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Today’s blacklisted American: NY accounting program for high school students bans whites

The Civil Rights Act of 1964: repealed by the universities in New York.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964: unilaterally repealed by
the universities in New York.

Blacklists are back and New York’s got ’em! Until Campus Reform revealed its bigoted discriminatory policy, a New York accounting program for high school students specifically excluded whites from applying.

The first link above includes a screen capture of the program’s original application requirements, which included five categories, (1) Hispanic or Latino, (2) Black or African American, (3) Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, (3) Asian, (4) Native American or Alaska Native, (5) Two or More Races.

Notice what’s missing? If you are simply white and thus do not fall into these categories, you must go to the back of the bus. For example, my kids (had I any) would be Jewish, white, and of European descent, and thus under these definitions would be forbidden to even apply to the program. And the only reason they would be rejected would be because of their race and ethnicity, a criteria that is a blatant violation of so many anti-discrimination laws passed since the 1960s it boggles the mind.

The program was being offered at numerous New York colleges, both privately and publicly funded.

Campus Reform first broke the story on May 30th. In writing up this post today, I took a look at the program’s website that outlined the requirements, and noticed that they have now added a sixth category:

White (Not Hispanic or Latino) – All persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

I guess the bad press — as well as the clear threat of legal action because the program was violating numerous anti-discrimination laws — forced them to add this category.

I suspect however that during the application process, the program’s managers will somehow always find ways to reject any candidates who apply under this new category. There is practically no way to track this process, so in truth they can continue to discriminate and blacklist whites, to their heart’s content. They have simply made it harder for everyone to see their bigotry. And if you don’t believe they are almost certainly doing this you are either willfully ignorant or are in favor of racial discrimination. Why should they bother with any of these categories any longer, if they include everyone and everyone can apply? The only reason I can fathom is to categorize the applicants by race, and then toss out the white applicants during the approval process.

American universities have been pushing this kind of racial bigotry now for decades. I’ve been writing about it for years. No one in power however has done anything about it, and the public has shrugged its shoulders, basically saying “Well, they aren’t coming after me, so why should I care?”.

Well, they are now coming for you. Welcome to the new leftist Utopia, where bigotry is endorsed and encouraged, as long as that discrimination is designed to specifically benefit the approved minorities. All else need not apply.

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  • Cotour

    At what point will the color of someone skin or where they came from going to recognized for what it is?

    Creating victims and promoting racism and not promoting the highest standards in academia, and promoting the lowest is what the education system has become.

    And this all stems IMO from the culture of dependency that the Left has created in order that those who they “Help” will always need them.

    They are all parasites, nothing more, nothing less. A cancer in and on society.

    That is very dark and is the nature of man related to being able to manipulate in ones own self interest.

    And that truly sickens me.

  • Skunk Bucket

    Forty years ago, a girl I knew in high school who looked white and had always identified that way took the name of her Hispanic great grandfather in order to gain access to scholarships that would have been otherwise unavailable to her. Later, my sister’s boyfriend, who worked in their university’s offices, surreptitiously changed her status to Hispanic for the same reason. She made out like a bandit. Yup, it was “Systemic Racism” in action. This kind of stuff has been going on for a long time, but they’re getting a lot more blatant about it now.

  • Bob

    Looks like this is for a booster program for minority students. I don’t see whats wrong with that.

  • Bob: It is a program designed to favor one race over another. If you don’t see what’s wrong with that, you are a bigot.

    I am not calling you names, I am using the real meaning of words to describe your beliefs, quite precisely.

  • Gary in Transit

    Bob (not Z):

    I guess the question is, is racism based on skin color a remedy for previous racism based on skin color? Your answer is yes, it is a reasonable solution. My wife is Cambodian and all four of my grandparents were caucasion from differing European countries. So, do my kids get accepted as Asians, or rejected because they are white? And how white are they? None of my ancestors arrived in the US until at least forty years after slavery was ended. My father’s father couldn’t get a job in Pittsburgh. Signs were posted, ” No Irish, No dogs”. I guess that “No whites, No dogs” is just fine with you.

  • ‘Option (5) Two or more races.’ A person of pallor could check that one: Human and White.

    Or, just not bother. The last time I took a Federally-mandated CE course, I asked several people if they had indicated Race on the answer sheet. Some hadn’t. It’s not a requirement, and if someone asserts otherwise, I call shenanigans.

  • Col Beausabre

    When I was a freshman 1970-71, there was a guy who lived on my dorm floor who was Chinese-Hawaiian. Seemed like every week, the student aid office called him with another scholarship or grant he qualified for on the basis of his ethnicity. After getting a few, he told the aid office to stop bothering him, he was getting embarrassed at actually making money for being a student, when some of his fellows in the dorm weren’t sure they’d have the funds to come back the next semester. And here’s a kicker, since his father had died while on active duty in the military, a veterans organization was already picking up his complete tuition and housing fees (deservedly so, in my opinion, given his father’s sacrifice) so he had zero need need for any of the the aid that the student aid office was finding for him. But that didn’t matter, he was a minority (and a rare one – Asian and Pacific Islander), so forget the question of merit and need.

  • Col Beausabre

    Let’s do another gedankenexperiment. Let’s assume I walked into the student aid office and told them I wanted to establish scholarships exclusively for students of Polish, Hungarian or Russian Jewish descent (the countries of origin of my grandparents, although strictly speaking, my Polish ancestors were born as subjects of either the Czar (grandma) or Kaiser-Konig (grandpa)), nobody else need apply. Period. How long would it be before I was thrown out on my ear?

  • pzatchok

    I think that if you want to qualify for race based funding then you have to prove your 51% that race. Or at least a majority of that race genetically.

    Native American tribes have a minimum limit you have to prove, to be included, why not everyone else.

  • David K

    The two or more races thing seems a bit open. I don’t think many Germans would think that they are the same race as Israelis or Egyptians or Mexicans with similar skin color. So unless your ancestry is 100% from the same country, I would go with that. Even then, the anglos and the saxons were originally considered two different races at one time.

  • wayne

    I think what we’re looking for is–>”Homo sapiens sapiens.” -every human on the planet represents the only living member’s of the Genus Homo.
    (someone correct me if I have the wording wrong)

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