclusion can improve our performance, or we don’t, . . .”

    Huh. Maybe they should go visit Asia; as non-diverse as it gets. I hear some countries are doing pretty well.

    It occurs to me that there may be some money to be made in compiling a database of these schools, and making subscriptions available to business. Imagine the horror when an applicant learns that their six-figure degree is actually hindering their employability.

  • wayne

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and Street building has been renamed, every date has been altered and the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
    George Orwell 1984

  • Cotour

    I have an on going “conversation” with a friend who is well educated at the Ivey league level and we trade observations and comments on politics and such. And I participate with him like I participate here on BTB. I try to remain reasonable, base my opinions in facts as I see, understand and interpret them. And I can be sarcastic now and then, but in the end my position is fairly well defined as being more a patriot / conservative American, but rational. His is not.

    And so he sent me this article about exactly where the term “Critical race theory” originated and how it was being used to redefine terms in the political warfare in America by the Conservatives. I did not read the entire piece but I read enough to basically understand its point.

    The piece features the city of Seattle which if you remember I identified probably more than two years ago pointing out what NYC was about to receive. And so it is. So I happened to be well versed in what went on and what goes on in Seattle and I thought it might be interesting to read my response to him on the subject of Seattle and “Critical race theory”, its origins, and all of its wonderful benefits for America and the world.

    Understand your enemy, even if you still call him a friend.

    My response:


    “Well, it is well written.

    This is essentially the main issue that the piece reveals: (I happened to be well aware of what is going on in Seattle)

    “This inquiry, into the footnotes and citations in the documents he’d been sent, formed the basis for an idea that has organized cultural politics this spring: that the anti-racism seminars did not just represent a progressive view on race but that they were expressions of a distinct ideology—critical race theory—with radical roots. If people were upset about the seminars, Rufo wanted them also to notice “critical race theory” operating behind the curtain. ”

    Are you aware of the utter destruction that the Liberal / Leftist (Marxist based) politics in Seattle has accomplished?

    Seattle is Dying: 7min. (If you want to better understand the Leftist politics of Seattle then I suggest you watch the entire hour long piece, its very informative and clearly a “Compassionate” Leftist model for NYC. I coincidentally happened to have seen it coming long ago. Just look at who is running for mayor and what the governor and the city council has done to rational law and promoting “Defund the police”.

    And you do not really support such things, but you promote them. They SOUND “good” to you. And I ask: Why?)

    So the big reveal here is that this writer was able to trace where the term “Critical race theory” originates? And its about redefining terms in order to change the political battle field in the political warfare that is raging in America. Well then, well done if so. That is political warfare.

    But the fact is that there is an agenda in education today that is attempting to teach “Critical race theory” and alternate U.S. history is undisputed. That is a well documented fact and the rational people in America are fed up with it (Its un and anti American).

    And again, I can not imagine that you would support such interpretations and what adds up to political indoctrination based, yes, in Marxist doctrine. That may sound knee jerk and hollow at this point in the discussion, but it is so (apropos of this piece I suppose). Marxism, just another casualty of political warfare, it used to mean something to be very wary of, even fearful of. But no more to some.

    Some who live in a place where unicorns flatulence is a highly prized air freshener.

    Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water, because that is what the Left and the Democrat party leadership propose. Why do you support such thinking? There is no there there. Not for you, not for me, not for any rational actually compassionate thinking human being.

    We do not live IN history, we learn FROM history. Choose one.”

  • Cotour

    I added this:

    Invented the controversy?

    * Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement: Kimberle Crenshaw, Neil Gotanda, Gary Peller, Kendall Thomas: 9781565842717: Books

    * Racial Microaggressions: Using Critical Race Theory to Respond to Everyday Racism (Multicultural Education Series): Solórzano, Daniel G., Pérez Huber, Lindsay, Banks, James A.: 9780807764381: Books

    * The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story: Hannah-Jones, Nikole, The New York Times Magazine: 9780593230572: Books

    Does the writer of that article propose that “Critical race theory” does not in fact exist?

    If something exists and you identify it, is that a bad thing? Essentially using what the Left does every day: redefining terms and definitions to suit their purpose. Its pure Saul Alynski, right out of “Rules For Radicals”.

    Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals: Saul D. Alinsky: 9780679721130: Books

    Or is it being proposed that you dare not be allowed to identify what is and call it out for what it is?

    It sounds to me like you and or this writer are proposing that it does not exist.

  • wayne

    “We Have A Serious Unicorn Problem”
    Mike Munger (from George Mason U)

  • m d mill

    Note: Caucasian males represent roughly 1/3 of the total US we ARE a minority group.

  • “There is no there there. ”

    Credit where it’s due: Gertrude Stein on Oakland, CA.

    There certainly is a ‘there’ in Oakland: OAK and Oakland Coliseum, both more accessible when I lived in SF than the similar facilities in The City.

    For some reason, I’d thought the expression came from Willa Cather, concerning Nebraska.

  • wayne

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is.”
    Bill Clinton

  • James Street

    “Thus, it is funded from tax dollars.”

    The amount of wealth transferred annually from honest hard working people to the swamp has to be in the trillions. Taxes are just one way. Court settlements, 501c3 tax deductible contributions…. One local government bureaucrat who inspected businesses would let an environmental group know his findings and they would sue the companies and split the settlements. Seattle has spent decades and billions ending homelessness and the number of Americans sleeping under blue tarps on sidewalks is worse now than ever.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone compose a list of all the ways our wealth is transferred. Just think what could be achieved if we could spend that money productively rather than giving it to people to use against us.

  • Cotour

    James Street:

    The first revolution in what was to become the United States was justified based on the government at the time and its penchant for taxing, and taxing and taxing the people.

    So will the second.

    Government is always the problem in the end, government will always abuse its power.

    Its just a matter of degree.

  • wayne

    Take a look at Blair’s Blog, he recently compiled a lengthy list of the taxes & fees he is subjected to in Portland (OR).
    (and yes– too much money in-play & too many thieves. )

  • Here is the link to Blair Ivey’s list:

    It is quite worthwhile to read. The list is hardly unique to Portland. It is in fact almost identical to what one will see everywhere across the country.

  • Cotour


    And this is the short list: “By any means necessary”. And the Globalist Democrats mean it, by ANY means necessary.

    * Open borders flooding the country with incentivized illegals, mostly young military aged men who are essentially being payed to invade.

    * Forcing invasion in America exactly like in the EU. All a world wide Globalist agenda to destroy sovereign country’s to install the “Great Reset”.

    * Elected city officials enforcing no laws, promoting looting and violence and refusing to prosecute crime. People living in fear and chaos.


    * Irrational government spending in order to fund their political party and political cause for years to come.

    * Promoting racism and hate and the segregation of the races, and CRT indoctrination in the schools.

    * Mayors in major U.S. cities chanting “Defund the police”, doing it, and installing laws that empower criminals to destabilize the populous.

    * Promoting transgender men competing in women’s sports, and the military paying for transgender transformations.

    * The vilification of and the feminization of males.

    * A vice president put in charge of the chaos at the border, and doing nothing. Because everything is going as planned. What is she suppose to do?

    * Deep state operators like the FBI and the CIA aligned with the Democrat leadership facilitating and supporting the insurgent agenda.

    The Democrat party leadership and those who are on board with their agenda are essentially political warfare insurgents and are in the process of razing what was rational in America in order that they be able to take over and install “What should be” in America.

    Anyone who knee jerk votes for any Democrat political party candidate and its leadership is supporting their own destruction.

  • Cotour

    Who are the practicing racists in our government?

    “Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is facing new scrutiny over his decades-long membership in an allegedly all-white private beach club, as he bills himself as a progressive and prominent critic of “systemic racism” — dismissing membership based on race as “a long tradition in Rhode Island.”

    Decades long membership, and they do not allow people of color? But they do allow lily white “progressive” / Leftist supporting insurgent Democrat Senators. I see.

    I would think the senator would have to resign from his club, no? I would think this would be an outrage to him.

    Oh, it is now I am sure.

    (All frauds and phonies, all crave power to tell everyone what THEY need to say, think and do, and they give themselves a big pass.)

  • Cotour


    Now I as a rule do not usually use articles or clips from FOX and their talking head associates and others like them because it tends to immediately shut down reception in a discussion with the opposition on just about any subject that they report on. The conversation immediately stops and it is transformed and it becomes a new very polarized conversation.

    And it is besides the point even if what they are reporting is 100 percent accurate and life and death down the middle.

    But I am making an exception for this 2 minutes and 17 seconds featuring Tucker interviewing Candice Owens.

    Candace Owens: US government is engaged in criminality:

    As I am listening to her I am thinking: This girl is like a laser beam on this issue, and she is 100 percent correct. And Tucker reflected my thinking on her absolute competence in articulating what is what in American politics towards the end.

    As I have observed many times: What is underway IMO in this particular Democrat Leftist leadership cycle take over of the government is all about pushing us all as far to the Left as possible and setting up the financing and funding for them for the next 20 years for their perverted and corrupt un and anti American political machine.

    The Democrat insurgent leadership throughout the country are and will push as far Left as they possibly can because they understand that in the end there will be no Pedestrian Realm black and white justice consequences for all of these now Leftist Political realm government actors.

    They understand well the rules of the game, and its a dirty, filthy and very corrupt game. The most corrupt game human beings play.

    I however believe that a monkey wrench needs to be thrown into that comfortable political meat grinder of knowledge by dragging them from the Political Realm into the Pedestrian Realm where real justice be done.

    And they understand what is coming their way in the form of the election corruption reveal, among many other issues, but so what?

    This is political warfare, this is America. How do we win the battle? With LAWYERS………in COURTS……….and with lots and lots of MONEY!




  • wayne

    The Beatles

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